Tuesday, May 30, 2023

QSR Brands Offer "Menu Rahmah" Combo Meal at KFC and Pizza Hut Restaurants

KFC and Pizza Hut had launched its “Menu Rahmah” offering just RM5 for its set meals!!!

This “Menu Rahmah” comes with a choice of two types of dishes, namely KFC “Menu Rahmah” with consists of 1 piece of fried Chicken, 1 piece of Butterscotch Bread and a bottle of Mineral Water and Pizza Hut “Menu Rahmah” which comes with a pan of Personal Pizza and a bottle of Mineral Water at a price of RM5.00 only per set. “Menu Rahmah can be purchased at 1,227 KFC and Pizza Hut chain restaurants nationwide except Airport, Genting Highlands and Legoland (for KFC “Menu Rahmah”) and at Pizza Hut (PHX) RSA Pagoh and Genting Highlands (for Pizza Hut “Menu Rahmah”).

Honorable Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) 
Honorable Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) had attended and officiated the Launch of “Menu Rahmah” KFC and Pizza Hut at KFC and Pizza Hut Restaurant, Jalan Wangsa Delima, Kuala Lumpur.

QSR Brands CEO/MD Nehchal Khanna

The “Menu Rahmah” initiative continues to be well received by the food premises operators and private companies since it was launched on January 31, 2023. The “Menu Rahmah” is the Government's latest initiative in helping and reduce the cost of living of the people, especially the needy groups to get a balanced cooked meal at a price of RM5.00 only. The Menu Rahmah” is an initiative by food entrepreneurs or private companies on a voluntary basis. This initiative will help Malaysians who are affected by the increase of the cost of livings and an increase in the price of ready-to-cook food.

From Left_ QSR Brands CEO_MD Nehchal Khanna, QSR Brands Chairman Tan Sri Jamaluddin Ibrahim, Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, Pengarah Kanan KPDN Datyk Rohaizi Bin Baha

KPDN has also created a portal to enable the public to get information on the location of premises that sell “Menu Rahmah” nearby and traders also can register their participation by browsing at https://menurahmah.kpdn.gov.my.

KPDN also calls for more industry players, especially the food and restaurant industry to join hands with the Government to succeed in this aspiration to ease the cost of living for the people.

For more information, industry players and the public can contact the Secretariat of Trade, Distribution and Industry (SPIP) at 03-8882 5881/5905 or email to them at spip@kpdn.gov.my

The "Menu Rahmah" is so affordable and I can't resist to buy few sets for my Little Angels to cheer up their day.

Thanks to QSR Brands for offering “Menu Rahmah” to ease our burdens while we could enjoy having our favourite food at KFC and Pizza Hut Restaurants. The promotion is valid from Mon to Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and limited to 4 Combo meal per person and per transaction. Don’t miss it out and do enjoy your favourite fried chicken and pizza at only RM5 per meal.


Monday, May 29, 2023

Happikiddo Hosted Over 400 parents at its Largest Baby Shower

Being a Mom to my 5 Little Angels, I always shop at Happikiddo, a homegrown baby concept store that offers a vast selection of high quality, hand-picked, and innovative products for mums, babies, and children. Recently, I was invited to join Malaysia’s largest baby shower with over 400 parents in attendance with the themed ‘Baby in Bloom’.at the Lightbox@Light Grey, Sungai Buloh and was specially organised to celebrate the joys of pregnancy and motherhood. 

Participants from all walks of life comprising expectant mothers and parents with children aged between 0-6 months coming together for a wonderful time of hi-tea, knowledge sharing, games and exclusive deals. Dedicated to honour parents and babies, the mega baby shower came with amazing door gifts, exciting prizes and wonderful memories.

Opening ceremony by a group of dancer

Hi-Tea for all the participants 

Cute dolls and sweet cookies

Lucky draw prizes worth RM80k up for grab

Games for father to learn some techniques to take care of their babies

Various local and international brands were present to showcase their offerings during the event, among all Atelier Choux, Bugaboo, Cybex, Jellycat, Nuna, Stokke and many more. The participants were also given a sneak preview and test-stroll of a yet-to-be-launched futuristic and eco-friendly stroller by Dutch brand, Bugaboo. The much-awaited Bugaboo Dragonfly stroller – scheduled for its launch in Southeast Asia within three weeks’ time – is set to be a hit amongst parents for its one-of-a-kind attributes and sustainable features. Parents were also given the exclusivity to be one of the firsts to own the Bugaboo Dragonfly via a pre-order special during the event. 

