Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Egg Hunting

I enjoyed my easter egg hunting this year with my children. It was fun, exciting and full of happiness as we got to bring back lots of prizes and its fun running here and there to search for it. 

My first hunting was at Parkamaya store at Fareinheit. Saw it at facebook about the hunt but too lazy to go until I saw an invitation from the Pavilion Junior for all the children to join the hunt. My children was so excited and they pursuade me to go. So, on Sun morning, me, hubby and 4 of our children head to Parkamaya store. We reached there before 10am and once the store opened, we run in and hunt for our eggs. 

All six of us got our own prizes. A shoe worth RM159 and a hat worth RM29.90 which belongs to me, my eldest daughter got her necklace and earrings, 2nd daughter got her little bunny that she really wanted it so much, son got his Doraemon key chain while WT got his favourite cake. Eventhough we can't find the Ipad mini, which is the main prize, nevertheless all of us go home with happy face as we had what we want...

After Parkamaya, we went to Bangsar for egg hunt also. All children entitled for a free basket and they got to take goodies from selected outlets. They so happy running here and there to get the goodies...

The children also got to hunt eggs at 1 Mont Kiara to win prizes and posting with the bunnies. Every post will  win RM200 cash voucher.  

The following week, we went to Subang Parade for egg hunt also. This hunt really tiring and sweating a lot but our efford paid off. Within half an hour, me and my eldest daughter collected 5 eggs and we're very lucky as being the top 2 and won the camera shown below..

April is a lucky month to us as every week, we won lots of prizes and hope it'll continue forever.

Do join me at the another egg hunt at Subang Parade this Saturday on 13.4.2013 to win a Samsung SIII. Gd luck to me and all of u here. Enjoy your hunting like what I had...


  1. Wow...you are so active in this kind of contest...Good.

    All the best to you.

  2. its fun, I no join before.

    come join my giveaway


  3. i never heard of this kind of hunting game before...
    hmm...feel like joining
    how do you get to know about all this??

  4. From website, facebook and newspaper. Subang Parade will be having another hunt this Sat from 3pm-4pm and this round the prize is Samsung SIII. Hope to see you there...

  5. Wow so nice! I'd love to join you but I have another event this Saturday :(

  6. Now I know where to bring my future kids to have fun. All these activities are really good for the children and mom. Happy you had so much fun with your children and they even won things.

  7. Do we need to register first? Any T&C? Don't know if can bring baby or not? Is it a confined area because I don't want my daughter to go missing? When you mentioned sweating a lot, it sounds like you have to run to different levels or very far to find the eggs. Really want to go but no one can take care of my baby, so if can bring baby there, then ok but I think cannot win.

  8. Hi Linda, we no need to register in advance. Just gather at their information counter at 2.45 and they'll give us a very short briefing on area to look for the eggs. Last week is at ground and 1st floor. Its not at a confined area. So, better dun bring bb there...

  9. hi there..yeah i also bring my kids to the egg hunting at Fahrenheit recently..it was really a fun moments..