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Cosmoderm Skin Lab with Perfect Balanced Range

A good skin care routine is as good as the products that we use. Good quality products can help our skin look better now as well as in the future while poor quality products can be ineffective and even cause harm. Mommy Jane just tried out a new range of skincare products, Cosmoderm Skin Lab with Perfect Balanced Range that focusing on having a healthy and soothing skin with powerful duo ingredients Prebiotic and Calamine. Looks interesting right? Read up my review after using it for 2 weeks at my post here.

Cosmoderm is a brand that is specializing in “Skin-Health Concern” skincare and body care products for more than 20 years. It is designed to provide us with customised solutions to solve our common skin problems such as acne, oily prone skin, dry skin, pigmentation, sensitive and lots more. As a brand that caters to Target Consumers who believe in Beauty Starts With A Good And Healthy Skin, Cosmoderm has launched a new range called COSMODERM SKIN LAB PERFECT BALANCED which is focusing on having a healthy and soothing skin with powerful duo ingredients Prebiotic and Calamine.             

With the hashtag #SKINDEPENDENCE, it stands for “Break Free From Unhealthy Skin”, Cosmoderm has developed the right skincare range with Prebiotic which is proven to benefit our skin. What is Prebiotic? Probiotic is a good bacterias that can be found in our human’s body and skin. Like human being, these good bacterias (Probiotic) needs food to get healthy microbes back into balance. This food is called Prebiotic that will balance our skin’s microbiome to avoid skin redness while improving skin’s surface protection and ensuring the skin’s barrier is kept intact and healthy. Prebiotic can also improve our skin’s radiance and comfort due to restructuring, nourishing and soothing effect.

The other ingredient that can be found in the new Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced is Calamine. Calamine Lotion which is a mild astringent and antiseptic that helps to relief the symptoms of skin redness, mild sunburn, skin itchiness and minor skin conditions. It is also on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) List of Essential Medicines for being an effective and safe medication for health. 

The Calamine formulation used in Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced is a higher grade of Calamine used in the cosmetic industry. The higher grade of calamine makes our skin soft, smooth and healthier.

Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced comes with four products which are Cleanser, Toning Lotion, Moisturiser and SunScreen. How to use it? Let me explain the 4 simple steps here...

Step 1: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Foaming Cleanser 100ml (RM29.90)

The foaming cleanser helps to deep cleanses and purifies skin while soothes skin redness. It also enhances skin absorption of other nourishing ingredient so that the next product is easily applied onto the skin.

Direction To Use: Squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto palm. Lather and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Extra Points: The best part of this cleanser is that it produces a lot of foam, yet it does not dry up the skin. At the packaging, it has no. 1 to show the skincare routine. This will help to educate new skincare users the correct steps to use Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Range.


Step 2: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion 120ml (RM45.90)

Toning lotion is formulated with Prebiotic and 20,000ppm of Calamine. It helps to calm and soothes redness whilst awaken skin’s absorption ability. The higher the Parts Per Million (ppm) in the product, the more effective the product is. On top of that, this toning lotion increases skin’s moisture.

Direction To Use: Shake well before use so that the calamine is mixing well with the toning water. Pour toning lotion onto our palm and pat gently onto our face and neck. Do Not Use Cotton Pad or else it will absorb the goodness of Calamine.

Extra Points: 95% agreed that Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion is effective in improving skin redness after application*

*This product has been tested by 300 members of Home Tester Club

Step 3: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Soothing WOW Cream 50ml (RM65.00)

Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Soothing WOW Cream comes with Calamine and 30,000ppm of Prebiotic. This Soothing WOW cream helps to restore our skin’s moisture as well as lightens blemishes on skin. With the Water-In Oil-In Water (WOW) Technology, the moisture is absorbed and locked onto our skin which helps the skin to stay hydrated.

Direction To Use: Pump an adequate amount of Soothing WOW Cream onto our palm and massage gently onto our face and neck.

Extra Points: We might want to spend a little bit more time on pampering the skin with this WOW Cream to ensure the texture will be absorbed fully into our skin.

Step 4: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced SunMilk SPF25PA++ 50ml (RM65.00)

Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced SunMilk SPF25PA++ is formulated with Prebiotic and Calamine. This sunscreen protects our skin against UVA and UVB that can cause damage to our skin. Besides that, it improves skin’s surface protection against environmental stress and helps for sunburn relief and dry skin.

