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Kid's Fun Day Out at Quill City Mall

School holiday is here till end of this week. Have you plan anything for your little ones so that they'll have a joyful and fun holiday season ? If you haven't, then let me introduce you to a Mall that everyone will love especially kids as it is a kids' friendly mall that every kids that had been there will love it too. Parents like me love it also as it is at the KL town area which is convenient for us and with the LRT station just in front of the mall. Let me and my Little Angels introduce to all of you Quill City Mall and what my Little Angels had enjoyed on that day...
My Little Angels, WH and WT here at Quill City Mall to explore the Kids' Fun Day out 
We reached Quill City Mall at 10 a.m. even though event start at 11 a.m. as we want to be the first explore the Mall first and warm up ourselves before joining the tour of activities. The Mall was so big that my Little Angels could run around safely. The toilets were clean and every floor, they had a baby room too.
Big and spacious Mall to explore
We were gathered around the Mall Concourse area at 11 a.m. and was greeted by Mr. CK Ng, a friendly COO of Quill Group who welcome all of us, the bloggers. medias and our kids to the Mall. He said the purpose of the Kids' Fun Day Out at Quill City Mall is to showcase that the Mall is an ideal family destination, especially during the school holidays. "There is literally something for kids of all ages at Quill City Mall. This mall can be considered a kid's haven with loads of outlets and activities to keep the young ones 'edutained'. This was part of our vision when we conceptualised Quill City Mall - to make it an exciting family destination, jam packed with lifestyle offerings for people of all ages, including kids."
Mr. CK Ng, Chief Operating Officer of the Quill Group of Companies
Mr. CK Ng added that being an ideal shopping, dining and entertainment destination with easy access, Quill City Mall can encourage family bonding with exciting times no matter what the activity. He also explained that these offerings defied conventional thinking that it is a hassle to bring children into shopping malls. Quill City Mall is part of a greater project by Quill. This includes 36-storey residential buildng and a hotel with service apartments. With these integrated components, the Quill City development is poised to become the 'next big thing' in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 
Group photos with Mr. CK Ng
Our first outlet in the mall to explore is NEXT (Lot G-08-10, Ground Floor), a UK based outfit featuring clothes, shoes and accessories for women and children. Their outfits were "Exciting, beautifully designed, excellent quality clothing and homeware".
The PIC of NEXT outlet showing us what they had offered here

NEXT clothes are styled by its in-house design team to offer great style by its in-house design team to offer great style, quality and value for money with a contemporary fashion edge. Their clothes are cut from top-quality fabrics incorporating the very latest trends and offer fantastic value for money.
You can easily find your little ones clothings here as each area was differentiate by gender and age
WH and WT style with their sunglass that looks great on them and
I had used the voucher given to bought them one. Aren't they macho ? Ha ha ha...
The kids later discovered the wonders of reading and story-telling session at MPH (Lot 2-32 & 33, Second Floor). MPH Bookstores is a well-loved and treasured household name in Malaysia and Singapore. From its humble beginning as a small bookshop selling general titles, MPH Bookstores has since progressed into a major chainstore in Malaysia and Singapore, offering a wide selection of books and other merchandise including music and movie products, stationery, educational toys and games, gifts and greeting cards. MPH Bookstore has since grown to an impressive 33 outlets nationwide.
Leng Chai Kor Kor telling story from a story book with no pictures at MPH.
Children need to imagine it for themselves
Lots of books, stationery and toys to choose from MPH
MPH had organised the Mutiara Minda charity progamme "Membaca Sambil Beramal. The aim of this programme is to give reading an entirely new meaning, allowing readers to purchase their favourite titles, while also helping those who are in need. The proceeds were donated to 25 underpriviledged children from various homes around Malaysia through the message of giving. Through all these unique offerings and services, MPH Bookstores hope to continue to play a vital role in shaping the minds of Malaysians, enriching their loves and at the same time encouraging them to continue their quest for new knowledge which is aptly captured through the bookstore's tagline, "Enrichment Beyond Knowledge". 
All kids were given a goodie bag each to encourage reading habits amongst them. My Little Angels had enjoyed the story telling session and explore all the books here at MPH. Tqvm to MPH for the story books and stationery given to my Little Angels.
After the reading session, we move on to another session that most kids are waiting for i.e. Kid'z Paradise (Lot 2-33A & 35, Second Floor), an indoor playland featuring equipment specially designed for toddlers and children. Kid'z Paradise is a safe and clean indoor play land concept with a wide-range of exciting play equipment through the age of twelve.
Check out their Facebook page here to get all the updates and details
Lots of activities and games for your little ones to play with at Kidz Paradise
Rocking up with a huge state-of-the-art playground and specially patterned toys-in-motion, they believe in providing learning opportunities in a safe, fun-filled and carefree environment to maximize children's learning potential to grow into happy and healthy adults. So, if you plan any birthday party, do check out their package at their WEBSITE.

