Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lynnity, Natural Wellness & Beauty Supplement Brand

Chinese New Year is approaching and it is time for Mommy Jane to stay fit and stay healthy throughout the year 2017. As Mommy Jane near to middle age, our metabolism slows down and previously muscular areas of the body start getting flabby. If proper care is not given towards our diet and physical exercise, we will be over-weight and out of shape. To start a healthier year, Mommy Jane had tried out a range of natural wealth of superfoods produced by Lynnity, Let the Farm be your Pharmacy.
Lynnity believes that plant is the best way to support good health and always desire to discover the planet's natural wealth of superfoods and share them with everyone. Lynnity continues to push the boundaries of innovation with uncompromising commitment to authenticity, exceptional taste and unique, functional phyto-nutrient ingredients. Optimum dosages are meticulously calculated with both medicinal potency and maximum taste in mind. Less froth more function is the Lynnity creed. Combining scientific research and nutritional expertise with a passion for helping others, they offer nutritional supplements and juices made from real foods our body can absorb for our optimum health.
Botanic Juice (Mediteranean) at RM218.00
Botanic Juice (Mediteranean) consist of pineapple, mangosteen, prune, spinach, celery, parsley, black ginger, L-carnitine, L-arginine, Taurine, Guarana, Goti Kola (Centella Asiatica). It helps in Cleansing (By convert large molecule of stored fats into energy and expend it as well as fats burning solution. It enhance body detoxification by removing toxic substances in the body), Tone (By stimulate metabolism by improve blood circulation system, hormone regulation and improvement of lymphatic system which is essential for cellulite appearance removal), Replenishment (By supply plentiful of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, amino acides & other micronutrients to ensure our body receives a healthy amount of nutrients) and Prevention (By lower the C-reactive protein level in the body and allow leptin accomplish its job as appetite suppressant with no more gluttony and it reduce the absorption of carbs, proteins and fats and prevent fats storage to maintain the body curve).
Mommy Jane had 15 ml of Botanic Juice every morning to start the day. It is a concentrated juice with natural sweetness. Just add a bit of water to dilute the juice and have it daily after breakfast. 1 box comes with 5 bottles and each bottles had 45 ml. Within 15 days, Mommy Jane had finished a box of the Botanic Juice to stay slim and healthy. 
Botanic Health (Citrus) at RM138.00
Botanic Health is their revolutionary, natural stem cell & multi-mineral ingredients and suitable for vegetarian. Clinically proven to improve bone and joint health, this unique formulation enable us to enjoy mobile life. It contains unique ingredients to protect our cartilage tissues, improve bone density and add mobility. Consume the essence routinely can benefit our bone and joint as well as helping us to prevent osteoporosis. It can also lower our cholesterol, blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. The key ingredients are pomegranate, mangosteen, blue green algae, orthosiphon (misai kuching), lithothamnion, seaweed, black ginger, ascorbic acid, oat bran, I-arginine and taurine.
Mommy Jane had Botanic Health daily after lunch. You can choose to have it after breakfast or lunch or dinner daily. Just mix a packet with 200 ml lukewarm of water and you can taste the natural fruits with oats. A healthy way to keep me going till end of the day.
Botanic Superfood had 4 key food groups as ingredients. Fruits (Pear, Green Apple, Pineapple, Kiwi, Passion Fruit and Lemon), Vegetables (Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Parsley, Yam and Red Beet), Grains (Coarse Rice, Corn, Barley, Brown Rice, Lotus Seed, Wheat Millet, Black Sesame, Glutinous Rice, Wheat, Flax Seed and Oat Bran (Beta-Glucan)) and Protein (Soy Bean, Red Bean, Mung Bean, Almond, Green Pea, Whey Protein, Green Bean, Black Soy Bean and Walnut). With the four key food ingredients, it can prevent obesity and maintain healthy body weight, increase energy & eye strength, supplement of complete nutrients for daily requirement, improve digestive functions and gut health. Suitable for child, adult and elderly too.
Botanic Superfood at RM138.00
Mommy Jane had Botanic Superfood everyday for dinner to skip my meal. You can also choose to have it after breakfast or lunch. Just mix a packet of Botanic Superfood in a 200 ml lukewarm of water and you can skip your dinner to stay fit. The taste might be a bit weird when Mommy Jane had it for the first time but once have it daily, Mommy Jane had used with the natural taste with the oat at the buttom. 
My digestive system had improved so much and I felt more energetic and lighter now after having Botanic Juice as breakfast, Botanic Health as lunch and Botanic Superfood as dinner for 1 week. My weight had decrease by 1 kg and I had eliminate some of my tummy fat. With the natural ingredients used, Mommy Jane had no worries of any side effects that might affect my health condition. Having Lynnity is indeed a natural way to stay healthy, fresh, fit and beauty.
Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil) at RM88.00
Besides having all three of the supplements above, Lynnity also had come out with Lynnity Relief. It is a proprietary blend of essential oils carefully selected for staying on task whe we are trying to study or concentrate. Lynnity Relief also maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the side effects of cold and cough. 
Lynnity Relief only uses 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil. It can be applied topically to the tummy, chest, back, bottom of feet and leg at nighttime to calm the senses of my youngest Angel, WJ and for him to have a restful sleep. For women like me, Lynnity Relief is a proprietary blend of essential oil that provides a soothing and calming effect especially during woman's menstrual cycle. For Daddy, it will provide a refreshing, cooling sensation during or after a workout, with an invigorating scent that inspires an upbeat and energetic approach by rubbing on his fingers, wrists, shoulders and neck. Because of the size of Lynnity Relief, it is portable and Mommy Jane can bring it anywhere. Mommy Jane and Little Angels love the natural scent of Lynnity Relief that keep us cool and with refresh sensation. 
With the range of Lynnity natural wellness and beauty supplement products, Mommy Jane had a peace of mind for my whole family to stay healthy. All these food are not only suitable for Mommy Jane, it is suitable for Daddy and my 5 Little Angels too for them to stay healthy and happy too. For more information on Lynnity, do log on to their website at

