Thursday, August 25, 2016

Movie Review on The Tenants Downstairs (楼下的房客)

Married for 15 years, Mommy Jane sometimes will look for a date with hubby where we enjoyed some intimacy moment and quiet times together to enhance both of our relationship as a husband and wife. Mommy Jane had a movie date with hubby to watch "The Tenant Downstairs" at e-Curve starring by Simon Yam, our favourite Hong Kong actor.
The Tenants Downstairs is a 2016 Taiwanese black comedy-fantasy-mystery drama film based on Taiwanese writer Giddens Ko's novel of the same name. The film is written by Ko and also presented, produced and directed by Adam Tsuei and stars Simon Yam, Lee Kang-Sheng. Kaiser Chuang, Ivy Shao and Sophia Li which will be released in Malaysia on 25 August 2016.
The movie is about a landlord (Simon Yam) inherits a rental apartment from his relative and the building has been installed with cameras in every corner of the apartment. He then rent out the apartments to tenants which include divorcee, Mr Wang and his fourth-grade daughter; Ms Chen, an office worker who uses her body for financial gain and advantages in the workplace; Mr Chang, a physical education teacher who enjoys peeping on his neighbours; Boyan, a geeky college student obsessed with the idea of having superpowers and a gay couple, Kuo Li and Ling Hu. The landlord also claims that a mysterious novelist, Yingru who lives in the apartment directly under his penthouse. However, the police interrogator states that there is no record of anyone named Yingru lived there. 
Simon Yam, the landlord and Yingru
The landlord has a disturbing hobby where he likes to peep into the darkest aspects of every seemingly normal human being. He spend his days spying on each of his tenant until one day, he witness Yingru torturing a man in her room.
The scene where Yingru torturing a man in her room
Movie details of "The Tenants Downstairs" :-
Language : Mandarin
Release Date : 25 August 2016
Genre : Horror
Running Time : 1 Hour 48 Minutes
Distributor : MM2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Classification : 18+
Format : 2D
Mr Chang and Ms Chen at an intimate scene
The movie is about a tale of incredibly perversion, breathless confusion and lusty chaos of these eight tenants and their landlord. A great movie to watch as a couple but not for children since it involve brutal murder, violence and sex. Do check out the trailer below.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Dutch Lady "Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak" Contest

Calling for all Malaysian Moms, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad ("Dutch Lady Malaysia") is organising its latest campaign named "Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak" where you stand to win a meet and greet session with celebrity Mom, Scha Alyahya and her beautiful daughter, Lara Alana over a tea party and RM50 cash prizes to the first 250 participants weekly throughout the contest period.
Ashlee Ng, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia explained the importance for Malaysian mothers to understand the nurturing guidance and nutrition goes hand in hand to ensure the progressive development of a child. Formulated milk powder for children Dutch Lady 4-Step Nutri-Plan with 5X DHA is a tailored nutrition programme for children 1 to 6+ years of age that continuously supports a child's development milestones and learning. When their nutritional needs are well taken care of, mothers can focus on guiding their children to achieve foundation milestones.
Scha Alyahya and her beautiful daughter, Lara Alana
Ashlee shared the history and significance of the campaign theme i.e. A mother's love is unconditional. Every little nugget of wisdom given by our mothers about life's lessons has helped us to become a better person. What she tells us shapes who we are and eventually become principles to live by. Hence, the reason why Dutch Lady Malaysia came up with this campaign.
A total of nine lucky winners and their family members will get the chance to spend an afternoon tea party and also walk away with one instant camera to capture your happy moments together. The first 250 submissions weekly will also receive RM50 cash prizes each from 1st August till 30th September 2016. All you have to do is :-
Step 1 : Purchase any pack of Dutch Lady 4-Step Nutri Plan with 5X DHA formulated milk powder for children (650g or 900g);
Step 2 : Go to Dutch Lady Malaysia's website at;
Step 3 : Enter your favourite 'Mak Kata" quote and upload a photo of your child; and
Step 4 : Click "SUBMIT" and retain your receipt !
My mother always says,"Study Hard to Have a Better Life" and "There is No Boundaries on Knowledge". I had followed HER advice and studied for 7 years till I got my professional degree. I tried many jobs before and travel to the whole Peninsular Malaysia doing all types of jobs for more than 5 years to gain knowledge and experience and understand every state culture. I'm proud to said that I had a great life now where I had achieved my ambition to be at the highest level of my profession with lots of experience in different type of fields. Working in a big Company now with a salary that I could gave a comfortable life to my 5 Little Angels. I really proud of my achievement today and without HER guidance and advice, don't think I am what I am TODAY. 
I implement what my Mom had said to me on my 5 Little Angels too by encourage them to study more to gain knowledge and instill the love of reading when they are still young. We'll have story book session before we sleep almost everyday. This had created a special bonding moments to all of us and mades learning a fun and enjoyable session to all of us.
As a mother now, I tried to let my 5 Little Angels to experience more things in their life and to record down their growing-up journey through my blog at so that they can take it as reference when they grow-up. I want them to be expose more things in their life too like what I had during my young days. With the knowledge that they had, I hope they will dare to take any challenges in their life without any fear. My advice to them is "Climb to the Highest and Never Afraid to Fall" and "Even if you Fall, Stand Up and Continue your Journey to Success". No matter how bad you had fall now, Mommy Jane will always there to hold and carried you up till you're independent enough to go on your own. And even if you're independent enough, Mommy Jane will always support my 5 Little Angels till the last breath of my life.
Recalling what our Mom said to us when we are just a little girl had made us so successful today. Hence, as a Mom now, we should give our little ones a meaningful advice too to help them in their growing-up period. Whatever they do, they will remember the advice we told them as a guideline for them to be a better person that everyone will respect in future. Do share your meaningful advice too at Dutch Lady "Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak" contest and who knows, you might help other Moms in educating their children. Besides that, you might walk away with an afternoon tea party with Scha Alyahya and her beautiful daughter, Lara Alana and one instant camera to capture your happy moments together. Good luck and hope to see all of you there...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Latest Fashion & Trendy Eyewear Fabric at A-Look, The Mines

