Saturday, August 27, 2022

Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Pasta are all set to hit the market!

Cheese-Baked Rice is me and my 2 teenagers girls' favourite. Whenever we saw cheese-baked rice at the menu, we surely ordered 1 to share amongst 3 of us. The fun of sharing and the joy of eating. Ha ha ha!!!

When I heard that Domino's is coming out with the newest side item i.e. Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta , we definitely want to be the first to try it out. Me and my eldest Little Angel had it last week and we will sharing our review at this post.

Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta were perfectly pair with its Ssamjeang range. We can now enjoy Domino's newest specialty k-side dishes along with our favourite Ssamjeang pizzas too. These new K-side dishes are all set to hit the market on 23rd August and will definitely excite K-fans and spicy food lovers as they truly complement Domino’s Ssamjeang pizzas by offering more variants to the much-loved Bulgogi range.

Domino’s Pizza recently came back with its much-awaited Ssamjeang range after a two-year hiatus and it's safe to say K-fans and spicy food lovers couldn’t have been happier. To add to this happiness Domino’s Pizza once again drops the bomb with its new Bulgogi Cheese Baked k-side dishes that are all set to awaken taste buds and set palates on fire.

Get ready to Super Saranghae Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice

Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice is an absolutely mouth-watering combination of Korean rice mixed with spicy bulgogi sauce, shredded chicken, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, seaweed flakes and roasted white sesame. Let’s not forget the spicy bulgogi sauce that brings it all together for the best Korean feast! Definitely addictive and sure to satisfy that desire for spicy cheesy food. 

This flavourful k-side dish is one not to miss and sure to make your Ssamjeang pizza meal even more enjoyable.

It's an epic Italian favorite meets Korean spicy with Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised with this ultimate fusion of east meets west – Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta. A true feast awaits as the Italian favourite meets Korean spice in the new Bulgogi Cheese- Baked Pasta that combines rich mozzarella cheese in a bed of springy pasta baked in spicy bulgogi sauce ready to set those taste buds on fire with just one bite.

With the perfect combination of pasta, spicy bulgogi sauce, shredded chicken, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, seaweed flakes and roasted white sesame this k-side dish is sure to be an absolute favourite and the perfect side dish to any feast.

The Bulgogi Cheese-Baked range is a perfect addition to the menu and they are a great k-side dish with a cheesy and spicy twist that will surely leave customers wanting more. At Domino’s they constantly strive to give customers the ultimate pizza experience and with the new Bulgogi Cheese-baked items to add on to the Ssamjeang joy and k-love by spicing things up even more.

Domino’s Pizza offers some amazing Everyday Value Buy 1 Free 2 for sharing below RM 9 per person. And now lebih OHSEM is that pizzas are topped with FREE extra cheese! With its latest Bulgogi Cheese-Baked range, Domino’s Pizza makes sure to continuously innovate and offer exciting experiences along with delicious, high-quality products at great value to us as their customers. Watch my review video below...

The Bulgogi Cheese-Baked menu items are available across Domino’s outlets. The Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta are being offered for only RM17.90 each with any pizza purchase. Visit Domino’s Pizza stores or order online at

Do try it out with the ongoing promotion, me and my eldest Little Angel love the taste and we are sure that you will love the creamy and yummy taste too!!!

Monday, June 27, 2022

Online English Lesson with 51 Talk

Covid 19 pandemic has change everyone’s lifestyle to stay safe. Most People choose to work from home and let our kids to stay most of the times. To ensure my 5 Little Angels able to catch up with the education at school while able to learn safely, I registered my youngest son, WJ for an online 1-on-1 English Learning platform in Malaysia where he could attend anywhere and anytime.

Why I choose English? Normally at home, we will speak in Mandarin and since they went to Chinese school where their main language is always Mandarin, they seldom speak in English. That makes their English language is a bit weak as compared to Chinese subject. We knew that English is very important in our day to day life because English is mostly used to communicate all over the world.

There might be a lot of tuition centres out there but I will always choose the best for them. The classes at 51 Talk will help them to start easily and able to use English language in their daily lives with the words that they could easily learnt to apply.

