Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Activities for Kids on March School Holidays at Resort World Genting

Another 2 more schooling days and our kids will have 1 week plus holidays. The first school holiday for the year and I'm sure many kids will feel very excited and looking forward to enjoy their holiday. As parents, I always look for activities for my kids so that they're fully utilise and will enjoy their holidays with our family trip. Our first trip is on last weekend to join the Biggest CBeebies party held at Resort World Genting. For this post, I will share out the fun that we had to see their first ever live performance in Malaysia.
The musical show titled "CBeebies & Friends - It's Party Time!" makes its world premiere at Resorts World Genting starting on 16 March 2019 till 31 March 2019 at Genting International Showroom. The delightful and fun-loving characters from the British Broadcasting Corporation's children entertainment channel gave us a performance full of energy and fun for our little ones.
The live show is presided over by a lively show host, who introduces the stars of CBeebies as they perform in their own Party Piece segment with a cast and crew hailing from Australia and Singapore. Check out the performance by Teletubbies, Hey Duggee, the Go Jetters and Ubercorn, and Sarah & Duck.

We could see that each segment is packed with its own unique and fun hook, from party dancing along with Teletubbies, Tinky Winky, Dispsy, Laa-Laa and Po. They became an honorary cadets at the funkiest school in town with the Go Jetters Xuli, Kyan, Lars, Foz and Ubercorn, a disco dancing unicorn.
Sarah and her best friend, Duck also celebrate Scarf Lady's birthday. Earn your Hey Duggee teamwork badge with Duggee and the members of the Squirrel Club including Betty the Octopus, Happy the Crocordile, Roly the Hippo, Tag the Rhino and Norrie the Mouse.
Happy Birthday Scarf Lady !!!
Said Hi to Betty the Octopus, Happy the Crocordile, Roly the Hippo, Tag the Rhino and Norrie the Mouse
 Join the crowd to learn, laugh and play with their special CBeebies Friends through song, dance and friendship together, Join the celebration finale and dance along with the fun giant party balloons. Party Time for me, you and all of you. Hooray !!!!
This musical extravaganza tickets are available now at RM186 (VIP), RM156 (PS1) and RM116 (PS2) plus an additional of RM4 for the processing fee. Children aged below 1 will enjoy the free entrance. Do check out their attractive show-and-room packages for as low as RM353 nett for families travelling to see this world premier which offer savings of up to 51% off for the standard room and ticket prices.
For more information, do visit RWG website at or call them at 602-27181118. Do like their facebook page at for more promotions and updates. 

At last, my Little Angels able to meet their favourite CBeebies live in action at Resort World Genting, a family entertainment destination. We always enjoy the various world-class family shows throughout the year, the indoor theme park, games, activities, cable car and their new shopping malls. I'm sure all of you agreed with me that no one will ever feel bored at Genting coz' there are lots of happenings and activities for our kids especially on this March School Holidays. Happy Holidays to all the Kids !!!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Kids Day-Out at Future Land Fun Zone

