Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo (MOBITE)

Long weekend holiday and since I'm at KL to celebrate my long holiday more, me, hubby and my eldest Angel went to Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo (MOBITE) organised by by Unified Distribution Technology Sdn Bhd (UDT) to be among the first to lay hands on the coolest and latest mobile phones, IT gadgets, and consumer electronics.

The 3-day expo will be held from May 1 until May 3, 2015 (today) at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The expo will showcase more than 80 global brands and 300 booths – covering three main halls, making it among the biggest consumer electronic event in the country to meet an increasingly mobile lifestyle. The best part is the admission is free and you can grab all the items at a very discounted price.
Be amongst the first to grab a backpack for only 28 sen
According to Ms June Lee, General Manager of UDT, MOBITE evolves to suit the changing digital consumption patterns of consumers that are increasing on mobile platforms, be it at work or at home. 
Grab one of these items at a special price. Only at MOBITE
As one of the ICT event organisers in Malaysia, MOBITE covers world consumer brands, mobile organisations, mobile operators, and industries touched by the mobile market, IT and electronic segments.
Register at the counter and spin your luck to win vouchers and mystery gifts
To brighten up the expo, KooZaa Dotcom Sdn. Bhd. – the official eStore partner of MOBITE, will be having a not-to-be missed ‘Pre-order Hot Deals’ prior to the event. The pre-order will be available from 15th to 28th April 2015, with exclusive deals up to 90% discount as compared to normal market prices.’’ said Ms Lee.
Hot Deals not to be missed. Grab one now...
If you have missed the ‘Pre-order Hot Deals @ KooZaa’, you may still be able to get those hot deals based on first-come-first-served basis while stocks last. The hot deals include Tech Titan 8GB Thumbdrive at RM1, Tech Titan 8400mAH power bank at RM9.90, Tech Titan Monopod with remote control at RM5, Seagate HDD 500GB @ RM99, AMD laptop @RM899, and many more.” Adding Ms Lee.
Grab this smart phone and not the pretty lady with daily auctions from RM1. Ha ha ha...
Further to that, the event will feature daily auctions from RM1 of tech must-haves such as the latest mobile phones, iPads, and other exciting gadgets. Visitors will also be entertained by on-stage activities such as quizzes, magic shows, product presentations, and contests.
Lucky winners who walk away with Bluetooth Speaker. Congrats...
To make MOBITE even more exciting, the hottest pop idol duo FuYing & Sam will also make their appearance to meet their fans during MOBITE.
Track your heart device at a discounted price
MOBITE also reward visitors with a chance to win VIVO smartphones and walk away with a SURE-WIN gift, by spending a minimum of RM100 in a single receipt during the event.
Remember to visit these 2 pretty ladies to get update information about Vivo
VIVO, the international smartphone brand, as the main presenter, will be having a series of activities at the VIVO booth. All models of Vivo smartphone can be found and experienced at MOBITE.
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android at RM9.90 only and buy 1 free 1 deal. What a great deal to protect our Android 
On the other hand, Kaspersky Lab, as the co-presenter, will be making its Kaspersky Internet Security for Android available at RM9.90 to help more consumers secure their mobile devices. The brand’s flagship consumer products of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security will be available at Buy-1-Get-1 during MOBITE.
Grab your free 6 months data here..
TuneTalk, the official Telco for MOBITE, will reward the visitors for making purchases at the inaugural MOBITE. With every device the shopper purchases in MOBITE, they are entitled for a 6 months FREE data from TuneTalk.
My favourite on that day. Sangkaya coconut ice cream. Yummy yummy yummy
After shop around, remember to grab a delicious and refreshing Sangkaya coconut ice cream with corns, nuts, cereals, red beans and even oats as the toppings. 4 scoop of coconut ice cream together with the toppings in the coconut shell for only RM10.90. Sangkaya located at pop-up kiosk (beside R&R) at MOBITE. Remember to like them at Facebook 

Tech enthusiasts can take the opportunity to visit AMD Cool Zone that features special Live Demos throughout the day involving several unique features from AMD.
Cute and adorable Doraemon at discounted price
The expo is urging the visitors to take advantage of MOBITE’s ‘You Shop, We absorb’ GST campaign and other promotions.
Grab your backpack and scan disk as low as 28 sen only at Courts Mamooth booth
We take into consideration of how some consumers may be concerned and vigilant on their spending and expenditures; therefore we have urged our exhibitors to participate in this campaign. For example; a promotion item indicates RM9.90; the consumer will only have to pay RM9.90 nett. The 6% GST will still reflect on the Tax Invoice, which is a legally required by the government. Nonetheless, the exhibitor has lowered the price of the item.”
Laptop discount up to 50% at Courts Mamooth booth
Our mission is to help consumers and communities to save money by offering reasonable price to keep themselves equipped with the latest technology.” Ms Lee clarified.
Buy more and get more discount. Only at MOBITE
For more information on Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo, activities schedule, promotions and latest happenings, please visit: WEBSITE/, FACEBOOK for daily updates on products, pricing, promotions, snippets on the latest technology news and lots of interaction with tech lovers from across Malaysia.
Lets join the contest and win...
Remember to visit Acson International Air Conditioners booth to join the Instagram Creative Photo contest to win some premium gift. Results will announce on 5th May at their FACEBOOK.
Me with Mom Bloggers, Kylie, Sherry, Leona and Rane

Thanks to MOBITE for having all of us there to witness the great deals offer and grab some of the items at a very discounted price. Me and my Little Angel enjoyed our shopping at MOBITE and learned about networking opportunities  through product showcases, information, inspiration, and innovation.
Beauty Bloggers, Sherry, Elana, Kelly and Rane
Remember to drop by at Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo at Mid Valley today and today is the last day to grab everything at the lowest price ever and win some goodies home. Good luck to all my readers and hope you able to grab some information about the expo here before you plan your way to shop around at the expo today...

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