Sunday, November 28, 2021

Christmas Season at 1 Mont Kiara

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!! Christmas is a season that my 5 Little Angels always look forward to receive their presents from their Mommy Santarina and enjoy the beautiful of the Christmas trees and decorations especially at the Malls. We will go to few Malls to take beautiful photos as a remembrance. 

The first mall that I visited is 1 Mont Kiara since I need a break from my work stress at the new environment, part time studies for my MBA and the most important is my maid is not around for 2 months. Stress level is at the highest this round and I indeed need something to rejuvenate my body and mind. Sharing my experience during my visit at 1 Mont Kiara last weekend and enjoying the moment with my influencer friend, Sharon.
Check out for the beautiful Christmas reindeers which will pull a sleigh through the night sky to help Santa Clause deliver gifts to good children on Christmas Eve
We will be greeted by the sight of Christmas trees decorated with sparkly baubles, feather-light snowflakes, garlands as well as proud reindeers - all to usher in the wonderful time of the year. The best moment to recapture joyful moments with our loved ones this Christmas season at 1 Mont Kiara! 
Every child's favourite ride at the colourful mushroom ladybug carousel 

Highlights of the festive decorations include a colourful mushroom ladybug carousel stationed at the mall’s atrium, so parents can take this opportunity to recreate sweet memories with their children. Complementing the vibrant displays are a slew of performances and activities planned out for shoppers. 
Meet and Greet sessions with the Santa and Santarina, and Blanko the Statue

Art and Crafts activities for kids

Check out for the Xmas Station Games to win some prizes
These include stilt walkers, ballet performances by Asia Ballet Academy, Santa and Santarina Meet & Greets, magician walkabout along with Teddy and Polar Bear mascot appearances. Participate in the 1 Mont Kiara’s Xmas workshop, which comprises Cupcake Decorating, Arts and Crafts, and DIYmy Ornament Making. Other activity highlights at the mall include station games such as Ice Fishing Contest, Santa Launcher, Rolling Avalanche and Winter Sniper. For more information and updates on 1 Mont Kiara, visit its Facebook page at or log on to

After having the photo session at the Christmas Tree, times to enjoy my much needed massage at the Urban Retreat Spa, an award winning spa located in KL and PJ. I am pampered with Head, Neck & Shoulder massage to immediately remove our fatigue and relieve tiredness at ou'r head, neck, shoulder and hand. The massage took 30 minutes for RM55 or if it is not enough, then can opt for 60 minutes for RM99. Besides that, they provide other massages like foot massage and other body treatments i.e. back, body & foot scrub, body wrap, aromatic milk bath & hot herbal compress and foot mask.

It was a relieved to me having a 30 minutes massage and being pampered to the fullest. If you need it too, then head over to Urban Retreat Spa at L2 L2-15 (Level 2) Phone Number: 017-881 3299 Homepage: Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily). Order via 

Our next stop is to enjoy our Christmas lunch at the Barn. We had the Christmas set plus a bottle of red wine. Meant to Meat at the Barn to enjoy delicious fresh meats. Our first set is Premium Tasting Platter. It is the culmination of Foie Gras, Iberico Squid Katsu and Black pepper Tenderloin. Foie Gras is firm and smooth goose liver served with seasonal salad, Iberico Squid Katsu is the Barn's housemade iberico pork and squid patty served with seasonal salad drizzled with sweet vignaigrette and olive oil and Blackpepper Tenderloin served with seasonal salad. We enjoyed the 3 meat into 1 platter. Simply fresh, juicy, chrunchy and meaty which is a perfect start for our Christmas celebration.

Best place to enjoy a glass of red wines, beer, music and food with your Bestie

Premium Tasting Platter price at RM128 for 2 to 3 pax
Sharing is Caring. Do try out their Sharing Menu with Meat Lovers Platter. The platter comes with a combination of smoked duck, crispy pork belly, delicious chicken wings, luncheon fries, grilled pork and chicken sausages and pork satay. Do order a bottle of red wine to enjoy  with the perfectly grilled meat.

