Sunday, March 26, 2017

Little Vive Green Market at The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid

Mommy Jane will always ensure that my 5 Little Angels eating healthily to stay happy. Mommy Jane loves to go to market to get nutritious and yet delicious food for Little Angels. Last weekend, Mommy Jane went to the Little Vive Green Market at The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid to check on the farmer market that sold organic, homemade and handmade products that produced locally. 
Vive Green Market is co-founded by several independent and essential snack foods' brand in Malaysia, let by Vie Verte, intended to introduce more Malaysians to the independent Food & Beverage Industries. Vive Green Market consist of 80 different unique units from different sectors which included local agriculture's products, local independent food and beverages products, local independent handcrafters, NGO, minorities group etc, are aim to made a well diversified events. Visitors especially Kids could enjoyed the parenting activities such as story-telling, batik and keychain painting, soap making etc to lighten the mood of all the visitors.

Vie Verte offers a range of specialty, natural and healthy snacks. Their best selling items include 75% Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs (RM15.90), Super Cacao Nibs (RM17.90) and Artisan Chocolate (RM25.00). The Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter best to spread it at our bread to boost our daily energy with this breakfast. The superior class honey best to have it as drinks. With all these snacks, we could also use it as an ingredients or toppings for our ice cream or desserts.  Mommy Jane had tried out the samples of Vie Verte products and found it to be delicious and yet healthy snacks for my Little Angels. We could snack and live healthily with Vie Verte
Another food recommended for our Little Ones at the Little Vive Green Market is from Mommy J. Their homemade natural food powder are made of 100%  pure premium ingredients as well as organic produce. Their wide range of premium powders to choose from ORGANIC Mushroom, Anxin Chicken, Natural Kombu, Premium Anchovy, Premium Whitebait (Silverfish) and Premium Scallop. The founder of Mommy J had shared with us her passion to cook for her children but in an easier and healthy way. Because of this, she had founded the homemade natural powder to share with all Moms.
The Chili Garlic was produced by C & T. Using the finest ingredients i.e. garlics, onions, pure sesame oil and 100% himalayan salt, simply put it on your rice noodles or any kind of dishes for the prefect types of cuisine that gives us an extra flavour to our dishes.
Another item sold at the Vive Green Market, is The Source Food Wash. It effectively removes pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, waxes and soil for a healthier, safer diet and food preparation area. It holds natural taste and appearance longer, without the use of preservatives. Price at RM68 but selling at the Vive Market at a promotion price of RM38.
Foodies with Love are selling homemade veggie pasta, xiban, cakes, cookies, pasta sauce etc.
Husk'sware products are eco-friendly tableware products that safe for all households. It uses 100% natural rice husk fibre as the main raw material and food-grade silicone as the complementary material to improve human well-being and to preserve the environment. It produced with modern bio-technology using heat compression without chemical and artificial colouring. It is dense and has no pores to harbor bacteria, making it durable, stain-resistant, safe and hygienic.

The Little Vive Green Market also offers Turkey Towels which is made from 100% natural fibre peshtemals, Unisho-Shoes/Footwear for flat shoes, heels, sneakers, wedges, sandals, boot etc, Bloom Flower Tea for a freshly made with love and La Vie Organics for the fresh vegetables and tomatoes.
Check out these creatively made souvenirs at the Little Vive Green Market. Little bonzai-like plant to made your own mini garden, souvenir, bracelets from Conic Atom made by natural crystals and gem stones. All unique bracelets are originated designed by their designer. The crystals that bring good lucks to everyone and has become a new fashion trend. The 100% handmade hair accessories and handmade lace bag too by Lexi Seven.
Homebrewed soya sauce without flavouring, colouring and preservatives by ML Food BIOCOCO Dietary and Skincare products that are made 100% natural from virgin coconut oil for face serum, moisturiser, facial treatment oil for pimples, make-up remover/cleanser and range of face, body and hair soaps. LooLoo soap that are natural handmade soap with no worries on chemical triggered skin sensitivity issues and many more.
While Mommy Jane went to shop all these locally grown products at the Farmer Market, Little Angels had fun time at the Playland. They enjoyed the complimentary milk packets given by Enfagrow too.
Since Mommy Jane took 3 hours for shopping at the Little Vive Green Market and to understand more on the organic products that are good for my Little Angels, we end up have dinner at the Lillipilli cafe which located just beside the Playland and ordered their delicious and recommended nasi lemak rendang.
Thanks to the Little Vive Green Market and The Parenthood for the invitation to join the farmer market. Mommy Jane and all the parenting bloggers had learned the method to cook for our Little Ones in a healthy, safer and convenient way. The products sold at the Little Vive Green Market are made locally, organic, homemade and handmade which are healthy for the whole family. Kids enjoyed the activities going on and Mommy Jane had wonderful times shopping for the family. If you want to get all these products mentioned above at the Vive Green Market, you can get it online or go to the Be Bold outlet at The Parenthood.
Vendors from Husk'sware, The Vive Green Market, The Parenthood and Mommy J sharing the uniqueness of their products to all the Mom Bloggers
For more information on the Vive Green Market, do check out their updates at and The Parenthood at
Mommy Jane with the Parenting Bloggers and Vendors 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Malaysian Hairdressing Association (MHA) Celebrated its 12th Year Anniversary