Direction To Use: Just pump an adequate amount of SunMilk SPF25PA++ onto palm and massage gently onto face and neck.

Extra Points: This sunscreen is suitable for all type of skin including sensitive skin.

For Day Routine tips:

Step 1: Cleanser  Step 2: Toning Lotion  Step 4: SunMilk SPF25PA++

For Night Routine tips:

Step 1: Cleanser  Step 2: Toning Lotion  Step 3: Soothing WOW Cream

For the best results, do use all four products together to enjoy the effectiveness of:

The best about all four products from Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced are it is dermatologically tested, suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin and FREE from Paraben, Fragrance and Artificial Colorant. Watch my video on how I used Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced for my daily routine.

Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced range is NOW available in pharmacies nationwide. For further information and latest promotions, please visit their website at and Instagram page at Cosmoderm. 

After using Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced for 2 weeks, I can see the improvement on my skin. It improve the appearance and texture of my skin to regain a more youthful and yet natural appearance. The products are safe and suitable for all skin types which include those having sensitive skin. The products prices are quite reasonable and affordable for everyone who wish to have a complete set of skincare range of high-quality products.   

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Teeth Treatment at iFloss Dental, Desa ParkCity

Do you take proper care for your teeth? We might think that brushing, flossing and rising with mouthwash are the keys to maintaining our oral health and keeping our teeth but if we want to exhibit total oral health, the most important thing we can do is to visit our dentist for a schedule frequent checkups every six to 12 months. Mommy Jane and 5 Little Angels just did our routine check-up at iFloss Dental which located at Plaza Arcadia, Desa ParkCity recently and will be sharing our experience there.

Since having 5 Little Angels, my main concern is the prices for the dental treatment and the treatment given. After visiting more than 10 different dental, I found out that the price offered at iFloss Dental is quite reasonable, the environment is comfortable, child-friendly environment with lots of toys to keep my Little Angels busy while waiting for their treatment.

Photo with Dr Aaron Lai.
(Psst... He is a young and handsome Doctor. Ha ha ha!!!) 

Dr Aaron Lai is a friendly and professional dentist who explained to us in details and patiently on the problem with our tooth before any treatment given. Dr Aaron Lai graduated from MAHSA university faculty of dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery.  He is a very experienced doctor who did more than 3,000 braces case and teeth makeover for some local celebrities before opening his own private practise. He is the founder of of iFloss Dental clinic, a 5-star luxury cosmetic dental clinic where he is excited to bring his top-notch services and experience to everyone who wanted for more. 

Dr Aaron Lai assisted by 4 of his nurses. 2 at the counter while another 2 nurses helping Dr Aaron Lai to ensure the process is smooth and brings less tension to all his patients include me and my 5 Little Angels.

Due to CMO, I brought my Little Angels to iFloss Dental in batches. My first time experience there is on last Monday where me and my eldest Angel did a routine check-up, teeth scaling and teeth filling. To my surprise, the prices charged was indeed reasonable with each treatment for washing and polishing and teeth fillings are price at the range from RM50 to RM150. 

After me and my eldest Angel having a great experience at iFloss Dental with the reasonable price given, Mommy Jane immediately made another appointment for my Little Angels to do the check-up and treatments. All of them did their basic teeth polishing and filings. WJ did his fluoride treatment too to protect his milky teeth while WT had infection at his teeth. He need to do root canal and crowning later on to save his permanent teeth. Big investment but well spend to ensure my Little Angels to have a healthy teeth.

The place is clean and comfortable. Everyone who comes in need to wear their mask, scan their MySejahtera App. before proceed to check their temperature. If you worried about the safety, I can tell you that the place is safe and sanitise all the times with 2 to 3 sanitiser machines. 