51 Talk is the top 3 English Learning platform in Malaysia which emphasised on the importance of usage with the right pronounciation. We might learnt on how to memorise when we were young but with the new generation, memorise doesn’t work on them. They need to hear and know how to use it.

51 Talk has the most effective way to learn English nowadays and train our kids on public speaking in English language. The duration of each class is normally at 25 minutes and we need a long term package to get a good frequency of learning so that WJ able to catch up consistently.  

51Talk has an international standard approved syllabus i.e. CEFR and having a package in a reputable centre which gave us a comfort of long-term learning and  no worries of its closure.

Kids as young as 3 years old could start the online English lesson up to 15 years old with 51 Talk. If you would like to have a trial class for your kids, you can try it for FREE and an assessment will be done before the teacher determine the level of your kids. 

Do register for the free class at For more information, you could visit their website at and facebook page at

Monday, May 16, 2022

The Square & The Blade School’s Easter Disco Skate Party Attracted More Than 150 Skaters

For those who love to skate, do drop by with your family and friends at the Square by Jaya One for a FREE skating. Mommy Jane and Little Angels were there to attend the free skating and to join in the fun to look for eggs as part of the Easter Day celebration. The Square by Jaya One and The Blade School successfully launched its first-ever Easter Disco Skate Party, a community skating event that draws inspiration from the ’80s roller disco theme concept on 16 April 2022 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

This event encourages learning, social interaction and a sense of togetherness that is done safely following proper safety measures under the guidelines by the Ministry of Health with social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks. 

The event is also in parallel to celebrating the partnership between The Square and The Blade School since December 2021 when The Square launched its Christmas Skating Nights to bring about fun experiences for the whole family.

The objective behind the collaboration is to serve as a platform to foster community connections through skating. Open for inline and roller skaters of all ages, the Easter Disco Themed Skate Party is The Square’s maiden effort at developing its enrichment offering for families and friends to bond and explore new outdoor hobbies that could be more resilient to the pandemic’s restrictions. In line with the collaboration, a succession of activities such as skate classes, public skate sessions, and workshops by The Blade School will follow with an aim to build a more vibrant, connected community. 

Participants as young as 2 years old start their skating activities
“As a space championing social experiences, we wanted to create an environment for people to connect to each other through skating. 2 years into the pandemic, I believe people are interested in picking up skating as a real hobby because people can still go out and skate together, still be distanced apart enough, but still be able to talk with each other – wherewith cycling or with running, it's hard to chat, but with skating, it's more fluid and you have more freedom to be social,” said Charles Wong, Executive Director of Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd, the developer of The School by Jaya One.

Supported by The Blade School, a leading community of inline skaters in Malaysia, attendees took part in a host of exciting activities, including the Easter Egg Hunt and Limbo Rock – where winners can walk away with free skates and cash vouchers respectively. Paired with great music and disco thematic, The Square and The School Level 1 was transformed into a roller disco arena for inline and roller skaters alike to enjoy an ‘egg-citing’ skate night. Families with children seized the opportunity to spend some quality time together whilst celebrating the festive spirit with some good old-fashioned ’80s music.

Parents and Kids joined in the fun to look for clue to the Eggs

Scan the clue to look for another clue for the letter to form a word. The fastest person to found all the letters will win a pair of skating shoe

The Easter Disco-Themed Skate Party is a joint collaboration between The Square and The Blade School. "It is great that The Square provides a space for free skating which helps the skating community to grow. With Level 1 of The Square being skate-friendly, we are thrilled to host classes and open skating sessions here for beginners and intermediate skaters to learn in a safe, sheltered environment. Skating absolutely can be good exercise. It can improve your strength, balance, core stability, and cardiovascular endurance. The best part is, it is fun for all ages, and something to enjoy year-round," said Cheng, the founder of The Blade School.

