Sunday, April 22, 2018

GROW Campaign at Tropicana City Mall and The Mines

Early in the morning today, Mommy Jane brought Little Angels to Tropicana City Mall to join the launch of GROW Campaign that targets on nurturing the younger generation on climate change. The program is to getting the children to indulged and immersed to the real benefits from the environment thus developing gardening skills amongst children for the love of the nature.
GROW activities involve a series of organic planting in community green house by the children whom include my Little Angels. This is to encourage them to eat healthy and to preserve the environment throughout the year. Young shoppers and students from schools will be invited to the mall to plant and harvest vegetables via Hydroponic Method at the Green House. 
Held in conjunction with Earth Day and as part of the first series of the GROW year-long campaign, this activity will also cultivates the habit of giving back to the society amongst our future generation as sales from the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organisation.
During Earth Hour on 24 March at The Mines Shopping Mall, 50 students aged 5 to 12 years old from Global Modern International School and Wendy Montessori had planted seeds at the community greenhouse using the hydroponic system. The tutorial and demonstration was conducted by professional landscaper, Professor Kajendran Latchman.

The second series of GROW Campaign at the Mines was held on 20 April with the same children coming back during harvesting and with help from local grocer, Oliver Gourmet, they packed the vegetables to be sold at there and the sales from the proceeds were donated to a charitable organisation too.
Ms Paulin Lim, the Marketing Communications Manager said that The Mines Shopping Mall and Tropicana City Mall are delighted to collaborate with the local grocer, Oliver Gourmet in this year-long GROW campaign.
Ms Paulin, Professor Kajen and Mr Tham had officially launched the GROW campaign
Mr Tham Oi Loon, Managing Director of Oliver Gourmet said as local grocer, they are proud to be part of the program that gives back to the society by helping the under privileged.

After harvesting the plant, the spinach was put in a basket to deliver it to Oliver Gourmet
CapitaStar members will be rewarded with 500 STARS from now until 31 December 2018 with minimum spend of RM30 inclusive of any GROW products from Oliver Gourmet at Tropicana City Mall and The Mines.
At Oliver Gourmet, the staff will packed the fresh spinach and put the price of RM3.50 per bundle
My Little Angel, WH is the first to shop for the fresh Spinach that the children had harvested earlier

Do check out my video on the event below...

For more details on the campaign, do visit their Facebook page at and
My Little Angels had learned on harvesting the spinach which is their favourite vegetables in a healthier way. They also learned about organic planting and the importance of the green house to preserve our environment. They did their part in harvesting the spinach, packing and put the spinach on the display of Oliver Gourmet. They even purchase 3 packets of the spinach using their pocket money so that they can contribute to the society too. A good lesson for them on the environment and being part of the GROW campaign while eating healthily. Do pay a visit to the Green House which located just outside the entrance of the Mall when you shop at Tropicana City Mall. 
My Little Angels with the Spinach that they just harvested at the Green House 


Friday, April 20, 2018

Seafood for Kids at Just Seafood

My Little Angels are picky eaters. Sometimes Mommy Jane find it hard to find suitable food for them to eat. They love to eat seafood but not all the flavour suits them well. The flavour that we always go for is the salted egg to cook with crab or prawns or squids. When Mommy Jane heard lots of good review of the salted egg seafood served at Just Seafood , Mommy Jane brought Little Angels there to try it out.
When we look at the menu, there are few flavours for us to choose. Their latest flavour is the Nasi Lemak Cajun and others like Salted Egg, Louisiana Cajun, Butter Milk, Durian Cheese and Creamy Peanut. We choose to have Salted Egg Seafood for my Little Angels and Nasi Lemak Cajun for Mommy Jane and WH as we love to eat spicy food.
Nasi Lemak Cajun
Instead of the traditional way of enjoying seafood where each seafood was individually cooked and served at a plate, at Just Seafood, the Flower Crabs, Air-flown Mussels, Squid and Tiger Prawns were cooked together and served on the table directly with a layer of white baking paper that divides the food with the table. You can directly eat from the white paper with your bare hands or if you're not used to it, then you can request for disposable hand gloves, plate, spoon and fork to eat with the rice and the seafood.
For Durian lovers, you might want to try out their Durian Cheese Seafood or their famous Louisiana Cajun Seafood.
Durian Cheese Seafood
Louisiana Cajun Seafood
For the Salted Egg Seafood, best to eat with their fried bun (man tou) as kids would love it to dipped with the salted egg sauce. The creaminess of the Salted Egg sauce was so yummy and finger licking good or you can just have it with the rice. The seafood served was fresh and the sauce paired well with the seafood.
Just Seafood is a two-floors dining place with wooden table tops. There are several dining options and you can choose to sit outside the verandah with an open-aired podium area or inside the air-cond area. The restaurant was spacious and with an opened kitchen style, makes this place a Kids' Friendly Restaurant where the Kids can have an experience to witness the Chefs in action. 
Just Seafood served Nasi Lemak Cajun for 2 pax at RM119++, 4 pax at RM219++ and 8 pax for RM429++. Different flavours had different price and all sets comes with potatoes, carrot, corns, anchovies and peanut for Nasi Lemak Cajun and also the rice. You can add on petai, broccoli, squid, balitong or cockles at the price stated below.
Just Seafood located at A-9-G, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Operating hours from 12 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. daily. Do call them up at 012-2290855 or 03-61446366 for reservation. For more details, do visit their facebook page at Check out my video below...

