Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Anti-Aging with Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex

We don't need expensive treatments to look youthful. All we need is just a healthy lifestyle coupled with regular skincare regimen and intake of sheep placenta to make our skin healthy and radiant.

What are the signs of aging? When we have stiffening of the blood vessels and arteries, our bones tend to shrink in size and density, muscles lose strength, endurance and flexibility, bladder becomes less elastic, sexual needs and performance change and many more... 

Sheep placenta is a wonderful source of peptides which are chains of amino acides and small proteins which will be an influence to our aging process in our body. Recently I was given a chance to try out supplements with Nuvit Grande Platinum Placenta Complex ("GPPC") and will share out my review at this post.

GPPC is using sheep placenta which is more compatible to our body and purely from New Zealand using high quality of sheep placenta and it is a good source of stem cells and other nutrients. Each softgel consists 30,000mg high purity level with the compression of (50:1) which is the highest concentration in the market. 

GPPC is using 4-in-1 Synergistic Formulation to enhance Squalene, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera. It is biologically effective with Enteric Coated to ensure maximum absorption in the intestine plus Nitrogen filled to ensure freshness of content. It is safe and reliable with well researched for 15 years and registered with NPRA (MAL product) and been in the market for 8 years.

If you wants to have a youth and beauty look, GPPC will lifts our forehead creases, tightens our eyebrows, reduces frown lines, lightens fine lines, lifts and firms jowl area, lightens smile lines and reduces nasolabial folds, remove dark spots and improve our neck wrinkles so that we will always look young. Yeah!!! 

GPPC other benefits include Accelerate wound healing, regulatates our menstrual cycle, improves physical energy and overall function and for those who wants baby, then GPPC will improves your fertility.


For more information, do visit their website at and follow them at their Facebook page at Nuvit.Malaysia.

After having GPPC for a month, Mommmy Jane feel much younger and looks more beautiful. My skin complexion looks brighter, smoother and wrinkles and dark spot have reduce. The most important is at my age at late 40's, GPPC has help to regulates my menstrual cycle. I feel more energetic now, looks happier and it indeed reduce my work stress level especially during the pandemic Covid-19. If you want to give it a try, 
My youthful looks after having GPPC

Nuvit is having promotion for its GPPC. Their 1 box of 30 softgels with an extra of 10 softgels are selling at a promotion price of RM299 only for a limited time period. Health is Wealth. Do take care of our health now to live a better and happier life!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Ayam Brand & JAKOA Uplift Communities in Kampung Orang Asli By Support #AyamWithYou Campaign

All of us have felt the economic impact of COVID-19 through reduced economic opportunities especially for Orang Asli community. To help out Orang Asli communities in Selangor, Ayam Brand™ in cooperation with the Department of Orang Asli Development (JAKOA) is introducing the #AyamWithYou community care campaign.

The #AyamWithYou community pantry is now self-sustaining in 13 locations nationwide with communities coming together to give and to take daily essentials such as food, to help those in need, supported by product contributions from Ayam Brand, Mission Foods and Alce Nero. 
Starting with Kampung orang Asli Changkat Bintang, they will get one month’s supply of Ayam Brand and Alce Nero products being contributed to a total of 39 Orang Asli families from these communities.

The Director General of JAKOA, Prof Dr Juli Edo said that the #AyamWithYou campaign was needful for its tangible and psychological support of Orang Asli communities through the contribution of food essentials during these challenging times. He further said that with the stimulus provided for Orang Asli, it has helpf many communities nationwide but they are still facing economic challenges, specifically putting food on the table. The #AyamWithYou campaign is a timely and positive uplift for Orang Asli communities, a reminder that they are not alone, as organisations and individuals have their interest at heart. Their thanks to Ayam Brand and Alce Nero for their generous contribution of premium healthy food products.

As the communities are deep in the interior, JAKOA will take on the logistics support, and coordinate with the Tok Batin to distribute a box of 27 products to heads of households in each community, while ensuring that social distancing is practised. As we know that these communities are hard hit economically, and the contribution of food items with longer shelf lives is a vital lifeline. We hope more organisations join the #AyamWithYou campaign, or initiate their own charitable giving. 

Ayam Brand™ through its long-running Corporate Social Responsibility programmes  has contributed more than 2 million healthy meals for charity, providing nutritious food to more than 21,800 people from 524 charity organisations and NGOs over the past 13 years. The #AyamWithYou community care campaign has supported front liners at Hospital Sungai Buloh, the homeless, the differently abled, orphans, single mothers and the elderly since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Malaysia. Approximately 20,000 Ayam Brand products have been distributed to date.