The Barn savour some of the world’s finest, handpicked selection of old and new world wines beautifully paired with exquisite cuisines. Bask in the enlivening rhythms of The BAR°N’s seductive ambience, and let it all ignite the poetry of pleasure in every visit. Location: G-02, G-03, G-26 (Level G) Phone Number: 03 - 6211 5620 Homepage: Opening Hours: 10.00am to 12.00am (daily). Order from

If you're looking for tasty & healthy pastries, then head over to the PastryVille. They provide a conducive ambience for us to savour them. Their selection of breads and pastries are baked fresh daily with over 50 delectable treats. Besides pastries, PastryVille also offering an affordable lunch and dinner sets consists of their delicious Carbonara and Aglio Olio Spaghetti that comes with a drink. Location: L1-25 & L1-25A (Level 1) Phone Number: 03-6206 4060 Homepage: Opening Hours: 10.00 am - 10.00pm (daily). Order now via

If you're looking for the first Japanese food specialty store in Malaysia, then check out Shojikiya. Shojikiya offers consumers a complete one-stop shopping experience for their needs with a wide variety of over 1,000 imported Japanese food products. The list of products include ready-to-eat confectionaries, tantalising snacks, and simple-to-prepare cooking ingredients. Available Promo: Get a Shojikiya RM5 voucher when you spend RM100 and above in a single receipt at its outlet. Location: G-15 (Level G) Phone Number: 03-6211 7770 / 012-3020 350 Homepage: Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily).

Daruma Syokudo was created in the image of a place where families and friends can share memories and enjoy good food. We wish everyone would feel “healthy and blessed” when they dine with us. We take pride in making a variety of home-cooked, hearty, and nutritious Japanese dishes for everyone to enjoy, each of them a perfect balance of flavour and nutriment. Enjoy happiness every day with friends and family at Daruma Syokudo. Location: L1-20 (Level 1) Phone Number: 03 - 6206 3977 Homepage: Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily).

D’Natural Hair & Beauty House stocks an impressive range of hair care products to suit every hair type and condition. There’s always something for everyone here, from mainstream products to niche hair care commodities, all at an affordable price. Available Promo Go cashless and get additional RM2 Cashback at D’Natural Hair & Beauty House! Location: L1-05 (Level 1) Phone Number: 03-6206 4326 Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily).

Besides shopping at the physical mall, we could also order online for all the food, products and services provided by the tenants of 1 Mont Kiara. Delivery charges applied and depends on the locations for the convenient of all the residence. Check out my video on the outing at 1 Mont Kiara shopping mall as follow:-
1 Mont Kiara is a nice place to shop especially we could enjoy the beautiful Christmas Tree, Reindeers, Decorations, Activities for our Kids or we might bump to Santa Claus and Santarina giving away treats. Mommy could enjoy the shopping and relaxation while my 5 Little Angels could enjoy the activities and the delicious food. Do spend our meaningful moment with our loved ones at 1 Mont Kiara to provide them a beautiful Christmas memories.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Anlene to educate Malaysians on bone care in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day

In a recent survey conducted among Malaysians aged 40 to 59 years, it was found that 95% of respondents are concerned about their bone health and how it may affect their strength and mobility when they are older. Being at the middle aged and as a full time working Mom for my 5 Little Angels, it is important for me to have a strong bone.

The top three contributing factors are lack of exercise, insufficient exposure to sunlight (for production of vitamin D in the body to aid calcium absorption), and avoiding dairy products (which are daily sources of calcium) in our diet. 

Findings from the survey also indicated, while middle-aged Malaysians understand the importance of having strong bones, 42% say their current focus is to protect themselves from getting COVID-19; and 33% say they are already doing their best for their health including bone health.

The survey was initiated by Anlene, Malaysia’s No. 1 Adult Milk Powder* and an advocate of strong bones, joints and muscles through good nutrition coupled with an active lifestyle. It was conducted blindly earlier in August among 320 middle-aged respondents to gain insights into their awareness of and viewpoint towards bone care and health in general.

“From their responses, we found there are still gaps in their understanding of bone health, especially when it comes to areas of bone care and whether they are doing enough to support their bones, which work together with joints and muscles to help us move and live our daily lives,” said Puan Megawati Suzari, Director of New Product Development, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

Puan Megawati Suzari, Director of New Product Development, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Fonterra Brands Malaysia

To help Malaysians understand bone health better and to encourage them to pay more attention to care for their bones, Anlene is launching an educational campaign in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day 2021, which falls on 20 October annually. The campaign will highlight how our bones may start to deteriorate after they reach peak bone mass at about the age of 30, which makes it necessary for everyone to make lifestyle interventions to help slow down this process, so our bones can continue to support an active lifestyle with good mobility into the silver years.

