Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Dining in the River at BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah

Have you ever dining in a river with your kids ? If not, it is a good experience for us and our kids to enjoy the beauty of the nature while having our yummylicious BBQ serve to us directly in the river.
Is it dirty ? Some parents might ask me but to tell you the truth, when we were just a little girl, we will just dip in the river to play with the water, climb the trees and catch the fishes without thinking whether it is gems free. Thinking back, I'm sure all of us had enjoyed our childhood so much without any worries. Even though times have changed, we still can help our kids to enjoy the beauty of the nature the way we did. 
After our outing to Zoo Negara on last Sunday to see our Malaysia 2nd baby panda, we decided to go to BBQ Lamb Kemensah which is located around 3km drive. A perfect day to enjoy our first dining experience inside the river with flowing water after a hot day at Zoo. Soaking our feet into a cool river water while enjoying our bbq dinner surrounded by beautiful trees.
There is a counter when you walk to the entrance to check your reservation name and they will took our orders and gave us 4 empty small cups for our refillable ice lemon tea. Then they will showed us our table by pointing to it. We took out our shoes, balance our body in the flowing water and took careful steps on the rocks to our dining area. Better to wear a short pants with appropriate clothes and if you're worried that your feet might get hurt, you can wear a slipper to go in the river.

There is a pool and a small water fall where kids could jump in the water and get wet.
Pool for kids and adults who wish to dip into
There are few sets of menu for us to choose. There are meat set for 2 pax at RM90, seafood set for 4 pax at RM170 and ala carte menu. We ordered RM150 meat dinner set for 4 pax plus ala carte fish at RM45 and additional 2 rice at RM10. The meat set got a big plate of grilled lamb, grilled chicken, beef tenderloin and smoked duck and 4 plate of herb rice, soup, pudding desserts, coleslaw, watermelon and 4 refillable ice lemon tea.
The meat, fish and even the rice are very delicious and fresh. The meats are juicy and tender. We are surprise with the great taste and grilled quality. There are few sauce to dip with our meat and fish. The sambal for the fish is the best and even if eat without the sauce, the meat and fish is finely marinated and the original taste is still delicious.
Family-friendly restaurant ? Yes. My kids love this place and you can bring your infants too but better be careful coz' you need to balance your baby and yourself while walking in the stream.
There are other tables at their open area or under the roof for those who wish not to get wet in the river but we choose to dine in the river which is the main reason we were here.
The Open Concept Kitchen where the staff will BBQ the food 
Drinks were prepared at the Hut
The meat was cooked for more than 10 hours at their traditional oven to ensure its freshness and juiciness
To get a best view of the river, it is recommended to dine-in before 6 p.m. Do make a reservation a week before the dining date to avoid long queue. WhatsApp them at 012-2114100 and location waze at BBQ Kemensah. Do follow them at their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Bbqlambklkemensah for more updates and promotions. Check out my video below...
I personally recommend this restaurant to all of you because it is a whole new dining experience in the river and the yummylicious of the food. The feelings of having our BBQ in the river surrounded by the beauty of the nature is something that our kids want to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Seafood Buffet at Coffee House, Sunway Putra Hotel

Whenever I plan to bring my Little Angels out for a meal to take a break from all the cooking, as a Mom, I'll look for kid's friendly restaurant. Why ? The answer is I need to get them fresh and nutritious food that they love to eat and they could have fun too in the play area while me and my husband could enjoy our food after them. Ha ha ha !!!
Recently I found a kid's friendly restaurant that provide a play area for kids to play after the meal and the play area is connecting to the Coffee House at Sunway Putra Hotel. Parents have peace in enjoying our food and chit chatting while my Little Angels could enjoy their unlimited play time. A win win situation for both of us. Yeah !!!
Starting from 17th August 2019, Coffee House restaurant, located on Level 9 of Sunway Putra Hotel is offering BBQ Buffet Dinner on every Friday evening and fresh Seafood Buffet Dinner on every Saturday evening from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
If you worried about the food, I can tell you that the Menu for the buffet is specially crafted by the award winning Executive Chef Rossham Rosli and his culinary experts, bringing combinations of local and international delights, rich and flavorful BBQ Buffet and Seafood Buffet Dinner. Chef Rossham has 29 years of experience in the culinary field and work at various renowned restaurants and 5-star hotels around the world including New York, London, Maldive, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Germany. He has been awarded as Best Head1Malaysian Chef by Chefs Association of Malaysia (CAM). Wow !!! Can't wait to try out all his cooking. 
Me and my Little Angels had the opportunity to review the buffet and let me show you all the food that we come across on this buffet.
Explore some of the Chef's recommendations and kid's friendly food such as Tiger Prawns, Grilled Mangolian's Seafood, Butter Dish with Cheese Au Gratin, Asian Creamy Seafood Pasta, Steamed Fish Dumplings, Seafood Teppanyaki, Seafood Mini Pizza, Assorted Sushi and many more.
Sautee Prawn with Garlic Oyster
Fresh Oyster, Prawns, Scallop and Crab Stick
Steamed Fish Dumplings with Thermidor Sauce

Butter Fish Cheese Au Gratin
Cook upon order - Seafood Teppanyaki
Mini size Seafood Pizza
For those who love spicy food, do check out their Oven Baked Curry Flower Crabs  and Black Pepper Mussels which are finger linking good.
Oven Baked Curry Flower Crabs
Black Pepper Mussels 

For healthier and lighter options, there are Spicy Chicken Salad with Caesar Dressing, Mixed Mushrooms Salad, Roasted Beef Salad, Hummus Tabouleh, Babaganosh and Tom Yam Gong for Mommy or Mushroom Soup for my Little Angels.

