Sunday, August 3, 2014

Panasonic workshop at the Cooking House

Being invited as a blogger to join Panasonic Cooking session at the Cooking House was a great experience to me and my little Angels as we love to cook, bake and decorate our food. Me, Sherry, Mr Jocko and Rane joined as a bloggers with some PR and winners to attend the great event. The best thing is, we can bring our child along...

We were brief by the Master Chef of the day on how to made dough and bread using the Panasonic Bread Maker. Just mix everything to it and put everything inside the bread maker. Its easy right ?

 Let me brief all of you the usage of the Panasonic bread maker :-
1. Automatically mixes, kneads, rises and bakes bread with a press of button
2. Yeast dispenser automatically adds in the dry yeast at a proper time
3. Raisin & nut dispenser drops dried fruit, nuts and seeds automatically
4. 13 menus, including
5. 8 bread cycles: bread, rapid mode, soft bread, French, whole wheat, pineapple bread, rice bread & rice flour bread
6. 3 dough cycles: bread 

Sounds great, right ?
How to use it ? Let me explain to you the Simple and Easy 5-step Operations :-
1. Take out the bread pan and set the kneading blade.
2. Add high-gluten flour and other ingredients except dry yeast in the bread pan.
3. Put instant dry yeast, dried fruits & nuts in the dispensers.
4. Select menu and press start
5. After beep sound, take out the bread

After around half an hour of explanations by the Master Chef on baking method, me and my Little Angels proceed to the kitchen to made our own bread. We were also been informed that the best 3 most creative bread will walkaway with a Fully Automatic Bread Maker worth RM899.00. Wah.... so nice and at that point of time, I still thinking how to make it looks creative as I really wanted the bread maker so much. Just try our luck here and do the very best of it. Made use of all the experience that me and my little Angels had...

WH with the ingredients that he love to add in
We were given 75 minutes to accomplish our mission. First, we have to made our bread using the dough given and put the ingredients that we want. Since my little Angels love hot dog, ham, cheese, peanuts and chocolates, we choose all these as the ingredients and toppings. Then what we should do next... Since my Angels love Frozen movie and the next day will be their birthday party of Frozen theme, we decided to do a Mr Snowman, Olaf enjoying his holiday during summer. A bit weird but the last part of the movie shown that Olaf able to do what his dream is. Coconut tree will be the best icon to show that it is at summer time. Ta da... here is our creations. Nice right...

While waiting for our dough to be bake, we have to proceed with our bread decorations. Olaf enjoying his Summer time also but with different concept. Since we have carrots, vegetables and grapes which is one of the best nutritious food for my little Angels, we should make use of it so that my little Angels will had all the vitamins needed...

Is our creations creative enough to win it ? Pray very hard to win it since there are many contestants on that day i.e. around 20 of us and theirs creations were really really creative. The judges which represented by the Master Chef and a representative from Panasonic Malaysia should have a tough decision to decide the top 3 winners. First winner had been announced and unexpectedly the Master Chef announced that me and my little Angels was the 2nd winner of the prize. Yeah... 
The another 2 winners. 
The under ocean theme and the house was the 1st winner, me was the 2nd and 3rd winner goes to the animals and a sport car. Congrats to both of them also...
Other contestants' masterpiece...
Love all of the creations as every contestants really hope to bring back the sophisticated Panasonic Bread maker to made bread for their loved ones.
Thanks to Li Shin from the Cooking House for the opportunities given and a chance for me to invite 3 of my blogger friends with me to blog about our experience...
As we go along in our life, me and my little Angels had the opportunity to experience things in our life. From cooking, baking, playing, eating, clothings, winnings etc, it is undeniable that we had learned a lot from it. Learned from the mistake and learned to improved our life. Winning was just a game but the experience that we had really unforgetable and will always instill in our life. Thanks again to Panasonic Malaysia and the Cooking House for the great experience and for given us the chance to learned something from here. With the Fully Automatic Bread Maker on hand now, Mummy will made more nutritious bread for my little Angels now and of course with some decorations that will made our bread talk... 


  1. wow you are fast :D to post :D hehe. nice workshop.. son and I have fun . :D

    Congrats on winning bread maker, now your family can enjoy the yummy bread you gonna bake.. : D

  2. Nice workshop.. Congrats on winning!