Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jaya Shopping Centre celebrates Christmas with Children of Rumah Hope

Jaya Shopping Centre celebrated Christmas with the children of Rumah Hope, in the spirit of togetherness, charity and love. The neighbourhood shopping centre presented early Christmas gifts to a total of 153 children, aged between 3 - 17 years old from several children orphanages.  
“Jaya Shopping Centre embarked on a Charity Gift Drive, encouraging shoppers to give Christmas presents for the children from Rumah Hope and thankfully we exceeded our target within two days. Due to the overwhelming response and generosity from our shoppers, we included several other homes. As this is the first Christmas at Jaya Shopping Centre since we re-opened, we hope to make this a yearly tradition.  We are a neighborhoodshopping centre and what a great way to get the community to spread some Christmas cheer,” said Ismail Ani Arope, Director of Jaya Section Fourteen Sdn. Bhd.
Read here to find out how you can be part of the contributors
As the heart and soul of Petaling Jaya, an attest to its tagline, the shopping mall invited several children orphanages scattered across the vicinity namely Rumah Hope, Rumah Juara, Rumah Sayangan and Shelter Home to indulge in a myriad of fun activities such as carolling, dancing, witnessing a music band performance and receiving Christmas gifts from the Charity Gift Drive.
The children also enjoyed a rousing musical performance and an experience-sharing session by this year’s Miss Malaysia World 2014, Dewi Liana Seriestha, who arrived fresh after competing in the Miss World 2014 Grand Finals in London where she clinched the Miss World Talent and a spot in the Semi-Finals.  Jaya Shopping Centre is the Official Shopping Centre for Miss Malaysia World 2014, making Dewi, the official face for the iconic landmark.  During the event, the children were presented their gifts by this Sarawakian beauty. Also on display on Level 3 of the shopping centre, the evening gowns and national costumes from various local designers which Dewi paraded during her 3-week stay in London for the pageant.
Miss Malaysia World 2014, Dewi Liana Seriestha showed her best performance
Jaya Shopping Centre transformed into a dazzling Christmas wonderland with vibrant Christmas trees, reindeers, angels and stunning Christmas baubles and garlands, setting the mood for the ever increasing number of shoppers to the mall.

“Performing for the children from Rumah Hope today truly warmed my heart, and it was immensely gratifying. It is wonderful what Jaya Shopping Centre is doing and I am honoured to be part of it,” said Dewi, the singing beauty queen.
Devi sang "You Raised Me Up" with his father who was wearing hat in silver shirt
Until the 4th of January 2015, the shopping mall will be carrying out fun and exciting activities and events for families to participate in such as group carolling, story-telling, musical performances and card-making in maintaining the festive spiritin bringing in the New Year. Along with this, the shopping centre is offering one of kind promotions on its merchandise and services. So, do remember to drop by ya...

Christmas is all about sharing and caring and I'm glad to brought my 2 Little Angels, WH and WT to show them how fortunate they're having both parents that able to provide them with everything. The smiles and laughter shown by the orphanage when presented with the christmas presents really cheer everyone up. Not everyone is lucky like us and with this contributions, you're actually bringing smiles and joy to each and everyone of them and instill the moral of sharing to our little ones. So, do drop by at Jaya Shopping Centre to do your part in the spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all my readers here...


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