Limbo Rock

The Easter Disco-Themed Skate Party is a celebration of empowering, inclusive, and accessible sports for all ages, as well as to promote a skating culture amongst children, teens and adults. Besides the Easter Disco Skate Party, The Square is open for the public to skate every Friday Night from 8PM - 11PM. Attendees will only need to bring their own skates and protective gears and register ahead of time here:

Additionally, The Square is open for Group Session Bookings for free with at least 15 pax per booking. Interested inline or roller skate groups will only need to book their slots here:

Following the launch of the partnership, The Blade School will officially kickstart its skating lessons at The Square including Beginner and Freestyle Skating lessons from 4-6pm and 8-10pm respectively on Fridays. Options are available to choose between private or group classes. The Blade School will also introduce a Ladies Skate Night starting from May 2022 on every 3rd, 4th and 5th Thursday of the month. Run by instructors under the MYSKATE National Skating Accreditation program, interested students can expect to learn the basics of inline skating, such as mastering the correct posture, pushing, gliding, regrouping, and stopping on skates.

All participants for the Easter Disco Skate Party having fun joining the activities organised by the Square & the Blade School

The event is supported by AEON BiG, Three Stooges Bistro, Tedboy, CK Chiropractic, Celebrity Fitness and Bo The Avocado. For more information, visit Check out the video of the event that I made below...

My Little Angels enjoyed the Easter Disco Skate Party and they met their friends too. The place for the skating is big enough to ensure social distancing for more than 150 participants. Skating is a good form of exercise to helps our kids to burn off their extra energy, build strong muscles and to maintain a healthy weight. Skating also helps to reduce their back to school stress and provides a distraction from everyday worries. Good to be back on skating after 2 years of MCO and wearing back their skating shoes before it is torn.

About The Blade School 

The Blade School aims to cater to the growing community of inline skating and ice skating throughout the Malaysian region with the best coaching services and equipment to all skate lovers. Owned and run by skaters, The Blade School provides lessons, a wide range of skates, skating accessories, and services to make skating a part of people’s lifestyles.

About The Square

The Square is an enriching ecosystem and a co-sharing space that embodies a pet-friendly environment. Housing Malaysia’s leading co-working space, pet-friendly restaurants, a performing arts theatre, and office suites, The Square prides itself on reshaping the perception of commercial space and taking charge of late-night initiatives, at the same time inspiring entrepreneurs to reinvent their business DNA in a vibrant community.

About The School

The School is Malaysia’s first enrichment mall designed to encourage the younger generation to play, learn, and grow in a safe and stimulating environment. Being a community-led family-friendly mall, The School aims to empower youths and children to be critical thinkers and well-rounded members of society through its various environmental, cultural, and enrichment initiatives.

About Jaya One

Nestled in the bustling Section 13 district of Petaling Jaya, Jaya One is a community-led commercial centre that comprises of residence, business suites, offices, an enriching ecosystem with co-working space, dining and leisure – The Square, and Malaysia’s first enrichment mall – The School. Jaya One aims to support and bring passionate communities of entrepreneurs, creators, educators, and art enthusiasts together through meaningful events and activities that inspire new talent, encourage self-discovery and create a communal sense of purpose. 


Facebook: TheBladeSchool

Instagram: @thebladeschool



Facebook: TheSquareMY

Instagram: @thesquaremy



Facebook: theschoolmy

Instagram: @theschoolmy



Facebook: jayaone

Instagram: @jayaone


Monday, May 2, 2022

Mother’s Day Gift Guide with Timepiece

Being a Mom to my 5 Little Angels are not easy. Mommy Jane have to wake up early in the morning everyday to ensure my 5 Little Angels will have their healthy breakfast before going to school, work full time to ensure my 5 Little Angels have enough financial support, spending precious times with them and sacrifice everything to ensure they are happy. My Mom did all this for me too when I was young. To show my appreciation for my Mom, I found something which is suitable for her and I'm sure all Moms will love it too. 

from Red Army Watches 

Nothing is purer than a mother’s love and there’s no better way to show mum your love this Mother’s Day than to offer a token that can stand the test of time such as a timepiece. Red Army Watches is showcasing our Mother’s Day Timepiece Gift Guide where we share a handpicked collection of ladies watches from among the most renowned boutique watch marques, each embodying timeless classic design, superb materials and craftsmanship because mom deserves the best! 

S.NOW by Electricianz - MYR 1449 

Strongly influenced by contemporary visual arts and Electricianz’s own unique steampunk aesthetic, the S.NOW ladies watch embodies the rawest expression of energy made real that powers our modern world as we know it- electricity! The S. NOW features a creamy white stainless steel case that features a multilayered white dial embellished with rose gold details and a 4 LED backlit hour ring complemented by a white calfskin NATO strap.