Megawati advised: “Malaysian adults can take care of their bone health by doing regular exercises to help build muscles and maintain strong bones; and eating a balanced diet that contains important nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D and protein. Maintaining body weight within a normal range of body mass index is also important, as being underweight (Body Mass Index of less than 19kg/m2) may affect our bones. 

Interestingly, Anlene’s survey also found that 30% of the respondents do not know how much calcium and vitamin D to take daily; and only 30% of the respondents drink milk every day. 

To this, Megawati further explained: “Adults are advised to consume 1000 – 1200mg of calcium and 15 – 20mcg of vitamin D in a day, as part of their daily bone care routine. However, many are not aware that, in a typical diet that is lacking in calcium rich foods, it may be difficult for us to meet our daily calcium needs. For example, we may need to consume 200 – 240 bowls of cooked rice to get all the daily calcium we need.

Hence, identifying and consuming calcium rich food sources are important part of a balanced diet. In fact, calcium can be found in food sources such as milk, leafy green vegetables, anchovies, soy products or other calcium fortified products. While vitamin D can be found in fatty fish (e.g. salmon, sardine), egg yolk and vitamin D fortified products including milk.” 

She added: “As such, we encourage all adults to make smart food choices and consume a balanced diet which consist of milk. Milk products that contains key nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein can help to meet their daily nutritional needs”. 

For example, each glass of Anlene™ milk comes with key nutrients that are important to support adults’ daily nutritional needs. The ACTIFIT 3X™ range comes with high calcium, high protein, collagen, and vitamins B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E. While Anlene™ GOLD 5X™ is scientifically formulated for adults aged 45 years and above, with key nutrients as above, plus MFGM Active™, that provides milk fat globule membrane. It also has no added sugars.

Recent study shows that participants who consumed 2 glasses of milk added with MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) and important nutrients plus regular exercises everyday, had 2 times the improvement in flexibility, 3 times the improvement in balance and 40% more improvement in muscle mass compared to control.

Associate Professor Dr Nor Faissal Yasin, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, University Malaya Medical Centre and UM Specialist Centre

Speaking in a TV talk show as part of Anlene’s World Osteoporosis Day campaign, Associate Professor Dr Nor Faissal Yasin, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, University Malaya Medical Centre and UM Specialist Centre, advised Malaysian adults to look at risks of developing bone related diseases, such as osteoporosis which may affect nearly 1 in 4 Malaysian adults (mostly women) aged 50 years and above.

“Osteoporosis is a silent disease which is often diagnosed when a fragility fracture occurs, commonly in the wrist, hip or back bones. Its risk factors include a diet low in calcium and vitamin D, lack of physical activity, underweight, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, advanced age, as well as family history,” said Dr Nor Faissal.

“Middle-aged adults should take bone care seriously. Prevention of getting osteoporosis is a lifelong journey, which can be started by adopting good lifestyle habits including good dietary practices and stay physically active by moving more throughout the day. Besides, Malaysians 60 years and above are also recommended to consult a healthcare professional to assess their bone health annually,” he advised.

As strong bones are one of the foundations to support mobility, find out what is your Move Age by assessing your posture, strength, flexibility and balance with the Anlene Move Check online quiz

I already check my Move Age and and I am 4 years younger than my actual age which is a good news for me. Since taken Anlene Gold with Calcium and Collagen for twice daily for 2 weeks, I can feel that I am more energetic and my bones are healthier now. It has slightly sweet taste, creamy, smooth and rich feel in the mouth. Besides taken Anlene Gold daily, I did some exercise daily for 20 minutes to stay active and healthy. Do start your active life today!!!

About Fonterra

We’re a global dairy nutrition company owned by 10,000 farmers and their families. We’ve built our expertise on the legacy of the thousands of farmers who’ve made New Zealand a world leader in dairy.  With a can-do attitude and a collaborative spirit, we’re a world leading dairy exporter. Our 22,000 people share the goodness of dairy nutrition with the world through our innovative consumer, foodservice and ingredient solutions brands, and our farming and processing operations across four continents.