If you're looking seafood for kids, then you should bring them to Just Seafood. Their friendly waiter and waitress will use the claw cracker to open the claw to make it easier to eat with no mess. It is a family friendly restaurant that each kids and adults should pay a visit here to enjoy their fresh seafood with different flavours.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Interesting Places in Penang with Kids

Mommy Jane loves to go to Penang because of its food and attractions there. Little Angels love to go to Penang too coz' it is a family friendly places where children and adults will love this beautiful state in Malaysia. We been to Penang together twice. Once by Air Asia flight and another time, we drive our car there. At this post, Mommy Jane would like to recommend some of the interesting kids friendly places where every parents must bring their children to go.
Since I have 5 Little Angels, normally Mommy Jane will book a seaview Apartment with 3 rooms, living room, dining area and kitchen so that Mommy Jane could easily monitor the kids and there are room for them to run around. Recently, we went to rent an Apartment for 3 days 2 nights at Penang By the Sea which located at Batu Ferringhi. The Luxury Holiday suite is a popular choice for family with small children or big family since there are 3 rooms at each Serviced Apartment. City center is merely 10.6km away and the airport can be reached within 50 minutes. With its convenient location, the Serviced Apartment offers easy access to the city's must-see destinations.
Beautiful sea view from the Master Room
Once we check-in, the first place that we went is the Batu Ferringhi Beach which is just in front of our Serviced Apartment. The beach is great for families since it is clean with beautiful scenery. We even rent a speed boat at the beach to bring us to tour around few islands. 
Penang By the Sea do provide some facilities which kids will love it i.e. swimming pool, children playground, gym and free Wi-Fi.
The next morning, we woke up early to catch the funicular tram ride up to the top of Penang Hill. The tram ride is fun and even a bit thrilling on the way down. At the top, there are 2 food courts, the habitat Penang Hill, temples and playground. We rent a tram to drive us around the hill and it is a beautiful experience for all of us.
After that, we went to Kek Lok Si Temple which is just 5 minutes drive from Penang Hill. This temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in Malaysia and the whole complex should definitely be our list of place to go at Penang. It is a very picturesque setting against the mountains of Penang. There is a turtle pond where my Little Angels love to feed the turtles here and a nice garden areas for us to take some photos as remembrance. The whole place is very peaceful and we love spending times at here.
Picture credit to Google Search
On our flight home, we visited the Snake Temple since it is near to the airport. It is a small but traditional Buddhist temple in Bayan Lepas. It was built in 1850 by monk Chor Soo Kong. According to legend, the priest used the site as a safe haven for snakes and after his death, more snakes started moving in. The Snake Temple houses poisonous reptiles such as green tree snakes and Wagler's pit vipers. Despite their reputation, the snakes in the temple are calm and harmless. Still, it is advisable for us and our kids to stay cautious while exploring the area. You can take photos of the snakes as they crawl peacefully through fruit trees and plants. The well-preserved Buddhist sculptures and carvings are worth to see.
There are few mode of transportation to Penang. It can be by car, public transport or airline. If you're looking for flights from Singapore to Penang, do book your airline ticket at Traveloka Malaysia.
Penang is such a beautiful place to be with lots of great and delicious food. We love our stay here so much and we hope this guide will help you to enjoy your stay with your kids as much as we do. It is a kids-friendly destination with lots of attractions for our kids to explore. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Family Fun Day Out with BROS