Group photo with Kelvin Chan, the Managing Director of Kidz Paradise
After the tiring activities, we were treated with a sumptuous hearty meal at Big Daddy Little Chefs, Happikiddo (Lot 2-28-31, Second Floor). This cafe is a tiny setup adopting the "child-friendly" manner. The space can comfortably fit 35 adults and 15 children. There is a tiny play area using Natural Korean Citrus Woodchips that has a mild healing effect for eczema, asthma and sinus. Its citrusy smell also acts an an anto-mozzie patch. Big Daddy Little Chefs' home-cooked varieties are MSG free and they use Pink Himalayan Mountain Salt - adopting the healthier concent. It uses halal ingredients so Muslim friends can savour their meals comfortably.
Dining area with activities for the kids
Me and other Mom Bloggers, Ellie, Ayu, Nannie and Kak Hanny enjoying our lunch at Big Daddy Little Chefs   
Group photos taken outside Happikiddo with the founder of Happikiddo, Elaine. Tqvm for the delicious meals
After the brunch, kids proceed to Pizza Hut Restaurant (Lot 2-20, Second Floor) to learned the way of making their favourite Hawaian pizzas. Pizza Hut boasts a dining experience, complete with contemporary decor with courteous and friendly service for all of you. Pizza Hut offers a wide variety of freshly prepared dishes such as pizzas, pastas, rice and a range of appetizers for your culinary pleasure.   
Ingredients required to made a perfect taste pizza. Put the sauce first and spread it over the pizza. Then put the cheese, chicken, pineapples and cheese somemore to made the pizza taste excellent
After that put at the oven. The kids enjoyed their first experience of making a pizza. Studied said kids tend to eat more with the food that they had made and it is all proven as my Little Angels love the food more. 

Group photo taken with the Branch Manager. Thanks for the pizzas, balloons, stickers and the voucchers given
Since we're quite full already with our brunch and pizzas, times for the next activities at Hamleys (Lot 1-01, First Floor), the finest toy shop in the world that brings magical experiences and joy to children of all ages. Hamleys, as a trusted worldwide brand, promotes customer loyalty and brand growth through its unique approach to retailing including in-store entertainment, toy demonstration, colourful and engaging store designs combined with fantastic Hamleys own brand toys.
Lots of toys, watches, bubbles etc for children to spoilt with. Best play to get all the presents for your little ones
My Little Angels enjoyed the nail colouring, magic show, tattoes and even bb wants to shop his colourful balls home. Ha ha ha...
Tqvm to Hamsley for the Barbie dolls and other toys for the kids and the wonderful experience that they had in the store for the fun day out. They love it so much...
We move on to Occubite Pastry Cafe (Lot 2-15, Second Floor) for muffin decorating workshop where my Little Angels learned the art of decorating skills. Occubite Pastry Cafe is a friendly, casual place that offers freshly prepared meals for dinint-in or takeaway. Their menu is designed to be seasonal, all natural and healthy. Occubite offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a great range of freshly baked muffins, cakes and pastries. 
Check out the next workshop will be on 21 June at 2pm. Register your kids at the mall as limited to 40 kids per session. Tqvm to Roys Tan, Director of Occubite for the great teaching skills
Kids feel thirsty after having their delicious muffins, so we proceed to The Original Milkshake Co. (Lot 4-63, Fourth Floor) for a delightful milkshake experience. Established in 2014, the Original Milkshake Co. opened its first outlet at Quill City Mall attracting a wide range of milkshake lovers from youngsters to professionals and retirees. Available in three varieties : Premium, Classic and Signature series which feature delicious concoctions of milkshake and delectable cakes by KL's premium dessert brand Mad Treats.
My Little Angels love the chocolates and blueberries flavour. A great and refreshing taste. Try it now...
Our last outlet for that day is Cornery-the popcorn gallery (Lot 5-38, Fifth Floor). Cornery-the popcorn gallery is the most exciting gourmet popcorn store in Malaysia. The open kitchen allows multi-sensory experience for everyone. Listen to the reverberating popping sound, smell fresh popcorns from the kettle, see the creations and taste the crispness of popcorns and last but not least, feel happy ! Rich in dietary fibre, a healthy snacks for all. The packaging was designed to mades it long-lasting freshness and crispness of up to 4 weeks.

Mr Joe Tan, the Managing Director of Cornery FNB explained to all the kids and parents how they made their fresh popcorns. They'll eliminate the small size and only left the big size of the popcorns to ensure the quality  of the popcorns are sold here
Photo taken with Mr Joe with our favourite flavours of Popcorns from Peanut, Cheese, Chocolates, Seaweeds, Gula Malacca and many more for us to be pampered with. Tqvm to Cornery for a tupperware of popcorns each
Tqvm to Quill City Mall and all the Sponsors Outlet for a great KId's Fun Day Out at the Mall. Me and my Little Angels truly enjoyed our whole session very much. Learning, playing, shopping, dining and lots more. We had break our own record for been in a mall for almost 12 hours before we reluctantly wave goodbye to the Mall that gave us so much fun. Come and visit Quill City Mall during school holidays and I'm sure your little ones will enjoy as much as we did here :). Do check out my Little Angels blog post here too on their own experience for a day out.
Tqvm from the bottom of our hearts to all the Sponsors


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  3. This is so much fun for our kids... I am sure your little angels and other kids will have a blast with what Quill City has to offer...

  4. This is so much fun for our kids... I am sure your little angels and other kids will have a blast with what Quill City has to offer...

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