Ms Teoh Wei Ling, Ayam Brand Malaysia’s Marketing Manager said that they have reached out to different communities, especially those in need through the community care campaign, and are glad to work with JAKOA to support Orang Asli communities. Their products are nutrient dense with reduced sugar and sodium that well suit Orang Asli diets. They modified the community pantry concept as there are fewer donors due to the isolated locations. They welcome other brands to join them in supporting these communities. The take away from the #AyamWithYou campaign is that as communities they can lift each other up.

#AyamWithYou campaign was a welcome surprise to residents of Kampung Orang Asli Changkat Bintang in Selangor

Tok Batin Hassan bin Kaku explained that times are very tough for them as economic activity in their area has reduced, and opportunities are scarce.  This contribution from Ayam Brand and JAKOA eases some of their worries on providing for their families. They appreciate the thoughtfulness, and the quantity of quality products. This can keep all 47 families here fed for a month or longer. They have not tried tuna, saba or pasta before so this is also a culinary adventure for them!

A villager said the contribution was a windfall, generous and highly welcomed by the Changkat Bintang Orang Asli community. All of them know Ayam Brand, but it is a luxury or special occasion treat and now they have enough to last a month. They don’t even need a can opener for the tuna, saba, baked beans and santan. They are feeling that the rest of Malaysia is with them too through the #AyamWithYou campaign.

To find out more about the #AyamWithYou community care campaign, please visit their website at 

Mommy Jane and Little Angels will do our part too to help those in needs especially during Covid-19 pandemic. Hope more organisations and Malaysians will come out to help the Communities who were badly affected by donating food, money and essential items so that everyone have the opportunities to lead a happy and healthy life.

About Ayam Brand

Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia and Asia for 128 years, is famed for its wide range of quality and healthy canned food that are preservative free and contain no added MSG. Ayam Brand products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that meet the highest international standards with worldwide-recognized certifications (HACCP, ISO 9001) and are certified ‘Halal’. Since 2013, Ayam Brand has been ranked in the Top 10 of Malaysia’s most chosen FMCG brands, according to the Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint Study.

Monday, August 24, 2020

MAGGI Celebrates Women Empowerment with Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani

Are you brave enough to go through all the challenges especially during the Covid-19 pandemic? If the answer is a big "YES", then do join the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani which was launched by MAGGI to celebrates Women Empowerment. 

The nationwide programme organised in collaboration with Women Will by Google Malaysia aims to support confidence, enhancement, digital upskilling, cooking and basic entrepreneurship skills. The event was officiated by Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad and Region Head of Nestle Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei; Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of Maggi Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad and Marc Woo, Country Head of Google Malaysia who were also the speakers for the Panel Discussion on "Inspiring Women To Make a Difference". 

Left to right
(L-R : Marc, Juan and Geetha)

Juan said that the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani is an initiative which is close to his heart. As an advocate of diversity and inclusion, Nestle has always been committed to empowering women and advancing gender equality both in business and in the society. Tak Kenal, Tak Cinta is brought to life through Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani so that Malaysian women can see the positives of trying and take on new challenges to achieve goals be it at home, the workplace, a new business venture or in cooking a new dish!

Mr Juan
Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad
and Region Head of Nestle Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Three successful, well-known personalities and businesswomen were appointed to personally mentor participants on their journey of self-discovery and to help the women to succeed in their new ventures. They are Datin Paduka Eina Azman who is the Brand Ambassador for MAGGI CukupRasa and also Actress, Entrepreneur & Food Enthusiast; Anne Idris who is Entrepreneur and Owner of My Mum's Bakery and Sheila Rusly who is Director, Producer, Actress and Owner of The Dim Sum Place KL. Wow !!! Looks like the lucky participants will have a good and well-known mentors to guide them.

