Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Discover Your Child True Selves with Guerrilla Kidz Camp

Mommy Jane always take some initiative to plan for a trip for the whole family three times in a year especially during Little Angels' school holidays. We need to take a break for a relaxing moment to reduce the stress at works and at school too. We will leave our worries behind us, let off some steam and start to have a good time together. My Little Angels will then able to try new experiences, sample different foods or do something that we will not do back home. If a family holidays are important to you too, then you might want to consider joining this Camp with your child.

Guerrilla Kidz Camp is an intensive program design for both parents and children with an all-inclusive 3 Days 2 Nights holiday. It brings our family for a holiday plus me and my kids will grow closer together. The Camp was design to support our kids to break through fears in life. Our kids will also able to learn to deal with physically and emotionally challenging events as a family. It will impart and build a solid financial management system as a family. The Camp will also develop an effective family face to face communication beyond electronic gadgets such as smartphone and tablets. The most important is, it allows our kids to discover their true selves and understand how much we love them.

The Guerrilla Kidz Camp is not for everyone. It is only for a very selective group of parents like me who are dedicated to our kid's development, to be more grounded, respectful, embrace change and build great leadership skills. We understand the importance of fundamental values and we also want to be part of our children's growth, transformation and life journey.
Just treat this Camp to be a fun outing full of personal growth and adventure for us and our kids. Guerrilla Kidz Camp is a highly experiential, both indoor & outdoor activities with so much of fun and exciting for you and your kids will not even realize how much both of you grow closer together. The camp is designed for kids aged 6-12 years old and will be joined with a parent or both parents. Laughter and celebration permeate the camp because they believe life should be fun and because play helps anchor the transformation.

You and your child will have the opportunity to participate together one on one in some of the most powerful financial and personal transformative experiences facilitated through their world class breakthrough and empowerment curriculum. Their team of international presenters and facilitators will meet all our expectations and even more.
So, if you are ready to take your relationship with your children to another level and at the same time go on a once in a life time journey together, then this is something that you and your family shouldn't give a miss. This camp will only cater to a maximum of 50 pairs of family members only to ensure all the participants' needs are met in this profound life changing experience. Reserve your seats now for the Guerrilla Kidz Camp Malaysia. 
The all-inclusive holiday camp is at RM3,000.00 for 1 adult and 1 child and RM4,998.00 for 2 adults and 2 children. The date of the camp will be on Friday, 9th September 2016 at 11 a.m. to Sunday, 11th September 2016 at 4 p.m. and the location of this round camp will be at Kuala Rompin. For more information, do log on to their Website HERE. Do like and follow them at their Facebook page HERE too.
After doing all the research and instead of spending all the money on the family trip, Mommy Jane must well used part of the money reserved for holiday to join this camp with my 2nd Little Angel, CW. She always complaint that having too many siblings will made Mommy love to her lesser even though it is not true. I believe that when we join the camp together, then it will be just a Mother and a Daughter trip. I'm sure she will enjoy it very much and it will also enhance our relationship together. From this trip, I will prove to her that Mommy love her from the bottom of my heart and never ever less as she is part of me and also everything to me. Mommy Jane only hope for CW, after attending the camp, will be more confident, live without fear, able to meet up with any challenges and the most important is to discover her true selves so that she will become a successful person one day.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Book the Cheapest Hotel With a Comfortable Stay Through OYO

Mommy Jane always had difficulty to get the cheapest hotel with a comfortable stay. If it is too cheap, then the room is lack of quality accommodation which is dirty and smelly. For a comfortable stay, the rent per day easily cost me more than RM200. Normally I will book 2 rooms instead and that cost me RM400 just for a night stay and for 2 nights, Mommy Jane had to fork out RM800 just for a family trip on the hotel stay. This does not include the food, tickets etc. If plus together, easily cost Mommy Jane more than RM2,000.00 which is quite a lot. 
To save on the hotel stay room, so that we can spend on the others activities expenses instead and to made the trip a memorable one for all, Mommy Jane had attended OYO Meet & Greet Session which had held recently at Star Points Hotel, Jalan Masjid India last weekend. A travel blogger friend of mine that I had met on that day, had told me that he could book a room as low as RM15 with complimentary breakfast and toiletery kit using OYO App. To know how to get a comfortable stay with that rate, you need to read the details till the end and I'm sure you'll be able to save more now on your next hotel stay.
One the the deluxe room at Star Points Hotel for OYO customers
OYO, launched in 2013, is India's largest brand network of hotels and aims to be Asia's largest branded network of hotels. As at now, there are over 6,500+ hotels in 180+ cities. As for our country, Malaysia which operated since January 2016 currently have 200+ hotels and 5,000+ rooms inventory spread across KL, PJ, Shah Alam, Penang, Malacca and soon across the whole Malaysia at an extremely rapid pace.