Bugaboo Dragonfly launched during the Happikiddo event

Besides amazing discounts and deals on the latest, innovative baby products from reputable brands, the we as the participants also took home valuable parenting tips and knowledge through informative sharing sessions by celebrity mums and entrepreneurs Neelofa and Intan Salleh as well as product demonstrations that took place at the event.

Neelofa shared her experience being a first time Mom

Elaine Chew, Founder of Happikiddo said that they were deeply honoured to be given the opportunity to host the Baby Shower for expectant and new parents, and to share their joys in one of the most important chapters of parenting. Their aim was to celebrate them and the beautiful wonders of welcoming their bundle of joy, and we are thrilled to have succeeded in giving them a lovely day to remember. 
Elaine Chew, Founder of Happikiddo

While Mommy attended the talks, kids were placed at a room and there are lots of activities await them
If you had missed out this event, no worries as Happikiddo looks forward to hosting more similar community events for parents to come together and learn, connect and commemorate their pregnancy and parenting journey.

Happikiddo is a leading, by-mums-for-mums lifestyle baby concept store in Malaysia that offers the best possible, tried-and-tested products and value-added services in maternity, children, and baby care.


Making kids happy and parents happier, Happikiddo takes pride in providing comfort, quality and authenticity in the products that it carries whilst offering an exclusive shopping experience and excellent customer service. From baby food, educational toys, feeding essentials and toiletries to travel gear, apparels, books and nursery furniture, Happikiddo provides a one-stop shopping experience with over 400 reputable brands and over 28,000 products under one roof. 

Happikiddo currently has six stores across shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, namely Avenue K Shopping Centre, Citta Mall, DPulze Shopping Centre, IPC Shopping Centre, Publika Shopping Gallery and The Gardens Mall.

For more information visit www.happikiddo.com

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Style with ZCOVA's Gemstone Jewellery Collection Tailored to our Personality

Have you ever wonder which personality are you belong to? Attended ZCOVA She's a Gem event at Brasserie Leon at TTDI and discover my personality through Energy Reading Session. My personalities were represented by Blue Topaz which often associated with positivity, honesty, calmness and clarity; Ruby which represent stone of love, nobility, passion, courage and power and Morganite which represents compassion, harmony, romance and love. 

Gemstones are a testament to nature's infinite artistry, a dazzling display of colours that evoke emotions and tell stories. Each gemstone is a unique creation, formed under the earth's surface. From the rich greens of emerald to the fiery reds of ruby, gemstones capture the imagination and inspire the senses. The allure of gemstones lies not only in their beauty but also in their symbolism and meaning. They can represent love, success, and strength, or serve as a reminder of cherished memories and milestones. Gemstones are more than just sparkling stones; they are a reflection of our innermost selves, a way to express our personalities and style through the art of jewellery. ZCOVA invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and find the gemstone that reflects our unique essence.
With unwavering commitment to excellence, ZCOVA's in-house gemologist meticulously inspects every gemstone to guarantee perfection in every aspect. Each gemstone proudly bears a certification from the esteemed International Coloured Gemstone Laboratory (ICL), a testament to ZCOVA's dedication to provide us with only the finest, most authentic gemstones of unparalleled quality. ZCOVA proudly presents Asia’s Biggest Virtual Gemstone Inventory, where we have the freedom to customise our ideal gemstone jewellery, from exquisite engagement rings to elegant necklaces and even bold men’s rings. For a seamless customer experience, ZCOVA also offers free customisation, along with 3D render and 3D print to try on, ensuring a perfect fit.
Low Ziwei, co-founder of ZCOVA

Low Ziwei, co-founder of ZCOVA shared that gemstone jewellery is versatile and offers opportunities to experiment with various colours and designs to reflect different moods and vibes and by selecting gemstones that match our current energy, individuals can effectively communicate our distinctiveness and showcase our personality with confidence through their jewellery choices.
From earrings, rings and necklace, choose the gemstone which represents you!