Photo opportunity with the 3 Mentors of Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani
with Ruby and Syafiera
The Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani is hosted in partnership between Maggi and Google Malaysia via Women Will, a Grow with Google programme. Women Will is helping us as women to instil self-confidence in ourselves by using technology to grow our business by educating us on content related to leadership, business acumen, communication, productivity and also digital marketing. A great initiative indeed to all the women out there to update ourselves with the current technology!
Sheila Rusly posted her pledge with Marc Woo 

Geetha said their 3 mentors Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani will be supporting women across Malaysia via a series of online workshops and will eventually support 3 selected mentees beyond the workshop in a life-changing journey and guiding them in their chosen endeavours.
Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of Maggi Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad sharing her pledge that drew laughter amongst the guests, medias and the staff

Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani will have its first series of Online Workshop which will kick start from September 1st to 3rd, followed by another series from Oct 20th to 22nd. During the 3-day workshop, participants will be learning new skills which will enhance their knowledge and confidence. Will block my dates to attend these workshops to enhance my cooking experience at home with my Little Angels!
Marc Woo, Country Head of Google Malaysia

Marc Woo is delighted to be partnering with Maggi and Nestle in championing women empowerment in Malaysia which is aligned with their endeavour to address and narrow the gender gap, paving way for women to fulfil their human potential. It is a core mission of the Women Will programme that is to equip women with digital skills not only as a tool for success, but also as a powerful body of knowledge in making the world more equal. Thank you very much Google Malaysia for their effort towards all the women in Malaysia so that we will have a chance to lead a better life!
3 Mentors of Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani sharing the quality that they want from their Mentees to lead and guide them to be a successful person.
(L-R : Sheila Rusly, Datin Paduka Eina Azman and Anne Idris)

Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani online workshop to date has received an overwhelming response with more than 800 sign ups. The final round will see 20 shortlisted participants go through a series  of interviews and assessments to be one of three selected mentees, who will then journey with Datin Paduka Eina Azman, Sheila Rusly and Anne Idris through a one-on-one mentorship programme. 
 Juan presented a bouquet of flower to Mentor and Brand Ambassador, Datin Paduka Eina Azman for her contribution to the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani

Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani is part of Maggi CukupRasa's Tak Kenal Tak Cinta campaign to celebrate women who will take their first steps to try something new. Do watch the real-life stories at where it features 3 inspirational Malaysian women whom have overcome challenging situations by having the courage to try something different, which ultimately led to a positive outcome in their lives. Do not miss this video as it might change your perspective of live!!!
Having nasi lemak with Maggi Sambal Tumis and Maggi CukupRasa. It is simply delicious and will cook with my Little Angels over the weekend to make our very own Nasi Lemak

For more information on the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani, do log on to Check out my video on the event as below...
If you think that you are a person who will never give up, willing to accept challenges and want to lead a better life, then do sign up as one of the participants to prove that you're brave enough to come out from your comfort zone. Mommy Jane would love to register too to improve my cooking skills for my Little Angels. Cooking now is part of our life ever since we had the Movement Control Orders (MCOs) due to Covid-19. Staying at home for 1 month plus is actually a good bonding session with my Little Angels. We learn to cook, study, play and exercise together to stay healthy and with this online cooking workshop, perhaps we could learn together and it might be our sustainability or our future income. 

Good luck to all the participants on your journey with your Mentors and Maggi in the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani !

Monday, July 13, 2020

MeCan Trade, a One-Stop e-Commerce Platform

Looking for side income or the way to grow your business especially during these pandemic Covid 19 ? Do you have friends or followers of more than 500 ?  Read up my post below for further information.
As we know, the way of doing retail business cannot and will never be the same. We need to find ways of doing business and survive this rough economical period. How to do it ?

MeCan Trade is a one-stop e-commerce platform is the solution to this predicament. As an ambassador, we can create our very own e-store with just a few clicks and select a large variety of original products directly from the product owner without having the worries of any capital start up or stocking up inventory.

MeCan Trade taps into the power of human connection, its e-commerce program which we call it as MeCan Trade Ambassador Program. It encourages budding entrepreneurs with considerable social influence to sell relatable items from MeCan Trade to their network of friends & followers. The best part is this program requires Zero Investment, Zero Risk, Efficiently Smart & Simple Program that will help us to generate sizeable income to kick-start the entrepreneurial journey in you.

How does Mean Trade Works ? MeCan Trade connect sellers and buyers around the world. Merchants can immediately transform into their own online sales platform and become instant business owners with a large variety of products/merchandise to offer without having to keep stocks which require a huge capital investments. MeCan trade will take care of the whole buying process from A to Z i.e. from registration procedures, purchasing, payment to deliver to your doorstep.

All we need to do is to open the instant ready e-store on MeCan Trade, share your preferred products online or social media to your network of friends. We can trade locally or internationally and sell the relevant items from MeCan Trade to our network of friends & followers. 