Malaysian Hairdressing Association (MHA) celebrated its 12th years anniversary with the biggest hair show and fashiontainment extravaganza in Malaysia with the titled "It's TIME". Mommy Jane was invited to the celebration on 21 March 2017 at HGH Convention Centre, Sentul.
The show aimed to create a platform for local hairdressers to showcase their work to larger audience. Attended by 800 guests including industry leaders, the gala showcased about 60 dramatic hair creations on the runway with the theme of 1920s/30s and Futuristic Chic which consists of three categories i.e. Culture Tribes, Future Avant Garde as well as Shapes and Sculptures.
Over 25 local hairdressers included James Wong from A Cut Above, Avier Ng from Tenze Studio, Alice Boon from a+b Hair Studio, Elmer Tay from La'Mode, Juno Loo from Juno’s Perfection Studio, Nick Koh from Signature Hair Salon, and many others. Additionally, the show featured Australian famed hairdresser, Atilio Dusa who highlighted the latest trend in hairdressing with the support from Evo Malaysia had presented the hairstyles.
What amaze me is the fashion event which had been celebrated in an eclectic way to showcase hairdressing and fashion evolution created by today’s talented hairdressers and designers. The opening dresses were designed by Keith Kee of Keith Kee Couture, while the rest of the evening gowns were styled and designed by Malaysian fashion stylist and designer, Cris Yong who garnered the ‘MHA Industry Creative Award’.
Besides the hair and fashion show, the celebration included concert performances by MHA’s hairdresser, Elee who won the ‘Hairdresser Got Talent’ title in 2016, along with electric violinist; Dennis Lau, and Malaysian singers; Winnie K and Vic Teo. In addition, the gala featured dancers from ‘The Dance Company’ by Peter Choo, who won the ‘MHA Entertainment Award.’
Congrats to MHA for celebrated its 12th Anniversary
Datin Winnie Loo, the President of MHA who received the ‘MHA Life Time Award’ during the event commented: “I believe this is the right time to celebrate and recognise our 12 years of achievement and let the audience see the other side of our creativity. I always dream big and this is by far the biggest hair and fashion event organised by the association. I trust with my 40 years of experience and our talented members, the gala will be a night to remember for many years to come.”
Congrats to Datin Winnie Loo who had receivied her MHA Life Time Award
Supported by L’oreal, Elgon, K Gloss, PCQ Hair & Beauty Products, Shiseido and Evo Malaysia, part of the proceeds from the show will go to two charities; ULC Blessing Management as well as Services for Children with Disability in Ipoh, Perak.
Thanks to MHA for the invitation to join their 12th Anniversary celebration. Mommy Jane was amaze with the fashion show that had created so many talented hairdressers and designers. It was indeed very creative with modern looks. Hope more of such events will be created to build up the talents at Malaysia and to contribute to the society too.

