Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be Stylish with XES Result Announcement

I won it, I won it and I won it. Still can't believe it and the results already been announce and the truth is... I'm  the winner of Be Stylish with XES contest. Yeah.... The biggest birthday present that I had since my birthday is on this month. Thanks to all my supporters, friends, relatives and readers that voted for me during the contest period. Terima Kasih, Xie Xie and Arigatou for all your votes and comments. I'm so so happy to have all of your support and encouragement during this period...
I received my prize at the Garden, The Place @ One City, Subang which was nicely decorated and I really impressed with the hardwork that Sabrina Quiley Chin, PR Manager of Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd (XES), her assistant, Amir and the group that transform the place into a creative garden with a Gallery Tree where all the photos of the participants that joined the contest which include me hanging it at the branch of ropes...
A beautiful decorated place for the prize presentation ceremony
XES also invited 2 remarkable sponsors for the Hi-Tea event. A great Busking group named ‘Heart to Human’ to keep the guest entertained throughout the evening and an impressive & passionate caricature artist named Mr. Firdaus & Mr. Napie to entertain guest with their fast, entertaining and skillful drawing with amazing likeness. 
Creative Caricatures to the Media and Bloggers
XES contest was held on 11th February 2015 during XES Chinese New Year Luncheon 2015 at XES Premium Boutique of Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur. The duration of the contest was a month, starting from 17th February and ended on 17th March 2015. The Winner which is me has been selected based on the highest number of likes on XES Facebook page. This is my first time winning a vote contest and I win it with pride as my effort really paid off all thanks to all my supporters who support me to win all the way. Tqvm...
Receiving the prize from XES Ambassador Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015, Ms Mico Pun
I walk away with RM 888 cash prize and RM 1,388 worth of products (cash vouchers). My 10 supporters that had voted me will walk away with RM 188.00 (cash vouchers). The cute pink toys will awarded to bloggers that had participated in the contest who are in top 5 and the one that supported me most.
Great prizes that I had won. Yeah...
Thanks to all sponsor of Be Stylish with XES contest i.e. Fitness First Malaysia and Sense & Style Beauty Academy. 
New Collection of XES Shoes for comfortable wearing
New Collections for XES bags that capture my heart that day
XES has introduced a new tagline for year 2015; Biar kami rugi, Janji anda bergaya. For further information, please visit XES Shoes Official Website at or Official Facebook page at ....

Now is the time to reward my supporters for this contest. Together We Stand and Together We Win the Contest. I would like to award all of you but due to the limitations, I could only award 10 of you to win RM 188 (Cash Vouchers) each. As per my previous post here, 10 winners will be chosen by me to win  this contest and since now I had won it, the top 7 with the most votes will be the winners, 2 lucky winners and the last will be the person with the most creative comments. The winners are... (Drumroll.... Kan Cheong ler.... Ha ha ha...) Start with top 7 votes :-
1. Mega Yu - 192 votes
2. Angela Ting - 192 votes
3. Tan Jenny - 170 votes
4. Lee Mee Choo - 150 votes
5. Ng Maybo - 130 votes
6. Queenie Wong - 120 votes
7. Ang Yau Hong - 119 votes

Congrats to all seven of you and tqvm for helping me to get the votes to made me the winner. Tq. 
Trendy Family Shoe Store
Now we move on to 2 lucky winners which were randomly pick. The 2 lucky winners are as follows:-
1. Siew Mun Chen
2. Adrian Liu

There are few creative comments that I really love it but I can only choose 1 as the winners : The best 2 comments as follows :-
1. By Allysha Tong
Have all XES Shoes fans heard the amazing news ?
My good friend Jane Chua is going all out in her noble quest,
To win her well-deserved share of super stylish XES Shoes....
And chases away all forms of BORING-SHOES blues!!
So come everyone do likey "LIKE" her super awesome entry
Hey, who knows you might get super duper lucky?
Be rest assured dearest Jane will reward your much-appreciated support and loyalty,
With a generous share of these fabulous XES Shoes goodies!!!
2. By Hayley Maris
[J]ust wanted to say that you
[A]re looking great and superbly
[N]ice in the picture
[E]ndearingly being stylish with XES
[C]ome let bountiful luck
[H]elp you garner all the
[U]ltra important votes you need
[A]ll the best to you and hope that you will be able to ACE this contest!

To help me to find the most creative comment, I had put up my post here so that will be fair to both of them. Congrats to Hayley Maris for winning the RM188 voucher and for Allysha Tong, you won a cute little bear for you...
All the contestants that had took part to made the contest so successful
For the cute little pink bear, I'll award to my blogger friends that were in top 5 with me as they had worked so hard like me to garnered the votes. The top 4 were as follows :-
1. Vinny - 923 votes
2. Ellie - 577 votes
3. Ayu - 250 votes4. Kylie - 250 votes
To my 3 blogger friends that had supported and give me the words of encouragement to win this contest during the period were Sherry Go, Miera Nadhirah and Mr Jocko. Thanks to 3 of you for your support and I really appreciate it eventhough just a like at my post. 1 bear here for Elana Khong for borrow me her coat as I had left mine at car on that day. The last bear, I would like to give to my Little Angels as they'll kill me if I don't give them any since they saw it and they love it so much. Ha ha ha...
Ayu, Sabrina, PR Manager for XES and me
Me, Sherry and Elana
10 winners for the XES vouchers worth RM188 each and 10 winners for the cute little pink colour teddy bear had been announce here. Congrats to all of you. Thanks for the votes and words of encouragement that helps me to win. Thanks to everyone that had voted me as without your vote, I can't be a winner here. As I always believe, 'UNITED WE ARE STRONG". With this unity that mades all of us a winner as all of us put the effort together to gain the votes. Thanks again and hope all the winners will enjoy their prizes soon. Thanks to XES Shoes for organising such a great contest for the media and bloggers and thanks to Sabrina and Amir who put in the effort to ensure the contest was play in a fair manner. Thanks all for visiting my blog here too. Now is the time for the XES vouchers winner and me to shop at XES and be stylish with XES....