Wednesday, August 16, 2017

DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water and WaterBar with 3-Second Instant Heat Technology

Water is the main component of our body. Adequate water consumption plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts recommended drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water each day to maintain good health. Water helps to keep our body well hydrated, which is essential because every cell in our body need water to function properly. 
Health scientists found that most of the common health problems are the consequences of acidic physique, therefore DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water provides minerals that give our body needs and thus reduce health problems caused by acidic physique. To enhance the health of my family, Mommy Jane had recently installed DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water at home.
DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water with ph value of 7.5-8.5 contains calcium and magnesium ions, which can revitalise our skin and health. By improving penetration power of water in our skin up to 200%, it gave us a healthier look, more vibrant and a smoother skin. It also helps to rejuvenates our body. That is the reason why Mommy Jane bought a spray bottle and fill it up with DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water. Every morning, my Little Angel will fill up the bottle to spray it everyday. It helps to make them feel fresher and improve their skin condition. Whenever they feel hot, they will spray the alkaline water at their face. By moistening our skin with Coral Alkaline Water, allergies problems that caused by redness and dirt in the air can be relieved. Whenever my Little Angels had allergies problems or mosquito bites, the Coral Alkaline Water could relieved the itchy feeling.

As for Mommy Jane, using CORAL Alkaline Water as a medium of make-up removal works better than tap water. Every night Mommy Jane will use CORAL Alkaline Water as a well-balanced mask for about 5-10 minutes to moisturise my skin up to 200% leaving my skin more radiant after washing.
Mask for about 5 to 10 minutes
Dabb-dabb and Tapp-Tapp for a better peneratration of the Coral Alkaline Water on my face
My Little Angels love to drink CORAL Alkaline Water as it has a tinge of sweetness with no bloating side effects. It is rich in minerals and trace elements, contains sweet taste and high penetration power and it is easier to be absorbed after magnetisation. It creates wonders in making a variety of beverages and you'll surprise with its impressive performance.
Mommy Jane loves to soak fruits and vegetables with CORAL Alkaline Water coz' it can helps to preserve its freshness. It also can remove up to 99% of toxic agricultural chemicals and pesticides from fruits and vegetables after is has been submerged for over 30 minutes. Soak our vegetables with the water will reduce the sourness and preserve its freshness and sweet taste. To prevent oxidation for apples and pears, soak them with the water before cutting. Even those strong unpleasant odour of seafood such as fish, shrimp and shellfish can be removed by rinsing it with the  CORAL Alkaline Water. Rice will be more aromatic and softer and Noodles are tastier and more springy in cooking.
For warm or hot water, Mommy Jane and Little Angels drink the DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water at the DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar with 3-Second Instant Heat Technology. Traditional water dispensers that our parents use in those days had lots of harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite with 24 hours repetitive reheating function. If we did not clean up the dispenser inside, these harmful chemicals will accumulate and long term consumption of those reboiled water may put our family health at risk.
To keep away the unhealthy re-boiled water, Mommy Jane had choose to install the DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar. It has 3-second instant heat technology and has replaced the traditional heat components in the dispenser. DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar increases the boiling rate up to 100 times and heats up water in just 3 seconds. All you have to do is to press a button, everyone in the family could enjoy fresh hot water within 3 seconds. This new device not only shortens the boiling time of water but avoid reboiling to release such harmful chemicals.
It is very easy to use. Even my youngest at 4+ now will take his own warm water to drink it daily instead of mix it by themselves. It had improve his health a lot. The warm water from the DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar had strengthen our body defence and help to guard ourselves over the thread of disease.
If you want to experience the benefits of the innovative of DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water and WaterBar with 3-Second Instant Heat Technology, call them up at 03-89473333/017-3543406 and their specialist will deliver the DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water and WaterBar to your preferred location for 7 days free experience. Do check out more details at their website at or facebook page at
After using and drinking with DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water and WaterBar for 2 weeks, me and my Little Angels felt healthier now. Our skin had improved so much and I do feel younger now. Where ever we go, we will bring along a small bottle to spray at our skin to maintain the moisture and makes us fresher and of course a big big bottle so that we can have it daily. Drinking warm water is easier now with the 3-second instant heat technology from the WaterBar. Instead of our usual 7 cups of water daily, with DIAMOND CORAL Alkaline Water and WaterBar, we had increase it to 9-10 cups daily. Do try it now and feel the different. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Kids Tasty Speech by Johan Speaking Academy

