Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Carpool with Tripda

Chinese New Year around the corner. Have you got your plane or bus tickets yet ? Did you manage to get any of it as the celebrations getting nearer and everyone wanted to celebrate this auspicious days at their hometown with family and friends. If you haven't got any yet, why not try to get car pool with Tripda.
Me, Sherry, Joyce and my eldest daughter car pooling with Tripda
Tripda is an online peer-to-peer carpooling platform that connects drivers commuting with empty seats in their cars and passengers heading the same way. Tripda with the principle of the "sharing economy" where technology is utilised as an instrument to help people to share any excess capacity they have in terms of resources i.e. spare seat in their car. Tripda connects people looking for a ride with drivers who have empty car seats via their website www.tripda.com.my and mobile app (Android and iOS).

It is easy to use. All you have to do is login with your Facebook account and choose if you are looking for a ride or offering a ride. You then type in your destination and when you would like to travel. Once you had determined where you're going, you can pick your travel buddy on Tripda base on things like how much you want to pay, whether you like to talk or not, car comfort level, your taste in music and many others...

Carpooling with Tripda allows you to save money for both driver and passenger. It'll helps you to save money by getting you to where you want to go. It is a great way to meet new people and friends and turns your travel into fun and social experience. It also helps to reduce pollution and traffic jams especiallt traffic congestion during festival season and at the city. It ensure a safe journey as Tripda verifies the identity of drivers and passengers in multiple ways and runs a variety of checks to ensure your privacy and security...

The safety features include :-
1. User rating system
2. Ladies-only ride
3. Facebook-only login
4. Email and mobile verification
5. Freedom to choose
6. License and insurance
7. Internal messaging system
8. Privacy of information
9. Trusted domains with latest feature

At present the service is completely free for everyone to use. Any financial transaction is solely between driver and the passenger(s) whereby the passenger contributes towards just the driver's cost. Sounds really good and attractive for using it now...
Victor Ang, the Managing Director of Tripda
So, waits no more. Lets try Tripda now for an economical and joyful rides. Remember to made more new friends too and I'm sure all of you will had a wonderful rides with Tripda. Start plan your journey ahead for this coming Chinese New Year so that more peoples can join you for a wonderful long journey rides..
With my blogger friends, Syafiera, Kylie, Miera, Sherry, Ayu, Joyce and many more
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