Wednesday, March 18, 2015

School Holiday Outing at Farm In The City

Many parents should be busy now planning for a great outing with their kids during this school holiday. What is your plan ? If you haven't plan anything yet, come and visit Farm in the City. Farm in the City is located in Seri Kembangan. It is a great place for peoples who wanted to escape the busy City and see some unusual animals up close and personal.

Even though just a small place but you can find variety of animals here
It is an ideal venue for lovers of the animals and great outdoors. The place is divided into several sections including a reptile corner, koi pond and bird aviary. There is a turtle and tortoise section which is home to about five different types of these hard-shell reptiles. My 5 Little Angels enjoyed feeding vegetables to these tortoise, touch them and feel them...
My 5 Little Angels enjoyed every moment of it
Feeding guinea pig with vegetables
The snake sanctuary has rows of the slithering creatures housed in tanks. The place was covered with flora and trees at this park and made the place warm and refreshing. There were many kind of small animals, ranging from peacocks, geese, iguanas, marmosets, deer, guinea pig, chicks and bunnies.
Beware for the King Cobra
WJ so excited seeing so many small birds eating beans from Daddy's
Farm in the City is beautifully landscaped. There is a section where my 5 Little Angels can go inside the rabbits and guinea pigs enclosure and play with them. WJ able to get close with the rabbits and guinea pigs and feed them with vegetables. This is his first time touching a rabbit and a chick.  He was so excited to it...
WJ feeding and touching the rabbit. Showing his first love to the animals
WJ feel the fur of the chick
There is also a place that called as "longkang fish", a traditional Malaysian past time to catch a fish from the longkang. My 5 Little Angels enjoyed it so much as they tried to catch as many fish as they can and see who got the most...
Having fun time while try to catch the fish 
CM enjoyed her feeding fish session. Lots of koi fish here
Do look out for some of the rare animals here include the dinosaur turtle, a white crow, smallest species of horse and second smallest species of kangaroo. Total there are more than 100 species of exotic and rare species are on display behind glass walls or in open compounds. For your information, there are no steel barred cages for the creatures living here. All animals were well-taken care of. There are also 40 types of tropical fruits where your little ones can learn about some plants here.
World's rarest tortoises can be found here 

World largest Ostrich Egg for you to feel it, hold it and even stand on it
Pony rides were also available for RM7 each. It is a great experience for our little ones. My Little Angels enjoyed the rides so much...
CW enjoyed her pony rides...
Check out for the time schedule for the activities at the Farm in the City
Farm in the City is having a family package for 2 adults and 2 children at only RM109.00 plus other benefits. Do check this out...
It is best to call them at 03-89413099/2099 or check their Facebook page here for further details. The address is at Jalan Prima Tropika Barat, Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan. The map as below :-

Farm in the City is a Malaysian village-themed petting zoo. Here, my 5 Little Angels can get really close with these animals, touch them and even feed them. A trip to the Farm in the City would certainly enrich my 5 Little Angels knowledge about the animal and nature. They really loved their school holiday outings so much at the Farm in the City. All thanks to Farm in the City and Kelab Blogger Ben Ashari for the invitation to explore and experience the wonders of a traditional farm with my 5 Little Angels. My 5 Little Angels had shown their love and care for the little animals and I'm really proud of them. Bravo to my 5 Little Angels. So, bring your little ones to Farm in the City now and I'm sure your little ones will love it too...
Certificate for my 5 Little Angels as they had completed in their mission to learn
and experience the wonders of a traditional farm
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