Fonterra Brands Malaysia began its operations in 1975 in Shah Alam, Selangor. Today it has two manufacturing plants, Susumas and Dairymas and a total of 700 workers dedicated to bringing the best in dairy nutrition to Malaysians. All dairy products manufactured and produced by Fonterra Brands Malaysia are certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Fonterra Brands Malaysia also adheres to international and local industry standards and achieved the FSSC22000, Veterinary Health Mark and GMP certificates. Fonterra in Malaysia is known for its leading brands Anlene, Anmum Materna, Anmum Lacta, Anmum Essential, Fernleaf, CalciYum, Chesdale and under its foodservices division, Anchor Food Professionals, it is known for Anchor, Mainland and Perfect Italiano.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

PROVITAL Immuna Plus, First Adult Nutritious Milk

During these pandemic Covid-19, it is important for all of us to stay healthy to fight the virus. Maintaining a healthy body is not that easy and not that difficult too. The most important tip for a healthy body is to have healthy food, eat them at proper time, exercise and make sure we drink more amount of water daily. Our diet should contain food which has enough nutrients to keep our body healthy. 

Mead Johnson Nutrition introduces its first adult nutritious milk, PROVITAL Immuna Plus is scientifically formulated to provide health benefits and support the immune system for adults aged 40 and above with its three powerful ingredients Yeast Beta-Glucan, Selenium, and Vitamin C that provides Triple Immunity Protection. Though it is recommended for adults aged 40+, younger adults who wishes to enhance their immunity or have a weakened immune system can consume the product as well to strengthen their immune health. 

Not all beta-glucans are the same. Yeast beta-glucan enhances the immune system by activating immune cells to destroy pathogens. 9 out 10 adults on yeast beta-glucan reported having no colds or sore throat symptoms after twelve (12) weeks of consuming it. PROVITAL Immuna Plus is the only brand contains this master ingredient. Aside from enhancing immunity, it is also an all-in-one formula that contains high calcium and protein to support mobility and muscle strength. Just two (2) glasses of PROVITAL Immuna Plus a day provides the nutrients at a recommended amount to show effect. 

Our immunity declines as we age, with up to 30% of our immune cells declining by the age of 75. However, ageing does not mean that you are getting weaker. With PROVITAL Immuna Plus, we can activate our immune system and confidently live our life to the fullest by continuing to be bold to do the things we want to do.

After taking 2 glasses per day of PROVITAL Immuna Plus for 1 week plus, me and my Mom love the creamy taste, vanilla flavor with good solubility. It makes our teeth stronger and we have a healthier bone. Our skin complexion looks better, less stress and it able to boost our energy. My Mom's blood pressure and cholesterol level have reduce a bit and it has improve our eye sight too. PROVITAL Immuna Plus indeed has boost our immune system. 

Just take a glass of the PROVITAL Immuna Plus daily to start the day with breakfast and Two (2) glasses a day for Triple Immunity Protection from yeast beta-glucan, selenium, and vitamin C. 

Immunity Calculator 

As we know that our immunity declines with age. Up to 30% of immune cells decline by the age of 75. The decline of our immune cells as we age leads to common signs such as frequent colds and cough, tiredness or muscle soreness due to the weakened state of the immune system. Do check out your immune score using the immunity calculator at

I have checked my immunity status and my score is 9 which is pretty healthy. Ha ha ha!!! How about you? Even after getting vaccinated, it is important for us to continue to support our immune health. If you did not get a satisfactory immunity score, do try our the NEW nutritious milk PROVITAL Immuna Plus, the brand with yeast beta-glucan that supports your immunity and may assist with symptoms of colds. 6. PROVITAL Immuna Plus contains yeast beta-glucan, selenium, and vitamin C which gives Triple Immunity Protection. 

PROVITAL Immuna Plus is now available at leading pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets, its online store and e-commerce stores in 480g and 960g packets in a delicious and classic vanilla flavour. For more information, please visit their website at or Facebook page at Provital Malaysia. PROVITAL Check out my video below...
Besides our own health, it is crucial to ensure our parents are taking the right nutrition to boost their immunity too especially during these pandemic Covid-19. Take care and stay safe!!! 