Do you agreed with me that a day out with our kids always help the family to get out and find new adventures ? At this post, Mommy Mommy Jane will introduce the latest family-friendly attractions at Klang Valley with the latest technology at Sunway Pyramid.
Future Land Fun Zone by Senoptium is one of the Best Family Entertainment centre in Malaysia which designed for both kids and adults. They offered the modern-day technology attraction equipment and complexes from all over the world and bring only the best into our country and share the access with all of us, giving those smiles, joy and moments of happiness to both individuals and family with their augmented reality showcase. Their aim is to be the best venue in family entertainment centers and to give an unforgettable moments to all of us.
At Future Land Fun Zone, Sunway Pyramid, they will change our dimensions of reality in virtual and sense of virtuality in real world. There are 6 activities and rides that we could explore here. Our first ride is the VR Family. It can be seated up to 6 persons per movie. The 6 seats VR family 9D Virtual Reality Dynamic Cinema Rides is the world first VR cinema with special effect. After wearing the VR glasses, you can experience not only brilliant movies and sound, but also feel more real with the dynamic platform motions. The new military tank model makes it more beautiful and attractive. We could choose the movie base on the adventurous, horror and explore. This ride is suitable for everyone in the family. Kids as young as 3 years old will enjoy the rides if we choose the explore theme. For bigger kids, we could choose the adventurous and horror.
For Car Simulator VR, we could drive our car just like at the real racing track. When you drive fast or had an accident, you could feel the impact from the sound system and the moving seat. It is indeed quite challenging when you drive fast. If you don't believe me, try it yourself.  This ride is suitable for kids above 7 years old but if he is brave enough to take up the challenge, why not. Ha ha ha...
Have you ever dream of becoming a pilot and touch the edge of the sky ? I'm sure we had it when we were small. With the Flight Simulator 360°, we could fulfill our dream now. Just sit comfortably into the pilot's cabin, take steering firmly in our hands and get read for a fly-off. This ride is suitable for kids above 9 years old coz' it will turn 360° just like we're flying a war plane. Ha ha ha...
For those looking for a realistic and high-end motion experience, the EXO Jet Simulator which feature 360° right-left movement and 100° forward-backwards movement, might be the one that you're looking for. This ride has 2 seats i.e. 1 controlling the movement of the Jet while another 1 will be shooting. Are you and your partner ready for this ? This ride can be a bonding time for a father and son or a mother and daughter or a couple to have a perfect match to win the game. This ride is suitable for gamers who are more virtual reality oriented and kids above 8 years old.
The VR adventures is cutting edge that provide us with the immersive experience that plunges us into a three-dimensional virtual world. Just put on the goggles and be transported to a virtual reality. The real 3D vision with a thrilling and immersive experience, featuring high-end gaming industry visuals. There are few types of games cater to kids as young as 3 years old and for adults.
Future Land Fun Zone provides disposable mask to wear before wearing the goggles to ensure it is safe and hygiene for everyone especially the kids
Have you try out a VR Skateboard ? The Future Land Fun Zone had more than 200 skateboard tricks for us to learn and master. Here, we will learn to skate on surface, swing from tall buildings, fly in ways you never knew were possible. Just hold onto the plate to ensure you don't lose your balance and enjoy the mimic skating in Virtual World.
While taking a break for each game, you could have some snacks and drinks at the Fun Zone itself. There are few beans bags if you want to relax yourself while enjoying your family members and friends to play.
Play, Laugh and Scream at Future Land Fun Zone. Your excitement begins here. There are few packages for you to play or you could share it with your family members and friends. For 1 game, the price is at RM20, RM35 for 2 games and 3 games at RM50. If you want to have full access to all the 6 games, the price is RM95 per person. For 2 or more persons, you could choose Family Fun Pack with full access to all the 6 games for the price at RM85 per person only. 
Future Land Fun Zone is located at F1.20 Sunway Pyramid Mall which is next to Sunway Megalanes Bowling. It is the perfect place for birthday parties, team building and group events. The outlet is unique in it's kind and is the Flagship of Senoptium. Do check out their other outlets at different shopping malls throughout Malaysia i.e. Paradigm JB, Paradigm PJ, Gurney Plaza Penang, The Mines and Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. For more details, do visit their website at and facebook page at Check out my video below on our experience in VR rides and games...
If you're adventurous and bold enough, do visit the Future Land Fun Zone for a virtual reality world. Kids could explore the world's best hi-tech attraction equipment that brings a unique experience, smiles, joy and moments of happiness for the entire family.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Slimming and Anti-Aging with Trimz Shot

I'm sure all Mommies want to look slim and young. When our kids are growing, our age will be catching up. Most Moms like me are always busy with our kids till we don't have the times to keep our body shape and maintain our looks. At this post, I will share some tips on how to lose the fat at our body while staying healthy.
My first tip is to do exercise frequently. I actually did at least 3 times per week for half an hour. I sleep before 11 a.m. and wake up at 5.30 a.m. daily to have some exercise at the playground nearby my house. The air is fresh and cooling. I will stretch my body, walking and taking deep breath to ensure my lung is filled with morning fresh air.
My 2nd tip is to control our diet. Reduce those oily and fat food or take some supplements. Recently I came across a new local made supplement from the famous Malaysian Actress and Singer, Zara Zya named Trimz Shot. Zara is not only the ambassador for Trimz Shot but this product is managed by her team from the R&D, Testing, Producing and Marketing.

I attended the Meet and Greet with Zara Zya at the Curve on last Saturday to understand the product in details. Zara had shared that she looks slim and young is because she took Trimz Shot daily. She indeed looks slim and I was surprise when she reveal that she actually aged 35 years old now. At first, I thought she is only in her 20's. Trimz Shot indeed work for her.

I did ask her whether the products are save to consume. She shared that they only used high grade and qualities herbs, produce by factory with GMP status. 