Last weekend, Mommy Jane brought 3 Little Angels to join the Kids Tasty Speech organised by Johan Speaking Academy. Instead of the normal 1.5 days Kids Public Speaking workshop at TTDI that they usually went, this round Johan Speaking Academy had brought the finale of the 2nd day workshop to a REAL Restaurant to give kids a real life experience of working in a Cafe ! My 3 Little Angels had became the Little Waiters and Waitress of the day at Luscious By Lisa T cafe which located at 1 Mont' Kiara.
My 3 Little Angels had attended the workshop at TTDI on Saturday where they were trained by Teacher Johan and Teacher Cherry on the role playing. They were trained to greet the customers when they come in, introduce the food and beverages available, taking orders, serving food and drink, getting feedback from customers on their level of service where we able to rate them and lastly collect money from customers. Basically, they were the Little Waiters and Waitress for the day. Yeah...
After attending the workshop on Saturday, my 3 Little Angels woke up quite early on Sunday to start their REAL life experience at the Luscious, 1 Mon't Kiara.  There are a total of 10 kids, aged between 8 to 12 years old, who will practically run the restaurant except for cooking the food and preparing the drinks. Check out the video of my Little Angel, WH and his new found buddy in actions and Mommy Jane had became their customer on that day...

After experience their services, Mommy Jane felt that they had performed way better than the usual waiters and waitress that serve us in any other restaurant. I'm sure you'll agreed with me too and hopefully the children will become the example to all the Waiters and Waitress in Malaysia to serve customers better. 
CW and WT going to serve their customers with the yummylicious cupcakes and WJ just want to be part of it. Ha ha ha...
CW was trained to hold a hot cup of Cappuccino from Shawn, the Boss of Luscious cafe with the help from Teacher Cherry, Co-Founder of Johan Speaking Academy
And then served it to her customers
They were also trained to keep track of their customer's order and received payment
Pass the balance of the payment together with the receipt to their Customer who are happy with their services
What will they learn from becoming the Waiters and Waitress on that day ? Let me share with all of you. I can see the collaboration between the teammates. 2 children in a team and both had different role playing and they work together to accomplished their task successfully.
My Little Angel, WH with his new found buddy who work together as a team. Their relationship had grow stronger even though both of them just met a day earlier
My Little Angels learned how to communicate with customers with confidence and without fear even though all the customers there are totally strangers to them. They welcome every customers who came in to the cafe with a friendly smile, lead them to their seats and taking orders from them. They even recommended some of the specialty that are available at the cafe and tried to fulfill the customers special request. Since Luscious cafe had a promotion for a combination set of a cupcake and a drink for RM15 nett, Mommy Jane had order a set to try it out. 
My Little Angel, WH in action serving my favourite Cappuccino ice and my favourite cupcake, Chocolate Green Tea Sakura
Check out Luscious other cupcakes specialty i.e. Lisa (Rose bandung cream with lychee vanilla cake) and Bug Me (Lime cream and coconut cake with fondant bug) 
After enjoying my yummylicious tea time, the children came to me to ask for feedback and ask me to rate for the food and the services. To test them out, I rated them with 1 star. Instead of getting angry, the children were trained to received critics well by Teacher Johan and ask for room for improvement. Overall, Mommy Jane was quite satisfied with the services and the food presented. Thumbs up to all the kids and the cafe who had provided the opportunities for the kids to explore themselves in the role playing.
Teacher Johan, Teacher Cherry, Shawn and all the Little Waiters and Waitress
The children had their real-life experience becoming the Little Waiters and Waitress for the day for 2 hours and some had even served up to 3 customers. Even though this is their first time in this role playing, I bet all customers will agreed with me that the kids had done a good job.
The wonderful ambience of the cafe for patrons to relax and enjoy their tea time
A small play area for the toddler to play while parents could have a break
The live finale was the Kids Public Speaking presented in front of the parents and customers after the tasty speech event. All the children include my 3 Little Angels had introduce themselves well, speak out confidently on their favourite food and let us know their ambition. They also express their love to their parents publicly without fear. My heart was touched hearing it from my 3 Little Angels and I was so proud on them. 
Teacher John, the Founder of Johan Speaking Academy
My 2 Junior Rangers had build-up their self confidence through Kids Public Speaking
Other kids in action
Kids Public Speaking builds self confidence and self esteem. It had helped to improve the verbal communication skills and increase the vocabulary. It also helps my 3 Little Angels to organise their thoughts and promotes interpersonal skills. Kids Public Speaking had gave them a sense of empowerment. Therefore Public Speaking is a very important skill to have besides academic qualification. Do check out my 3 Little Angels speech here...