Icicle by TACS - MY540 

The minimalist Icicle by TACS embodies the concept of a timepiece in its purest form. The domed glass creates a distinctive reflective effect across the Icicle’s frosty white dial that eschews numerals for the elegant simplicity of its hour, minute and second hand that are powered by a Miyota 2035 movement. The case itself is finished is crafted from 316L stainless steel complemented by a genuine leather strap, lending the Icicle an elegantly premium touch.

Dresden 38 by Laco - MYR2129 

Built along classic lines, the Dresden 38 by Laco embraces the motto ‘form follows function’ in every aspect of its design. This beautiful timepiece is immaculately finished with a stainless steel case while its silver white Bauhaus style dial is designed for exceptional clarity and powered by a reliable Miyota 9015 automatic movement. Add in a comfortable striped nylon strap and you have the makings of a timeless classic that will be truly appreciated as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Nastja by Poljot International - MYR2741 

Intricately constructed and tastefully finished with fine zirconium jewels on the open skeletonised dial that lays its intricate inner workings bare, the Nastja is a truly eye-catching timepiece that will make for a truly heartfelt memento for Mother’s Day. Complementing the beautiful movement that is as sure as a mother’s love are a set of blued hands and an elegant leather strap in your choice of black or brown to complement any ensemble. 

P1C/01 Alba by Sevenfriday - MYR5,232 

The P1C/01 Alba by SevenFriday is an exquisite timepiece that makes a beautiful gift for stylish mums for Mother’s Day. Featuring SevenFriday’s unmistakable flair for design, the Alba evokes the sunny Mediterranean and the whitewashed towns of Santorini with its chic white motif. A polished stainless steel case with silver and silver white motifs on an intricate 4-layer dial embellished with White Corian and a white calf leather strap make it a gift any mum would cherish.

After looking at all these stunning and gorgeous watch, I'm sure all of you agreed with me that it is the best gift for our Mom for all her sacrifice. Give her the gift of time and she will surely appreciate it.

More details as follow:

Red Army Watches Online Store:

Red Army Watches Facebook Page:


Army Watches Instagram: @redarmywatches_my





About Red Army Watches Sdn Bhd 

Established in 2008, Red Army Watches offers a curated array of reasonably priced yet stylish and exquisitely crafted timepieces from renowned microbrands such as Sevenfriday, Poljot International, Sturmanskie, Zeppelin, Laco, Junkers, Iron Annie, March Lab, Orodeus, Hirsch, Choisi, the Electricianz, Boldr, Tacs, Rec, Gorilla, Azimuth and Alexander Shorokhoff. With a presence in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Red Army Watches is becoming a recognised household name among watch aficionados seeking that elusive combination of quality, design, performance and value in their timepieces. For more details, please visit

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Marrybrown's App Offered Various Discounts

Good news to all of you!!! Marrybrown offered various discounts through its App. Discounts of more than 40% for its signature Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken, Burgers, Potato Wedges, Porridge, Kiddy Meals Chicken Burger, Chicken Nugget, Onion Ring, Boba Tea, Tower Burger Combo and many more. We could get a pack of Potato Wedges from RM2.90 only instead of the normal price of RM5.20. 

Besides enjoying all these discounts, when you download the Marrybrown App, you'll get 1 Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken for FREE!!!

For every purchase, we could collect our MB points too to redeem FREEBIES! 

Kids' Meal Set at only RM9.90 plus a Gift instead of RM10.90
Exclusive Deals at the App

50% Discount for a Chicken Burger on your Birthday month

To redeem all these offers and freebies, all you have to do is simply search for the “Marrybrown App” in your Apple App Store, Huawei App Gallery or Google Play Store to download and enjoy all the amazing perks that’s available.