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

VDelight Vegetarian Restaurant at Pavilion Elite

Mommy Jane and Little Angels are durian lovers. We love to eat everything that used durian as the ingredients and we always explore food with durian. We ate durian ice cream, durian puff, durian cendol, durian cake, durian tarts, durian bom and many more to go. So, when Mommy Jane saw a post that there is durian pizza, Mommy Jane told Little Angels that we going to explore a new restaurant which located at Pavilion Delight to try out something that we never try before i.e. Durian Pizza.
An East-Meets-West dish featuring their very own Durian, King of the Fruits. According to the Director, Mr Winston Loo, he said the new creation is perfect for pizza lovers who have a taste for local flavours. The Pizza toppings are made from D24 Durian that top-up with cheese.  It is a must to have dish on your table as sweet desserts and recommended for all Durian lovers. 
My Little Angel, WH enjoying his Durian Pizza (RM38.00). Yummy yummy yummy...
VDelight Vegetarian Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience at their restaurant. Mommy Jane loves the cosy decor, the warm ambience, relaxing music and subtle scent. We were also greeted by their courteous and friendly staff who are always standby to wait. The menu is carefully crafted to serve the best of vegetarian cuisine and will constantly be updated with new dishes to keep up with the customers like us changing preferences. 
The ingredients used will be of the finest quality because they are passionate about ethically sourcing the very fresh and sustainable food. They are dedicated in preparing these ingredients and cooking them with great care. There are lots of choices of healthy food from a total of 11 countries. Let me introduce some of their signature dishes for all of you.
Pandan Nasi Lemak at RM22.50

