Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meeska Mooska Experience

Last Sat (13th Nov, 2010) brought my children to learn to be safe on the road with Petronas Streeetsmart and Playhouse Disney at Petrosains StreetSmart Exhibition, The Discovery Centre, Suria KLCC and its open to public from Tues to Sun and closed on Mon.
The exhibition will be held from 6th November, 2010 till 21st November, 2010.

Children were to collect all the round sticker by participating all the stimulated road systems and traffic situations and identify problems and dangers associated with road usage and at the same time, experiental demonstrations are performed where visitors can learn about the importance of embracing positive road safety behaviours like using seat belts and why we should not walk near moving vehicles, among others.

Upon completion, each children will be rewarded with Disney batch by Astro Malaysia.

There are also fun, interactive activities which include the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse : Road Tally" story-telling slots as well as workshops that teach children on the value of wearing the humble helmet, why a car chasis must be firm, stable and strong, and how the bumper absorps impact in an accident.

There will also have special appearance of the Petronas StreetSmart mascots, Siti, Ah Chong and Muthu to bring the extra cheer to young visitors.

After the story-telling session, children were given some quiz and those able to answer, were given some prizes sponsored by Astro and Petrosains. And the Grand Prize winner.... is my 2nd daughter, Chai Wen... who won a box of 2 race cars and all my children so excited to it. Chai Wen was brave enough and raise her hand up to answer the question of which channel to catch the premiere of the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse : Road Tally" show on Playhouse Disney and the answer is... Astro Channel 613. She proudly show off her prize to her Daddy after that...

Even though just a short trip, am glad that my children learned something about the road safety.
Each blog family also receive a goodie bag and all children also entitle to have a smaller bag of it with sticker, colouring book and poster. They really felt very happy. Thanks to Sophia for inviting us to such an educational event.
We're also been given 2 free child tickets entrance for every adults tickets that we purchase. Already plan quite sometimes to visit Petrosains and this is an opportunity for us to do so...

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