Thursday, March 12, 2015

Natural Healing with Neutrax

For the year of Goat, I'm sure a good health will be on the wish-list by everyone here but how to stay healthy and looks good ? It is a great opportunity for me to be the first to try a new product name as Neutrax, a natural wonder. The event was held on 7th February, 2015 at SAVARO, Publika and Neutrax Officer shared with us the origin of Neutrax and the benefit of it...
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What is Neutrax ?
NEUTRAX is Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide. It is a liquid solution that can be used for consumption and for skin, hair, and nails. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in science and technology that is obtained using FWC’s proprietary Advanced Microaerophilic Fermentation Platform.

It is all natural with no chemical substance and researched in San Francisco, USA. NEUTRAX Original can be consumed to cleanse, restore and balance your body to its optimal level. NEUTRAX Therapy Oil can be used to protect, nourish and revitalise skin, hair and nails for a healthier and more glowing you...

NEUTRAX is a natural wonder. Research has shown that Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopepide contains a large proportion of Lauric Acid in comparison to any other normal coconut oil. Lauric Acid  is considered a “healthier” saturated fat because it is a medium-chain triglyceride. As an MCT, lauric acid is much more easily absorbed by the body and has an amazing plethora of other associated health benefits, including potentially helping with weight loss.
Head of the Research & Development of FWC gave us a great explanations
Lauric Acid which can be found in breast milk, is also well known to improve energy levels, boost immunity, regulate hormones,  stabilize blood sugar levels and boost cellular healing process.

What is the Benefit of Neutrax ?
The 5 A Benefits to be found in NEUTRAX Original as follows :-
1.     Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast.
2.   Protects body from harmful free radicals and oxidation
3.   Reduces inflammation and swelling
4.   Enhances life span and cell growth in human body
5.   MCT (Medium -Chain Triglyceride) lowers cholesterol and prevents lipid oxidant
The 5 A Benefits to be found in NEUTRAX Therapy Oil as follows :-
1.   Protect skin against pollution and environmental stress
2.  Regulates and corrects sebum production - control acne, pigmented and irritated skin
3.  Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dermis for healthy glowing skin
4.  Promotes healing for burns and scars, cell renewal and restoration
5.  Reverses the aging process and induces cell regeneration. 

We were given 1 month to try Neutrax and write a testimonial about it. After got all the information and google search on the natural healing of Neutrax, I believe the effective of it. So, instead of me trying the miracle of Neutrax, I gave it to my Mom, being the most important person in my life. I saw her getting older and older and had lots of health problems. I always wanted to made my Mom healthier and I really don't know how. So, after attended the blogger session, I send 2 bottles of Neutrax and ask my Mom drink 2 teaspoon per day. Once in the morning and another in the afternoon...
See the different and the miracle of Neutrax Original 
After a month drinking Neutrax daily, as you can see from my photo above, my Mom, aged 72, looks younger and healthier. At the beginning, she said she had faced some diarrhea and a bit of dizziness but after a few days of drinking a teaspoon day and night, her health had improve a lot. Her blood pressure had gone down and not as high as before. Her cholesterol level had reduce tremendously. She able to sleep well at night and looks fresh the next day. She was more energetic than before and her skin glowing to fair. Her memory and eyesight had increased. The miracle is the time taken BEFORE having Neutrax is at 9pm a month ago and AFTER taken Neutrax is at 11.30pm when most peoples will felt sleepy but she still looks so fresh and energetic. I'm pretty happy with the results on my Mom, the person that I care most...
See the different and the miracle of Neutrax Therapy Oil
My 5 Little Angels are part of my life. I'll do anything to ensure they'll live happily and healthily. WJ, being the youngest of my 5 Little Angels, who is turning 3 this year always had skin problem. I tried many products and lotions but the effect will always the same. When I got this Neutrax Therapy Oil, I asked my maid to apply this oil to WJ's leg three times a day. Since it is made of natural ingredients, it is save even though he accidentally ate it. Mades me no worries of all the chemicals that might affect his health. After a month of applying the Therapy Oil, his skin had improve tremendously as per the photo above and I'm sure after another week of applying it, all the wounds will be gone. Good news is, no more waking up middle of the night seeing him scratch his leg anymore and he had grown up to be a healthy and happy boy now...
Me with Syed Mohd, a Cancer Survival
Syed Mohd also shared with us that when he was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer, doctor said he only had few days or most months left. He show us his photo when he was in coma. He decided to took Neutrax Original and the decision was right. Neutrax Original had really save his life. His cancer cell had reduce tremendously and he now able to live healthily like all of us...
Me and Neutrax.. Feel the Diffrence
For more information, do check out the following details :-
1. Website:
2. Facebook:
3. Careline: 1-800-222-FWC (392)

Me and my blogger friends, Jacinta, Ella, Elana, Melody and Miera
Thanks to Neutrax for letting us to try out the products and unveil the natural wonder of the solutions. The results were truly unexpected and the healing was fast. I really really proud to be Malaysians as Malaysians now able to invent and create the best solutions to health industries. A milestone that FWS had achieved and hope Neutrax will create a history to Worldwide and brought up our country's name as the best healthcare solutions providers. With its natural ingredients, try it yourself and see the different and I'm sure you'll also feel amaze to the results of it like what I had experience it...    
WT so happy using Neutrax at his wound as he too believe on the effective of it


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