About Malaysian Hairdressing Association (MHA)

The Malaysian Hairdressing Association was established in 2005 to gather professionals in hairdressing industry and increase awareness of professional rights besides developing the industry. MHA works toward their industry common goal and carry out activities to promote, grow and upgrade the positive image of hairdressing profession for more profitable, productive and respectable industry. MHA proactive role involves training, business expansion, career opportunity, problem encountering and other related activities.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CARRIE JUNIOR in Refill Packs

Good news to all Mommies and Daddies. Due to rising cost of living, everything was very expensive. All children stuffs' prices had increased tremendously and money was never enough. We, as a parent will always look for ways to lower our spending. However a tighter budget does not mean that we have to sacrifice on personal care, especially when it comes to bath time for our Little Ones. As a show of gratitude to their loyal customers, CARRIE JUNIOR now offers a selection of cost savings, refill packs.
These cost savings and convenient refill packs are not only for long standing users of CARRIE JUNIOR, but are also for new users who are looking to care for their children's personal hygiene without breaking the bank. Being a trusted brand for over 20 years, the children's toiletries market specifically formulated for kids and babies. CARRIE JUNIOR is always looking for new ways to meet the needs of loyal and value-seeking consumers.
These new refill packs will also help with conserve the environment as it reduces the need to buy a new bottle of shower which increases plastic waste that negatively impacts the environment. Parents like us can now save on cost while saving Mother Nature yet providing our Little Ones.
Just cut at the side of the refill pack
And fill it up to our existing bottle to save money and the environment 
CARRIE JUNIOR Refill Packs are now available in Hair and Body Wash and Baby Bath ranges. The Refill pack for Baby Bath was retailed at RM8.90 (West Malaysia) and RM9.30 (East Malaysia) while the Hair and Body Wash was retailed at RM9.90 (West Malaysia) and RM10.40 (East Malaysia). You could find CARRIE JUNIOR products at leading retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets and major pharmacies nationwide.
CARRIE JUNIOR had various choices of fruity scents that kept my Little Angels smelling fresh and clean all day long. It cleans gently yet effectively and is suitable for their daily use. CARRIE JUNIOR is certified HALAL and their range includes Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo, Hair & Body Wash, Baby Powder, Baby Lotion and Baby Oil. It comes with refreshingly fruity fragrances that my Little Angels love.
For more details and promotions, you can check out CARRIE JUNIOR website at and facebook page at

Being a Mom to my 5 Little Angels, I always provide them with the best and CARRIE JUNIOR is my No. 1 choice in terms of personal hygiene. My Little Angels love the cute elephant vibrant packaging while Mommy Jane loves the toileteries that are formulated with Fruito-E, a combination of natural fruit extracts rich in nutrients and vitamins to help nourish, moisturise and protect my Little Angels' delicate skin and hair. 

Swimming Babies and Safety Workshop at the Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid by Cheekaaboo

Swimming is lots of fun for people of all ages and children especially love getting in the water and enjoying themselves. Swimmings keeps our child's heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture but swimming can take our child life too if parents do not know how to take safety measures to save our child's life. As a mother to my 5 Little Angels, Mommy Jane had took the initiative to attend Cheekaaboo Swimming Babies and Safety Workshop which held at the Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid last weekend.

Bryan Yap with 23 years experienced as a swimming instructor taught us on how to save our child's life by sharing the skills that will give our child a fighting chance in the event of an accident. Timing is critical when it comes to save our child from a near-drowning experience. If enough oxygen is not being delivered to their brain, severe damage can occur within a few minutes. If the child's heart has stopped beating for more than eight to 10 minutes, their chance of surviving are greatly reduced.
Since drowning can happen in as little as 20 seconds, even in the water that is only inches deep, most infanthood drowning cases happen in backyard pools, bath tubs, inflatable pool, toilets and drainage sites. Bryan also showed us on CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), an emergency procedure that involves a combination of chest compressions and recue breaths (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) to save our child life. If there is no respond from our child, then we need to call 999 right away.
Bryan taught us to test the water temperature first and the correct method to hold our baby during their bath time. He also invite 2 audiences i.e. Mom Blogger, Ayu and a Daddy for a demonstration.   
This workshop was sponsored by Cheekaaboo and the venue was sponsored by the Parenthood Playland. While all the parents attended the workshop, children enjoying themselves for a unlimited play at the playland for the day at the Malaysia's 1st London Street Family Park.
Cheekaaboo offers a range of cheerful and bubbly protective swimwear and floaties designed for the comfort of our precious little ones. They are not just your old ordinary swim stuff, but specially designed for baby and children's needs and parents' too. The Cheekaaboo WarmmieBabes Swimsuit is made from 2mm soft, double lined neoprene with insulating and sun protection properties. It keeps baby warm in and out of water by creating a layer of insulation from arms and thighs to ensures a more comfortable arm and leg movements. It is also designed with adjustable Velcro fastening at the back to accommodate size differences and growth. Cheekaaboo Swimwear is available for sale at The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Putra Mall.
Thanks to the Parenthood and Cheekaaboo for the invitation to Mommy Jane to the workshop conducted by Bryan. It is good to take precaution methods now before it is too late especially as a Mom, we easily feel panicked when the accidents occured. My Little Angels love the colours and design of the swimwear which are vibrant and attractive while Mommy Jane loves the features of the swimwear that will always keep my Little Angels feel warm. For more workshops or event going on at the Parenthood, do like them at their facebook at and Cheekaaboo facebook at
Remember to bring your little ones to the Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid this weekend from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. for a farmer market and be part of the best green market. It is a kid's oriented green market that is fun and educational for the whole family. Immerse yourself in a galore of food, beverages, organic vegetables, handicrafts, F&B, artisan products and many more. It is a fun-filled activities such as storytelling, DIY keychains, batik drawing, soap making workshops and artist workshops where parents can build relationships with their kids through activities. Admission is FREE and the first 200 customers will bring home a storybook too. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Disney Mickey and the Roadster Racers

