Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Homework Rescue with HP 3777 All-In-One Printer

Reinforce our kid's creativity during this school holiday. Make use of their free time to know more about their talent when it comes to art. Ensure the problems of setting up the computer, printer and scanner to be hassle free by getting the world's smallest printer - HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3777 All-In-One Printer.

HP and the Disney Digital Network had worked together to deliver customized content through Disney stories and scale content distribution to the Disney digital audience. 

The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage printer brings innovation and fun to any homework experience. Packed in a sleek and colourful design that's half the size of typical all-in-one printers, the device uses low cost cartridges for our home printing needs. The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage printer is also powered by the HP Smart App, which allows for printing, scanning, set-up and even ink purchase; all from the palm of our hand via our mobile device. Mommy Jane and Little Angels had made doing the Homework Rescue Fun with the help from HP 3777. 

Our first challenge for Disney Homework Rescue is working on a Finding Nemo Playset. Connect our smartphone or tablet directly to our printer. Download the HP Smart App and scan the QR codes to begin with our 1st Challenge. 

Open the url link and confirm the HP DeskJet 3700 as the printer. Choose the no. of copies and tap print. Wait for our photo to come out from the printer. Then we have to cut out all the pieces, make the indicated folds, then glue or tape the smaller rectangels to the back of the large rectangels as the background. Our 1st Challenge completed in just 20 minutes.

Our 2nd Challenge is to make Perry the Platypus 3D Papercraft. All we need is a regular paper or cardstock, scissors, glue or double-sided tape. Print out the Perry on regular paper and cut out the pieces. Make all folds along the dashed lines and use glue to secure all tabs on Perry's body. In just 15 minutes, we had completed our challenge.

Our 3rd Challenge is to stick these adorable stickers featuring James P. Sullivan, Mike Wazowski and Squishy at Monster University on my kids' plastic folder. Print the page on sticker paper and cut out each of the sticker. Cutting should be done by bigger boys or by an adult. Then stick at the folder as below... This challenge took us 10 minutes to complete.

The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3777 Printer is the world's most compact and lightweight All-In-One printer that can easily fit to any space in our house. It can perform multiple tasks i.e. printing, copying and scanning, to maximise productivity. Check out my video below on how we had completed our Homework Rescue in a fun and easiest way with HP 3777.
Apart from its wireless usage, we can also use the USB cable to connect our printer to our laptop or computer. Once the software is downloaded and installed, we can get started with printing, scanning and copying files. This compact and yet powerful inkjet printer is a great value for money that provides affordable print, scan and copy functions to help our kids to shine in school.
HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3777 All-In-One Printer is price at RM358.00 at HP StoreFor more information, do visit their website at www.hp.com/my and facebook page at www.facebook.com/HPmalaysia. Hashtags are #ReinventLearning and #HomeworkRescue.

Thanks to HP 3777 All-In-One Printer, I could spend a quality times with my Little Angels by doing the Disney Homework Rescue Challenge together. It's not only a bonding moment but we also learns to be creative during the process. The packaging of the HP 3777 is superb with its glossy red and white colour. It's compact with modern and sleek design which is a perfect fit for my home use. The print quality is good and it prints faster than my previous printer. HP 3777 is highly recommended for students who need to print paper works from time to time.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mathematics Enrichment with Eye Level

Basic Thinking Math ("BTM") enables students to complete the foundation of mathematics and covers the study areas of Numbers, Arithmetic, Measurement and Equations while Critical Thinking Math ("CTM") enables students to develop dept perception, problem solving, reasoning skills that covers Patterns and Relationships, Geometry, Measurement, Problem Solving and Reasoning. Because of the importance of BTM and CTM, Mommy Jane had registered 2 Little Angels, WH, aged 12 years old and WT, aged 9 years old for the combination of both concept with Eye Level since March this year. Do read up my previous post at  HERE. I think most of you will eager to know the results of this program which I will share it now.
WH hands-in his folder to instructor to start his class

An idea on what is Eye Level is all about. Eye Level is a systematic education program designed to help our children to develop mastery in Math. They emphasize on the importance of a solid foundation so that mastery of skills can continue as difficulty increases. Students are given a customized and individualized program to follow. Eye Level booklets are fairly self-explanatory and students are encouraged to complete as much of their work as possible through self-style and question exploration. Their instructor will be at hand to assist and guide the student, if necessary.
The Instructor is coaching the students with her lesson of the day