Last Saturday morning, Mommy Jane had organised a picnic with my Little Angels at Desa Parkcity. We brought nasi lemak, fried chicken, fried egg, kuih, tarts, puffs and some fruits there. Not forgotten our BROS water bottles to filled up with waters and soya bean to stay hydrated all the times .
In our country where humidity and scorching weather are constant, it is no surprise that people tend to reprieve themselves more frequently than usual. Understand our needs to stay hydrated at all times, BROS water bottles are specially created for people with different drinking needs especially for families with young children.
100% BPA free BROS plastic water bottles
We love the aesthetically pleasing and refreshingly designed bottles which are extremely convenient for us to carried it around. There are various sizes available as well as shapes for diverse preferences. For those who seek water bottle made of alternative materials, then be spoilt with the choices as BROS has thermal and glass water bottles too.
To make it more creative, BROS has waterproof and durable 3D Stickers for us to apply onto our water bottles. It will add a touch of fun to the normal drinking routine for my Little Angels. They feel excited too as they can now personalise their own water bottles with the adorable stickers. This will also help to avoid any mix up with their friends' water bottles.
Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly BROS plastic water bottles
For the water bottles made of plastic range, BROS offers SIX (6) exciting series with captivating designs i.e. Crystal, Capa, Flip, Wego, Luna and Yoga. Subjected to stringent lab-tests, these environmentally friendly, highly recyclable and reusable bottles are certified food safe and are also stain resistant, thus making cleaning much easier.
BROS plastic water bottles consist of 6 exciting series
Apart from being 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) free, both the raw material and actual units also complied with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for contact with food and beverage. These versatile water bottles also can withstand heat up to 95 Celcius, therefore enabling us to enjoy our favourite hot beverage wherever we go.
Photos of the BROS bottles as above from left to right. Small blue colour bottle i.e. Azure (350ml) at RM23.90 is for Mommy Jane so that I can stuff the small bottle at my handbag and zip it nicely. The blue colour bottle with straw i.e. Mind Blow (750ml) at RM36.70 is for WJ, who is 6 years old. The purple colour bottle i.e. The Road Home-Mother (800ml) at RM35.90 is for WT, who is 9 years old, the silver colour bottle i.e. Robot (750ml) at RM29.90 is for WH, who is 12 years old, the pink lady bottle i.e. The Doll House (750ml) at RM29.90 is for CW, who is 13 years old, the flower pink bottle for CM, who is 15 years old and the biggest bottle i.e. Good Water (1600ml) at RM39.90 is for Daddy, who need to have lots of water especially need to meet clients outside.
BROS plaster water bottles are available in several sizes from 350 ml to 2000 ml. The price range is from RM27.90 to RM56.90, depending on the sizes and for the 3D stickers, it is priced at RM11.90 per piece. If you want to own a BROS water bottle now and especially for all my readers here, Mommy Jane is giving away 20% storewide discount code for BROS estore on Do enter the discount code i.e. #MOM20 before you checkout and this code is valid till 5 May 2018. BROS water bottles are also available at AEON, Parkson, Robinson and Isetan. For more information, do visit their facebook page at and instagram page at
Do visit my video on our family fun day out at Desa Parkcity as below...

Drinking more water and keeping our body well-hydrated have shown to help us to improve our cognitive abilities and mental functioning. It also keeps our energy levels up throughout the day. As our weather gets warmer, it's even more important than ever to drink those eight glasses of water a day. 

Since my Little Angels are very active in sports and outdoor activities, everywhere that we go, Mommy Jane will ensure all my 5 Little Angels will bring their own BROS water bottles.  Not forgetting, Daddy and Mommy will bring our own BROS water bottles too. This is the easiest way to remind all of us to drink more water at all times. BROS water bottles are reusable, easy to use, easy to clean, leak-proof, portable, trendy that comes in stylish and fun-filled colour designs. It is kids' friendly bottles which are safe to use and convenient for all of us to bring anywhere and anytime that we want.
Mommy Jane and Little Angels with our favourite BROS Water Bottles

About BROS
Proudly developed and manufactured since 2004, BROS reusable water bottles sets the trends through superior quality, innovation and better design. Committed to better health and the environment, BROS encourages more people to get hydrated. BROS is distributed nationally and regionally by Living Wing Sdn Bhd, which was established in 2003 with the primary mission of providing an alternative for better living.

Glass Bottle range – Vaso 
For discerning users who seek contemporary designs for water bottles, the Vaso series boasts 12 attractive designs with six themes. The chemical and thermal resistant bottles are also greatly durable compared to any other type of glass as they are made of borosilicate glass. Available in three sizes – 400ml, 550ml and 630ml, they are priced at RM43.90, RM45.90 and RM47.90 respectively. 

Thermal range – Flass 
Travel or outdoor enthusiasts will be excited with BROS thermal bottles that come in eight sleek designs. Made from stainless steel equipped with double-walled vacuum insulation, these bottles ensure the users’ favourite beverage stay chilled or hot for up to six hours. Available in three sizes – 300ml, 350ml and 450ml, they are priced at RM119.90 and 139.90 respectively. 

Tumblers range – Mug2Go 
The BROS tumblers feature six captivating designs with eye-popping colours for those who love standing out in a crowd! No more embarrassing moments from hands’ wet condensations while holding the tumblers. On top of that, BROS tumblers are also able to withstand heat up to 90 Celsius. Available in 400ml only, the tumblers are attractively priced at RM47.90 each.