Friday, March 29, 2024

Luminous Raya at Atria Shopping Gallery

Went to Atria Shopping Gallery with my Little Angel to witness the celebrations of "The Luminous Raya", an international, cross-cultural showcase that celebrates the heritage, culture and traditions of Malaysia and Middle Eastern to bring light and happiness to all shoppers. The media launch was held at the centre court ground floor and witness by 20 children from Rumah Suci Rohani as part of Atria CSR activities.

1 of the child from Rumah Suci Rohani wanted to take photo with me and the Mascot. So cute!

The celebration was graced by Doctor Ong, the President of Damansara Jaya Association and welcome remarks by the COO of Property Investment, Mr Seth Lim, followed by the official launch of the campaign, The event continued with a heartfelt Middle East Arabic Dance Performance and Middle East Arabic Instrumental Performance and ended with an exclusive "buka puasa" session with the underprivileged children sponsored by Atria Shopping Galley in collaboration with Fuzi Magic chaired by Puan Fuzi, Bezita Global Production and My Creative Promotion Sdn Bhd.

Mr Seth Lim, COO of Property Investment
Besides Atria, their participating tenants are very supportive to this Raya CSR activities and Mr Seth Lim thank them for their continuous support for the deserving community.

The Children were also treated with play-time at Jungle Gym & Bomb Battle Elite, a decent hair cut at Kwik Cut and Atmosphere Salon, treats from MBO Conema, a gift of fish tank and fishes for each child, duit raya from RUMA, plushie toys from Homes Harmony as well as gelato ice cream treat at Swich Cafe. They were also taken to Harvest Stationary to grab their school essentials sponsored by Atria Shopping Gallery.

All the kids so happy to receive a fish tank with live fish!

Yummy ice cream for the children sponsored by Swich Cafe!
The Children had the chance to experience Raya Suds & Scents Soap Crating Workshop

With various booths from participating tenants' booths, not to worry about missing out on essentials when you shop at Atria Shopping Gallery and the price offered is quite affordable too. We can also choose from a variety of restaurants to break-fast with our families and loved ones.

Traditional musical performances at Atria Shopping Gallery featuring rhythmic Raya Sounds of the Bamboo - Angklung Performance, Arabian Giant Oyen Inflatable Mascot and upbeat Riuh Tradisi Kampung Dance, along with Malay Kite "Wau" Making Workshop and many more exciting weekend activities.
Prosperity Rewards
Shoppers will be rewarded with an exclusive RM10 Atria Shopping Voucher when we spend RM150 and above in two accumulated receipts on the same day for Atria Friends, RM250 for non-Atria Friends and RM20 Atria Shopping Voucher with minimum spend of RM300 and above for Atria Friends and RM400 for non-Atria Friends in a maximum of two accumulated receipts on the same day.

Vibrant Raya Bazaar at Center Court, Ground Level (21 March - 21 April 2024) & Concourse Level (21 March - 7 April 2024). Ramadhan Bazaar, South Entrance (30 & 31 March 2024)
From a variety of Raya booths, browse and select the perfect fits from apparel, Turkish carpets to fashion accessories and an array of Raya cookies, hampers and other Raya essentials.
Arabic Night Costume Conpetition on 21 April 2024 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Watch your little one rock on the runway in Arabic Costume. Registration is free and opens from now till 18 April 2024.

Aidilfitri Hunt on 21 April 2024 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Join Atria Aidilfitri Hunt and hunt for the clues at the mal wide to stand a chance to win amazing prizes worth RM4,000!

Buka Puasa Deals
Irresistible deals offered by F&B outlets in Atria Shopping Gallery Breakfast Season.

Snap & Win Digital Contest
Times for all of you to Raya OOTD with your Raya outfit at the Luminuous Raya decoration and the best picture will win RM30 Dave Deli Voucher for 5 winners! Share it at your social media and hastag #TheLuminuousRayaAtAtria #Atria.