For those who loves to eat Japanese food, do check out their Assorted Sushi and Shashimi and various type of sushi which include their signature Nasi Lemak Sushi. 
Nasi Lemak Sushi
Meals will not complete without some toothsome sweet delights. From fresh Tropical Fruits, Ice Cream with toppings to fine cakes and pastries, French Chocolate Tarts, Boston Cheese Cakes, Rainbow Cakes, Mango Mouse Cake, Bread and Butter Pudding and Mini French Pastries. Yummy Yummy Yummy !!!
Fresh Fruits
Cooling Ice Cream
Assorted Ice Cream Toppings - Every Kids' favourite

Cheese and Black Forrest Cake
Various Cakes with Kids' Favourite Toppings
Bread Pudding

Mr Pathmanath Aruma, Director of Food & Beverage of Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur quoted that they the value-for-money buffets with extensive choices cater to both adults and children, as well as the added value facilities i.e. mini children playground, weekly lucky draws, complimentary Wi-Fi access; all these can benefit diners and repeat customers. By bringing this new promotion on weekend nights, families and friends can enjoy dining in their spacious friendly environment while savour the taste if these delights.
From now till 30th October, diners for the Buffet Dinner will stand a chance of winning the following prizes :-
1. 2 days 1 night accommodation stay in Junior Suite inclusive of breakfast at Coffee House for 2 pax worth RM1,010 nett
2. Dinner Buffet at Gen Japanese Restaurant worth RM128 nett
3. Weekend Hi-Tea Buffet at Coffee House worth RM79 nett
BBQ Buffet Dinner on every Friday evening
Buffet is price at RM88 nett (BBQ Buffet Dinner) and RM98 nett (Seafood Buffet Dinner) with half price for kids aged 8 to 12 years old and senior citizens. How about Kids aged 7 and below ? They will dine-in for FREE. Yeah !!!  
Besides for the Buffet Dinner, the Coffee House also offer Hi-tea Buffet on every Weekend from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the price at RM79 nett and half price for kids aged 8 to 12 years old or senior citizen.  aged 7 and below will dine-in for FREE too. 

What is the food available at Weekend Hi-Tea Buffet ? Do expect variety of Executive Chef Rossham's special creations such as Nasi Ayam Kampung, Tempe Goreng, Fried Bean Curd, Red Chilli Paste, Green Chilli Paste, Sambal Curry, Mee Rebus Daging, Nasi Lemak Istimewa, Crispy Shri,p Wantan, Power Gear Box Soup Chicken Percik, oriental Barbecued Lamb, Dim Sum, Chinese Fried Mee Hoon, Mee Goreng Kicap, Sago Gula Melaka, Bubur Cha Cha with Yam and many more. Wow !!! 

The Coffee House also offered Fish Head Curry Set or ala carte specials daily including weekends. Each a la carte is serve with coffee or tea and dessert (fruits or sliced of cake-of-the-day) for only RM25 nett per set. Quite affordable to enjoy our Fish Head Curry at a hotel.

Coffee House also serves daily Buffet Breakfast, Special Occasions/Festive Seasons, Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner, Valentine's Set Dinner, Ramadhan Buffet and Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner.
For reservations, please call them at 03-40409988 or email to them at spkl@sunwayhotels.com. For the latest offers and promotions, do visit their website at http://putra.sunwayhotels.com, facebook page at www.facebook.com/sunwayputrahotelkl.com and instagram page at @sunwayputrahotel. Check out my video of the food below... 
Looking at all the food that I just introduced, I'm sure everyone feel hungry already. Ha Ha Ha !!! If you're a seafood or bbq lovers like me and my Little Angels, do try the buffet dinner with your family and friends. While our kids playing, we could enjoy the food more and chit chatting with our loved ones to check out the latest updates. From the food served, the dining area till the play area, I do recommend the Coffee House at Sunway Putra Hotel as Kid's Friendly restaurant.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Putrade Allsuites at Royal Perak Golf Club