WT had started with Level 8 where he was exposed to blended learning. He used both the physical booklets and online learning room as part of his learning. Online Learning had encouraged him to improve on his mental calculation and as well as improve his speed. WT had done his level test last weekend and got a distinction of 91 marks out of 100 within the time limits. Congrats to WT for the achievement.
The instructor at Eye Level is showing on how to do online learning to WT
For WH, he started with Level 13 where he was exposed to multiplication of 2-digits with 2-digits and also multiplication of 3-digits with 2-digits. WH had sat for the level test last weekend too and if he pass, he will proceed to level 14 where he'll be learning division. The level test will also measure his timing and accuracy. He end up had a distinction too with 96 marks out of the full marks of 100 and had achieve it within the timeline.
WT is doing his assigned online work in class

I really can't believe it till I saw their results after attending the Eye Level Mathematics Program just for 3 months, their calculations had indeed improve so much. Both my Little Angels are more confidence now in doing Mathematics since they had a strong foundation after attending the program. 
WT's scored 100% and completed within 5 minutes 14 seconds for his online lesson. He also scored 100% for his assessment and managed to do it at only 24 seconds which is faster than the allocated times i.e. 30 seconds 

Eye Level assesses my Little Angels' mastery through evaluation of accuracy and speed. Accuracy is an indicator of my Little Angels' overall understanding of a concept and development of a skill, while speed indicates my Little Angels' comfort and confidence with the concepts as well as their ability to recall and apply previously mastered concepts. Mastery is important to ensure my Little Angels will have a smooth learning progression in future learning.
WH is doing critical thinking questions with his teaching tool

As both of my Little Angels' progress, they study and acquire knowledge for both the BTM and CTM elements. In addition to help them to improve their mathematical skills, the program also provides strategies that apply in all other subject areas.
WT is doing his critical thinking questions with his another teaching tools tool

The Eye Level program is designed to expand my Little Angels' perspectives by encouraging them to become self-motivated, independent and proactive learners and allowing them to be at the core of all the learning activities. Instructors offer support and guidance, while we as parents become involved in the program through maintaining frequent contact with the instructors to follow our child's progress.
Another student in the class is doing his critical thinking with a different teaching tool
At Eye Level, all the students receive personal attention from a trained and experienced Eye Level Instructor in a one-on-one environment with a small group of students sharing the classroom. Instructors are able to determine individual weaknesses through the Diagnostic Test which was taken before they started the program and it had provided a proven study solutions and tailored review assignments when necessary to strengthen weaker skills. The result is steady with an effective progress to master at each step along the way.  It had increase my Little Angels' concentration and their progress are more quickly through this concept. 
Some of the Motivational Quotes to inspire students as they are doing their work from "Did You Know" and the timer is provided in each desk so that students can practice timing  by themselves while they are doing the booklets. This is important practise so that the students will be able to complete their homework within a given time and it will also helps them to perform faster during the tests

Through Eye Level individualized coaching within a systemized program, it had encourage my Little Angels to study independently and to achieve a better result. Once they achieved a proven result for each classes, they were given a sticker as encouragement. With the stickers collected, they could redeem a gift. This will strengthen their skills and establish a routine of study and daily accomplishment.
The learning desk practiced in Eye Level is self-directed learning desk, where it has a closed structure and these desks will helps them to concentrate better when they are doing their work

The Eye Level curriculum is progressive. Subtle increases in difficulty in each level makes it easy for my Little Angels to learn. This allows them to become comfortable with all the necessary concepts before proceed to the next level. My Little Angels able to solve questions that are presented as variations of similar concepts.
Eye Level Truck that goes around the school to provide more opportunities for the students and parents to learn the concept of Eye Level 

The active use of learning materials creates a learning environment where my Little Angels had developed a critical and analytical thinking skills. This is accomplished through developing depth perception, location and spatial relationship skills, by utilizing their learning materials such as Numerical Figures, Blocks and Shapes, Clear Paper, Coloured Blocks, Mirror and Wooden Blocks. Difficulty and question variations are introduced systematically throughout all levels. It had helped my Little Angels on the power to think, analyze and apply what was learned not only in Maths but other subjects too at school.
The Class Flow
At Eye Level, students need to check-in using the computer system where we, parents will get an email confirming on the time and student's attendance to the class. Each student will then be assigned with an attendance code. They will then take their folder and hand-in their homework. The instructor will gave them some booklets to do and coach them before they start their work with the allocated times. Once completed, they need to key-out their attendance and take stickers. Stickers given will depend on their works whether they had submitted their homework, score 100% and complete work within time limit. If they pass the test level and during their birthday month, they will get 2 stickers instead. This will encourage the students to work harder to get the stickers so that they will be entitle to exchange a gift from Eye Level.
Key & World Sticker to encourage students to do their part to achieve the best result