For full list of The Luminuous Raya activities, please visit their website at or fb at Please refer the video of the event below:
Great to witness the CSR programme by Atria Shopping Gallery and its various participating tenants to all the cute 20 under-privileged children. They got to play, learn, experience and enjoyed various delicious buffet and also bring back duit Raya, fishes and stationeries, everything well-planned by Atria Shopping Gallery. Can see their happy faces at the end of the day while enjoying their ice-cream. Do drop by to Atria to shop and be rewarded with various activities for kids and adults and also vouchers for you to shop, shop and shop during this Raya season. Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslim readers!

Thursday, March 21, 2024

IPC Shopping Centre and Alliance Bank Celebrating Children and Youths for Championing Sustainability Through Green Solutions

Mommy Jane and Little Angels went to IPC Shopping Centre during the weekend to witness the innovative ‘green creations’ of the 40 finalists of the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards. The prize award ceremony unfolded with 20 winners announced in both individual and group categories for primary and secondary schools. Each little eco-hero was recognised respectively as champions for their outstanding creativity, practicality, innovation, aesthetics, and unwavering commitment towards sustainability. 

Top 10 winners of the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards Secondary School Individual & Group Category with Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank (left) and Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre (right) 

Top 10 winners of the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards Primary School Individual & Group Category with Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank (left) and Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre (right)

IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards was introduced in November 2023 which saw 151 submissions from children and youths eager to showcase their innovative, eco-friendly ideas to solve environmental challenges. 40 of these ideas were then brought to life through either functional or non-functional prototypes made of recycled or recyclable materials and displayed at the gallery located at the Atrium behind its Concourse, Level G from 1 – 10 March and were open to public votes. 

Me and my Little Angels together with all the visitors in IPC of all ages were also invited to pledge to be Guardians of The Planet and engage in exciting activities including a Recyclable Rescuer Race, Super Recycle Bowl, and Recycling Ranger Challenge at the Concourse set-up. This unique approach not only offered an enriching edutainment experience for all during the school holiday period but also encouraged visitors to explore waste repurposing and recycling concepts. Participants who successfully navigated the sustainability-themed obstacle course were also treated with enticing, rewards including 100 Tack Points and tote bags sponsored by Alliance Bank. 

Ms Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre

Ms Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre said that since the first day of their operations 20 years ago, IPC Shopping Centre has always been about living sustainably and giving back to our planet. Beyond incorporating green practices into their daily operations, they aspire to inspire and enable the community around us to embrace their responsibility for the environment. They also had upgraded their Recycling & Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) in 2022 and introduced their EV charging stations last year to make it easier for all the visitors to make eco-friendly choices. When the many people come together to do their parts, the results can be astounding. That is why they are always excited to join hands with partners such as Alliance Bank who share the same passion towards sustainability to drive initiatives such as the Little Eco-Heroes Awards. It is truly inspiring to see so many children and youths coming together to explore ways to make a real difference in sustainability and community well-being. As they wrap up their Little Eco-Heroes Awards, they hope that this would be the beginning of a journey to a greener future.

Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank

Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank added that they recognised that as a bank, their responsibility extends beyond traditional banking services. In line with theirr renewed brand purpose ‘The Bank for Life’, they aspire to be a bank that truly engages and serves the communities in which they operate. One significant way they demonstrate this commitment is by providing platforms like the Little Eco Heroes Awards, that encourages the young generation to actively participate in contributing to the betterment of the community or leaving a positive impact on their environment. They are proud to be part of this meaningful initiative that enables both children and youth a stage to shine, inspiring them to become ambassadors of change.”

The IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards featured 5 award categories, each celebrating a different aspect of young eco-innovation. Beyond the personalized certificates and unique trophies crafted from recycled materials, the winning teams and individuals were granted Tack Points (120,000 valued at RM1,000 for the group category and 30,000 valued at RM500 for the individual category). Additionally, cash rewards were deposited into their Alliance Bank accounts, with RM500 for the group category – one recipient per team, and RM200 for the individual category, adding a tangible recognition to their remarkable achievements. 

Winners of the IPC Green Tenant Awards 2023

IPC Green Tenants Awards

Beyond its shoppers, IPC Shopping Centre also celebrated tenants who demonstrated effective waste segregation practices within the outlets and sending them to the Recycling & Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) for proper waste disposal through the IPC Green Tenants Awards.

