Monday, January 12, 2015

My New Make Over for 2015

I always wanted to looks great but lack of time as most of my times spend on my Little Angels, work, events, hubby of course etc. Don't really have the time for myself i.e. buying beauty products and shop for something that I want. The opportunities came during the Butterfly Christmas Party event at the Curve, I was given a box of beauty products to review. So, enjoyed my times to try it out on me. First, try the L'occitance hand cream and apply it at my hand so that it'll protects, nourishes and moisturise my dry skin. It leaves my hands soft and and smooth with no oil and I love the smell too. Check out their website here
After applying lotions, I coloured my finger nails with Maybeline Colour Show. The colour is in pink and it looks so sweet on my finger nails. This cool and stylish line looks trendy on me too. Get more updates by like them at their facebook... 
Next, I apply Dolly Wink Eyeliner. This liner had a very nice sharp tip which mades it easy to control. It also dried quickly after I apply on my lid, so no worries of messy problems! The liner is really pigmented and does not smudge easily.

The last part is always the most important part as I need to have a sexy lips. I always had the problem of dried lips. Maybeline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm perfect for me with its unique blend of ingredients, including vitamin E and a high concentration of shea butter. Electro Pop gave me all the moisturing benefits of Baby Lips. It mades my lip balm more attractive...

Another lipgloss to try is the Hotlights Lipgloss. It is non sticky formula with shimmering particles for lips that dazzle. Built-in-light and mirror for the ultimate in lip-service and shine like a star.

After putting all the make-up, all of you must have wonder how I look now. Since having dinner on that day, with my outfits, here is my new look for 2015. Did I look great ? Of course I am. Ha ha ha... Not only all these beauty products made me looks great and younger, it protect my skin too so that I'll always look young and gorgeous. So, try all these on yourself and I'm sure you'll love it too..

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