Friday, August 13, 2021

Educate Kids Digitally with LeapEd

Are our kids protected online? According to UNICEF, both boys and girls had reported receiving unwanted messages messages and images on social media and according to Google, 72% of Malaysian parents are concerned about online safety especially to our kids. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, our kids had immediate migration to online learning. They have extended time in cyberspace as compare to the times before the pandemic. Our teenagers aged 13 to 18 years old are in the high risk group coz' they are our country's future workforce. How do we prepare our kids for Digital Independence? After searching online, let me share with all of you on how I had prepared my Little Angels in an effective and yet affordable way.

LeapEd, an award-winning social enterprise and Malaysia's first homegrown Education Service Provider ("ESP), undertake education transformation programmes and projects to support system transformation, school leaders, teachers, students, parents and the wider community. Their focus area for students are positive learning environments to encourage holistic student outcomes, quality teaching and learning aligned to 21st century international best practise for teachers & classrooms, strategies to promote distributed and instructional leadership, a platform to engage parents and community to support student learning and a system culture to support continuous improvement and capacity-building.

LeapEd had recently introduced CyberWira "Didik Anak Digital" campaign. With just RM40, our teenager kids, aged 13 years old onwards, could attend the 100% online Digital Citizenship course. There are 8 interactive modules to build a comprehensive Digital literacy skills and knowledge. The course available in English or BM and it is the ONLY online course that covers all of the main elements of Digital Citizenship. The course also support several Key Thrusts and Strategies of the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint.

Why do we need CyberWira? Some parents might ask me this and the answers are simple. We as parents find it difficult to keep up with online developments or teach our kids on best practices. CyberWira helps our teenagers to avoid online pitfalls which can hurt their future chances of a successful career. We know that the technology use cannot be avoided, therefore, we must educate our teenagers to live responsibly with it. We cannot deny that online opportunities are there for the taking and all future businesses will utilise online space. We know that personal data is the most valuable commodity of the 21st Century and it must be protected.
What criteria a CyberWira should have? A CyberWira is someone who understands how to use technology safely, responsibly and creatively to build the best online reputation. He/She understands the importance of digital security and how to keep personal data safe and secure. He/She understands the negative impact that technology can have on people's lives if used irresponsibly and the copyright and importance of respecting others works. He/she understands the differences between online and offline communication and his/her rights and responsibilities when using technology.
Why CyberWira benefits to us as parents? With CyberWira, we will feel more confident when out kids are using the internet. Our kids will be able to understand and identify the positive & negative aspects of using the internet and they will be an upstander and take action in the even of seeing cyberbullying. Our kids will be well-prepared for the challenging digital world for now and the future and they will able to critically evaluate digital content and identity fake news.
What are the benefits of the CyberWira for our Teenagers? Our teenagers will be more confident to use technology safely, responsibly and creatively to build the best online reputation. They will be able to identify danger, fake news, scams and cyberbullying in the digital world and to keep personal data secure and understand the latest online threats. They will be able to communicate effectively and reflect on promote good behavior while online and the most important is they able to stay healthy while using technology. I'm sure this is what we as parents had wanted. Yeah!!!

What are the benefits for Teachers? Teachers will be able to identify student's potential in using technology and keep them creative. They can use it as part of the main curriculum and relate it to the digital world and use it as homework, or as part of computer club. They can keep up-to-date with what their students are currently exposed to in the digital world and can be used as part of Teacher professional development. Indeed a great news to all the teachers!

Me and my Little Angels had attended the CyberWira together and there are 8 modules to be completed in order to receive CyberWira Digital Citizenship. The 8 modules are Digital Footprint & Reputation, Digital Etiquette, Digital Security, Digital Literacy, Digital Communication, Digital Health & Wellness, Digital Commerce and Digital Rights & Reponsibilites. If you ask me how long for a person to complete all the modules, it depends on individually. The fastest is 3 hours and some might take months to finish it. It all depends on your will to attend the course. 

We can view the course at laptops, tablets and mobile phones anywhere and anytime that we want. We will never feel bored attending all the modules coz' there are videos, online games, quizzes and other online elements are used in every module to keep our kids active.
Sample of the CyberWira Digital Citizenship Certificate

The CyberWira course is price at RM40 only which is quite affordable for everyone and when you purchase a course, LeapEd will contribute a free CyberWira course to a student under B40 group. You can invite your friends to join the course too so that more under-privilege students got to enjoy the course for FREE! CyberWira courses are ideal for youths aged 13 to 18 years old. For more details, please visit LeapEd CyberWira website at

Do you want to win a CyberWira course for your teenagers or for yourself? There are 2 simple steps as follows:-
Step 1 : Like LeapEd Services on IG/FB
Step 2 : Post a picture/video of yourself at IG/FB and tell me why you need a FREE CyberWira Course. Tag me at @janechua18 at IG and @5littleangels at FB and add on hashtags of #didikananakdigital #cyberwira. 

