Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Run For Your Lives, A Game Set in the World of Zombie

It is the times for all of us to stay alert and run for your lives. This is what Mommy Jane had learned after watching Korean latest hit movie, "Train to Busan", depicting that crucial life-and-death moment in keeping with the theme of Run For Your Lives at TGV, 1 Utama last week. Instead of watching in the movie, you could experience the tense to it too. Run For Your Lives, a game of flag tag set in the world of a zombie apocalypse will making its return to Malaysia this 31st December at Taman Botani Putrajaya. Begin in United States back in 2011, the games has attracted over 12,000 participants since its debut and has spread to other cities worlwide which include Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.
The premise behind the game is like what happening at the movie "Train to Busan" where zombie apocalypse has plagued the world, caused by an unknown virus. Participants may choose to run as a "Survivor" (human) or a Zombie. Gameplay is generally simple - the humans will have to outrun the zombies who have the goal of 'capturing' the humans. 
The journey to the safe zone with all the high risk areas. Besides Zombie, there will be various obstacles that you need to overcome and three story modes to enhance the Zombie apocalypse experience. Using technology and gamification, Run For Your Lives will works towards its goal of making exercise fun, helping participants to encounter a new experience while reaping the joys and benefits of getting active.
"We're truly excited about bringing back Run For Your Lives to Malaysia. This unique experience promises participants a thrilling journey filled with different obstacles that will certainly get the adrenaline pumped up," said Mr. Leong Delon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Monkey Theory Sdn Bhd.
Mr. Leong Delon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Monkey Theory Sdn Bhd
Early bird registration of RM69 can be done at from this Saturday, 1st October while payment can be made via credit/debit card and online banking. Each participants will be given a choice to run as a Survivor or a Zombie, which provides them with different entitlements. For you plan to run as Survivor, you'll get Wrist Tag, T-Shirt and a Medal and as a Zombie, you'll get the same plus a professional make-up so that you could looks like a real Zombie.
Run For Your Lives Malaysia is organised by Monkey Theory Sdn Bhd with the support from Hype Malaysia, TanTan News and Siakap Keli as the social media partners. The official partner is Sunway Lagoon with Aery Jo Academy will be the make-up professionals.. Official hashtag for Run For Your Lives Malaysia is #RFYLMY. For more information and details, you could find it at
The Run looks fun but a bit scary. Imagine we are chase by Zombie as per the movie "Train to Busan". But these Zombie is a human being, guess won't be that scary but it looks fun to join with friends. There are lots of challenges and obstacles that a participant need to go through to win the game. Join the run now and have all the fun to end the year 2016 with something excited.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mid-Autumn Celebration hosted by IJM Land

Mommy Jane and Little Angels were invited to the ARC, Bandar Rimbayu last Sunday evening for a grand 'Harvest Joy Under the Moon' Mid-Autumn Celebration. For a single night, the lush green beauty of The ARC, Bandar Rimbayu was transformed into a mystical fairy tale forest under a bright moonlit sky to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival for families and invited guests
Organised by IJM LAND, the orchestrated under the theme of 'Harvest Joy and Unity Under the Moon' took place on 25th September 2016 from 6.00 p.m. till 9.00 p.m. amidst the lantern bedocked gardens of the ARC.
The delicious fried Kuey Teow which was freshly prepared by the Chef
Nasi Tomato with Ayam Masak Merah was served by the friendly Waiters 
Our Malaysian favourite food, Satay was freshly grilled and served with spice sauce that contains peanut 
All of the guests which include me and my Little Angels were treated to a feast of local delicacies i.e. fried kuey teow, nasi tomato, popiah, satay, cakes and many more along with a complimentary selection of dainty gourmet mooncakes and fresh pomelos. Each of the food were served in different booths with Chefs and Waiters that are ready to served all the guests present. 
Children present able to partake in the activities with a special Mini Barbecue area where they were able to enjoy tasty grilled treats. My Little Angels had grilled yummylicious sausage for Mommy Jane after taken the order. A treat that I will always cherish.
While we enjoying the delicious food and the beautiful scenery at The ARC, Chinese orchestra had played a selection of contemporary tunes.
After the dinner, me and my Little Angels had stroll along a series of intricately landscaped, moonlit paths and specially themed areas such as the gaily lit Lovers' Bridge, which resembles the love story and sympathetic to sacrifices of Chang'E to Hou Yi in the ancient years while enjoyed the sightseeing of the beautiful Garden by the Creek and the Mystical Forest.