When we should consume and how do we know whether it works on us ? For every purchase of Trimz Shot, you will also have the opportunity to join #IFwithZaraZya. At #IFwithZaraZya, customers will be coach and monitor by Zara herself in 10 video series in 10 days. The program like this will normally cost up to hundreds or thousand of Ringgit Malaysia but if we buy a box of Trimz Shot, we will get it for FREE.
Trimz Shot is selling at RM59 only with 10 sachets for 10 days consumption. Postage at RM8 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM12 for Sabah/Sarawak. For more details, do visit their website at, facebook page at and instagram at
I had consumed Trimz Shot for 3 days now but it only works if you had it for 10 days. For me, the taste is like a natural juice unlike some of the supplements which I don't like the taste at all. Ha ha ha... I had 1 sachet in the morning before breakfast and 1 sachet at night after my dinner. It makes me feel full and not easily get hungry. Hopefully I will have a body and young looks like Zara soon. Ha ha ha...


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Instil Confidence in Our Kids with Kumon Malaysia

How can we instil confidence in our kids? I'm sure many parents are facing the same problem as me when our kids lack confidence in their lives. Especially when our kids fail over and over again and they don't have the right support to help them to get back on the right track. Resilience does not come from failing alone, but from the experience of learning that they can pick themselves up, try again and succeed.
My Little Angels are from a Mandarin-speaking family background, and currently studying in Chinese school. They have always faced difficulty in communicating with their friends who have high proficiency in English. Thus, they lack self-confidence particularly in social settings. For instance, every time I try to speak to them in English, they share that they do not understand what has been communicated and they do not feel confident to speak in English. As parents, we know and understand the importance of English at school and in their lives when they grow up. Hence, Mommy Jane’s aim is to strengthen their foundation in English and build their confidence in communicating in English with everyone, especially me.  
Kumon Instructor, Ms Jaclyn warming up with my Little Angels to get to know them better prior to class enrollment.
Mommy Jane recently registered them to try out the English programme at Kumon. The location of the centre is quite near to our house and since Kumon Malaysia introduced the Year-End Special ("YES") campaign during the last school holiday, I decided to enrol them to improve their command in English as a supplement during the school holidays. All I need to pay was a month’s fee of RM160 per student for my 2 Little Angels to attend 1.5 months of the English programme at our chosen Kumon centre.
My Little Angel, WH, aged 12, doing the Diagnostic Test to determine his starting level.
Before my Little Angels started their 1st class, they underwent a diagnostic test to determine their respective starting level at Kumon. The instructor, Ms Jaclyn, started my Little Angels with the level that they are most comfortable with, or as how Kumon termed it as ‘just right’ level based on the results from the assessment. The Diagnostic Test assists the Instructors to design a study projection for each student as they begin their journey with Kumon. This study projection would guide students to progress to the next level comfortably.
WT, aged 9, did his diagnostic test too to determine his ‘just-right’ level. 
When I had a brief meeting with Ms Jaclyn and after seeing their results for the test that they had done, Ms Jaclyn said that my 2 Little Angels' level are below  their school grade level but she shared that she aims to guide my Little Angels to improve 3 levels up within 3 months. Given her confidence and assurance, I decided to register my 2 other Little Angels – CW started at C1 and finished at B2 i.e. 3 levels up (13) and WJ started at 6A and 1 level up (6) within 1.5 months during the YES campaign as well!
Ms Jaclyn also shared that Kumon is an after-school enrichment programme that emphasises on holistic learning where students do not only benefit academically but also equip themselves with critical life skills through the Kumon Method. The Kumon Method guides students to acquire self-learning, empowering them to learn independently, while applying concepts progressively. Through self-learning, I believe my Little Angels will have a positive attitude and a sense of curiosity to learn more, as well as perseverance which helps strengthen their character throughout their developmental years. I'm sure all parents agree that character building is important in a kids' learning process as this will help them in the future.

Whenever my Little Angels reached the centre, their usual routine would be to collect their worksheets from the shelves, take their seats and begin to do their worksheets independently. Kumon worksheets have been designed in a manner that enables students to progress in small steps from easy to challenging materials. My kids were guided via sample questions in their worksheets along with guidance from the instructor or the assistants in class. This method effectively nurture our children to be independent, allowing them to develop a good foundation to learn independently which would help our kids excel in the future. 
After each class, they will be given some worksheets as homework. As parents, we need to ensure that our kids diligently complete their homework before their next class. At times, they may find it challenging to handle the amount of worksheets given at the beginning, but with the support from us parents, they will be motivated and disciplined to complete their homework. I believe this practice will help my Little Angels to be more mature and independent. 
Whenever my Little Angels complete their Kumon class and are waiting for us to fetch them, they will begin to pick up a book from the reading corner at the centre to read. Kumon encourages our kids to read and this has helped them develop a love for reading and it is now part of their daily routine! Reading plays an important role in further improving my kids’ command of English as it helps them expand their vocabulary as well.