From the event, I could experience the art of gemstone styling – a seamless blend of personal expression and exquisite craftsmanship. We could elevate our everyday fashion choices by infusing vibrant hues and distinctive shapes into our accessories collection, starting with more accessible semi-precious gemstones. Amethyst earrings, for instance, strike a perfect balance between bold and understated, infusing our look with an irresistible burst of colour and character. As our sense of style evolves, gradually incorporate more valuable pieces into our collection, crafting a unique and truly one-of-a-kind look. By expertly layering different gemstones, we could create a stunning visual symphony of mismatched colours and shapes, adding an extra dose of flair and refinement to our ensemble.
Discover the various colours of the Gemstone

From engagement rings adorned with the timeless allure of blue sapphire gemstones, to unique and heartfelt wedding rings that tell our unique love story, gemstones hold a special significance beyond their aesthetic appeal. Whether we choose to adorn our living space with the charm of carved gemstone figurines or curate an enviable jewellery collection that captures our spirit and style, gemstones are a precious and versatile commodity that never fails to impress.

Low Ziyin, ZCOVA’s resident gem expert shared that Gemstones possess a quality that is as unique as they are rare, captivating interest for collectors worldwide. Among these coveted stones, the Black Opal is highly sought-after for its dark body tone that contrasts stunningly with the vivid flashes of colour within the stone. This mesmerising gemstone can only be found in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, making it one of the most prized and valuable gemstones in existence. Similarly, Red Beryl, also known as "bixbite," is a rare gemstone that is found only in the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. Its brilliant red hue, caused by trace amounts of manganese, is highly sought-after by collectors and can command a premium price on the market due to its scarcity and unique beauty.
Low Ziyin, ZCOVA’s resident gem expert 

We should explore the infinite possibilities that gemstones have to offer at ZCOVA. Unearth the gem that perfectly harmonises with our unique personality and let ourself be captivated by the mesmerising beauty of these stones. Discover the wonders of nature's finest creations and unravel the secrets of each unique gemstone by visiting their website at https://zcova.com/gemstone-education.
Thanks to Energy Reading Master who helped me to discover which Gemstone represented my character and my needs

Me and ZCOVA's Gemstone Jewellery Collection. Love all the unique and beautiful collections which amaze me. 
ZCOVA's Gemstone Jewellery Collection is one of the best jewelleries that we as ladies should have. It match perfectly on our clothings and act as a special touch to our appearance and uplifts our personality. The feeling of grace and beauty is undoubtedly garnered by this beautiful collections by ZCOVA's Gemstone.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy at TAGS, Spine & Joint Specialist

My father felt from 2nd floor rooftop to my neighbour's rooftop while trying to repair the tangki leakage. Bomba had to be called to carry my father down before he was send to hospital by Ambulance. At the age of 83 years old, he was lucky to be alive but had some difficulty in walking and in pain. 

Due to his problem, I decided to send him for Chiropractic and Physiotherapy at TAGS, Spine & Joint Specialist at Desa Sri Hartamas. We were greeted by a friendly doctor, Doctor Natalie who had help my father to do Chriropractic treatment. She also suggested my father to do Physiotherapy at their centre to regain his muscle so that he could walk without the need of seating at the wheel chair.

Consultation between Dr Natalie and my father to understand his condition before the treatment start

Chiropractic treatment took around half an hour. Doctor Natalie had corrected the alignment of my father's spine through gentle and specific joint manipulations called adjustments to improve his spinal flexibility, improve his nerve function and reduce his pain.

Physiotherapists had helped my father to rehabilitate the body through therapeutic hands on manual therapy, physiotherapeutic modalities and exercise. It is a highly effective treatment for multipls disorders diseases and injuries. It aids in the restoration of mobility, movement and function of the affected body parts.

Physio was done by Physio therapist specialist

Dr Natalie also had treated my tailbone pain when I had a fall during my roller skating session which had injured my tailbone which had initiating my nerves and tissues around it. With Chiropractic, Dr Natalie had corrected the misalignment which bring a relief to my pain. is safe and efficient method of treatment. It is non-invasive and doesn't have the risks that are associated with surgery and medication. 

Chiropractic also suitable for pregnant ladies . Dr Natalie was trained to manage pain in the back, hips and joints which can establish pelvic balance to provide our baby with as much space as possible over the course of your pregnancy.

TAGS are an Integrative Physical Medical model offers combined treatment programmes from a variety of health care professionals including chiropractors, physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons and focuses on restoring the mobility, function and health of their patients. For more details, please visit their website at https://tags.campaigns.my/. If you plan to go there, please make an appointment by calling them at  03-6203 1599 (Desa Sri Hartamas branch). TAGS had branches nationwide. Check out the location at https://tags.campaigns.my/contact/ and my video on the treatment as below...