Roiling coils of smoke, giant lanterns in all shapes and sizes gently swaying in the wind and strings of beautiful lights bedecked the trees and landscape, offering a host of exciting photo opportunities for friends and families. There are 5 Giant Lanterns which were launched on that day at The Arc i.e. Panda, Tortoise, Butterfly, Rabbit and 2 beautiful Roses that mades the place livelier now.
We were amazed with the mystical ambiance and beautifully lit trees and multi-coloured lanterns that now transformed into a magical looking landscape. With the spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival, it is the time to renew old ties and bonds with family and friends as all the guests present had mingled around while sharing stories and memories together of this truly unforgettable and magic moment. 
"Bandar Rimbayu is not just a place to live, it's more than that. When you stay at Bandar Rimbayu, you become part of a wholesome, thriving and welcoming community that embraces the bonds of family members, friendship and fellowship," said Susan Teh, Sales and Marketing Senior Manager at Bandar Rimbayu. Mid-Autumn Festival is the perfect time to foster these bonds of community and share a joyful time together with family members, fellow residents and friends.
My Little Angels and all the children were happily playing with the complimentary paper lanterns, sparklers and luminescent bracelets around the grounds of the park. There were contest with prizes given away too i.e. find the mooncake paper at the park to redeem your prizes and pomelo peeling contest between father and son and mother with daughter partnering to win the judges' heart with the most creative pomelo skin decorated.
Bandar Rimbayu is a premier township development by IJM LAND, inspiring nostalgia for a time when life was simple and people lived close to nature, in a safe and supportive neighbourhood. Set in tranquil green surroundings of 1,879 acres, Bandar Rimbayu is set to be an iconic mixed development of residential, commercial, recreational and parkland components. For more information, do please visit their website at
Thanks to IJM Land for the invitation to be part of the Mid-Autumn Celebration. Me and my Little Angels had enjoyed the delicious food prepared for all of us and the beautiful scenery of the magical moment that capture all of our hearts. It is indeed a lovely evening celebration amidst this beautiful township that we really hope that we can be part of the community. The bonding session between family members and friends were truly a touching moment for all of us as we celebrate the meaningful of Mid Autumn Festival with the theme 'Harvest Joy Under the Moon' at The Arc, Bandar Rimbayu, a place where we want to be.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Storks Movie Screening at Luxe Hall, TGV Cinema, a Family Friendly Hall

Mommy Jane and Little Angels love to watch movie. Whenever we go for a movie outing, Mommy Jane must ensure that the hall is a family friendly hall so that my Little Angels will feel comfortable and other Audiences will not feel irritated with children moving and asking around. Recently Mommy Jane and Little Angels were invited to watch an animation film named Stork at a Family Friendly Hall i.e. Luxe at TGV Cinemas which located at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. 
TGV Cinemas has been the first in Malaysia at a lot of things which include their Family Friendly sessions which have so far attracted all kinds of cool, crazy fun loving kids from all over along with families to have the most enjoyable movie experience we could possibly hope for. The halls and their friendly attentive staff are fully equipped to facilitate the most enjoyable cinema experience for the whole family. Baby changing rooms are available at your earliest need.
Only 2-D movies are available for LUXE Hall with 7.1 Dolby surround. The seats were clad in red velvet that are designed to give us an elevated level of comfort during our movie. We can place our drinks and popcorn on the specially designed table and relax our hands on the extra-wide arm-rest.
After seated at our comfortable seats, the movie begin. Stork is an animation film explores the concept of storks who were once thought to deliver babies, whom are now delivering packages for an internet corporation. Junior (Andy Samberg), the Company's top delivery stork, lands in hot water when the Baby Factory produces an adorable but wholly unauthorised girl. Desperate to deliver this bundle of trouble, Junior and his friend, Tulip (Katie Crown), the only human on Stork Mountain, race against time to make their first baby drop before their boss (Kelsey Grammer) finds out. 
The movie was interesting and my Little Angels had enjoyed the movie so much. They watched it from the beginning till the end without walking around. They love to see the cute little baby and how Stork and Tulip work together to save the baby from any harm. Storks are now screening at all Family Friendly Hall at TGV Cinemas. Watch it now at the comfort of your home with your Little Ones.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Mermaid will Premier Exclusively on CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322)

