Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby Room at Sunway Pyramid

Me as Mom to my 5 Little Angels will always find a shopping complex with complete baby room facility. It was important for us as we want to change our baby diapers, made milk, breast feeding and feed our baby in a very comfortable environment. Sunway Pyramid had upgraded the baby room so that Mom and baby will feel comfortable to use the facility there while made your weekend shopping...
The Entrance to the baby room that always close to give some privacy for Mom and Baby
The baby rooms in Sunway Pyramid were very large and have button-operated automatic doors.  
A clean and hygiene place for your baby to sleep so that you can change their diapers in a comfortable way

2 rooms for Mom to breastfeed their baby in a small and private room with comfortable sofa to sit on
The spacious rooms are equipped with two diaper changing stations with hand sanitizers. There are two designated rooms for nursing too.
Some information on the benefit of breast milk and the techniques to massage your baby was provided at the board
Facilities available at the baby rooms at Sunway Pyramid were as follows :-
·         Sink
·         Soap
·         Tissues
·         Hot water dispenser and Hand Sanitiser
Warm and hot water was provided for you to made milk
You can find the baby rooms at Ground Floor (Redzone), Lower Ground 1 (Orange Zone) and Lower Ground 2 (Orange Zone) and the Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)
Look out for the signage to the baby room
Thanks to Sunway Pyramid for prepared such a great facilities for the comfort of Mom and baby. So now, I no need to worried to bring my Little Angel out for shopping at Sunway Pyramid as I'm sure eventhough my baby is in a mess or diapers wet, there is a baby room which are hygiene and comfortable to take care of my baby's needs... 
If your children are not Leo Cub members yet, do apply for them free to enjoy all the benefits


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