After one of the Chiropractic treatment and twice on the Physiotherapy treatments, my father had shown some improvements. He could walk without sitting at the wheelchair and could walk without the support. The treatment offers by TAGS are affordable and it will be cheaper if we sign up the packages available. Thanks to Dr Natalie for your friendly service and your message to us to ask my father's conditions. Your gentle care had help my father to regain his movement and reduce his pains.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Raise Awareness on Asthma Management on World Asthma Day

I'm sure many of your family and friends suffered asthma coz' it is one of the most common respiratory diseases and it has been consistently on the rise. To let my 5 Little Angels learn about such diseases, Mommy Jane brought them to 1 Mont Kiara on last Saturday to join the launch of World Asthma Day.

Estimated asthma prevalence in Malaysia has increased from 6.4% to 9.4% in children aged 6-7 years old and from 9% to 13% in children aged 13-14 years old.¹ In view of the increasing number of asthma patients in Malaysia and the growing need to educate the public on asthma management, Asthma Malaysia and AstraZeneca has once again joined forces to organise the all-new ‘Breathe Better’ public campaign at the 1 Mont Kiara mall, in conjunction with World Asthma Day.

Dr. Helmy Haja Mydin, Consultant Respiratory Physician and co-founder of Asthma Malaysia, Dina Nadzir, Malaysian Singer, Radio Announcer, Actress, and Television Presenter; and Ashwini Saha, Country Medical Director and Asia Area Cardiovascular Metabolism Medical Therapeutic Area Lead, AstraZeneca officiated the launched of World Asthma Day to bring awareness to the public on the significance of managing asthma effectively.

‘Take Control of Your Asthma’’' was was aimed at educating attendees on the importance of utilising controller medication for the management and treatment of asthma symptoms over the long term, rather than relying solely on reliever medication. 

Dr. Helmy 
Dr. Helmy said that it is crucial to increased the knowledge and awareness of the public on how to manage asthma. Getting diagnosed early is vital in order to prevent attacks that can be both disabling and draining. Early and proper control with appropriate medication will not only prevent severe illness, but improve one’s quality of life especially in the face of haze and ongoing risks of respiratory infections. He added that the campaign also serves as an opportunity for healthcare professionals and individuals with asthma to come together and share their experiences and insights with the aim of improving asthma care and management in Malaysia.

As we know that Asthma can be classified as mild, moderate and severe. Based on the severity, patients would require different types and dosage of medication to control their condition. Each level requires different types of treatment in asthma management. Severe asthmatic patients need special attention as they are more prone to having frequent asthmatic attacks despite being skilful at administering the inhaler correctly. It is also important to remember that most patients with asthma can have a normal life with the right inhaled therapy. For a smaller group of patients with severe asthma, there are more personalised options which will require modification based on individual needs.

Surprisingly, the number of deaths due to asthma in 2014 was 1,700 cases in our country. However, experts believe that the vast majority of deaths due to asthma can be avoided if early and proper treatment is given.

The World Asthma Day 2023 celebration at 1 Mont Kiara featured educational games and an exhibition that showcases key educational messages about asthma, serving as a vital platform for the public to further understand and gain first-hand information of this respiratory disease. 

Congrats to all the winners for their creativity
The event also included sessions on asthma sharing by local artist Dina, along with interactive gaming booths and a colouring competition to engage the younger participants. Check out my video for the event as below..

The World Asthma Day 2023 celebration is still ongoing and everyone is invited to attend the event. For further information, log on to https://qr.epmarketing.digital/wad2023.

Dina shared her experience being a Asthma patient

World Asthma Day is the best time for all of us know about the disease and how we could prevent or control it before it become worst. My Little Angels had participated the games and they enjoyed it so much. Glad that they learned about Asthma from the games that they played. Let's Breathe Better together before it is too late. Join me now to acknowledge the importance of Asthma in our life and we could save someone life too.

About Breathe Better

The Breathe Better campaign raises awareness about effectively managing asthma to prevent complications and improve people's quality of life. Its key message, ‘Take Control of Your Asthma’ emphasises the need for every patient to take control of their asthma and know what is the best treatment option to them.

About Asthma Malaysia

Asthma Malaysia is a non-profitable organisation with the mission to serve as a credible resource on asthma, to raise awareness of best standards of care and to empower patients in the management of their asthma.

Asthma Malaysia’s vision is to be Malaysia’s leading portal for asthma with a view of creating more informed and empowered patients. We aim to ensure that asthma care in Malaysia is equal to the best in the world with a view to reducing the suffering and deaths associated with it.

We intend to evolve into an organisation that will proactively engage in research and promotional campaign to increase awareness of asthma in Malaysia.