Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Be a Kid Again at Kidzania Back-2-Kidz

Whenever I brought my Little Angels to Kidzania, theme park, events etc, I'll always told them how lucky they are as when I was just a little girl, I never experience all these. So, when Kidzania have this event called as Be a Kid Again at Kidzania Back-2-Kidz, I faster registered myself as I wanna to experience the life being a Kid again. 
Called me Teacher Jane and better listen to me or else will kena "rotan". Ha ha ha...
Besides that, I also wanna know what actually my Little Angels did everytime they are in Kidzania. What they had learned, what they had done and what all of us can share together since all of us know that most of the establishments at Kidzania, NO ADULTS are allowed to go in. Here I am dressing like a teacher to explore myself without my Little Angels as Mommy also need a time out. Ha ha ha...

With blogger friends, Fatin, Ruby and Nannie. Since Nannie is a student, then when she don't listen, teacher had the right to beat her with book. (P/S : Nannie, jangan marah ya). Ha ha ha...
We, bloggers and media were invited to be the first to experience the Back-2-Kidz in Kidzania. We were given briefing before we started our job as most of us are first timers since majority still single or with no kids or kids too small to go to Kidzania yet but I been to Kidzania more than 10 times with my Little Angels. Ha ha ha...

Some of the greetings in Kidzania that I would like to share with all of you. "Kai" means "Hello", "Zank-U" means "Thank you" and "Z-U" means "See you". So, remember all the greetings when you're there. Besides that when you said "Kai", u must put your 2 fingers at your right hand to your chest. A new way of greeting everyone there. Yeah...
With CSI Senior, my niece, Kimi and my blogger friend, Tommy
We started our job as CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) where we had to investigate who is the suspect who stole the data on the Cancer research from a laptop. We watched how it is lost, went to Air Asia to find the evidence and get the report from the Pos Laju courier service before we analyse all the evidence that we had before identified the suspect. 
Interview the flight stewardess about the crime
Discussions times to identified the suspects. Everyone looks so serious while doing their job
Within 20 minutes, our mission had accomplished and we sent all our evidence and the identified suspect details to Police for further action. Yeah.. Our job done and as a reward, we were paid 10 Kidzos. Kidzos are consider as Money in Kidzania. 

My next job will become Fire Fighter since my Little Angels always ask to be a Fire Fighter whenever they're in Kidzania and I always wonder the reason behind it. Doing the same thing again and again, aren't it boring ? To know their feelings, I also wanna try it. I love the part where I got to spray the water at the burning house and sitting at the fire engine like a Fire Fighter and shouting and cheering with friends. I can tell you that it is indeed really fun playing with it like we're the real Fire Fighter. Ha ha ha...
Blogger friends and media in the queue to become a pilot
My 3rd job was as a Pilot as I always saw a very long queue as everyone wanted to become a Air Asia Pilot and I need to know why.
Me in Pilot uniform getting reading to fly Air Asia plane
The answer is, you got to wear the uniform and fly an aeroplane like a real pilot. We were also been taught on the different type of plane, pilot and co-pilot and how to fly it. At the end of the session, we were given 12 Kidzos for our good job done. Yeah...
Me and my niece making Cadbury chocolates
My last job was making Cadbury chocolates since I am their real fan. Ha ha ha...
Put the melt chocolate at the casing
Fridge it 
Chocolate ready to eat
We have to pay 10 Kidzos instead of earning it as at here, we learned to made chocolates and a bar of Cadbury chocolate were given to us once our jobs were done.

So, if you wanna to become Kids again, then hop over to Kidzania on 22nd and 29th August (2 days only) from 6-9.30pm to experience the Kidzania Back-2-Kidz. Early bird only pay RM48 instead of the normal price of RM58. Do check out their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK here for more details and information.
Me and my Sporting Blogger Friends for a day-out at Kidzania
Thanks to Kidzania for the wonderful experience that me and my blogger friends had enjoyed it so much. Special thanks to Miera for her extended invitation to me. So, if you wanna become Kids again, then remember to book your tickets early to get the early bird promo price and to avoid disappointment. Remember that these experience for adults only for 2 days only. Z-U soon at Kidzania...


  1. so fun event, the night i keep yawning nonstop.. day time was heavy rain too.

  2. is such a great event. Perhaps i should bring my girl for a try

  3. Yeah... for those with kids, can bring kids all the time to enjoy it... but for us adults.. only once or twice a year event... huhuhu

  4. the night everyone is having fun being kids. Hehe. when they gonna have this agan?

  5. ya it 's good that parents also can play like a kid again, it's great to release stress isn't it

  6. Hey. This looks very interesting. Usually it is just for children.