With the stickers of a flag given, both my Little Angels, WH and WT will always compete who will get the most stickers by doing the work fast and accurate. They hope to exchange the completed stickers that they had stick around the world map with a gift that they had always wanted. They always look forward  to their Eye Level Math Program coz' the program was interesting and it is like playing games. Once they got the full marks within the allocated times, they'll feel very happy and show me the results that they had achieved. This had motivated them to work harder during the class and after their class.
WT's Stickers Book after 3 months course at Eye Level Math
WH's Stickers Book after 3 months course at Eye Level Math
For more information on Eye Level program, do visit their website at www.myeyelevel.com/Local and facebook page at www.facebook.com/Eye-Level-Bukit-Damansara-141130193167941. You can also call them up at 1300-88-0909. Eye Level HQ is located at Bukit Damansara but they had outlets nationwide. Do check the locations near you at HERE.
See it to believe it. I never thought both my Little Angels could get above 90 marks in their Mathematics exam and they really did it after attending the 3 months program at Eye Level. I can see the significant improvement not only in the Basic Thinking Math but also on the Critical Thinking Math that helps them to be creative in everything that they did. It is recommended to start our child early as young as 3 years old but it is never too late to start the program to enrich our child and to build their confidence and self esteem in Mathematics with Eye Level.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wiko Tommy 3, Kid Friendly Smartphone

Apps are making our lives lot more fun and easy. These days, we have learning apps for our kids which will assist them in the process of learning new and interesting things. Mobile education is a fast growing trend which peoples all across the globe are embracing with an open arms. Mommy Jane had recently bought a kid friendly smartphone, Wiko Tommy 3 for WJ who is 5 years old plus to help him in his Mathematics.

Wiko Tommy 3 is easy to grasp for kids coz' the cover is made from plastic which make it a bit light i.e. less than 200g and measures 9.3 mm slim. The Wiko logo is visible at the middle while the rear camera and LED flash are in a horizontal position at the top left corner. There are 4 colours to choose from i.e. Black, Gold, Red and Blue. The colours look trendy and bright which attracts any kids wanted to have it.
Wiko Tommy 3 offers a big screen experience which will reduce the impact on our kids' eyes. With screen size of 5.45 inches and 18:9 format widescreen, it offers a full display smartphone. It also comes with Dual SIM.
Wiko Tommy 3 has only 1GB of RAM with a memory speed of 677MHz for light multitasking. For storing files, 16GB storage space available with an option to upgrade up to 128GB with a memory card It is suitable for our kids to just download the Education App instead of downloading the multiple games to play or movies to watch. It will limit their unnecessary exposure.

Wiko Tommy 3 had a single 8MP rear camera that capture just 3k resolution images. There's a dual-LED flash beside it and other quality features in the camera that helps our kids to learn to take some photos or record video of 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. They can take cute selfies with the 5MP selfie camera too with Auto-HDR, face beauty and live filter features.

Wiko Tommy 3 had a power of 2500mAh with removable Li-Po battery. It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge up.
Wiko Tommy 3 comes with an ear phone, charger, plastic cover and screen protector

Check out my video below on how my Little Angel, WJ had enjoyed playing while learning thru the Education App that I just installed for him at Wiko Tommy 3.
Wiko Tommy 3 is a budget friendly smartphone for kids which was imported from French. Price at only RM329, it is indeed affordable and value for money. With any purchase of Wiko Tommy 3, it comes with a FREE Gift Box which include iRing, Headphone and Selfie Stick, while stock last and Ramadan promotion is from 15 May to 14 June 2018.

Wiko Tommy 3 is available at their Authorised Dealer, Lazada, Shopee and WikoMalaysia FB. It comes with a Warranty of 120 days Replacement (T&C applies). For more information on Wiko Tommy 3, do visit their website at http://my-en.wikomobile.com, facebook page at www.facebook.com/WikoMalaysia and instagram page at www.instagram.com/wikomobilemy.
Wiko Tommy 3 is indeed a kid friendly smartphone. I love their big screen and the most important is their price which is affordable for my Little Angels to learn. My Little Angels can access a mobile learning app whenever they want regardless of times of the day. Do make best use of our kids free time by downloading the mobile learning app at Wiko Tommy 3.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom

I remember first reading about dinosaurs in encyclopedia with my Little Angels and found ourselves to fascinate and in awe to see creatures far larger than any today with some fierce carnivores, while others were gentle. Instead of letting my Little Angels to be manipulated by smartphone or tablet, Mommy Jane will always look for something related to dinosaurs for a family time.