To date, Kumon Malaysia has over 200 centres nationwide. Why not bring your kids to the Kumon centre near you to understand how your kids can further improve in either English or Maths or both subjects and also build their self-confidence? For more details, do visit their website at and Facebook page at or call them up at 1800-88-1010. 
Mommy Jane always believed that early childhood education is indeed critical in our kids' developmental journey as it helps them to grow in all aspects of life be it within a classroom setting or outside. After attending the classes at Kumon for 3 months now, I noticed that my Little Angels’ communication in English, vocabulary and writing skills had shown some improvements. My Little Angels have become more confident about studying on their own and they are also able to tackle the problems themselves and work through the worksheets independently. 

Progress Level for WT. See the different between his starting level and level for him now.
Progress Level for WH. See the difference from when he first started and his current level now.
As their mom, I’m so glad to see that they have improved and moved up 3 levels in a short 3 months and are now able to cope with both subjects in class. After 3 months of Kumon lessons, they started reading English storybooks at home and are now more comfortable communicating in English with their friends and even strangers. I am so proud of their achievements, especially having witnessed their journey from the start. It may have been challenging at first but it was definitely worth it. More importantly, I am very happy to see that they are more confident now.  

Friday, March 1, 2019

What Motivates Our Kids to be Active ?

As parents, we all know that physical activity is beneficial to health and well being of our kids and it is related to better social and motor development. But how to get our "couch kids" to be active and why our kids are not active ? I'm sure most parents agreed with me that there are barriers for our kids to be active which include low interest, lots of school homeworks especially chinese schooling kids, a feeling among some kids that they aren't good at sports, lack of role models from busy working parents and our fear of letting our kids to play outdoors due to cases of kidnapping etc. 

What motivates our Kids to be active and how we as parents could encourage our kids to do it ? Mommy Jane will share some tips here which works on my Little Angels. First, we need to Choose the right activities for a kid's age and understanding their fitness personality. Whether our kid is interested in being active but isn't a star player and is at risk of getting discouraged in a competitive athletic environment or our kid has athletic ability, is committed to a sport or active and likely to ramp up practice time and intensity of competition. If we understand our kids fitness personality, then we will be better to help our kids to find the right activities and get enough exercise and the most important is to find their enjoyment in physical activity.
As a Mom and role model to my 5 Little Angels, I am active in sports too. Every morning after sending 2 of my Little Angels to school at 6.05 a.m., I will go to a neighbourhood park to do some exercise daily for half an hour while in the evening, my maid will bring them to the park for an hour. Every weekend, I will bring my Little Angels to the park for cycling, playground or for a badminton match between us. This is the times where we could spend together while encourage each other to be active in sports. It is fun and also part of our family's every weekend routine while provide an opportunity to bond.
To encourage my Little Angels to be active, I sign them up for sports related classes like taekwondo, tennis, basketball, futsal, gymnastic, dancing, cheerleading, badminton and many more. 

Kids won't do something that they don't enjoy. When our kids enjoy the activity, they want to do more of it. Practicing a skill will improves their abilities and helps them feel accomplished, especially when the effort is noticed and praised. These good feelings often make our kids want to continue the activity and even try others.
I always praise my Little Angels everytime they make an effort in an active lifestyle. I will encourage physical activities by buying them the bicycles, hula hoop, balls, kites, racquets etc as a rewards whenever they did well in their exams or as their birthday presents to encourage them to stay active.
Healthy habits form early. Start them young and set the foundation for a lifetime of good health. I started my Little Angels with sports classes when they are as young as 3 years old. Before that, I will just bring them to playground for them to play, run around or for cycling and when they are older and when they able to follow the instructions, WJ had joined the futsal training classes. At the age of 6, he knows various sports activities that he had been explore with.
Development from sport goes beyond learning new physical skills. Sport helps our kids to develop better ways to cope with the highs and lows of life. It helps them to learn to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way. It also helps our kids to develop patience and understanding that it can take a lot of practice to improve their physical skills and academy. Playing in a team helps to develop many of the social skills they will need for life. It teaches them to cooperate, to be less selfish and to listen to others. 
To promote the spirit of sportmanship and the thrill of healthy competition, KidZania Kuala Lumpur did organised various sport activities at their establishments and during their annual CSR activity. Together with their annual elected CongreZZ Kids, KidZania organised various sport activities for the underpriviledged children. Besides that those visited KidZania Kuala Lumpur will also had the chance to join those sportz activities.

For more information on sportz activities organised by KidZania, do visit their website at and their facebook page at
Be active yourself and support our kids' interests. If you start this early enough, they will come to regard activity as a normal and fun which is part of our family's everyday routine. Physically active kids are more likely to be motivated, focused and successful in school while mastering physical skills that builds confidence at every age. Start to be active now so that our loved ones will be healthy and happy always.