After registration, we proceed to wait at the waiting area while my Little Angels proceed to the kids' play area with story books and toys for them to play. They love this place so much unlike most of the clinic where most kids feel tension to be there. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Besides the services that I mentioned above, iFloss Dental's treatments include Invisalign bracesDental implant Teeth whiteningWisdom tooth removal Damon braces and General teeth check up 

My teeth before and after the scaling treatment done. Can see the big different? 

iFloss Dental is located at Unit G-1-1, First Floor, Block G of Plaza Arcadia, Desa ParkCity, Jalan Residen 3, 52200 Kuala Lumpur. For appointment or further information, please call them at 603-64118010 or whatsApp to them at 018-2638223 or visit their website at or facebook page at Do watch my video on iFloss Dental as below...

If you ask me is it pain or not doing those teeth treatment at iFloss Dental, I can tell you that it is not pain and just a bit of uncomfortable but I can tell you that Dr Aaron is a good dentist. He can break tension through jokes, he cares for our teeth, he quickly identify problems as well as the most effective treatments, the dental technology used are up-to-date with new techniques and equipment. Appointment is necessary before the visit to avoid rushed or uncomfortable environment. Prevention Better Than Cure, do visit our dentist regularly for a better oral care.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Malaysian Home Recipes with Kimball Kompem Gaya Malaysia

When I was just a little girl, my Mom who is a full time housewife always cooks delicious meals for me. Sometimes I will help her out to learn some of her unique recipes and now it is time for me to cook for my Little Angels. My Mom always used Kimball products which is a trusted and truly home-grown brand that was established in the 1970s. As a Malaysian brand, Kimball offers HALAL certified products that are well-known for its authentic range of sauces and pastas. I'm sure most of you agreed that our meals are never complete without Kimball sauces. Ha ha ha!!!

Kimball products are made with high quality ingredients under stringent production guidelines and of international standards and is known for its consistency in taste that spans across the decades. Kimball now extends to variety of quality products including dry pasta, spaghetti sauces, mayonnaise, oyster flavored sauce, tomato puree, chickpeas and foul medammas in a smart and convenient way. The products offer the great tasting dining experiences which make each of our meal extra special with Kimball.

In conjunction with Kimball Kompem Gaya Malaysia, Mommy Jane received a box of a variety range of Kimball products. We can now experience the sumptuous taste of food from our favourite restaurant, NOW at our home with Kimball Kompem Gaya Malaysia. 

When I ask my Little Angels what they want to eat with the Kimball products that we received, CW said that she wants to eat pasta and WT wants to eat Chicken Chop. Not to disappoint my Little Angels, I had cooked their favourite meals using Kimball and my Little Angels love it so much. I will be sharing my recipes for these 2 dishes at my post here to all of you so that all of you could cook a sumptuous meals for your loved ones too.

Among them are their signature products i.e. Kimball Chili and Tomato Sauces.  The sauces are also ideal and a must to have to dip my favourite food. Kimball also offers a range of dressing i.e. Mayonnaise (470g and 237g) and other products i.e. Oyster Flavoured Sauce (510g and 255g) and BBQ Sauce (240ml).

My first dish is the Spaghetti Bolognese. I will be using Kimball Dry Pasta, Kimball Spaghetti Sauces, Chicken Minced Meat, Hotdog, Onion and Mushrooms. Their dry pastas originates from Turkey and 100% made from Durum wheat. It is of high quality and value for money. Their range of dry pasta in 400g each includes Long Pasta (Spaghetti, Angel Hair and Fettuccine) and Short Pasta (Macaroni, Penne and Spiral). 

Before I share, allow me to introduce you to Kimball Spaghetti Sauces. These sauces originate from Malaysia. With these sauces, it is convenient and easy to prepare and the most important to note, it tastes delicious and has a great value of money. The sauces are available in 3 delicious flavors which include Traditional, Mushroom, Basil & Garlic and available in a jar of 350g each. 

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipes

1. Boil the Kimball spaghetti for 11-13 minutes and add some salt. Lift up when spaghetti is soft and then toss it.

2. For bolognese sauce, stir fry large onions and garlic to wither. Then insert minced meat, hotdog and mushrooms and fry until it is cooked.

3. Pour out Kimball Spaghetti Sauce and stir it up to the uniform and add some salt. Let it boil with slow fire until the gravy becomes thick.

4. Ready to be serve. 

Spaghetti Bolognese

Chicken Chop Recipes

1. Season chicken with Kimball Oyster Sauce, soya sauce, a pinch of salt and pepper. Marinate in the fridge for 10 minutes or up to 2 hours.

