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Being a Mom for my 5 Little Angels, I always learned to become a better Mom. I attended workshop to equip myself so that I can serve my Little Angels better. Different children had different problems and we must use the correct technique to solve it so that our little ones will had a better life. On 11 April. 2015, I used my half day times to attend a workshop by Mamil® as they launched a series of “Mamil® MomMe Saturdays” to celebrate mothers, the often unsung heroes of the household, helping them walk through the journey of motherhood. 
A brief itinerary of the Workshop
Beginning in April, the workshops focus on helping moms face common issues on childhood nutrition. “As a specialist in nutrition for children, we at Mamil® always want to celebrate mothers and support them in fulfilling their highest calling in life, which is to care for their children.
Ms Caroline Yap, Marketing Manager of Danone Dumex
The ‘Mamil® MomMe Saturdays’ are our way of saying thank you to mothers for consistently supporting Mamil® and we hope mothers will take away more than just a pampering session but one that edifies them in their daily lives,” said Caroline Yap, Marketing Manager of Danone Dumex (M) Sdn Bhd. Participants in the April session recently had the opportunity to hear from Jacki Siew, a state-registered nurse and midwife (UK) with over 15 years’ experience counseling moms about ways to deal with general children’s health problems such as combating fever and flu.
Ms Jacki Siew, a state registered nurse and certified midwife (UK) 
The topic was the top concern based on results from a Mamil® Poll Survey organized recently. With the increase in dengue cases happening in the Klang Valley, Jacki also advised mothers on the importance of getting a correct diagnosis from a doctor, sharing the differences between fever and dengue fever, as well as how mothers can ease their child’s symptoms. She then lead all the Moms to play 2 games. The first game is to let the Moms felt how their little ones will feel when being left out and the second game is to let Moms to express their feelings and thoughts once they knew that their little ones were sick. All sorts of experience were express out and all Moms had been very brave to accept the challenges in life for their little ones.

MIX FM DJ Aishah Sinclair
The inaugural Mamil® MomMe Saturday in April was attended by a total of 30 mothers who were also given a chance to socialize with the gorgeous Mom from MIX FM DJ Aishah Sinclair, who also hosted the session. 
Thanks for the goodie bag given with the voucher for my Little Angel 
The earliest 5 Moms who had reached the venue was pampered with manicure session
The day wrapped up with a surprise pampering manicure, a group photo and lunch, which came too soon for the happy moms. However, they did n’t leave empty handed – all participants took home Mamil® products and exclusive merchandise worth more than RM160, including RM30 cash vouchers for the purchase of Mamil® products.
Group photo with all the Happy Moms
To find out more about upcoming Mamil® MomMe Saturdays or for more information on Mamil®, log on to, or call the Mamil® CareLine at 1800 38 1038.
Me with the Sporting Careline Officers and the Nutritionist of Dumex Mamil
Thanks  to  Dumex  for  the  great  worksop  for  all the busy working Moms like me. I had learned to understand the  feelings  of  our  little ones, talk  to  them and learned the correct way to guide them. I had also identified  some of  the  common  illness  that  our  little ones might have and the best way to ease our little ones' constipation. It  was  an  opportunity  to  meet  up  with   the  experience  Careline Officers in person and sharing my problems that my Little Angels  had  with them. All of  them  were very  friendly  and you can just call them to ask if you have any problems  with  your  little  ones  and the best thing is the advice is free. They are there to answer all your queries 24 hours daily. Just call them anytime when you feel comfortable to talk with and get all the advise that you required to improved the health of your little ones. 
Ayu, Nannie and other Moms having fun at the ice-breaking session

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