Last weekend, Mommy Jane and Little Angels visited A-Look outlet at the Mines Shopping Mall in search for the latest fashion & Trendy eyewear fabric. Mommy Jane wanted to stock up some contact lens too and saw lots of branded eyewear in special discount up to 50%. Since me and my Little Angels were wearing spectacles now, we wanted to looks stylish too with quality eyewear that suits our personality and lifestyle.  
A-Look committed to provide comprehensive eye refraction & professional advice to improve the best vision of each of their client. Their professionalism of achievement of in Optometry field is gained by Mr Lee Jin Tzer. He received AXISMATICS-ABDO Best Full Time Student Award - Year 2003, 2nd prize winner for OPSM-AXISMATICS FBDO Top Student Award Year 2003 and Hans Stepper Prize in Best Overseas Student Year 2003, Distinction Grade in Eye Refraction Examination. Mr Lee has been appointed as optical consultant for Look Eyewear and OWL Eyewear, both located at the Mines.
Mr Lee Jin Tzer, Optical Consultant showing some of the quality eyewear that are available at A-Look to all the bloggers present
Certificates and Awards received by Mr Lee Jin Tzer
A-Look is having promotions for its branded eyewear at a special price. You can get Armani Exchange frame at only RM368 with free SV (Single Vision) lenses. As for Ray Ban frame at RM298 with free SV lenses too.
Stylish Rayban Sunglasses for you to choose from 
Lots of Armani Exchange frame at only RM368 with free SV (Single Vision) lenses for you to choose from
For contact lens users like me, remember to check out their wide range of contact lens with best deal ever. There are wide range of colour lens and for specialty contact lens for Dry-Eye wearer or frequent PC users like me. 
Promotions on Contact Lens 
A-Look also an award winner lenses dealer. Three of their lenses were winner of the lens product for year 2016. First is Zeiss, drive safe lenses to enhance vision for night driving, raining day by reducing significant glare at night. Second is Shamir, a glacier coating with toughest surface treatment, extremely scratch resistant and easy to clean with 2 years warranty on manufacturing defect. Third is Essilor, Eyezen for lifestyle computer of gadgets users where it will relax your vision & prevent your eye from harmful blue rays from electronic LCD/LED.
Zeiss, MyoVision lense that clinically proven slow down the progression of shortsightedness of children by 30% or Zeiss, Individual for lenses that customise & fabric according to wearing behaviour with ultimate precise power and a unique personal engrave on lenses.
Those who are looking for driving and Sporty Sunglasses, do check out Rudy Project that was made in Italy. It had 2 years warranty for all the product. The ImpaxtX lenses is unbreakable with whole life warranty. The Golf 100 is design for Golfer. For Cyclist, it prevent fog by allow air ventricular.
Oakley for HD Optics and Impact Resistant. There are 20% discount and additional discount will be provided if you mentioned Mommy Jane from recommended ya.
Do check out their Ray Ban too. Glass lenses with well know G15 lenses. They had wide range of special edition and polarization lenses with cooling effect.
A Look do provide service to customize power lenses into high curve sporty sunglasses which normally not welcome by common optical shop. They do provide fancy and trendy eyewear which cater for student and eyewear lovers at lower price. Any round or oversize lense that you're looking for, can easily find in A-Look outlet. Remember to check-out A-Look outlet for a comfortable and trendy eyewear. 
A-Look was located at L1-16, MINES Shopping Fair, Mines Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Contact : 03-89413600. Operation hours : 10 a.m till 10 p.m. Website :
Frame plus lense for students at RM168 only
Since there is special discount for students, my Little Angels also tried out some of the branded eyewear and end up, all of us shop together for our eyewear at A-Look. There are lots of discounts given to shoppers and students, remember to check them out and style with them too.
Mommy Jane and WH were wearing stylish Oakley sunglasses