2. Remove the chicken from the marinade and place it on an oiled grill over medium coals. Cook for 12 minutes.

3. Warm the oil in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat. Add the onion, garlic, mushroom, carrot and long bean and then stir it for 5 minutes until softened. Add on Kimball BBQ sauce and stir for 3 minutes to warm through and blend flavors. 

4. Ready to serve the Chicken Chop with the BBQ sauce and dip with Kimball Chili and Tomato Sauces.

Chicken Chop

Besides my 2 recipes as above, you can always check out other delicious meals using Kimball products at For more information, do visit Kimball Malaysia's website at or Kimball Malaysia Facebook page. 

With Kimball range of products, we can now experience the same taste as what Malays saying "Seperti masakan di restoran". I could confidently cook with Kimball range of products in a delicious and healthier way for my family, friends and of course for my 5 Little Angels too. Kimball is my go to brand for the local taste.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

U.S. Potatoes Healthy Christmas Recipes

Counting 9 more days to Christmas, I'm sure everyone are as excited as me and my 5 Little Angels. Even though it is a challenging year with the Covid-19 pandemic, let's stay at home to stay safe and enjoy a healthy and yet nutritious meals with our family and friends. Since Christmas is all about giving and sharing, I will share out some of the recipes by Indra cooking and of course my dish too with U.S. Potatoes as a treat to your loved ones on this festive season.

As we know that U.S. Potatoes are not only nutritious and healthy, but also versatile. We can concoct a wide repertoire of recipes for the holidays ranging from soup, appetisers, hot dishes to even desserts!  

According to dietitian Indra Balaratnam, Christmas time could be a stressful and over- eating experience.  “Yes, meals should look appealing but never ignore the healthy attributes aspects of your festive dishes. Dishes can be both delicious and nutritious. A good way to add beneficial nutrients to your holiday meal is to include U.S. potatoes. 

U.S. Potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C (30% of the DV), which plays a key role in supporting the body’s immune system. It’s always good to have natural Vitamin C especially for our kids even during the festive season and all year long.  

U.S. Potato also gives us 15% of our daily potassium serving, and that’s more than what a medium banana provides.  Potassium is a mineral that is an electrolyte for muscles to function well. It gets lost when we sweat, so it needs to be replenished to keep our performance optimal.

As for a medium U.S. Potato with the skin on also provides 2 grams of fiber. Fiber has many benefits, one of which helps you to feel comfortably full for longer. “This can help you to avoid over-eating and unnecessary weight gain during the festive holidays when one tends to over-eat or if our job is keeping our sedentary. 

One medium U.S. Potato gives us 110 calories of easy-to-digest calories, making it a good choice food to provide us that extra to fuel the demands of our active routines during Christmas. If you're worry about the fat, you can have U.S. Potato coz' it has zero fat and it won’t weigh you down and great of course for a “less fat” Christmas feasting!

If we are planning to have a more active 2021, be sure to we will be pleased to know that U.S. potatoes provide the complex carbohydrates, potassium, fiber and vitamin C we need to perform at our best.

Indra shares two healthy and nutritious recipes for the Christmas holidays and welcomes all to try for this coming festive celebrations. You can get the recipes here...


Serves: 6


2 medium size Russet U.S. Potatoes (approximately 450 grams) -- thinly sliced

200 grams white button mushrooms

100 grams yellow onion -- thinly sliced

1 tablespoon (15 grams) butter 

2 cloves garlic – finely minced 

1 tablespoon wheat flour 

1 cup (250 ml) cups nonfat (skim) milk 

120g low-fat cheese (6 slices low fat cheese slices) 

½ teaspoon salt 

½ teaspoon black pepper 

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

English parsley -- chopped (to garnish)


  • Heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. 

  • Line the thinly sliced U.S. potatoes into a lightly buttered baking dish

  • Melt butter in a small pot over low-medium heat;

  • Add in onion and mushroom cook stirring occasionally until tender (about 5 minutes). 

  • Stir in flour, then slowly add in the skim milk and stir till well combined. Bring to a slight simmer.

  • Stir in 120 grams low fat cheese, salt, black pepper & cayenne pepper 

  • Pour mixture into prepared baking dish then spread out to coat the thinly sliced potatoes.