MeCan Trade was founded by Mr Andy Goh (former founder of Oldtown and current owner of Nam Heong restaurant chains), a business visionary who strongly believes in technology and big data efficiency. He would like to extend his successful business formulas to rebuild and transform suffering business owners through this difficult period and beyond. His HQ is based at KL and currently trades in Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia. He plans to expand to other South East Asian countries i.e. Singapore, Philipines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar.

What we can get at MeCan Trade ? We could get Vanzo's air fresheners for our car. It consist of plant-based extracts and free from harmful chemicals as it contains no alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene and toluene which is safe for our kids. Vanzo have 2 type of series scent with different size i.e. Dashboard Series and Aircond Vent Series

For their English and Freesia 1818 is an innovative fragrance of mellow scented fresh pear with cool white freesias and a delicate yet distinctive scent. LX Secret Musk 1616 is a unique scent that brings about the image of sea breeze and a field of blooming flowers. If you like a natural velvet must scent that encompasses floral and wood notes, then you can choose LX Velvet Musk 1717. 

Since school re-open soon, I bought 2 jars of Jobbie Peanut Butter from MeCan Trade for my Little Angels. It makes from 100% all natural peanut butter. The Chunky Pure is sugar and free with crunchy peanut butter. It is nutty, aromatic with a healthy dose of rough chunks of nuts. As for the Classic Creamy, it is smooth and creamy texture of peanut butter, brings warmth, flavourful and happiness after a spoon of it. My Little Angels love it and so do I. A healthier way to start our breakfast.

As a new Ambassador, I find it easy to set up my own e-store to start earning passive income as it is Zero Capital, Zero Risk and it allows me to focus on networking on the internet which is my forte. I would like to share this e-business opportunity and the variety that this e-store offers. Find out more about MeCan Trade Ambassador program at

How to become a MeCan Trade Ambassador ? First, register your Buyer Account to activate MeCan Trade Ambassador feature. Then, start shopping and customise your storefront with your personalised URL like mine and then promote your store and sell products to social network to reap the profits. Happy Earning !!!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Haagen-Dazs’s New Fruity Flavours

Are you a fan of Haagen-Dazs and are looking for a real refreshments ? If the answer is yes, then good news to all of you, you, you and me too. Ha ha ha !!!
I'm sure all of us are excited with the new fruity flavours that burst with refreshment. "Don't Hold Back" this Summer as Haagen-Dazs will brings us the perfect beating the heat with their three new fruity flavours i.e. Rasberry Stickbar, Cantaloupe Melon Ice Cream and Mango & Cream Ice Cream.
The 3 new flavours feature Haagen-Dazs classic ice cream which made with 100% real cream milk from France and Belgium, cage-free eggs and sugar, blended with real fruits and are free from preservatives and artificial ingredients. My Little Angels love it so much and as a Mom, I'm glad that I had given them their favourite ice cream which is healthy and delicious.

The new Raspberry Stickbar combines the signature ice cream with the tartness of handpicked raspberries. Every bite will crack through a rich white chocolate coating sprinkled with raspberry pieces and into an enticing fusion of ice cream and raspberry sauce swirls. Yummy yummy yummy !!!
Cantaloupe Melon is carefully selected from hundreds of varieties in Europe and Mediterranean. This flavour uses only the juiciest melon pieces with exceptional texture and delicious taste to balance the creamy goodness of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. The delicate melons are harvested in their prime ripeness and then sliced and gently folded with every drop of their juice into a silky ice cream. Indeed refreshing !!!
Mango & Cream Ice Cream was created with a unique blend of exotic varieties from India, Peru and Columbia. The buttery smooth ice cream blended with mango puree and delicate fruit pieces is the best refreshment to cool us down.
Don't Hold Back on treating ourselves to the best ice cream in the world and unlock extraordinary moment with Haagen-Dazs. Just follow our inner voice, live life to the fullest by enjoying a refreshing treat. Bringing the new campaign to life, Haagen-Dazs launches a line-up of exciting games and activities to allow ice cream lovers like us to test our limits in horney comforts.
The taste of Mango & Cream is so refreshing. Can see from the expression of my Little Angel after having a scoop of his favourite ice cream. Ha ha ha !!!
Compete with your family and friends to catch as much fruit as you can in the new "Don't Hold Back" filter game. The highest scores will stand a chance to win attractive prizes and vouchers. Remember to join their virtual tribe of your favourite influencers or dance to the beat of your own drum with a catchy new dance challenge on Tik Tok and then share your summer moments with your family and friends on Instagram stories using a snazzy collection of stickers and GIFs, searchable by typing in "Haagen".
My beloved hubby loves it too. Yummy Yummy Yummy !!!
The new refreshing flavours of Haagen-Dazs is available at Haagan-Dazs Cafe's near you and also available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores. Pints are price at RM32.50 while mini cups and stick bars at RM10 each. Do get it now coz' the Mango & Cream Ice Cream and Raspberry Stickbar will be available for a limited time only. Redeem a complimentary cool summer-themed cooler bag in-store while stock last.