Do start them young by start them now. If you want your child to have a real-life experience too, do register them to become Kids Tour Guide where they will explore, learn and enjoy at the Farm in the City on 26th and 27th August 2017. For more information, do email to them at or check out their website at
Register now for the Kids Tour Guide and only 5 slots available. Mommy Jane had registered my 3 Little Angels to join it too for their fond of small animals and the Kids Tour Guide will give them different experience where they got to explore the beauty of the nature, learn different animals behaviour and the most important is they'll enjoy to the fullest for this coming school holiday. See all of you there...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Short Getaway to Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort

Mommy Jane wanted to plan for a short getaway from Kuala Lumpur. Away from work stress that suffered by me and my hubby and study stress from my Little Angels. CW going to have UPSR exam next month. Almost every week, they will have exam to prepare her for UPSR. She always complaint to me and to relieve her from the exam stress, we really need a short getaway from our home. When Mommy Jane google search to look for the best place for  a short getaway i.e. for 2 days 1 night stay, Mommy Jane came across a beautiful place that we yet to explore. After gather some information, Mommy Jane had booked a stay at Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort which is just 1 hour drive from our home at KL and 30 minutes drive from Subang, Shah Alam, KLIA and Putrajaya. 
Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort is Klang Valley's latest family oriented and golf resort. Located in Carey Island, Selangor which is famous for its seafood and indigenous people, namely the "Mah Meri" tribe. The golf course is designed to complement nature to allow golfers to take in the beauty of the mangroves, trees and wildlife, not forgetting the breathtaking scenery.
Best place to have your golf session
We reached the Resort to check in on last Saturday at 2.45 p.m. and we were place at 2 connecting rooms i.e. the family family deluxe room with 1 queen bed and 2 single beds for my 5 Little Angels and a deluxe room with 1 king size bed for me and my hubby. The rooms were spacious and clean. 
Family Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
All rooms come with a LED TV, sofa and writing table with chair. fridge, safe, hair dryer, bathrobe and tea set prepared at every room. Our rooms are located at ground floor which is just in front of the swimming pool and the Rabbit Room which prepared for our breakfast. The activities and the jetty to animal island is just 100 metres away from our room. 
Nice view from my room
The toilet was clean and the most important is, it comes with a bath tub which is my Little Angels' favourite. Full toiletries i.e. bath towel, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, shower cap, tooth brush and toothpaste, bar soap, cotton bud, needles and yarn, laundry and sanitary bag were given.
After check-in to our hotel, we sat at a buggy ride to bring us around the Resort and the place to start our activities. Our first activity for the day is to visit the Animal Island. All of us were given with a life jacket. They even have a life jacket for small children. Since the island is located opposite the lake, we have to sit at a speed boat to be there.
Just a short trip, we reached at the Animal Island in just 5 minutes. There are a few small animals living there i.e. duck, rabbits, prairie dog, monkeys, goat, deer, porcupine, tortoise, hamster with lots of fish. You can even request to have animals feeding. My Little Angels enjoyed feeding and patting the animals coz' they love the cute little animals so much. The place was surrounded with beautiful and natural trees too.
After back from the Animal Island, we went for a swim at the swimming pool. There are slides and big pail of water and every 2 minutes, the water at the pail will splash down and everyone underneath will get wet. My Little Angels enjoyed playing at the 2 different slides at the swimming pool. There are few lazy chairs for guest to relax while enjoying the beauty of the scenery. The place was surrounded with lots of coconut trees.