Do try out their signature Pandan Nasi Lemak. The rice is made from fragrant with coconut oil and pandan leaves served with a dollop of spicy sambal, egg cucumber, long beans, peanuts, pepadams and mixed vegetable curry. The curry was delicious and creamy. My Little Angel love this most since curry is always their favourite dish.
Vegan Braised Ramen (Soup) at RM22.50
Inspired by a special Taiwan noodle dish, these noodles are soaked in flavourful broth filled with carrots, radish and Hericium mushrooms. If you're looking for something light and clear lunch, then the ramen will be your choice.
Bibimbap at RM24.80
For Korean food lovers, then you should try out their Bibimbap which is a traditional dish served with generous portions of greens, such as spinach, mushrooms and carrot julienne as well as crackers topped with an egg on white rice. Served with kimchi as side dishes and sambal if you want some spiciness at your meal. 
Szechuan Spaghetti at RM25.90
For spicy lovers like me, I love to have their Szechuan Spaghetti. A spicy blend of Italian and Chinese affair that will fire up your taste bud. Olive oil was used for this dish for a healthier eating.
Mushroom Soup at RM16.90
Their own rendition of soup with bursting flavour of mushroom served in a bread bowl. It is indeed a creative dish with thick mushroom soup. Mommy Jane loves the generous load of mushroom in the soup that make it yummylicious.
Fruit Cube Tea at RM15.90
For beverages, Mommy Jane had tried out their Fruit Cube Tea. Using Luo Shenhua, Apple, Pineapple, Papaya and Oranges for beauty emollient, lowering the blood pressure, reduce heat, stop thirst and reduce freckles. this healthy drink had a bit of sweetness and the aroma of tea will definitely arouse your appetite.
V Dumpling at RM 13.90
Inspired by the famous meat dumpling dish, their very own rendition is the healthier alternative using fresh vegetables. This is my Little Angels favourite dish while encourage them to had some vegetables too.
Kiddie Fried Rice Set at RM18.90
VDelight is a kids friendly restaurant. They do provide kids utensils and had special meal for them. Your kids can choose to have Kiddie Fried Rice or Kiddie Pasta Set. Both sets come with Vitagen which is good for their digestions.
Mommy Jane always believe that meal will not complete without sweet desserts. Mommy Jane had choose a healthier ice cream, Froz Top Yogurt Ice Cream. A healthy dose of yogurt ice cream and milk-based vanilla ice cream. You can choose your toppings with choices of healthy fruits, dry condiments and choice of sauces. All the ice creams were freshly made upon orders from the ice cream vendor machine. Kling Kling Kling.... Who wants ice cream now ? Ha ha ha...
Froz Top Yogurt Ice Cream at RM14.90
VDelight Vegetarian Restaurant is having Chinese New Year meal set. If you love their food menu that I had introduced here, then call them up for reservation. They are located at Lot 7.1 & Lot S7.1, Level 7, Pavilion Elite, No. 166, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Contact Number at 03-21105352. They had another branch at Cheras too at A-5-UG, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, Cheras Batu 11, Cheras, Selangor and phone no. 03-90829328.
Mommy Jane and Little Angels with the owner of VDelight, Mr Winston Loo
Thanks to Mr Winston Loo for having me and my Little Angels dining there for our dinner. We love our yummylicious meal very much especially the unique durian pizza which was created by VDelight to satisfied Malaysian and foreigners taste buds on our King of Fruits. There are lots of selections of modern and healthy food from all over 11 countries. Mommy Jane will definitely coming back again to try out their other items in the menu and having their signature Durian Pizza is a must now.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sungei Wang Plaza Launched Swimming in Abundance and Prosperity

Mommy Jane and Little Angel were invited to the launch of Swimming in Abundance and Prosperity at Sungei Wang Plaza last weekend to usher the Year of Fiery Rooster. The celebration started last weekend till 19 February 2017 with wide array of festive goodies, magnificent Koi fish decorations and exciting events and activities.
When you step into the Atrium, you can see a beautiful lotus flower pond with nine koi fishes jumping out. The nine koi fishes ascending upwards to the top of the dragon gate symbolizes leading shoppers and tenants to the triumphant new year. The number of nine and lotus symbolizes longetivity and koi fishes believes to bring prosperity and abundance for all. Do check out a majestic stage with beautiful arches which are set at Side Court to host entertaining and exciting Chinese New Year shows as we usher in the lunar new year.
Ms Yuen May Chee, Complex Manager of Sungei Wang Plaza said that it has been challenging year in 2016, the fiery fire rooster year together with their Abundance and Prosperity decorations signifies their wishes to all their shoppers and tenants to have a smooth and prosperous year in 2017. Come and join them this Chinese New Year for all the exciting shows, activities, redemption, free gifts and market hall set up just for all of us.
Ms Yuen May Chee, Complex Manager of Sungei Wang Plaza
The launched was kicked off with an eight feet long Koi Fish FengShui Live Painting by Master Pang Heng Khan together with an acrobatic lion dance performance by the Malaysia Lion Dance Champion, Kwong Ngai Lion Dance. It is officiated by Ms Yuen May Chee, Mr Joseph Teo, Head of Marketing Communications and accompanied by special appearance of Major (H) David Teo, Director Silver, Jeff, Beauty, Bernard, Emily, January, Fancy, Bosvin and Juztin.
A video on CSR initiative to Rumah Victory Elderly Home was shown and followed by Koi Fish FengShui Painting presentation by Master Pang to the home and a souvenir presentation from Rumah Victory Elderly Home to Sungei Wang Plaza and Master Pang.
Ms Yuen May Chee, Master Pang, Mr Willy Pang Foo Wen and Mr Joseph Teo
The launched continued with the first "Love from Kampong" movie promo for a meet and greet session where celebrities interacted with their fans. Some of the scenes were filmed at Sungei Wang Plaza to promote the well-established mall in KL.
Master Pang Heng Khan, Juztin, Ms Yuen May Chee, Beauty, Jeff, Emily, Bosvin, Bernard, Emily and Mr Joseph Teo
There are free workshops for your kids too to experience learning with fun at their tailor-made workshops with a selection of Art & Craft or Pineapple Tart and Cookie Making workshop on weekends. Just register at the Customer Service Counter, LG Floor to join the workshops.
If you're lucky, you might spot the God of Prosperity to receive lucky treats from him, a glimpse of the traditional Chinese costume, Qipao, Chinese cultural performances to enhance the festive mood during your shopping spree at Sungei Wang Plaza.
Collectable Ang Pao is back with four fascinating designs. Just spend a minimum of RM188 in a maximum of two (2) accumulated receipts to receive a Sungei Wang Plaza Collectable Ang Pao packet at four designs from different weeks. For spending above RM588 in a maximum of 2 accumulated receipts, you stand a chance to win yourself a 3-night cruise experience at Star Cruises worth up to RM8,560.00.
For more information, do visit their website at or facebook page at