  •  Bake in the oven uncovered for 45 minutes. 

  • After 45 minutes cooking time, cover with foil and continue to bake another 10 minutes more. 

  • Garnish with finely chopped English parsley

Nutrition Analysis (per serving for 1 pax)

Calories:  160

Protein: 8g

Total fat: 5g

Saturated fat: 3g

Carbohydrates: 22g

Fibre: 2g

Cholesterol: 17mg

Sodium: 372mg

Vitamin A: 404 IU

Vitamin C: 7mg

Calcium: 177 mg

Potassium: 591mg

Iron: 1mg

Vitamin B6: 0mg 


Serves: 6


1 kg U.S. Potatoes (mix of U.S. Russets, U.S. Red Potatoes or U.S. Blue-Purple Potatoes)

2 teaspoons olive oil

To make the Honey Mustard Glaze:

2 Tablespoon melted unsalted butter

4 teaspoons honey

4 teaspoons lemon juice

2 teaspoons mustard

Pinch of salt & crushed black pepper 


  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius

  • Wash and pat dry the U.S. Potatoes

  • Slice the U.S. Potatoes thinly Hasselback-style & arrange on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

  • Lightly brush the U.S. Potatoes with a little olive oil and bake for 30 minutes

  • Mix all the ingredients for the honey mustard glaze into a small bowl.

  • After 30 minutes, remove the potatoes from the oven and brush with half the honey mustard glaze over the U.S. Potatoes and return to bake 10 more minutes.

  • After 10 minutes, brush with some more of the lemon honey glaze & bake for another 10 minutes till cooked.  

  • Remove from oven and garnish with a dash of salt, black pepper, finely chopped 


Nutrition Analysis (per serving for 1 pax)

Calories:  195

Protein: 4g

Total fat: 6g

Saturated fat: 3g

Carbohydrates: 34g

Fibre: 2g

Cholesterol: 10mg

Sodium: 58mg

Vitamin A:  122IU

Vitamin C: 11mg

Calcium: 24 mg

Potassium: 705mg

Iron: 1mg

Vitamin B6: 1mg 

Amongst the 2 recipes that I shared it here, my favourite is U.S. Russet Potatoes Mushroom Cheese Casserole. I'm going to cook these simple and yet nutritious dish for my Little Angels on this Christmas day. I tried out cooking U.S. Russet Potatoes with my curry chicken recently and sharing out my dish here but as for the recipes, I will share out in my future post. The U.S. Russet Potatoes thicken my curry gravy. It has earthy flavor which enhances my dish. Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!

What is your favourite U.S. Potato dish for Christmas? Do share your recipes with U.S. Russet Potatoes too!!!

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Monday, December 14, 2020

Support our Kids’ Immunity, Growth and Development with Scott’s Exciting Range of Gummies with DHA

As a Mom to 5 Little Angels, my hope is to see my kids to grow healthy in physically, mentally and emotionally. In order to achieve this, I will constantly looking at ways to offer the nutrients for a healthy development. We as Moms know the importance of Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA which is a major building block of brain and retina and also contributes to normal brain and eye development for our kids. 
Bryan Wong, General Manager, Consumer Healthcare, GSK Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei; Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading of Watsons Malaysia, Yasmin Hani and the kids of Generasi Z and Z Power at the virtual launch of Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours

Scott’s gummies with DHA will help me as a Mom to provide enough DHA for my 5 Little Angels. Scott’s Gummies are microencapsulated DHA technology locks in the DHA goodness from fish oil that gives kids the taste that they like. In addition to DHA, Scott’s Gummies with DHA also contains Vitamin D, which helps with calcium and phosphorus absorption. 

Scott’s is trusted by generations of Moms, aims to support our kids’s immunity, growth and development. It is No. 1 in Peninsular Malaysia for Child Health Supplement and Vitamin C (child) category. It continues to make nutrients in interesting forms and formats that appeals to our kids. Scott’s introduced today, an exciting range of Gummies with DHA, with 3 delicious flavors in one convenient bottle and I’m glad that I am one of the mothers who joined the launched through FB live. 
Bryan Wong, General Manager of Consumer Healthcare, GSK Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei sharing about the new Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours

Bryan Wong, General Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK Consumer Healthcare) said that Scott’s is No 1 in Peninsular Malaysia for Child Health Supplement and Vitamin C (Child) category. Kids are very particular when it concerns consuming food or supplements. The kids tend to have their preference for taste. Hence, it is important to ensure the nutrient is presented in a fun and engaging format that appeals to the kids. They also wanted to ensure that our kids are enjoying Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavors and consuming the nutrients as often as possible. 

