Sunday, June 26, 2016

Setapak Central Mall Celebrates Hari Raya with Fashion Raya

Setapak Central Mall celebrates Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in a fashionable way this year with the theme "Fashion Raya. The Mall combines classic and modern styles seamlessly this season. Mommy Jane and Little Angels were invited for the official launch event which took place on Saturday, 18 June 2016.
The Fashion Raya celebrations commenced on 16 June to 16 July 2016. The event was officiated by Wangsa Maju MP, YB Dato' Dr. Tan Kee Kwong and all the guests were entertained by Akim Ahmad of Akademi Fantasia Season 7 fame and The Best Performer & Best Vocal of Media Prima Singing Competition 2015.
YB Dato' Dr. Tan Kee Kwong
Akim Ahmad 
Mr Andrew Neary, Executive Director of AsiaMalls Sdn Bhd said "Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is one of the most important celebrations in Malaysia and once again we look forward to having our shoppers at Setapak Central get into the spirit of Raya this year with a variety of activities".
Mr Andrew Neary
The mall is transformed with classic decors in a modern and fashionable way with the Fashion Raya theme this year. Traditional materials and decor i.e. batik, songket, lampu pelita and sangkar burung to reflect the Raya spirit. Various booths have been set up withing the decor that sells Muslim ladies', men's and childrenapparels, cookies and Raya hampers.
There will be a fashion shows, tarian zapin, gamelan and dikir barat performances at the mall to usher the Raya celebrations. Fashion related workshops such as tudung styling, make up and samping tying will also part of these activities.
Shoppers could redeem three different tiers of rewards when they shop this Raya season.
  • Tier 1 - Spend RM100 and above mall-wide (maximum 2 combined receipts on the same day) to get a free limited edition Raya Packets
  • Tier 2 - Spend RM300 and above mall-wide (maximum 2 combined receipts on the same day) to get a free fruit bowl
  • Tier 1 - Spend RM100 and above mall-wide (maximum 2 combined receipts on the same day) to get a free exclusive plate set

Shoppers who spend RM250 and above will be eligible to enter the 1MMSC Contest and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize i.e. a holiday trip to Dubai and other prizes include jewelleries worth RM8,000 in total and consolation prizes worth RM3,000 consisting of travel luggages and watches. The main sponsor is Habib Jewels and co-sponsors are Cosas United and YL Time Gallery.
Setapak Central Mall will also on 23 June, as part of its CSR initiatives, hosts children from Rumah Penyayang Nur Imam Danau Kota to a special fashion makeover session at H&M and thereafter to a Buka Puasa dinner. 
This is our first time to Setapak Central Mall and Mommy Jane was truly amaze with the development of Setapak. From an urban area to a development area with few shopping malls and upgraded road. The Mall was fulled of peoples shopping for their Raya goodies. Mommy Jane and Little Angels would like to wish all Muslims, "Selamat Menyambut Hari Ramadhan". 


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Culture Blitzz Programme Organised by MaTiC and PeaceYallFm

On 22 June 2016, Tourism Malaysia or known as MaTiC had jointly organised with Peace Yall.Fm to launch the programme known as "Culture Blitzz" to promote the Malaysia Art, Culture and Heritage at some of the  tourist popular destinations. Mommy Jane and Little Angels were invited to witness the grand launch.
The programme is to create exposure about the uniqueness of our culture and heritage such as eating our traditional "Lambuk" porridge and witnessing the cultural dance at the tourist popular destinations i.e. MaTiC, KL Tower, Bukit Bintang Shopping Centre and KLCC Twin Tower. The programme is to give the experience to the tourists while instill and empower the tourism and cultural of our country. 
The dancers and the sporting PeaceYallFm Deejays
PeaceYallFm Deejays were here to promote Culture Blitzz 2016
A Troupe of Bikers that lead our HOHO bus to the destinations
The collaboration between MaTiC and radio station PeaceYallFm is to create awareness to the society especially to the loyal listener of the young generations PeaceYallFm in regards to our tourism and cultural. Dato' AC Mizal or known as Mr Versatile, who is the icon, celebrity entertainment and also a businessman was also there to promote MaTiC and other tourism destinations.
Dato' AC Mizal lead all the media and bloggers for the distribution of Lambuk porridge 
Master Chef cooked the porridge and put it in a container for easier distributions
Packaging in process with the help from all the Volunteers
After packaging done, all the porridge were load to a 4-Wheel Drive for distribution
After all the packaging done, me and my Little Angels were brought to the top 4 tourist popular destinations sitting Hop-On-Hop-Off ("HOHO") bus while distributing "Lambuk" porridge to the tourists and public. VIPs, PeaceYallFm Deejays, dancers and medias also on the HOHO rides. For every destination that we went, while the porridge was distributed, the dancers had performed a great traditional dance for the tourists and public.
TV Presenter had a live interview with Pengarah MaTiC, Encik Zain Azrai and Dato' Mizal at the open deck of HOHO bus
There are lots of programmes happening soon from July 2016 at MaTiC which is a hub for all the tourists. The programmes are as follows :-
  • Traditional Dance (Every Day except for Sunday and Public Holidays from 3 p.m to 4 p.m.)
  • Mak Yong Theater on 19th & 20th August 2016
  • Traditional Indian Classic Dance on 26th & 27th September 2016
  • Traditional Orchestra Malaysia on 2nd & 3rd September 2016
  • Princess Moon Shelter on 14th & 15th October 2016 and
  • New Year Countdown at MaTiC on 31 December 2016.