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Theme Birthday Party at the Parenthood Playland

Birthday celebration is very important to me as we celebrate the birth of my 5 Little Angels. I will make sure that each of their day is special to them in every way. Besides having birthday party, I will do a surprise celebration or bring them for a fun day out or buy anything that they want as their presents. Some said that we can have 2 babies at the same year but they are not twins. They are just born within a year. After I gave birth to CW, I was pregnant with WH. Both were born within a year. Therefore their size were almost the same. When they are still babies, I always wore them at the same clothings and everyone who saw them will congratulate me for having twins instead. Times passed. So fast CW is turning 11 years old on 12 August and WH is turning 10 years old on 5 August this year. Instead of normal celebration, I opt to have their mass birthday party at the Parenthood Playland on 7 August 2016. 
The Parenthood Playland is the first Kingdom design indoor play structure built with the mission and passion to provide children aged 2-12 years old with a fun play and learn environment. The theme playground comes with toddler play areas, wall climbing features and PS4 game console zone for older children. You can have treasure hunt games, Flying Fox, Spider Tower, Transparent Spiral Slide, Mini Trampoline, Multiple Slides, Ball Pitt, Tunnels & Bridges with non-slip foam mat and CCTV. 

Located in the Parenthood, 2nd Floor, Sunway Putra Mall, this playland offers safe environment where children can play, learn and build self-confidence. There is a room for themed party that can easily accommodate up to 60 children at a time. The birthday theme party package starts from RM1,200.00 and above. For Kingston party which held on weekdays, the price per pax will be RM38.00 and for Queency party which held on weekend, the price will be at RM48. Both include unlimited playtime at the playland plus 2 hours usage of the party room. Children meal set A at RM20 and set B at RM25. For local cuisine, Adult meal set at RM30 and Western cuisine at RM35. A minimum of 15 pax is required for each set. You can call them at 03-40503808 for any customised birthday party or visit them at their website at and facebook page at

All the meal was prepared by Lillipilli cafe which located just next to the party room. If you want a theme party with decorations and theme meal, you can check it out from them too. Besides doing food catering for birthday party at the Parenthood, they did food catering at your doorstep too for wedding, fullmoon, party celebrations and all types of functions. Their meehoon and rendang chicken are the best. Just called Andy Lam at 016-2054048 for further enquiries. You can check out their facebook page at
If you're looking for 3D customised cakes design, then get it from Catherine Cakery. Catherine had done all types of cartoon cakes such as Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Superhero, Ninjago, Angry Bird and lots more. My Minion theme party cake was done by her. It was very creative and the cake was very delicious too. Moist and rich with chocolates. Children and adults love it too. Catherine can be contacted at 012-3921217 or check it out from her facebook page at

The 2 cute Minion mascots were optional but their existence had made the party merrier. All the children and adults love to take photos with them and even hug them too. Dream World Costume had almost 80% of the mascot costumes. You can get Pikachu, Rilakuma, Ultraman, Ironman, Doraemon, Transformer, Spiderman, Donald Duck etc. Do check out from their facebook page at You can pm them too for any enquiries through facebook.
Thanks to all my sporting blogger friends for attending the party
Thanks to my Little Angels' friends who came to made their day so special
Thanks to my family members for helping out and support me all these while
Thanks to my ex-colleagues for joining us with their children
Thanks to Fraser, PR of the Playland, Catherine from Catherine Cakery and Su-Ling for making the event so successful
Thanks to everyone for attending my Little Angels' birthday party and making them feel so special. Thanks for the presents and ang pau given. CW and WH were so happy that day and I'm sure it is their happiest day and will remember it forever and ever. Thanks to the Parenthood Playland and Lillipilli cafe for the beautiful decorations and the delicious food. Thanks to Catherine Cakery for the customised 3D minion cake and thanks to Dream World Costume for the presence of 2 Minion Mascots that had made the party merrier. Without all of you, the party will never be the same. As for Mommy Jane, I'm happy to made the best party ever for my Little Angels. 
Just call them for reservation and they will make the best preparation for your little ones with all the customised food, cakes, drinks, decorations, mascot appearance and even the goodie bags. The best thing is, having party at the playland had save Mommy Jane lots of works and preparations but the most important is, my Little Angels and their guests were truly enjoyed themselves so much on that day with the yummylicious food and activity at the playland together.