OYO was founded by Ritesh Agarwal who is the first resident Asian to be accepted to the Thiel Fellowship. OYO is backed by the World's leading investors including the Softbank Group, Lightspeed Venture Partners India, Sequoia Capital and Greenoaks Capital and had receive numerous international awards.

Some of my friends and readers might ask me why we should choose an OYO branded hotel and I will tell you the reason. OYO enabled standardization and predictability in the budget hotel category to create the largest branded network of hotels in India and now, they had brought the same focus and expertise to Malaysia. 
Travellers like us can access their standardized experience, service and amenities in 5 cities in Malaysia at an affordable price-point. They offer clean and spacious rooms with hygienic washrooms, free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and 27x7 customer support. The booking process on their mobile App is delightfully seamless and we can search and book a room in just 3 clicks and 5 seconds. Easy right ? Their biggest advantage is being able to offer a standard set of service and amenities throughout their network of properties in Malaysia and India.
Hotel owners who partner with OYO will see a significant increase in occupancy levels, get access to the best in-house technology, strong marketing and customer-acquisition channels and a large captive base of their customers. Once they had sign up with OYO, OYO team of on-ground experts works round-the-clock to ensure that hotel-offerings, room-amenities and service are standardized and adhere with the 150-point checklist they have to adhere to for transforming into OYO which resulted in a better customer-experience. 

OYO tech offerings will help to run operations more efficiently and also power a convenient revenue-management solution. The App makes check-in and check-out process absolutely seamless. The Owner App enables owners to keep a tab on their daily business and cash inflow. All their existing hotel partners have also witnessed a boost in their occupancy and profits along with a visible reduction in operational cost. A win win situation for both the hotel and the customers.
Mr Victor Ang, Country Head - Malaysia brief all the bloggers present on how OYO works
Mr Harshit Vyas, representative from India explained to us how OYO works in India
With so much you could save on your comfortable hotel stays, download the OYO App now and get RM50 to offset against your first night hotel stay by using the referral code of OYO10X and after the discount, you only need to pay RM15 for a night stay. For subsequent stay, do please put in my code MYBUD213 at the "Apply Discount Coupon" so that I can earn some commission to write more benefit blog post to all of you. Tqvm in advance for all your support :).

For more information and details, do visit OYO website at Remember to like and follow their facebook page at, twitter at, instagram at and youtube at
Mr Victor Ang with all the bloggers present on that day
Thanks to all the OYO representatives for making the OYO Meet & Greet session, a successful and informative event for all of us

After the event, Mommy Jane had learned a new App that provides not only affordable price for a hotel stay but also a comfortable stay too across Malaysia. It is so easy to book a stay now with our smartphone. We just need to open the App, shake our phone and automatically the App will show us our locations that we are in now and the hotel nearby which is under OYO. We can then choose the hotel that we want to stay and check in through the App with an affordable price. With the standardized experience, service and amenities in 5 cities in Malaysia, I'm sure all of us will have a pleasant stay while enjoying the lowest rate for our hotel stay. 
Mommy Jane with Travel Buddies Bloggers were there to understand how OYO works for all the travellers like us

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Liberate Online Shopping and Entrepreneurship with a2a

Last Wednesday, Mommy Jane and Hubby went to Ruang, Subang after work to attend a Sneak Preview of a2a, a new online platform that opens the gate for online shopping and entrepreneurship. Since it is a new online platform, we were there to understand how it works since we shop a lot through online nowdays for its conveniency and variety of choices to choose from with a price that we can't get it from store.
The briefing start with a Welcome Speech by Mr Daniel who is the Media & Public Relations of Citrine One and Emcee of the event. He explained to us what a2a stands for and show us the video on how a2a works and benefit to all of us. A2a stands for 'anyone to anyone', 'anywhere to anywhere' and 'anything to anything'. It is a platform designed to be easy, simple and extremely rewarding though the usage of mobile applications and Internet.
Mr Daniel, Media & Public Relations of Citrine One 
a2a sets out to be the world's first Shoppers pay Shoppers onine shopping platform that incorporates a hybrid platform which combine a Loyalty Program, e-Commerce and Viral Marketing by embedding the power of networking into the system.