Disney's No. 1 star, Mickey Mouse is Mommy Jane's favourite cartoon character since young and now is my Little Angels' favourite too. When Mommy Jane received the exclusive media preview screening invitation to be the first to watch the Disney Junior's latest animated series, "Mickey and the Roadster Racers" at GSC Mid Valley, me and my Little Angels felt really excited to meet up with our idol again and after that to join the activities at Centre Court, Mid Valley Mega Mall.
Premiering on this Friday, 24th March 2017 at 2.30pm in Southeast Asia, the show for preschoolers follows Mickey and his friends, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald on various car racing adventures.
Mickey and the gang, together with their distinctive cars which transform into roadster racers, go on adventures around the world in their mini-metropolis, Hot Dog Hills. This is what boys normally love will do.
Off the racetrack, Minnie and Daisy run their own successful business as "Happy Helpers", solving problems for anyone in need of a helping hand. For these 2 episodes, we watch how both the ladies helping their clients to baby-sitting and catching a "King Kong". 
This animated series is suitable for kids aged 2 to 7 years old which were designed to impart social and emotional lessons about friendship, teamwork, optimism and good sportsmanship. 
My Little Angel, WH had got his awesome Mickey and the Roadster Racers license at MV. Come and get yours too !
In anticipation of the series launch, pre-schoolers across Southeast Asia will have a chance to earn their very own Roadster Racer's license from 13 March 2017. Parents can upload a photo of your child to the Disney Junior Asia Facebook page at and describe your child's favourite Roadster Racer and the best entries will earn the Roadster Racer's license and also stand a chance to be featured on Disney Junior ! Wow...
Bring your little ones to join the action at the "Disney Junior Mickey and the Roadster Racers Carnival" at 3 locations across Malaysia i.e. Mid Valley (15 to 26 March), Penang (29 March to 4 April) and Kota Bharu (6 to 8 April) for an exciting interactive experience for the whole families. Kids can ride, race and play to earn their Roadster Racer's license and get up close with Mickey himself while enjoy other fun racing activities.
"Mickey and the Roadster Racers" guest stars, Jay Leno as the voice announcer Billy Beagle, Tim Gunn (Project Runway) as Robbie Roberts, Gordon Ramsay (MasterChef) as Chef Oxley and NASCAR stars, Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick as the voices of race car drivers. The Emmy-nominated creative talent behind the series includes Rob LaDuca as Executive Producer and Mark Seidenberg as Co-executive Producer and Supervising Story Editor.
Remember to catch Mickey Mouse and the Gang rev up for the latest action-packed racing series premiering at Disney Channel on this Friday, 24th March 2017 at 8 p.m. daily. For more details, do visit their website at and facebook page at for more events updates.
Thanks to Disney Junior for the invitation. Mommy Jane and Little Angels enjoyed the movie screening of Disney Mickey and the Roadster Racers very much. We enjoyed the activities too at the Carnival. My Little Angels earned their awesome driving licenses after completing all the activities. A great bonding moment for the whole family especially on this school holiday with our idols, Mickey and his Gangs.