For Deals Section on Home tab: 

1. On your homepage, scroll through the deals and click on the deal you are interested in 

2. Once you click on the selected deals, you will see further description of the deal selected 

3. Press ‘redeem’ 

4. Check out the deals redeemed under ‘My Reward’ 

5. Press the selected deals and flash the QR code at participating Marrybrown outlets to redeem your meals 

For Deals at Tab: 

1. Go to ‘Deals’ and select the deals you are interested in 

2. Once you click on the selected deals, you will see further description of the deal selected 

3. Press ‘redeem’ 

4. Check out the deals redeemed under ‘My Reward’ 

5. Press the selected deals and flash the QR code at participating Marrybrown outlets to redeem your meals

By using the Marrybrown App, I could save a lot with so much offers and discount. Since this month is my birthday month, I could redeem a Chicken Burger at 50% discount. Great, right?

Download the App now to save more and collect the points to redeem more FREEBIES!

More information at:

IG : @marrybrownmy 

FB : @marrybrownmalaysia 

Twitter : @MarrybrownMY 

Marrybrown website:

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Make a Difference for Children of Rumah Ozanam with Custom-designed Tees for Cervical Cancer

Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) recently donated RM10 from every sale of a specially-designed tee shirt to Rumah Ozanam, a home for young female children aged between 10 to 19 years old as their community service pledge as part of its cervical cancer awareness campaign in January this year. 

 [from right to left] Ms Priscilla Joseph, Administrator of Rumah Ozanam, Kristine Williams, Head, Sales & Marketing, Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Mr Francis Xavier, Honorary Secretary of Rumah Ozanam and Ms.Tachneswarie A/p Sritharan, Assistant Administrator of Rumah Ozanam during the mock cheque presentation recently. 
The campaign saw SJMC partnering with local female artist Malar Sinnadurai, founder of The Children’s Art Studio, who designed the limited-edition tee shirts that feature a teal-coloured ribbon to symbolise the fight against cervical cancer. The tee shirts were available at its premises. 

A mock cheque for RM 1,200 was presented to Rumah Ozanam’s Honourary Secretary Mr Francis Xavier and Administrator Ms Priscilla Joseph. “Every bit of support is valued and it is gratifying to have SJMC coming forward to do their part for Rumah Ozanam. Given this particular cause is especially relevant for girls, we are also grateful to have the opportunity to help our young residents be more aware of this disease which we understand can be dormant for years,” said Mr Xavier

With cervical cancer being the third most common cancer in the country and a disease that impacts young girls and women, SJMC was able to utilise the month-long campaign to spread much-needed awareness among different segments of the community.

Themed “Together, Let’s Eliminate Cervical Cancer #SJMCHPV”, the campaign had the support of Malaysian TV personality and digital content creator Daphne Iking who shared her message on cervical cancer in a video where she is seen educating her young daughter on the importance of HPV vaccination.

For more information on cervical cancer, one can visit

Thanks to SJMC for the donation of RM10 from of every sale of a specially-designed tee shirt to Rumah Ozanam

I got the tee shirts too and love the design and the most important is, it is 100% cotton which makes us feel comfortable to wear it. Thanks to SJMC for the initiative and let us Eliminate Cervical Cancer in our country together!!! 



Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care (RSDH) is equally owned by Sime Darby Berhad and Ramsay Health Care. The entity combines all Sime Darby’s portfolio of healthcare assets in Malaysia namely Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Ara Damansara Medical Centre and ParkCity Medical Centre. In 2021, RSDH acquired Manipal Hospitals Klang, now known as Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre. It also operates three hospitals in Indonesia, namely RS Premier Bintaro, RS Premier Jatinegara and RS Premier Surabaya. In addition, Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care owns a Day Surgery Centre in Hong Kong. RSDH is steadfast in providing the highest quality patient care, committed to the tagline “People caring for people”. With cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities and experienced consultants across a wide array of specialties, RSDH’s experienced healthcare team is committed to the highest quality patient care, clinical outcomes, staff and specialist wellbeing and stakeholder interest.


Saturday, March 19, 2022

Feel the Balik Kampung with BGR Ramadhan Buffet

 Yeah.. We were back to Bangi Golf Resort for their Iftar Together-Gather food feast!!!

Covid-19 pandemic affects the world which came to a halt. A precedence strict travel and gathering restrictions were imposed since March 2020 and I'm sure many of us have missed celebrating festive seasons with our loved ones and spent holidays. We have relied heavily on virtual platforms to stay connected. 