Thursday, January 5, 2017

AK Noodles House Introduced Special Steamboat Package

Mommy Jane and Little Angel went to AK Noodles House at Tropicana City Mall for a steamboat review session. AK Noodles House had introduced Special Steamboat Package for take-away only. A good news to us since Chinese New Year approaching and Mommy Jane and family will normally prepare steamboat as our reunion dinner at the comfort of  our home and also due to congestion at the restaurants. This take-away packages is a good option so that we no need to rush eating outside and there is sufficient place to accommodate everyone in the family.
AK Noodles House was established by Ah Koong Restaurant, which has been serving its signature fish balls since 1987. Using only high quality ingredients and delivering first-class customer service, AK Noodles' fish products are made daily using the freshest Wolf-herring and Yellowtail fish under a strict hygiene standard. They also serve a wide array of fish products and seafood for customers like us to mix & match and create our own dish. You got to try their fish balls because it is also known as the best fish ball in town that have attracted a large group of customers and have built a strong reputation. To further improvise their menu, AK Noodles House has introduced Special Steamboat package for take-away only. Since Chinese New Year approaching soon, 

Let us see, what are the ingredients available for the steamboat take-away and the meaning of each ingredient which is important to be served especially during Chinese New Year :-

A Clear and Delicious Chicken and Anchovies Soup
Handmade Fish ball and Fried Fish ball with No Preservatives and Boric Acid
and Crispy Five Spice
Fresh Prawns for Happiness and Good Fortune
Slices of Fresh Mackerel Fish for Surplus
Vege Ball for Togetherness 
Fish Dumpling is a Symbol of Wealth and Vege Roll for Health
Beancurd, Crispy Beancurd Skin and Fish Maw, a must to have traditional dish
for our reunion dinner. Fish Maw is one of the luxury ingredient in Chinese Cuisine
Vit's Mee for Longevity
Fresh Eggs and Lettuce (Sang Choy in Cantonese) means Growth in Wealth. Best to have it with the Vit's Noodles 
Delicious Yong Tau Foo stuffed with Fresh Fish for Abundance
There are 2 packages available for Steamboat Special take-away at AK Noodles House. You can choose to have Steamboat package for 5 persons at RM149.90 (Plus GST at RM158.90 nett) or 8 persons at RM239.90 (Plus GST at RM254.30 nett) for all the fresh ingredients as above. Customers can also choose to have Vacuum Packaging or Seal Packaging for the Steamboat Special to maintain its freshness of the ingredients.
Plan your lunch or dinner now for a take-away of the Special Steamboat package at its 7 outlets now i.e. Tropicana City Mall, Main Place USJ 21 Subang, Evolve Concept Mall Ara Damansara, DC Mall and 1 Utama Shopping Mall. For more information and details, you could check out their website at or you could follow them at their facebook at for more information.
Mommy Jane with Sporting PR and Food Blogger Friends as we enjoyed our dining together for AK Noodles yummylicious Steamboat
Mommy Jane and Little Angel were overloaded with freshness of the fish products that best to have it as Steamboat. Their special made pure fish balls contains no preservative, crispy and delicious. Mommy Jane believes that more Chinese will opt for the take-away package for a hassle free reunion dinner that keeps the family bonded. The feast is sumptuous to symbolise a good start of the new year. With the ingredients of the steamboat added in the bubbling broth, whipping up every possible combination of prosperity, wealth, longetivity and a better health in the soup for everyone. Hope all of you will enjoy the AK Noodles steamboat as much as we did.