Thursday, June 4, 2015

McDonald's Happy Meal Storytelling Competition Finals

McDonald's is me and my Little Angels favourite dining restaurant and now they come up with a free story book for every Happy Meal purchased. A good way to instill reading habits amongst my Little Angels. The books are small size pocketed where they can bring anywhere when they wanted to read it. So, when I got invitation to join the finale of the Story telling competition, I brought my 3 Little Angels there to see how the children had performed and to show my Little Angels the creative way to tell a story.

After a tight race of storytelling and great acting, the McDonald’s Happy Meal Book Programme storytelling competition drew to a cheerful close. Sunitha Paramasivan, aged 11, was crowned champion followed by runners-up Zidane Hakimi Mohd Zaini, aged nine, and Nursafiya Isabella, aged seven. 
The Champion, Sunitha Paramasivan
 First Runners-up Zidane Hakimi Mohd Zaini

Second Runners-Up, Nursafiya Isabella
Held at McDonald’s Kota Damansara, the event treated parents and contestants to an afternoon of courageous storytelling and family time as children aged five to 11 impressed judges Puan Irma Wahyuny, Encik Jiman Casablancas, and Encik Thanabalasingam Balakrishnan. 

The storytelling competition is part of the Happy Meal Book Programme, a new initiative launched by McDonald’s with the support of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. The nationwide programme was hosted in selected family restaurants across Malaysia reaching out to young and talented kids. Happy Meal Book Programme aims to encourage reading among young Malaysians whilst fostering family values.
Read here to find out how does the Apes and Butterfly grow

Panda, Elephant, Penguin and Art and Culture story books for your little ones
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So, buy a Mc Donald's Happy Meal now to get a free story books for your little ones so that they'll learn more about the facts and the story behind all the animals. Lets instill reading habit amongst them when they're young so that they'll take it as hobby and read till success in their future undertaking...

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