With a fee of RM31.80, you can join as a lifetime member with the opportunity of becoming an online entrepreneur. It serves as a global consumers' platform that is borderless and full of unlimited potential. It provides a comprehensive lifestyle for all from consuming basic necessities, to shopping and leisure and practically anything consumable.
Mr Michael Loo, the Chairman & Founder of A2A Global Network
Mr Michael Loo, the Chairman & Founder of  of A2A Global Network then shared more about a2a's platform. He had shared the trendsetter in liberating online shopping and how it allows everyone to shop and earn at the same time and what it means becoming an online entrepreneurship. From here, you could discover its unlimited potential by tapping on to the new era of mobile internet.
To encourage the bloggers present to be the first to join as the members, Mr Michael Loo had offered a free membership to all bloggers. We just need to download the a2a App and scanned the barcode and signed up on the spot. 
After signing up with the App, we were divided into few groups to understand how a2a works. Ms Vivian, Marketing Director of a2a had shared with us on how we could enjoy three major benefits for a lifetime with a2a online shopping platform.
We could collect the Loyalty Points ("LP") when shop at or through a2a mall or simply by referring friends to a2a platform. Each LP is worth up to RM1.00. We can earn uninterrupted, auto-generated System Income while me and my friends are enjoying free online shopping, using my LPs through a mechanism which has been embedded in a2a platform and we can also perform daily donation to charity organisations by encouraging 'a good deed a day' as part of the pledge to contribute back to the society.
Some of the Merchants of a2a that participated on that day that introduce us with their products and sponsor items at the goodie bag and lucky draw

For more information on a2a, do visit their Website HERE and like them at their Facebook page HERE.
Mommy Jane had joined the a2a network on that day and find out that it as an infinite potential for exponential global growth, consolidating resources and co-creating values by placing both consumers like us and merchants on the same platform. We could build massive consumer database all around the world to enjoy the economic value of the platform together.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Junior NBA presented by Dutch Lady for Promising Baskeball Talents

Last weekend, Mommy Jane had registered 3 Little Angels for Junior NBA Camp which held at IGB International School. We reached there at 9 a.m. and there are lots of parents bringing their children to the counter for registration and collection of t-shirts. Over 1,000 children had participated for the Dutch Lady Regional Selection Camp. 
Top 64 of Malaysia's most promising basketball talents became one step closer towards being selected as a 2016 Jr, NBA Malaysia All-Star. Jr. NBA Malaysia 2016 presented by Dutch Lady Regional Selection Camp ended with the selection of 40 boys and 24 girls aged 10-14 who will advance to the National Selection camp in Kuala Lumpur from August 5-7 for One Step Closer to Stardome.
The clinics were led by Craig Brown, Jr. NBA 2016 Head Coach alongside with other esteemed coaches. Participants had to put through skill stations and clinics to pass the test and develop their basketball skills. They were nurtured in learning the importance of the Jr. NBA's core values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, positive Attitude, Respect (S.T.A.R) and the benefits of proper nutrition.
Craig Brown, Jr. NBA 2016 Head Coach, leading the warmup session at Jr. NBA Malaysia 2016 presented by Dutch Lady Regional Selection Camp 
Fans of Craig Brown getting his signatures at the Camp
Dutch Lady is the presenting partner of the Jr. NBA program in Malaysia as part of its Drink, Move, Be Strong campaign. The campaign encourages an active lifestyle and a healthy diet among Malaysia youth while highlighting milk's role in a child's growth and development, building muscle, keeping our bones strong and also filing up and rehydrating.

Active or retired NBA player had attended the National Training Camp and feature an NBA Cares community outreach event. The program will culminate with the selection of 10 boys and five girls who will named as 2016 Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Stars. They will embark on a unique, overseas NBA experience together with fellow Jr. NBA All-Starts from Southeast Asia later in the year.
This coming 7th August, remember to come to 1 Utama Shopping Centre for the crowned of 2016 Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Stars at the NBA roadshow. For more information on Jr. NBA, do check out their Facebook page at and visit their Website at or add them as friend at the NBA official account on LINE at @nba_global.
My Little Angel, CW trying very hard to throw the ball to the net
My Little Angel, WH running as fast as he could at the training
My Little Angel, WT jump to shoot the ball to the net
2 Coaches guided WT and taught him the method to play the basketball
This is the first time Mommy Jane brought 3 Little Angels to Jr. NBA for a basketball training. CW is learning this sport at school but WH and WT never play basketball before. After learning it, both the boys show interest to the sport. To support their interest, Mommy Jane had bought 3 cartoons of Dutch Lady milk just to get the free basketball for Little Angels and they love it so much and continue the training at home. With the constant training, I'm sure they will excel at the sport and hopefully will be elected to the National Camp next year.
Group photo with Jim Wong, Senior Director of Global Marketing Partnerships, NBA Asia, Saw Chooi Lee, Managing Director, Dutch Lady, Representatives of the Ministry of Education, and all selected 40 boys and 24 girls at the Jr. NBA Malaysia 2016 presented by Dutch Lady Regional Selection Camp
WH with Craig Brown, Jr. NBA 2016 Head Coach