During the prize ceremony at the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards, Spotlight bagged the prestigious Gold Award with an outstanding 89% recycling rate, making an impactful contribution of 17,216kgs to the RBBC in 2023. Popular & Urban White as well as Poney achieved an impressive 86% recycling rate, securing the Silver and Bronze Award respectively. Special recognition was extended to F&B tenant, De Rayyan's CafĂ© for their outstanding recycling practice with a 78% recycling rate, contributing to 7,597kgs of recyclables, including food waste to RBBC in 2023. These top performing tenants were not only honoured with IPC’s Green Certification of Waste Handling Excellence, they also received a half-month rent rebate on service charges and a cash rewards of RM2,500 which is to be distributed among retail staff. 

Other winners of the award who saw more than 75% recycling rates include Sketchers, LC Waikiki, Toys “R” Us, Happikiddo, Little World, Signature, and Crocs. These tenants were presented with IPC’s Green Certification of Waste Handling Excellence during the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards prize ceremony. 

Judges of the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards

From left to right: 

  • Mark Tan, Deputy General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre; 

  • Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank; 

  • Yang Berusaha, Dr. Mohd Azly bin Zakaria, Assistant Director of Co-Curriculum Development & Excellence Unit, Sports, Co-curricular and Arts Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia; 

  • Yang Berusaha, Puan Rizawani binti Mustafa, Assistant Director of Co-Curriculum Development & Excellence Unit, Sports, Co-curricular and Arts Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia;

  • Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre; 

  • Shayne Koh, Head of Group Digital, Marketing and Branding of Alliance Bank

For more information about the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards and Green Tenants Award, visit Chekc out my video on the event below...

Mommy Jane and Little Angels were amazed with the creations of the little participants as they compete for IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards. It is not only develop their motor and cognitive stills, the award also fostering creativity, teaching them on the lifelong sustainability habit, and promoting problem-solving abilities and those joining in teams, it helps the kids to gain experience co-operating with others, resolving conflicts, and developing emotional intelligence through team works. Good job to all the Tenants who works together with IPC for this initiative and congrats on your winning too. Hope my Little Angels could learn from this event to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to eliminate waste and protect our environment and planet to make it a better place to stay for everyone!

About IPC Shopping Centre:

Malaysia's first meeting place anchored by IKEA with the big blue box store and a vital part of Ikano Retail's growing portfolio in the region. Strategically nestled in the heart of the mixed-use development of Mutiara Damansara since 2003, it serves as a familiar, cosy home away from home for their community and beyond. Blending its Swedish heritage with innovation, IPC Shopping Centre leads in sustainability with the flagship Recycling and Buy-Back Centre and other green initiatives in fostering community engagement and showcasing their commitment to a greener future. IPC Shopping Centre enhances everyday life as the preferred one-stop retail hub with diverse offerings that goes beyond transactional shopping, but also a space for continued connection, discovery and inspiration for its visitors.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

More than 100 choices at their Ramadan Buffet Menu

CNY celebration just passed and now we are looking forward to the holy month of Ramadhan. Me, my Little Angels and my parents, both aged 80 plus had the pleasure of experiencing a sneak peek into Bangi Golf Resort's ("BGR") upcoming Ramadhan Buffet. It is our annual visitation to BGR to indulge with their diverse array of culinary experiences and it is still an affordable buffet in Klang Valley where we could dine-in with our family and friends.

Brought my parents, both aged 80 plus to try BGR Ramadhan Buffet and they love the food so much and suggested that we could have family gathering since the price is quite affordable for everyone

With over 100 dishes to choose from, each offering a unique flavour and it promises to be a gastronomic haven for those seeking a diverse and exquisite Ramadhan delights. Featuring a diverse range of delicious dishes and refreshing beverages with quality ingredients, at the same incredibly reasonable price within the heart Bangi that they have come to be known for years. 

The whole lamb was slowly roasted to perfection. 