For more information, please visit their website at
The new fruity flavours from Haagen-Dazs are the yummylicious and refreshing. Best to have it with your loved ones during these hot weather and MCO period to release the stress. On our 18th years Wedding Anniversary which is on 18 June 2020, I gave my beloved hubby a basket full of Haagen-Dazs’s New Fruity Flavours and he is so happy receiving it since Haagen-Dazs is his favourite and he wanted to try the new flavour too. It also reminds us when we start dating and our common favourite is always Haagen-Dazs ice cream. My Little Angels love the fruity flavour too. Remember to get the new flavour now coz' some of the flavours are limited edition. Don't Hold Back this Summer as you wouldn't want to miss it too !!!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Win an Upgrade to Stay-Home Experience with JACK ‘n JILL CALBEE Contest

Want to win an Upgrade to Stay-Home Experience ? Read up my post and I will tell you on how you could enhance your screen time experience at home.

We know that staying at home can be mundane. Therefore JACK ‘n JILL Calbee provides a remedy to pump up the daily home regime by elevating the home snacking experience. This July, the brand is transforming the munching scene for consumers to enjoy from the comfort of their homes with the “JACK ‘n JILL Calbee Elevate Your Snacking Experience at Home Contest 2020”.

JACK ‘n JILL Calbee was launched back in January 2019 by the Joint Venture between URC Snack Foods Malaysia who is widely known for its “JACK ‘n JILL” mother brand, and “Calbee” – who is the leading potato chips manufacturer in Japan. Since its launch, the brand-new potato chips that comes available in Classic Salted, Smokey BBQ and Flamin’ Chilli flavours has been much sought after by snack enthusiasts as their preferred snack choice.

“Today’s norm of staying home and social distancing have had people appreciating as well as cherishing the times of being surrounded by their loved ones, which can prove to be a nostalgic affair. From enhancing basic cooking skills to home improvement ideas, people have been seeking for ways to kick back and relax by making their time at home more enjoyable and worthwhile,” said Emmanuel B. Puno, Senior Vice President (SVP) of URC Snack Foods Indonesia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. “JACK ‘n JILL Calbee is a brand that is rooted in the promise to ramp up and elevate experiences, therefore we have introduced a rewarding way our consumers can elevate their snacking experience from home.”
Beginning 1st July 2020 till 15th August 2020, JACK ‘n JILL Calbee Elevate Your Snacking Experience at Home has organise a contest to all its fans nationwide where everyone stand a chance to win amazing treats to an elevated snacking experience at home. 

JACK ‘n JILL Calbee is giving away to lucky winners who buy their chips, an iPad Pro 11 for a quality and personal screen time experience at home, a Sony 65” TV for a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home or Netflix Passes to binge watch movies for free!

All you have to do is complete these 2 simple steps:
Step 1   
Buy any JACK ‘n JILL Calbee products worth RM 8 and above in a single receipt

Step 2  
WhatsApp a photo of your receipt, your and  to +6011-10811878
Send the answer (Y/N), (Y for Yes; N for No) to this question: “Does JACK ‘n JILL Calbee come in 3 flavours?” (Psst... Answer is at my post above and the photo too...)

GRAND PRIZE X 1                
One unit of iPad Pro 11

SECOND PRIZE X 1              
One unit of Sony 65” TV

THIRD PRIZE X 50                
RM100 Netflix Gift Card each

All 52 winners will win a JACK ‘n JILL Calbee Home Elevation Kit that comes with three packs of JACK ‘n JILL Calbee, a JACK ‘n JILL Calbee Bowl and a JACK ‘n JILL Calbee Cup.

For more information on how to participate in this contest, check out their Facebook at or Instagram for the latest updates.


