Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sakura White

It was a great honour for me being invited to review a new beauty skin product from Garnier. I can try it, feel it and see the results on the spot. Great right ? So, now let me bring you to the tour of it. For pinkish, radiant and hydrated skin, lets try the new Sakura White. To further enhance your skin's overall tone with 2 new products from Garnier's Sakura White range powered by the precious Sakura flower. Do you know the secret to fair skin with a pinkish tone according to Garnier ? The answer is Sakura White range, which was launched last year and has since been extremely well received by Malaysians who seek a healthy complexion that is beautiful with a pinkish glow...

We need to boost our skin's nourishment to reveal the 5 dimensions of glowing, pinkish skin by using Sakura White Pinkish Randiance Ultimate Serum. The 5 dimensions are Reveals a pinkish radiance on skin, Leaves skin a clearer looking, Evens out skin tone, Boosts skin's texture for a more soft & supple feel and Provides skin with 24-hour hydration. To use, spread evenly on perfectly cleansed and toned face and neck before your day or night moisturiser.

Moisturising cream
Sakura White range consists of a gentle cleansing foam, a moisturising day cream with SPF21/PA+++ and an intensive whitening mask - visibly unifies skin texture to reveal a pinkish radiance just like the lovely Sakura flower.

Do you know that the lovely Sakura flower was unique to Japan ? It is so precious as it only blooms for seven days in a year. This precious property is what makes the Sakura flower special for the Sakura White range. Sakura Extract in the day cream and whitening mask contains the antioxidant flavonoid and polyphenol, enhancing the ingredient's whitening power to reveal skin's pinkish radiance while reducing dullness. Meanwhile, Vitamins B3 and CG in the formula help skin to become softer, smoother and even toned. The whitening mask also keeps skin supple as well as hydrated for up to 24 hours.
Cleansing foam and whitening mask
So, if you want to wake up to pinkish radiance every morning, then you need to deeply nourish your skin all night long while you sleep with this lightweight, non-sticky gel cream sleeping essence that deeply nourishes like an overnight mask. It is enridged with 2X Sakura Extracts as well as Natural Fruit Extracts and vitamin CG. This blend of active ingredients helps hyrate skin up to 24 hours while you sleep. It helps lighten skin tone, fade dark spots and refine skin texture so that you can wake up to pinkish radiant skin the next morning that feels smoother, softer, bouncier and more refreshed.

Try it and you can see the result even after 1 night as your skin is visibly healthier with a pinkish radiance. In 2nd week, your skin will blooms beautifully like a Sakura flower i.e. translucent and pinkish radiant and in 4th week, your skin will be fresh, pinkish radiant while dark spots are reduced. Do check out their facebook www.facebook.com/GarnierMalaysia for more information.
With my blogger friend, Jacintha wearing Kimono
I had try the Sakura White from foam wash to the serum, mask and the moisturising cream on that day itself and I love the results. It mades my skin looks moisturised, pinkish, prettier and of course looks younger here. See it, try it and believe it as you'll definitely agreed to it...
With my masterpiece of headband that I done that day


  1. wow. kimono never try before.. wanted to try :D

    you look great :D

  2. I love sakura whitening mask !! that is really very useful :D

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