Sunday, April 21, 2013

BSC Kites Festival

 Last Sunday on 21.4.2013, we start our journey at 4.40 pm to Bangsar Shopping Centre. This round our mission to learn to do our kites and colour it since my children always wanted a kite of their own.
 The concourse area was full of beautiful kites done by the children of an International School.
 Angry bird, dolphine, butterfly, ladybird and many animals can be seen...

Even Spiderman flying the kites. Ha ha ha...

My children made themself a mini kite each. Since it a bit small and the string a bit short, they can easily running here and there flying their kites...
After making their own kites, then they were given a set kite each to draw and colour on it. My children creations except the last one which is done by me...
They were so happy having their kites of their own and now pursuade me to bring them to Desa Parkcity to fly their kites but since its a bit late and there is no wind there, we then had our dinner at La Casa Restaurant. It is a fun activity that Mom and children can share with while enjoying it...

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