The meat is tender and juicy and Kambing Golek is my husband favourite dish at BGR

My husband's favourite is always the classic favourites such as Kambing Golek (lamb slow-roasted on the spit), the aromatic and spice-rich Sup Kambing Mamak (Indian style Mutton Stew), House-Made Chicken Satay with condiments, and everyone’s favourite include all of us is their Sous Vide Egg with Mushroom Espuma. 

Sup Kambing Mamak (Indian style Mutton Stew) is my youngest Little Angel's favourite. Even my father and husband love it too. Hot piping soup served with lamb meat.

My must to have dish at BGR i.e. Sous Vide Egg with Mushroom Espuma

A highlight not to be missed is BGR’s signature Nasi Kerabu; the traditional blue rice dish made from Bunga Telang (butterfly pea flower petals), accompanied by an assortment of Ulam (raw vegetables and herbs) that are freshly harvested from their very own Bangi Farm Resort.

A healthy version of Nasi Kerabu not to be missed!

Besides that, do look out the new addition to their new menu this year i.e. House-made Deep Fried Gyoza (Dumplings) with an assortment of unique accompanying sauces, House-made Swedish Meatball with Brown Sauce & Mashed Potato, Deep Fried Mantao with Chili Crab Sauce, Peri-Peri Roast Chicken, Penang famous Hokkien Noodles, and many more. 
1 of my Mom's favourite dish i.e. House-made Deep Fried Gyoza (Dumplings)
We could also try out the Penang famous Hokkien Noodles at BGR Ramadhan Buffet

Fresh Seafood at BGR

House-made Swedish Meatball with Brown Sauce & Mashed Potato
For dessert lovers like me, do choose from a lavish spread of over 40 items of desserts including a large assortment of kuih-muih with their signature Serawa Durian with Pulut Kukus. There are about 20 new items in the list of western desserts with different types of Brownies, Sponge Cakes, Durian Puff, Chocolate Cream Puff, Cupcakes, Mix Fruits Trifle, Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. 

Assorted desserts to be pampered with!

Fresh fruits from BGR Farm

BGR has everything to offer to all age groups which I absolutely agreed. BGR has become our favourite place to dine-in. For the young ones or the young at heart, there is a selection of Soft Serve Ice-Cream, Caramel Popcorns and Cotton Candy to dig into as well. Spanish Churros that can be decorated with House-made Marshmallow Sauce, Thick Chocolate Sauce and Rainbow Sprinkles remains popular amongst many at BGR. 
Spanish Churros freshly made to perfection

We could have their porridge and tong sui here

Free flow of Various Cold Drinks

Free flow of Various Hot Drinks

BGR has been certified HALAL by JAKIM since 2009. On top of that, BGR was awarded the HACCP and GMP Certification in 2021 for their unwavering commitment in Halalan Toyyiban, high hygiene and food safety standards for their kitchen. 
Kids' favourite section i.e. Soft Serve Ice-Cream, Caramel Popcorns and Cotton Candy at BGR

There are up to 800 complimentary parking spaces and generously sized Male and Female prayer rooms (Surau) for the convenience of guests. 
Enjoy the Live Performance while indulging on your food!

BGR Ramadan Buffet will operate from 13th March 2024 till 8th April 2024 and the price is maintain the same price as last year at RM65.00 per adult and RM32.50 per child. Quite affordable, right? You could get discounted pricing for groups and off-peak periods by purchase through their website All prices indicated above are subjected to 6% SST.

Check out more than 100 dishes serve during BGR Ramadhan Buffet!

Bangi Golf Resort is located at Address: No. 1 Persiaran Bandar, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia with GPS coordinates: 2.95716N, 101.76518E. For Booking & Inquiry: at 1700-821-457 and email at Their website at and social media links at and Instagram at @bangigolfresortofficial. Check out my video of the review below:

My rating for BGR Ramadhan Buffet will be 8 out of 10 in terms of the food and 9 out of 10 in terms of the price. Me, my parents and my Little Angels enjoyed the food so much and we love the environment here. BGR is a great place to have gathering with family and friends while enjoying not only Malay traditional food, we could have Chinese, Indians and Western food too. With the affordable price offered, everyone could enjoy Ramadhan Buffet now!