Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ice Age Adventure at Genting

Even PR from Resort World Genting had read my blog before and had tried to contact me but unable to as I did not put my corresponding email or contact at my blog. At least someone took the initiative to get me maybe because I a bit famous now. Ha ha ha... I came across their event from my fellow blogger friend from the Sesame Street at 1U and got invited to join in. So, this is my 2nd invitation from them and this round is to explore some of the activities and their newly open for public the biggest laundry station in Malaysia. I'll separate it out into 2 blog post so that all of you can read it easily. Actually every year without fail, I'll bring my Little Angels to Genting as it is near to KL and I just love the fresh and cooling air there. Genting also is the place when I first met with my hubby. So, without hesitation, I accepted the invitation to explore it with my 2 Junior Rangers i.e. CW and WH.
We're the first to reach Wisma Genting at around 7.30 am. as we don't want to miss the bus
Lets start with our exploration with Ice Age Adventure. Do you know that Ice Age Adventure has landed at Resorts World Genting since 1 September 2014 ? It had indeed provided lots of fun and entertainment to children and family. With already more than thousands participating over the weeks, the Ice Age Adventure is set to lure more holiday makers with never ending fun at the Genting International Convention Centre Meeting Rooms 7 - 12 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
At the entrance of the hall
To join in the fun, all you have to pay is only RM20.00 nett which comes with three main key zones namely the Ice Age Theatre, Ice Age Playground and Ice Age Meet-and-Greet featuring a variety of fun activities. Along the entire adventure, you'll be amazed by the creatively printed tarpaulin backdrops prepping all patrons with lots of photo opportunities which me and my 2 Junior Rangers love to take with.
Looks like we are skating at the sea of Ice Age. Ha ha ha...
Ice Age movie enthusiast will find the Ice Age Theatre their favourite zone with screening of Ice Age's popular short films such as Gone Nutty - the 2003 Academy Award for Animated Short Film, No Time for Nuts - the 2007 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, Continental Crack Up #1 & #2 and Surviving Sid. There will be 12 time slots available at 30 minutes per session starting from 10.15 a.m. right up to 9.15 p.m. So, don't miss it as everyone enjoyed the movie so much as it was funny with lots of jokes that will definitely mades you laugh.
2 Junior Rangers post for fun
The Ice Age Playground will serve as an area of interest for the more active patrons with various 2D die-cut displays, 3D street art element and mirror illusion. Expand your imagination with creative photo poses that you can come with at over 30 photography spots based on real move scenes. All scream 'ahoy', as a re-creation of Captaion Gutt's ice-ship will also be on board at this exciting zone. Skill games and redemption machines are also present aside the vast photo opportunities. So, take as much photos as you like while posing with them and see the results to it that will mades you feel amaze to it...
WH is a good actor when it comes to pose. Love it
Finally, the Ice Age Meet-and-Greet zone is where all patrons can meet and greet the much loved characters - Sid the sloth, Scrat and Diego. Its up to you whether you wan to dance, play games or just plain taking selfie shots with them in the huge area complete with spotlights and groovy Continental Drift music. My Junior Rangers had so much fun playing and hugging the them as they are my Rangers' favourite characters in Ice Age Adventure.
Special bonding times with my Junior Rangers
Besides that my Rangers also enjoyed collecting stamps at each 6 collection stations which are scattered all around the Ice Age Adventure compound where one is able to create a bookmark out of the six different designs from the Ice Age or just attend some of the workshops available that includes making handicrafts of Ice Age characters mask or a simple colouring at the mask there. We also submitted our lucky draw form at the end of the adventure in order to win some prizes. So, do remember to keep the tickets sub when you're there to submit it with your form. You can also redeem a rainbow ice-cream at the submission area, subject to stock last...
Photo taken with all the bloggers with their family
So, how is the tour ? If you love it, then come and watch Ice Agventure 2 with your family and friends to bring home sweet memories to all of you. Lots of beautiful photos can be taken too and just a price of it, all of you whether you're kids or adults can have all the fun that you want. Remember its only applicable at Genting, City of Enterainment. Lets watch the video here and see yourself how much fun that we had on that day...

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