2022 is the year where BGR believes that it is time to bring back. spirit f"Balik Kampung". wherever "Kampung" may be. The theme of "Iftar Together-Gather" fits the purpose of Iftar at BGR this year, bringing forth the spirit of celebrating the holy month with loved ones in a familiar setting, evoking various themes of nostalgia. BGR will once again be that meeting place for people to reconnect, catch up with one other, and rekindle friendships as you savour meal while breaking fast. That simple yet depraved gesture we have all missed the past two years.

This Ramadhan, the BGR line of chefs will continue to deliver their best dishes with quality ingredients for their signature Buffet Ramadhan, bringing back old favourites and introducing new flavours as they continue to excite your taste buds. 

Look forward to popular highlights like their famous freshly carved Kambing Bakar (lamb slow-roasted on the spit), piping hot bowls of Sup Kambing Mamak (Indian style Mutton Stew), fresh grilled house-made Satay, innovative Sous Vide Egg with Mushroom Espuma, flavorful Smoked Spaghetti Carbonara as well as authentic Spanish Churros with Thick Chocolate Sauce. Their lamb is indeed delicious.

Another good news is BGR continues to feature produce grown in their very own farm within the premise of BGR. Their chefs will be harvesting fresh vegetables, serving them during Iftar and providing guests with a unique "farm to fork" dining experience. We could have fresh vegetables during these Ramadhan.

Look forward to savouring Nasi Kerabu, the traditional blue rice dish served with home grown ulam (raw vegetables and herbs), kampung fried chicken, salted fish, fish crackers and a selection of sauces and condiments. The natural blue of the Nasi Kerabu comes from the petals of bunga telang (butterfly pea flower) grown in their farm. 

Some of this year's new additions not to be missed are Ayam Bakar Percik Selangor, Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Japchae, Japanese Beef Curry. Tom Yum Seafood, Pad Kra Pao (Thai Basil Chicken), Poach Chicken with Thai Suki Sauce, Mee Siam Goreng Meletup, Singapore Laksa, Penne with Creamy Korean Sauce and Liquid Snickers; which is certain to tantalise your taste buds.

Certified HALAL by JAKIM since 2009, BGR is one of very few golf resorts in Malaysia to receive this accreditation and they add to that; having recently received the HACCP certification for their kitchen. One simply doesn't question their continued commitment to Halalan Toyyiban, hygiene and food safety standards.

Diners can break fast at ease as BGR offers up to 800 complimentary parking lots as well as generous sized Male and Female prayer rooms (Surau) available for guest use.

BGR makes the utmost effort observing and practicing the recommended set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) by the Health Ministry of Malaysia within their premises. Their seating capacities have been halved to ensure ample room for social distancing within their dining areas and buffet lines.

All guests are expected to be fully vaccinated in order to enter their premises with RELA officers in place to encourage SOP compliance, an assurance for guests to dine with ease.

Buffet Ramadhan pricing starts from RM60.00 per adult and RM30.00 per child. BGR Buffet Ramadhan will operate from 4th April 2022 till 1st May 2022. For groups booking, the price is different, check the price and make your reservations accordingly through their website All prices are subjected to 6% SST.

My video on the Ramadhan review as follows:-

For the upcoming events, the highly anticipated Durian Festival & Awards at Bangi Golf Resort will be making its come back this year from 1st - 3rd July 2022! 

A series of activities are in the works and will kick off as early as April 2022 in anticipation of the first “Durian Drop" of the season; starting with a seminar at BGR by durian expert Mr Lim Chin Khee. This will be followed by a Northern Durian Competition at Balik Pulau, Penang on 25th June 2022.

The World Durian Championship: Malaysia Edition happening at BGR on 1st July 2022 will see the gathering of all king of fruits competing in four categories: Musang King, Blackthorn, Open category for registered clones and Open category for unregistered clones (Kampung Durian).

On 2nd and 3rd July 2022, an extensive durian centric Farmers' Market will open on the grounds of BGR where guests will be able to cruise and shop from small traders and local agribusinesses. There will be various durian workshops and talks by farming experts and major industry players in Malaysia held concurrently, conducted over these 2 days.

Check out for Bangi Farm Resort's Facebook page and website for the latest details and updates of these activities as follows:-

Facebook page:

Instagram: farm resort/