Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fierce Curry House on Foodpanda

It was a great night with great food as foodpanda had treated me and my blogger friends to a scrumptious dinner at Bangsar's famed Fierce Curry House.
A cozy and ambience environment at the restaurant
Fierce Curry House is the most popular Indian restaurants in Bangsar. Fierce is well-known for its high-quality Hyderabadi style biryanis.
Nasi Biryanis
Fierce has been nominated and named as best curry house for 3 years consecutively from 2012 to 2014 and with the same title again in 2015 by Timeout KL. Quality and consistency is certainly a Fierce hallmark.
My favourite on that day, the delicious curry chicken that you shouldn't give a miss when you're at Fierce
Foodpanda Malaysia's Mr Sidney Ng said about the continuous growth of foodpanda over three years ago in Malaysia. 
Mr Sidney Ng in spec
This was followed by Mr Herukh Jethwani, owner of Fierce Curry House and Fiercer Curry House, Publika who shared the history of the Curry House. 
Mr Herukh Jethwani
He also highlighted Fierce's signature wide range of biryani from the usual to the luxurious lobster biryani.
Lobster with Nasi Biryani
We had been served with a mouth-watering selection of Fierce's signature dishes which included eggplant masala, roti boom, dhall, pepadam and fruits.
Roti Boom
Delicious Dhall
Eggplant Masala
Crunchy Pepadam
All dishes were cooked to spicy perfection. For more information on Fierce Curry House, check out their FACEBOOK AT BANGSAR and FACEBOOK AT PUBLIKA. For any food delivery, remember to contact Foodpanda at their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.
A great place to dine in for their Curry Chicken with Nasi Biryani
Me and my hubby love the food very much as the curry not too spicy. It is finely marinated to bring out the pure curry taste. After the dinner, bloggers were treated with action-packed premiere screening of Fantastic 4 at GSC, Mid Valley but me and my hubby unable to watch it as we had to fetch our Little Angel from tuition to home. Thanks to Foodpanda and Fierce Curry House for the great dinner.  


  1. The curry looks yummy! Wanna try it out order from foodpanda...

  2. It sure is different from the food I normally eat and this looks yummy.... I want to try!!!!

  3. wow so yummy food. I am hungry now to see food. wow movie F4, we watched it but sad to say it's disappointing.

  4. You didn't miss anything Jane. The F4 was disappointing. Hahaha. Waste my time. I should have gone back home that time. :(

  5. curry looks awesome and good. making me hungry now

  6. wah, finally the comment box load. Not sure why ><, took me nearly 5 minutes to see it.

    good times with bloggers and foodpanda that night :)

  7. wow spicy curry, i love curry but love those that are not too the ease to order on foodpanda too.

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