When Mommy Jane heard that a Dinosaur themed park will be opening soon at Semenyih, Mommy Jane had joined their press conference at Setia Eco Hill Park which is their venue sponsor to be the first to get all the information. 
Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom is the modern age of mobile theme parks with educational activities, entertainment and more. After attending to their press conference, Mommy Jane found out that the parks looked cool,  interesting and it will capture our iGeneration's interest.
Themepaktu (pronounced as theme-park-to-you) Dinosaur Kingdom is a mobile Dino themed park from Malaysia. Their concept is to encourage kids and adults to spend time outdoors since we are too engrossed with the digital devices and I'm sure all of you had agreed with me. Ha ha ha...
Shas Fung, Dinosaur Kingdom Chief
Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom is the first thematic theme park which comprised of 5 interesting elements as follows :-
1. 40 Minutes Live Shows
2. Interactive Activities and Attractions
3. Games
4. Food and Beverages 
5. Dinosaur merchandise
Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom photo layout at Setia Eco Hill
Mommy Jane will explain some of the interesting activies at Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom. First is the 5D Cinema where we could go on a wild adventure which features 5D rides in Rexy's Journey & A Dark Adventure. You could also go for a spin around the Drift Island and show off your driving skills to the native Triceratops herd.
At Raptor's Maze, do take on an adventure of a lifetime in search of the hidden key in Raptor's Maze to free yourself, your friends and family members from the deadly maze. Beware of Raptors !!! 
From left to right_ Berlin Lu, Justin Yee, Shas Fung _ Bobby Tan, Co-Founders of Themepaktu (Dinosaur Kingdom)
Calling all young adventures ! Are you ready to conquer the peak of Pterosaur's Nest ? Be warned coz' this is not a treat for trembling climbers !
Q&A Session between the Management of Themepaktu and the media present
For those who want to win some prizes at Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom, just record a song cover video of their Dinosaur Kingdom theme song "We Are Super Dinosaur" with 19 of your friends and email to them. Videos will be uploaded by them to their Facebook page using the hashtag #DinosaurKingdom #WeAreSuperDinosaurs #(Your Kindergarten Name) and everyone of you will stand a chance to win free tickets. They will even provide a free bus ride for the winning team from your school directly to Dinosaur Kingdom.
Show Some Love and pledge RM80 to provide a fun edutainment time for an orphan with them. For every pledged by the public, Dinosaur Kingdom will pledge for another orphan too. Do share out our love and joy to the orphanage now !

The entrance ticket to Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom at Setia Eco Hill Welcome Centre Semenyih is at RM30 per person. For RM50 package, it will include 10 tokens. For Family of 4, the price is at RM100. Group purchase is available. Tickets can be purchase through Themepaktu apps and their website.

Buggy ride with the media around the site for the location of Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom
Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom will be opened on 14 June to 8 July 2018 from 12 noon to 10.30 p.m. daily. Dinosaur Wildpark Live Show will be available at 1.00 p.m., 3.00 p.m., 5.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. Dinosaur Kingdom Parade will be available at 6.30 p.m. Super Dinosaur's Appearances will be at 12.30 p.m., 2.30 p.m., 4.30 p.m., 7.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m.  For showtime schedule, free tokens, Dinosaur eggs hunt adventure or the event site map. do download Themepaktu Apps at Google Play Store and App Store for free. You could make your purchase through the App too.
Management of Themepaktu and all their sponsors to the Dinosaur Kingdom
For more information on Themepaktu, do visit their website at www.themepaktu.com and their facebook page at www.facebook.com/themepaktu. You can also call them up at 03-89582772. Do check out my video of the press conference below...

After joining Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom press conference and touring the site, Mommy Jane was assured that the theme park will create an impactful content with a lasting memory. It is a trend in demand and will last for another few years. Besides Setia Ecohill Semenyih, there will be few more locations in the pipeline and hopefully they will come to KL soon to save our travelling times. Mommy Jane definitely will bring Little Angels to Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom for them to experience the life of the Dinosaurs and to join those interactive and edutainment activities that will helps them to understand the Dinosaurs  more.
Mommy Jane with all the medias and the Management of Themepaktu for a group photo opportunities