5 winners will be selected based on the best answers and most tags. Contest will close on 22nd August 2021 and Winners will be notified on 30th August 2021. 

Do protect our kids by educate them to become CyberWira to ensure they have a healthy and happy development and protected from violence, exploitation and abuse on the internet which may have a big impact on their growing up process. For those who are joining the contest to win the course, a big Good Luck to all of you and stay safe!!!

Monday, August 2, 2021

PROVITAL Immuna Plus & “Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia” Campaign

Who is your Local Hero? My Local Hero is YB Hanna Yeoh. She has served as the Member of Parliament for my housing area since May 2018.  She not only care for all the rakyat at her constitution but she also care for the healthcare frontliners where four hundreds of packed food were distributed under "From Our Heart, For Our Heroes" initiative and three thousands of packed food for the rakyat at Segambut to ensure every families have enough food to put on their tables especially during these pandemic Covid-19. She fight for us and for the justice and to ensure everyone at her constitution are protected and live safely. 

If you have your Local Hero too, the “Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia” programme is now open for nominations. The public can nominate deserving Malaysians who have carried out activities or initiatives that serve or meet a community need. Nominations can be submitted via from 19 July 2021 until 8 August 2021 midnight. Each Local Hero will receive a one (1) year supply of PROVITAL Immuna Plus adult nutritious milk and have their stories featured on PROVITAL Immuna Plus’ digital platforms.

Mead Johnson Nutrition is proud to continue to introduce products that we believe will help build healthier Malaysians. The introduction of its first adult nutritious milk, PROVITAL Immuna Plus aims to offer Malaysian adults a nutritional source to activate and strengthen their bodies’ natural defenses. Featuring its unique proposition that provide Triple Immunity Protection from yeast beta-glucan, selenium and vitamin C that strengthens the body’s immune function.

“Now more than ever, concerns around our immune health have come into sharper focus; and it is for this specific reason that PROVITAL Immuna Plus was formulated. This high calcium and protein milk powder can be integrated into one’s daily diet to enhance our immunity and mobility. Its key ingredient – yeast beta-glucan, helps to support immune system associated with colds, and 2 glasses of PROVITAL Immuna Plus provide 204mg of yeast beta-glucan which is the recommended level to show effect.” said Gonzalo Balcazar, General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam.

PROVITAL Immuna Plus also wishes to celebrate the admired efforts of local heroes who have contributed to society in their own ways, in conjunction with Malaysia Day. Known as “Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia”, this programme aims to recognise, honour, and celebrate ordinary Malaysians doing extraordinary things in making a difference in their communities today. We urge the public to join our efforts in showing our appreciation for inspiring Malaysians who have been championing a cause for the betterment of society by nominating them to be a Local Hero.

Mead Johnson Nutrition has identified a few Local Heroes who continue to work hard for a better Malaysia without neglecting their goals and health – Uncle Kentang, Esther Chit, Aunty Jenny, and Adrian Pereira. There is no effort too big or too small that ought to receive recognition – from saving the lives of stray dogs to providing food and support for the underprivileged. Everyone can play a role to create a Malaysia that we are proud of.

Share with us now, who is your Local Hero? Your mother, a woman who has managed to raise you despite challenges while handing a helping hand to others who are in need? A friend that spends their weekend picking up rubbish in the neighborhood to create a healthier community, or an individual that has dedicated their time to working for the improvements of the people’s lives? 

Join the contest and win them the supply of PROVITAL Immuna Plus for a year for them to stay happy and healthy always!!!

About PROVITAL Immuna Plus:

To find out more about PROVITAL Immuna Plus, visit its website ( or Facebook page (Provital Malaysia). PROVITAL Immuna Plus is now available at all Watsons Malaysia stores and its online store. As part of the Watsons Health 45+ programme, Watsons members aged 45 and above can enjoy special discount on PROVITAL Immuna Plus too.