Ipoh is my husband's hometown and which is now like my hometown too after married with Ipoh-kia. Ha ha ha !!! 1 year at least 3 times, we will go back to Ipoh to visit my in-laws. Besides visiting them, we will hunt for all the delicious food, attractions, shopping paradise and the hotel too. That is the reason why I'm quite familiar with everything at Ipoh even though I was born and raise at KL. 
If you ask me the best place to stay at Ipoh, then let me bring you a tour to a new hotel which is manage by PWTC KL this year. I'm sure all of you know that PWTC manage lots of prestigious exhibitions both locally and internationally for many years and now they are here to manage Putrade Allsuites which located at Royal Perak Golf Club.
A Classic Master Bedroom with attached Bathroom and beautiful art at the wall. All rooms have a beautiful greenery view and cosy lights
Clean and spacious bathroom 
The only hotel in Ipoh provide a complete sets of toiletries for the convenient of its guests i.e. Bath Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Cotton Bud, Sewing Kit, Sanitary bag, Vanity, Soap Bar, Shaving Kit etc
Putrade Allsuites has the perfect 36-units of serviced apartment, tastefully furnished with contemporary furniture and fittings, coziness and warmth exude from each suite to fit our classy mood. Their rooms represent the best of their service, modern-day minimalist look with a touch of elegance.
The comfortable bed and the fluffy pillows at each and every room. My Little Angels had a good sleep all night long in their 3-Bedroom Suite
Every room comes with 43 or 32 inch LED TV, a writing table and chair and a cabinet in their 3-Bedroom Suite
Every cabinet in each room has a comfortable Bathrobe, Slipper, Iron, Iron Board, Hanger, Toiletry Bag and a Safe Deposit in their 3-Bedroom Suite
The spacious aspect is emphasized, to accommodate family or friends, ranging from businessmen, golfers group or fit for family gatherings.
Comfortable sofa and pillows with 43" LED Flat Screen Television and Astro Channel in their 3-Bedroom Suite
A Spacious Dining Hall for a family of 6 in their 3-Bedroom Suite
Small kitchen with a mini fridge and Coffee or Tea Making Facilities that comes with Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine and Mineral Water in their 3-Bedroom Suite
Putrade Allsuites has 3 types of rooms for you to choose. For businessmen who is travelling alone or for couple, you could choose their One-Bedroom Suite for an extra space that comes with a queen or twin size bed. A 43 or 32 inch LED TV and an open working space with high speed internet access, wet bar with microwave and refrigerator and a safe. A perfect destination for golfers or business travelers and the rate is from RM390 nett per night inclusive of breakfast.
One-Bedroom Suite
Enjoy the comforts of their standard two-room suites with a larger space for greater accessibility. This suite includes a king size bed in the master bedroom as well as twin size bed in the guest room. This suite is suitable for group travelers or a family of 4. The rate is from RM490 nett per night and inclusive of breakfast.
Master Bedroom at Two-Bedroom Suite
Guest Room at Two-Bedroom Suite
Living Room at Two-Bedroom Suite
Dining Hall at Two-Bedroom Suite
The epitome of luxury and comfort, these three-Bedroom Suite has an expansive floor space of approximately 1,200 sq.ft. with stunning view of Royal Perak Golf Course. The 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms located at Level 3 for some privacy and exclusivity. A king size bed and two double beds in both the guest rooms, it is suitable for big family and group of travelers to stay in. The rate is from RM590 nett per night and inclusive of breakfast.
This King size bed is very comfortable to sleep. We love it so much !!!
Working table to complete my works at the Master Bedroom of Three-Bedroom Suite
Other services provided by the hotel include 24-hours Security Service, Airport Transfer Service, Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services and Complimentary Parking Bays.
As a hotel guest, we have full access to all facilities at the Royal Perak Golf Club throughout our stay. Let me bring you to a tour of their facilities.
18-Hole Championship Golf Course (subject to a charge and RPFC's approval)

Swimming Pool and Wading Pool
Squash and Tennis Courts
Games Room
Fitness Gym
Banquet Hall for meetings, weddings and corporate event at their magnificent Jubilee Ballroom
Dining Area at Fairway Restaurant for your breakfast, lunch and dinner
Attractions nearby Putrade Allsuites included the Ipoh town, Lost World of Tambun, Gunung Lang and many more.
10 minutes from the hotel to LWOT. Best Holiday Escapade with family and friends
Don't miss out to sit the boat to a beautiful island where our kids could play at the playground, climb the tower and a mini zoo at Gunung Lang. Just 15 minutes from the hotel 
Famous Nasi Kandar at Yong Suan Coffee Shop which located at the town area which is just 5 minutes from the hotel
Putrade Allsuites at RPGC is located at Royal Perak Golf Club, Jalan Azlan Shah, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. For more information, do visit their website at www.putradeallsuites.com and facebook page at www.facebook.com/putradeallsuitesatRPGC. For   reservations, do contact them at 05-2380022 and email to them at inquiry@putradeallsuites.com. Check out my video below...
If you're looking for a comfortable stay with your family and friends, do check out the new hotel at Ipoh, Putrade Allsuites at RPGC. Me and my Little Angels enjoyed our stay here so much and we will definitely come back again for our next stay. A great time spend at Ipoh during this school holiday which we will always remember.
My blogger friend, Cik Eintan, Encik Ridzuan, Director of Operation and Cik Syafiqa, Sales Exec. (From left to right)