Monday, June 1, 2015

Shop Smart and Save with CARDPOW

Everything was so expensive now. With the implementation of GST and the increase of the petrol price, everyone had to shop smart and save to ensure all of us had enough for living. To start it of, introducing a new website, CARDPOW where you can find explosive discounts for your credit cards.
Just check for all the credit and debit card for discount and promotions
During School Holidays, Parents like me tend to spend more for dining, travel, activities and lots more at theme park and your favourite shopping mall. All need money. Sigh... But how should we use smart, lets check out CARDPOW for thousands of explosive discounts and savings this school holiday. Just type the location at the website eg Legoland, Avenue K, Komtar JBCC etc and then select from the list of available credit cards or press search right away to see all promotions. Easy, right ?

Most Malaysians carry on 2 credit cards and most users don't even know what the discounts available are, as Banks have stop printing the discount books and do not update their website regularly. So, CARDPOW has compiled all the discounts for you to search and compare in one easy to use website so that you can now shop smart and save with CARDPOW!

Kidzania, an edutainment indoor theme park tickets at 30% discount. Check this out at CARDPOW.
Angry Birds Activity Park at 25% discount
Angry Birds Activity Park at 25% discount for day ticket and annual pass. Check this out at CARDPOW.
Discoveria at Avenue K at 20% discount
Maybank 20% savings on purchase of 4 Dinoscovery attraction tickets and above at CARDPOW  for further details.

With AEON Credit Card to get extra 20 credits when you buy or reload RM100 EziCash credit at Vision City & Funtasy World Video Games Park and Buy 2 Free 1 Bowling Games at Genting Bowl. Check this out at CARDPOW.

Papa John Pizza at 30% discount for CIMB Bank, Berjaya Times Square at 15% for AEON Credit Card and Maybank, Legoland at 35% discounts for Maybank and lots of promotions going on for this school holiday. Visit CARDPOW now !
Participating Banks
Check out all credit cards plus debit cards promotions from the participating Banks as above in ONE app. CARDPOW has compiled all the discounts for you to search and compare in one easy to use website. CARDPOW is best viewed on your mobile phone.

With CARDPOW, you can even earned points and be rewarded with fantastic gift here such as Iphone 6, Apple Watch, KFC voucher and lots more.
Iphone 6
For more information, do check out CARDPOW's WEBSITE and FACEBOOK to get all the updates of the latest promotions.

So, what are you waiting for, register yourself at CARDPOW, a one-stop website discount for credit cards and debit card and search all the discount that you needed to shop during school holiday. Remember to spend wisely, shop smart and save with CARDPOW. 


  1. seems interesting will check it out

  2. yeah..this is a interesting app . get rewarded for those using credit card .main point can save more!!

  3. Wow. feel like this cardpow would be good for traveling, especially those with kids :)

  4. Interesting. I think im gonna read more about it from their official page :D

  5. Whoa! looks like a great app for the parents! :D

  6. So many of these discounts stuffs nowadays. Really comes in handy for all of us :)

  7. Woots. Buy more and save more. Looks like it is worth checking out for!

  8. wow.. interesting app yaa....have to go check it out...

  9. More discounts meaning get to shop more.
    Thanks for sharing the info.

  10. Nice one! School holiday is coming this is definitely useful for us.

  11. interesting app ^^
    download once connect wifi !

  12. I never use Cardpow before and are their app user friendly?

  13. I also never use Cardpow, but I see mostly this app just check which are the credit card can be useful to the promotion shops and travel.. I think for credit card users only but, for public, they can collect the points to redeem awesome prizes!

  14. Ya I still remember that and school holiday is coming soon too.

  15. Hehehe, CARDPOW! support. I did write for them too, everything accessible in one platform. But i've since thrown away all my other credit cards, and maintain one only.

  16. Been using CARDPOW few times already, love their interesting concept :)

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