What I like about the Scott’s Gummies with DHA is that they are in assorted flavors and with a variety of fruity tastes, namely strawberry, orange and blackcurrant. Yes, all the goodness in one bottle/pack!!! These three exciting flavors come in the shape of three different sea creatures that every kids will love it i.e. fish, octopus and crab. It is made available in a pack/bottle in the delicious taste that I’m sure my Little Angels will love it too. However, this does not substitute the proper food diet. 
In conjunction with the launch of the Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavors, a special contribution will be made to Smile Train, an international organization that provides corrective surgery for children born and/or living with cleft lips and palates. Smile Train will channel the contribution to an organization that supports children born and/or living with cleft lips and palates in Malaysia. 
Bryan Wong, General Manager of Consumer Healthcare, GSK Malaysia, Singapore, Burnei (centre) officiating the launch of Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours, witnessed by Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading of Watsons Malaysia and Yasmin Hani

Bryan Wong concluded that as a brand that supports children’s growth, Scott’s is embarking on this initiative to offer kids with cleft lips and cleft palates the opportunity of experiencing a healthy growth and life. In Malaysia, it is estimated that one in every 700 babies are diagnosed with cleft lip and cleft palate. Through this initiative, Scott’s is committed towards helping these kids lead a normal life with confidence, where every child deserves to smile. 

We can be part of the donation campaign too. For every purchase of Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavors, RM0.50 sen will be contributed towards the initiative to help improve the lives of the local kids with cleft lips and cleft palates. 
Yasmin Hani and Isabelle Tan of Z Power and Muhammad Adam Haqimi, from Generasi Z sharing their experience of the all new Scott’s Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours

During the FB live launched, all of us could watch participants of reality game show, Generasi Z and Z Power which were sponsored by Scott’s Gummies with DHA and is currently being featured on TV3 and 8TV respectively, were present at the event. They were engaged in a series of exciting games to win some attractive prizes. It is fun to see them enjoyed the games so much. 
The new Scott’s Gummies with DHA assorted flavors, retails at a recommended retail price of RM39.50 for a bottle of 60s and RM10.70 for a pack of 15s can be obtained at all leading pharmacies. For more details, do visit like and follow them at their facebook page at to get more exciting promotions and to win some prizes. 

Mommy Jane and Little Angels enjoyed the FB live launch of the new Scott’s Gummies with DHA assorted flavors and can’t wait to get some on this weekend for my Little Angels. They are as excited  and asked me to get a bottle as it supports immunity, growth and development while enjoying the delicious of the gummies!!! 

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About GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Malaysia 
GSK Consumer Healthcare is one of the world’s leading over-the-counter consumer healthcare companies, developing and marketing a portfolio of globally recognised, consumer preferred and expert-recommended brands across a number of categories. These category-leading brands include Panadol, Sensodyne, parodontax, Polident, Scott’s, Eno and Voltaren. GSK Consumer Healthcare is one of GSK’s three global businesses alongside Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines, with a common purpose to enable people to do more, feel better, live longer. 

About Scott’s 
Scott’s first started back in 1873 in New York City where the search of a new preparation method that will give cod liver oil a more agreeable taste was created. For nearly 150 years, Scott’s has dedicated to helping families embrace the daily possibilities in life. Driven by GSK’s values and mission, and embodied by the iconic fisherman, Scott’s work tirelessly to provide the very best in everyday nutritional healthcare, keeping families healthy, protected and prepared, so they can make the most of every moment. Scott’s in Malaysia have been available for nearly 60 years, available in a range of products, aiming to help support development, immunity and growth every day. 

The Scott’s products available in Malaysia are – Scott’s Gummies with DHA, Pastilles with Vitamin C (Mixed Berries, Peach, Orange, Mango), Scott’s Emulsion (Original and Orange flavors).