Before we went out for dinner, we saw Mr David who is the General Manager of the Resort making his round. He is a hardworking person who still work even on Saturday night. He welcome us to the resort and showed us around. He suggested some activities for us to explore at the Resort for the next day. He even suggested places of attraction around the resort which include the Seafood Restaurants, Mah Meri Tribe and Buddhist Temple 
Mommy Jane and Mr David, General Manager of Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort
Since the area is famous with seafood restaurant, we went to Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant which is just 10 minutes from our resort to have our dinner. We tried out their sweet and sour fresh crabs, cereal prawns, steam siakap fish and homemade tau foo. We even ordered 2 jugs of fresh watermelon. It is indeed delicious and the price is affordable too. For a total of 3 adults and 4 children, we only paid RM230.00.
The next morning, my Little Angels were the first to wake up as they can't wait to explore more of the activities. They went for a swim before our breakfast. We were lucky coz' breakfast only served from 7 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and by the time we reached, it is already 10.15 a.m. but the waiter and waitress there are kind enough to extend our breakfast time. They even cooked some fresh piping hot fried kuew tiau, fried egg and ham for me and my children and some fresh orange and honeydew too. There are variety of food served as breakfast which also include nasi lemak, sausage, nuggets, wedges, porridge, roti canai and lots more.
After our breakfast, we went for a Swan ride in front of the Resort. We rent 2 paddling boats since each boat can only be seated with 4 persons. Daddy, WH and WT at 1 boat and Mommy Jane, CM, CW and WT at another boat. It was indeed fun and windy as we paddle the boat and compete who able to reach the destination at the fastest times. Mommy Jane and my 2 girls are the winners. Yeah...
After the boat ride, we went to the indoor playland at Amverton Cove. It is cooling inside and my Little Angels able to run around. Crossing the tunnels, playing the slides, throwing the softballs, jumping at the Trampoline, swings and lots more. The entry to the playland is free for all the Resort guests and open till late night daily.
After playing at the playland for 45 minutes, we proceed to the children ATV rides which is just beside the playland. Just pay RM20 for a 15-minutes ride, my Little Angels enjoyed so much of their their first ATV rides. Do check out their video below.
Thanks to the front desk who let us have late check-out at 3 p.m. and after packing everything inside our car, we drive to the paintball and archery area to have our next activity i.e. the Archery. CW, WH and WT learned the shooting from the Uncle Instructor who taught them the correct way of holding and how to aim at the shooting board. WH did quite well after the lesson and able to shoot to the middle of the circle.
Amverton Cove is having a promotion now with Deluxe Family Fun package. Just pay RM488 nett for weekdays and RM588 for weekends and eves of public holidays, you can enjoy 2 days 1 night stay that comes with breakfast, boat ride to Animal Island, Kayaking or Swan paddle boat, Archery Game, all for 4 persons and unlimited entry to playland, table tennis and kids' game room. Amverton Cove Golf & Resort is located at PT673, Jalan Pulau Carey, Mukim Jugra, 42960 Pulau Carey, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Contact No, 03-31233888/03-31233800 or email at For more details or rooms reservation, do check out their website at and facebook page at
Promotion price for Deluxe Room. RM388 nett for weekdays and RM488 for weekends and eves of public holidays
Promotion price for Family Deluxe Room. RM488 nett for weekdays and RM588 for weekends and eves of public holidays
Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort is indeed a great place for short vacation from the busy town. We feel relax, rejuvenate and refresh staying at here. Besides activities above, Amverton Cove also have family fun karaoke, VIP rooms, snooker, foozball, table tennis, gymnasium, spa, massage, bicycle rental, seminar rooms and a grand banquet hall. We yet to explore all the activities and we definitely will come back again to explore more since it is quite near to our home. No worries of traffic jam and long journey stress, Amverton Cove is the best place for a family short getaway and golf session.