The Mermaid is a film that tells the story of a playboy businessman (Deng Chao) who falls in love with a mermaid, Shan (Lin Yun) who was sent to assassinate him. I'm sure majority of you had watched it during Chinese New Year because upon release, this film had broke numerous box office records. Me and my Little Angels had watched it twice. Once during CNY celebration early this year and our second time just recently when TGV AEON Klebang launched free movie tickets for all its blockbuster movies and now, it will premiere exclusively on CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322) on Sunday, 2nd October at 9p.m.
The Mermaid is a 2016 Chinese-Hong Kong science-fiction, fantasy and romantic comedy that was directed, co-written and co-produced by Stephen Chow and this is his tenth directorial effort. The movie was ranked as the No. 1 Chinese movie with box office earnings of RM7,025,381 in Malaysia alone and was also the highest grossing film of all time in China. 
Stephen Chow was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of "The Little Mermaid" to produce this film and wanted to make it a modern interpretation of the story. Another came from his childhood where he lived by the sea and always wondered what life was like under the sea.
If you think that it is easy to become an actor or actress, then you're wrong. Just imagine that Deng Chao and Lin Yun ended up eating a total of 150 roasted chickens during a multiple takes of an eating scene just to ensure they got the best quality shot. Wow... If I were them, then no roasted chickens for me for at least 3 months. Ha ha ha...
The moral of the story that we learned from the movie is, Liu Xuan's development project had a direct impact on the merpeople and had killed many of them. He managed to save Shan by sending her back to the ocean so she could escape from this and learning from his mistakes, Xuan then set up a scholarship for research on environmental protection. 
If you would like to watch The Mermaid all over again or if you haven't watch it yet, then this must-watch movie will premier exclusively on CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322) on Sunday, 2nd October at 9 p.m. to catch this billion-dollar Chinese blockbuster. For more details about Celestial Movies, do check out their facebook page at
The Mermaid fever continues with this simple Share-and-Win Contest. Simply share the visual below in your social media and hastag #Ilikecm #TheMermaid and #mommyjane so that I can trace the links to win some exclusive Celestial Movies merchandise as below which consist of a tote Bag, selfie LED flashlight, erasable note pad, umbrella and RM50 Neway Cash Voucher for you to enjoy your karaoke session.
This contest only applicable for Malaysians who reside in Malaysia. Contest close on 2 October 2016. Please provide your name and email address at the comment box below. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained. Winner will be contacted for prize collection. Good luck to all my readers and thanks for joining the contest.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Books Monthly Subscription Box with Peekabox

Children nowadays were busy with all types of devices and watching movie. When is the last time you and your children sat together for a book session ? We should make it a practise to have reading times together at least 3 times in a week especially before they go to bed because reading is the best way to improve our mind and stay smart. It is the best ways to learn and to expand our knowledge. To made reading times an interesting moment for all of us, Mommy Jane had recently subscribe to Peekabox, a monthly book box subscription service for children.
Every month, Peekabox team will thoughtfully curates a set of books specially for my Little Angels depend on their aged group. We can choose from the book only boxes or themed boxes which include fun activities and educational games. The boxes were meant for children aged 2-5, 5-8 and 8-12 years old.
Book Boxes provide excellent value with a selection of new books worth over RM200 every month, specially selected for your child's age group while Themed Boxes provide added excitement with fun activity sets and educational games based around the books of the month. All you have to do is just pay monthly of RM79.90 or RM69.90 half yearly or just RM59.90 annually to get the books worth more than RM200. Which means, you will be getting more than 70% discount when you subscribe through Peekabox. 

The subscription is very easy. Just log in to, Choose a Box, Subscribe, Relax and Enjoy the books which will be delivered to your doorstep. Normally they will dispatch around the 5th of the month and the best thing is, the Delivery is free.