If you would like to take proactive steps to care for your health and find out about your immune status, you can check out your immunity score at By answering a series of health-related questions, the tool will be able to gives an indication of the strength of one’s immune health in the past 12 months using a score system.

Friday, July 9, 2021

WCT Malls offers 7.7 Irresistible Deals 2.0 Promotions

During these Covid-19 pandemic, many peoples had lost their jobs, got their salary cut and force to take unpaid leave. This is the time where we should save our money to prepare for the worst to come and to get some deals that worth to spend. Being a Mom to my 5 Little Angels, I will always look out for the best value for money deals so that I could spend my money wisely and my Little Angels could enjoy their favourite food at an affordable prices. From my search, I will be sharing some irresistible deals that we shouldn't miss it out since Sharing is Caring. 

My first recommended deal is the 7.7 Irresistible Deals WCT Malls at Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya. Just pay RM7.70, we will receive cash vouchers of RM10 at Noodle Shack, RM10 at Juicy, RM10 at Sushi Zanmai and RM20 at St. David's Party Shop. Means discount of up to 85%.

If we pay RM27.70, we will receive cash vouchers of RM20 at Seoul Garden, RM30 at Pets Wonderland, RM10 at Kawan Kawan restaurant, RM10 at Nando's and RM30 at Suki-ya with cash vouchers' total value of RM100 and the First 77 purchases will also receive RM50 Shine Shine Car Wash Voucher. Wow... Indeed irresistible!!!

7.7 Irresistible Deals WCT Malls Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya

  • Tier 1: RM7.70 enjoy RM50 F&B and Shopping voucher

  • Tier 2: RM27.70 enjoy RM100 F&B and Shopping voucher

  • First 77 purchases will receive RM50 Shine Shine Car Wash Voucher. T&Cs apply. 

  • Terms and Conditions apply.

Tier 2: RM27.70 enjoy RM100 F&B and Shopping voucher

WCT Malls encompass the Airport Malls - gateway@klia2 and SkyPark Terminal in Selangor as well as Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya and Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru are now back with more exciting and irresistible deals for shoppers in conjunction with the launch of their ‘Value for Money’ campaign themed 7.7 Irresistible Deals 2.0 ("Irresistible Deals") campaign which ends on 31 July 2021. The campaign is a part of WCT Malls’ initiative to provide shoppers with attractive value for money packages especially during this challenging period. WCT Malls .

We as the Shoppers get to enjoy special vouchers bundle packs valued up to RM100 that can be purchased at attractive prices throughout all WCT Malls via WCT E-Shop ( for a safe, convenient and fast shopping experience. The physical vouchers are to be collected by using the QR Code obtained from WCT E-Shop ( upon purchasing the deal and can be spent at all participating outlets.  

The Irresistible Deals offers packages with different tiers of purchase that starts at RM7.70 for RM50 worth of vouchers. The deals are valid from 7th to 31st July 2021. For every purchase of the voucher bundle pack, we will receive vouchers from various F&B and shopping outlets such as Nando’s, Sushi Zanmai, Krispy Kreme, HomePro, iGadget, David’s Party Shop and others. On top of that, shoppers will receive extra vouchers for any Irresistible Deals purchased for Paradigm Mall PJ, gateway@klia2 and SkyPark Terminal.

7.7 Irresistible Deals WCT Malls Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

  • Tier 1: RM7.70 enjoy RM50 F&B and Shopping voucher

  • Tier 2: RM27.70 to enjoy RM100 F&B and Shopping voucher

  • Terms and Conditions apply. 

7.7 Irresistible Deals WCT Malls gateway@klia2
  • Tier 1: RM7.70 enjoy RM50 F&B and Shopping voucher

  • Tier 2: RM27.70 to enjoy RM100 F&B and Shopping voucher

  • First 77 buyers will receive RM15 F&B vouchers. T&Cs apply. 

  • Terms and Conditions apply. 

7.7 Irresistible Deals WCT Malls Subang Skypark Terminal

  • Tier 1: RM7.70 enjoy RM50 F&B and Shopping voucher  

  • Tier 2: RM27.70 to enjoy RM100 F&B and Shopping voucher

  • First 77 buyers will receive RM10 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Voucher. T&Cs apply. 

  • Terms and Conditions apply.  

Aren't these irresistible deals great to you? Do spread the joy of buying these irresistible deals to your family and friends and together we save during these pandemic. Stay safe!!!

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