Peace Yall FM is an online radio that operates 24 hours a day. It is the first online radio that operates duo-language i.e. Malay and English in Malaysia. You could download the application through Apps Store or Google Play Store or you can check out from their website at 
Me and my Little Angels with my travel blogger friend, Mr Jocko at Saloma Bistro
After touring for almost 2 hours, getting off the HOHO bus to distribute the porridge and getting on the HOHO bus for another destination, we return back to MaTiC to have our buka puasa dinner at Saloma Bistro. While enjoying our buffet dinner, we were entertained with beautiful Malay cultural dance.

We might feel tired but me and my Little Angels enjoyed the Culture Blitzz Programme. This is the first time, we had followed a troupe of VIPs, Dancers, Medias and Bloggers sitting HOHO bus distributing Lambuk porridge to understand our Malaysian culture. All of us were treated like VIP where a troupe of bikers had lead our way to the destinations. I had also let my Little Angels to distribute the porridge too so that they understand the value of giving especially on this Ramadhan season. Thanks to Tourism Malaysia for having me and my Little Angels to joined in the programme and also thanks to PeaceYallFm Deejays and the Dancers that never failed to entertained us during our journey. Hope to see all of you again soon.
My Little Angels had done their part to the society by helping out to distribute Lambuk porridge so that everyone had something to eat for their Buka Puasa

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

7-Eleven Malaysia Having More Benefits and More Services Now

My Little Angels' favourite place for shopping will always be at 7-Eleven because they could buy lots of their favourite food, drinks and toys there. Mommy Jane loves to go to 7-Eleven too because it is very convenient where you could find 7-Eleven stores in almost every corner of our neighbourhood. Mommy Jane and Little Angels were invited to 7-Eleven Store at Jalan Sultan Ismail last weekend to have Iftar with the PR and the bloggers. We were brief on the new benefits and services available now at 7-Eleven.
For the convenience of all of you, let me brief you the new benefits and services available. First is the Bill Payment. You could settle your satelite TV Astro or your TM bill now at 7-Eleven. For U-Mobile postpaid subscribers who tired of queuing in telco center to pay the postpaid bill can enjoy this exclusive facility as well where the commitment can be done smoothly here. 
7-Eleven had partnered with BOXiT, a local parcel locker operator to feature parcel lockers nationwide which provides business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business for returned shipments, business-to-business transactions as well as bank-to-customer and customer-to-bank services. Through partnership, the locker services will bring added value to the "one-stop experience" which 7-Eleven offers.
Customers also can purchase online games, products and services in 7-Eleven and pay for your purchases at over 1.6 million physical, online and mobile channels in more than 80 countries worldwide using an online micropayment technology called as MOLPoints. This remarkable upgrade on the traditional method of purchasing game credit has refurbished the service to become more secure and convenience.
We also can have the access to do MOLPay transaction in 7-Eleven. MOLPay is an online payment solution that enables e-commerce merchants to collect payments from online buyers securely through physical and online payment channels. We can now securely make a purchase from online shops, blog shops or casual sellers that utilize MOLPay and pay in cash at 7-Eleven for our online transactions.
To beat the worst traffic condition in most urban main roads and highways of the convenient method to reload our Touch n Go card, you can now reload it at 7-Eleven which opened 24 hours a day anytime and anywhere that you want.
7-Eleven had also implemented its customer loyalty card. For every purchase of RM3.00 and above, we can get 1 BPoint and with the BPoints, we can redeem exclusive items online and treat our loved ones at the nearest participating outlets. Check out the unlimited rewards at
7-Eleven Malaysia had initiated the Semurni Kasih campaign back in year 2010 and has been held annually during the month of Ramadhan. With a network average of 900,000 walk-in-customers daily from more than 1,879 stores nationwide, 7-Eleven concerted a nationwide effort to collect food and non-food supplies for distributions to the underprivileged in the community.
My blogger friend Ierna holding the collection box for Semurni Kasih that are available at all the 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia
7-Eleven Malaysia has accumulated more than RM2.6 million worth of gift essential items via its 2015 Semurni Kasih charity collection programme. You can contribute too by purchasing any necessities and then drop them into the collection box. 7-Eleven will distribute all the essential items collected to those in needs. Check out at the link HERE for full beneficiary list for Semurni Kasih 2016.
For more information, please visit 7-Eleven website at and follow them at their facebook HERE
Psst : 7-Eleven is giving out 100 tickets to KL Bird Park daily. All you have to do is to purchase a minimum of RM10 which include a minimum of 2 packets of 7-Select Potato Chips, Collect the receipt, Snap the photo and Email to with the receipt's photo, your name, address and contact no. Selected participants will be contacted to collect the tickets. Good luck to all of you and hope to see all of you at the KL Bird Park later. Yeah...
Iftar with my blogger friends was the best because my Little Angels could learned on the meaning of Iftar. From here, they learned to understand and respect the Muslims during Ramadhan where we had waited for the times to come so that all of us could Buka Puasa together. We were served with lots of delicious Fresh to Go food on that day. Me and my Little Angels love the taste of the food and it is as good as freshly cooked food.
Thanks to 7-Eleven Malaysia for the invitation to the Iftar event at their store. Even though, almost everyday I went to 7-Eleven store located near to my house, I really don't know that 7-Eleven now having so much of benefits and services available that mades my life so convenient now. With the loyalty card, I could enjoyed more rewards later. Indeed a very Good News to all the loyalty customers like me and my Little Angels.
Me and my Little Angels with the 7-Eleven PR team, Irma and Kimberly. 
Thanks to both you for being so friendly and serving us on that day