About URC Snack Foods (M) Sdn Bhd
URC Snack Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Universal Robina Corporation of the Philippines, is the producer and distributor of the highly popular Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips in Malaysia. The company was first incorporated in 1982 and started commercial operations in 1984. Over the years, it has successfully expanded its products from potato chips to a variety of other snack foods under the Jack ‘n Jill brand. Snack foods produced under the brand name includes “Roller Coaster”, “Potato Chips”, “Jigs”, “Corn Curls” and “Chiz King“. In addition to these, URC also produce other products such as “Cloud 9” and “NIPS” chocolates, “Cream-O” and “Magic” biscuits, as well as “Cloud 9” and “Dynamite” candies. URC Malaysia also exports its products to more than 15 countries across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

About CALBEE Foods Co. Ltd
CALBEE, Inc. is Japan’s leading snack and cereal foods producer and distributor. The company was incorporated in 1949 and began developing technology for wheat flour crackers in 1955. It expanded its products and markets to the United States in 1970, followed by Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. To date, the company has presence across the world and continues to develop unique products using a quality control system, ensuring safe, high-quality yet tasty and fun food to consumers around the world.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Skin Care Routine with Beleza by Vasayo

Stay at Home to Stay Safe !!! Even though during MCO and we seldom go out from our house but taking care of our skin and developing a skin care routine is very important because it can help our organ to do its job better and longer. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle can help delay natural aging and prevent various skin problems. One of the good skin care complete product that I had tested for 1 month plus is Beleza by Vasayo. At this post, I will share out my review.
Our skin ages because of genetics, environmental influences and lifestyle habits which include our diet, sleeping patterns, exercise etc. Each of these elements trigger organic responses that cause our skin to look tired, saggy and wrinkled but what if we have a way to overcome this problem ? The problem that most of us face especially when age catching up.

Beleza by Vasayo's Advanced Liposomal Technology delivers nutrients deep into our epidermal layer allowing for optimal dispersion of active ingredients. Mommy Jane is using their Liposomal Serum, Liposomal Rejuvenating Cream and Liposomal Hydrating Mist.

For day and night, Mommy Jane will use Beleza Liposomal Serum twice daily. The serum are clear and gel-based. It is a dual-purpose face and eye solution that prepares our face and forehead to absorb Beleza product nutrients and lock in the moisture. The serum creates an environment for our skin to receive nutrients for optimal benefit, reinforces skin-cell cohesion and protection barrier to maintain firmness of our healthy skin. Beleza Serum contains fensebiome and eyeseryl as part of a proprietary blend that promotes the presence of healthy micro-organisms deep within our skin which is a good indicator of our overall skin health.
After cleanse my face, Mommy Jane will apply the Beleza Liposomal Serum using fingertips to gently massage it in to help the serum to sink to our skin deeply. Follow-up with Beleza Rejuvenating Cream for an effective moisturiser to further boost the moisture levels. Remember to apply the cream to our delicate eye area too.
Beleza Rejuvenating Cream was formulated with reproage peptide and has a high performance blend that directs our skin cells to fend off the aging triggers and regenerate as younger skin does for luminous and silky results. It drenches my skin in a soothing moisture, improving my skin's moisture-binding capabilities, nourishes my skin and also keep dryness to have a more youthful looking complexion.
Ideal for all skin type, Liposomal Hydrating Mist uses a proprietary blend containing pollushield to triple protect our skin against pollution, blue-light exposure from our daily digital devices and extreme environment. We can use it anywhere to provide an instant energy boost to lackluster skin and to improve the overall of our skin. The all-natural and refreshing solutions contribute to a more beautiful and glowing complexion.

Nobody knows skin and skincare products like Hollywood's premier beauty care authority and previous make-up artist like Ivan Pol, their official Global Beleza Spokeperson. Ivan  recommended Beleza by Vasayo after seen the results of The Beauty Sandwich, a procedure often described as the "new age of facials" for its non-invasive method and non-toxic ethos. Pol parlayed his experience contouring the faces of Hollywood's finest into something more permanence and do look out his sharing on beauty secret with the world with Beleza by Vasayo.

Salma Hayek, Cara Delevingne, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Chiara Ferragni and Eiza Gonzalez also swearing by the treatment's sculpting results. More and more celebrities are booking appointments with Ivan.

If you interested to try it on your skin too, you could purchase 1 full set of Beleza Seum, Beleza Rejuvenating Cream and Beleza Hydrating Mist at their store at B-0202, Level 2, Block B East, PJ8 No. 23, Jalan Barat, Seksyen 8, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan or buy online at
Thanks to Beleza by Vasayo, my skin looks radiant, the pores are oil-free that minimise its appearance and refines my skin's texture. The powerful formula has reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which makes me achieve a younger looking skin with healthy-looking complexion.