Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Splash Pool Party

Last weekend is a great weekend for us as we went to Expatriate Lifestyle summer splash pool party at Brunsfield Embassy located at Jalan Ampang. All of you must wonder how is the party looks like. Let me bring you to a tour of it...

 We started of with kids' summer wears fashion show sponsored by Sudo.
After that there is a performance by Mermaids. Did I said Mermaids... Yes. Human made mermaids. This is the first time my little Angels watch Mermaids in person. 2 beautiful lady show off their swimming skills wearing Mermaids' costume. They really swim like a fish and swim like a real mermaid. Bravo to both of them...

My little Angels also enjoyed playing water orb too. First time playing it and it is a good experience for them...
WH with his cousin, Jayvin
Besides that, CW and WH also love playing the pump gun sponsored by Boom. Shooting time...

Most part of the pool are child-friendly place as the water not so deep. So, parents no need to worried about the safety of their children as they running around playing at the pool there...
Enjoy every moment of it...
Thai food which includes green curry with rice, curry laksa noodles, popiah and potato salad, burger, puff, coffee, orange juice etc was served on that day to all the invited guests and we got 15 minutes free massage too. A pampering session for Mommy...

There are lucky draw prizes worth more than RM16k. Each family was given a lucky draw number. I was not that lucky as did not won anything but a lady with her family of 4 who had 4 numbers with her won top 2 prizes i.e. the coffee maker worth RM800+ and a family vacation stay at Langkawi worth RM6k+. Congrats to her for being so lucky on that day...

Thanks to Expatriate Lifestyle for the great experience. Me and my Little Angels enjoyed our day there playing all sorts of games and watching the fashion show and the Mermaids performance. Thanks for the 1 year free subscription of the magazine too. Times to read more and learn more. Hope to see all of you again next year.


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  2. wow.. she won 2 times? not a family a prize? how can like that?

  3. That was fun... Lucky you!!! Hehehe

  4. wa mermaid :P


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