Currently they ship only to Peninsular Malaysia and you can personalised your gift after payment to send it out as a gift to someone that you care. Payment can be done via PayPal. Once you had sign up, a subscription is created and payment will be done automatically at each billing cycle either monthly, half-yearly or annually. The longer you sign up, the more you will save.
My eldest son, WH aged 10, love the Frankie's Magic Football most since this is his favourite sport. Every weekend, he will go to 1 Utama for a futsal training by EPS Academy and this storybook relate to his real life. The story is about Frankie and his team love playing football. There's always time for a game. And now that they have their magical football they're playing against teams they never imagined. When Frankie's football transports them to a Roman arena and will his team be a roaring success or will the football battle be more than they bargained for ? Check out the full story from the Frankie's Magic Football storybook by Peekabox.
What I love about the storybooks send by Peekabox is the strong character for each model that mades us laugh and cry. The plot that made us wanted to read on till the end of the story. It also teaches us about the diversity, love, manners and acceptance. The illustrations are colourful, varied and full of movement that mades my Little Angels never felt bored of reading the whole book. It is also another way to develop our Little Ones' critical thinking skill as they flip through the chapter of the book. 
My Little Angel, WH enjoyed reading his favourite book before he went to bed

Male Only Barbershop Concept at Gentlemen's Tonic

Whenever my hubby wanted to cut his hair, normally he will go to hair saloon instead of traditional barbershop because he feel the comfort and the hair dresser mostly ladies knew how to style with his hair. When Hubby wanted to get his hair done this round, Mommy Jane brought him to Gentlemen's Tonic, a unique and award-winning traditional barbershop for male only to try out the service there since it is located at Publika which is near to our house.
Gentlemen's Tonic was founded in 2004 in the heart of Mayfair. It is the modern man a traditional barbershop and a variety of lifestyle and grooming services. Now with locations in London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Moscow and New Delhi with further sites under development. 
Their services and products have been carefully selected and tested for quality and effectiveness and are designed to promote a sense of well-being and vitality. It is an exclusively male-only establishment offering barbering, grooming and lifestyle treatments and services along with products sold both within their establishments and through third party retailers.
Gentlemen's is to indicate that the business is dedicated exclusively to the needs of the modern man and Tonic is to signify the restorative properties of the brand experience. The Company's philosophy is understated, self-confident and provides the opportunity for clients to experience the highest level of dedicated and exclusive care and attention. 
Launched in early 2008. their product line was specifically designed and formulated for men's grooming needs. It features a bespoke fragrance and incorporates natural plant-derived ingredients which is free from synthetic materials and harmful chemical additives. The range is distinctive and authentic and made entirely in the UK and re-iterates Gentlemen's Tonic reputation as an industry leader.

Their award-winning Babassu and Bergamot product range with 8 core products during the launched has now grown to 16. Gentlemen's Tonic have won numerous worldwide awards and accolades. The fragrances offer a personal dimension, rich in heritage, stylish and contemporary by fusing old and new.

If you're looking for a gift for men on Christmas or Birthday or any other occasions, then you might want to get Gentlemen's Tonic gift set. All the set was nicely packed and in conjunction with Malaysia Day festive, Gentlemen's Tonic is giving away 20% off on their award winning Babassu and Bergamot range of products.  

After hair cutting and finishing, hubby proceed with traditional wet shave. Hair Cutting & Finishing was priced at RM125 and traditional wet shave was priced at RM80. If you want to have both, then you can choose the Shackleton package which priced at RM190 for 70 minutes treatment.
Gentlemen's Tonic is located at D5-G3-3, Solaris Dutamas (Publika), No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. You can call them at 03-64128660 for appointment. Do check out their website at and facebook page at
Hubby and Fiqri, Managing Director of Gentlemen's Tonic Malaysia
After the 70 minutes treatment, hubby looks fresh and happy. He happy, Mommy Jane feel happy too. He love how the professional Barber cut his hair nicely and the treatments given, is the best that he ever experience. The seats were comfortable and I really love the interior design that looks luxury. The service is good too coz' every customer will be greeted with a smiling face and serve with drinks of our choice. Looking forward for more of their treatments, the outlet provide a massage too. Gentlemen's Tonic, a dream place for every modern man that cares for their well-being and vitality.