Monday, June 22, 2015

Pay RM50 for a Bag and Grab P&G Products for 3 minutes at Giant

To thank all its loyal customers, P&G was having a promotions for 8 weeks at selected Giant. Just purchase a bag for RM50 and within 3 minutes, you can grab all P&G products for free. P&G products include Febreeze, Joy, Dynamo, Downy, Pantene, Head & Shoulder, Rejoice, Gillette, Oral B & Fab. Only applicable for the first 50 customers in queue. 

The following conditions need to be met to qualified for the registration :-
1. Above 18 years old
2. One residential address can join once only throughout the period
3. Pregnant ladies cannot join
4. Senior Citizens above 60 years old are prohibited to join
5. Children cannot be at the contest area

Some came as early as 8 a.m. even though the event start at 2 p.m. to be the first 50 pax. Being first timers, I'm not really sure about the rules. Thought of register it in advance and shop around but when I was at the queue at around 1.30 p.m., the Person In Charge said registration through the list was unacceptable. Only those in queue was qualified and I'm already no. 60. Way more than 50 pax but I'll never gave up. Just wait and wait an pray that I'll able to join it. Luckily my prayer was answered. I am the no. 51st after a participant no. 18 was disqualified for bringing her baby with her.
Participants getting ready to grab as many as possible
Some of the rules & regulations to follow as those that did not follow, will be disqualified :-
1. Cannot hide the items
2. Cannot help by others
3. Only can grab P&G products and other items will not be counted
3. P&G products must be more than 50% in the bag
4. All the items must be in the bag
5. Once 3 minutes over, those participants that unable to reach the end point, will be disqualified
Total amount of the P&G products that I grabbed that day
Since 3 minutes a bit short, I just concentrate on Gillette shaver for my hubby and Oral B toothbrush for my whole family. Quite surprise as managed to grab a total of RM711.55 in just 3 minutes. Not bad being the first timers. Ha ha ha... But some manage to grab over RM1k products. Salute to my gang of FB friends, Cindy Tan, Catherine Wong, Jasmine Tan, Nannie, Ayu, Noor Azizah and others...
Toothbrush supply for 1 year for me and my Little Angels
Gillette Shaver present for my hubby during Father's Day. 2 years supply 
It was indeed a great experience for me and my heart beat so fast. Couldn't think much and just grab whatever in front of me and then when they shouted 10 seconds left, I just stop and ran back to the end point. The morale of the story that I learned that day is never give up and don't be greedy as you might end up nothing. Who knows your luck might be with you. Good luck to everyone that intended to join this...


  1. Very interesting event and u r so lucky.did all the p and g products in same place or we have to hunt it

  2. wow first timer you are good! how you stack them in the bag?

  3. Porgie, we have to hunt for it. U shld go there in advance to check out the location first before start the queue.

  4. Sherry, just put everything in the bag as much as you could. Really had so much fun playing it. Gd luck to u ya

  5. Omg wanted to try leh. Look so exited haha

  6. May i ask about the rule no 2. Only can grab P&G products and other items will not be counted is against rule no3. P&G products must be more than 50% in the bag? I'm not quite understand about this.

    1. Aiya. Only p n g item will they count. N if non p n g item more than p n g, so u disqualified lah