Thursday, August 6, 2015

Genting Behind the Scenes Tour

If you're looking for an educational and engaging activity at the Genting Resort with your family and friends, then take a sneak peek into their daily operations and learn more about the resort with their Behind-The-Scenes Tour. I'm here with my 5 Little Angels will be bringing you around and see what will had been offered for this tour.
RWG Kids Bloggers with the Pretty Ladies who lead us to the tour
Our first stop is to the Malaysia's Largest Laundry where we got to see how all the laundries were managed and done in batches. Linens, pillow case, comforter and all the uniforms were wash in bulks in a very systematic ways. All thanks to the high-tech machine, robots and even transformers. Ha ha ha... Now, let me show you the process of the cleanings...
All dirty linens will drop from the big hose to the Laundry area 
After that the washer will load all the soil lines into the loading 
Futurail bags are hung and queue at the line
Futurail bags waiting to be transferred into Continuous Batch Washer
Putting in batch in the large Washing Machine to wash it
Clean linen will be transferred to the Shuttle
Linens were ironed
After iron, linens were fold accordingly
It was indeed a great lessons to all of us as we can see how systematic the way they handle all the laundries with the helps of the new technology.
For uniforms, they used this "Transformer" that cost hundred of thousands to iron it within seconds. Wow...

Our next station is to See, Do & Eat Workshop. We see the finishing works of the Bento and the doughnut by the Chef. Then we were taught on how to do ours before we proceed with our work which include doing the right shape, decoration with our favourite ingredients and mades the food looks nice and presentable before we put it in our mouth. Ha ha ha...
The ingredients to decorate a donut. Donut, chocolates, fresh strawberries, creams and rice chocolates
My delicious donut with caramels, blueberries and strawberries as ingredients and chocolates pieces as toppings
The ingredients and mould to made a nice Bento. 
Bento set ready to eat
I really love to do this together with my Little Angels as it is quite fun as we putting everything that we love to eat to made the food extra delicious and the taste was fantastic. We had donuts and Bento as our lunch on that day. Yummy yummy yummy...
WH presented his creation
Our last stop for Behind-The-Scenes Tour will be the Genting International Showroom. We were brought to the backstage to find out how the cool lighting and sound effects are created. Previously known as Genting Theater Restaurant, Genting International Showroom was transformed into a state-of-the-art entertainment venue in 1998 supported by the latest sound and lighting system. 
The Person-In-Charge explained to us how they control the lightings for the whole showroom here so that no matter where your seats are, the effect will be the same 
The lighting looks awesome and I really love it
The PIC show us how the sound systems work here
You can check out our previous outing to Behind the Scene from the youtube here...

The normal rate is RM28 and if you're Genting Member, then just pay RM25. Do check out their dates available also and book for your seat to avoid disappointment.. For more information and updates, you could refer to their WEBSITE to the event and their FACEBOOK.

This outing is our second outing to Behind-The-Scenes Tour. We really enjoyed every session that was organised to us. It is indeed an education programme for adults and children to explore with at Genting. The cooling and breath taking air added to the exciting of the tour. We'll definitely come back again to explore more activities at Genting as the City Never Sleeps and the excitement is getting better and better each year.


  1. I never knew they have this kind of tour. It's indeed a very mind-boggling experience for your little angels. Well, there's another similar educational place in jaya one. It's great for little kids to learn new stuffs!

  2. I think it's awesome that the public are able to go behind the scene to know how things are done. It's indeed educational!

  3. It's really a memorable nice trip for all of us... Wish to go Genting again soon!

  4. so fast its been a year. This year didn't take part to go the tour as son got exam.

  5. i just went recently and learn so much during this activity. kids will love the bento & donut workshop

  6. nice and memorable trips for the kids

  7. It's been a while I din go to Genting. Wish to bring my nieces visit the See, Do & Eat Workshop. :)

  8. hey jane, u have been join this blogger event too ...
    c you again for the next genting blog review ^^

  9. So much fun! hehe. i dont think i need to go anymore since im reading so much online about it :p

  10. wow, your family enjoyed to tour around Genting, and this weekend, mom andI will go to Genting! :)

  11. wow, banyak gambar.. :D glad to see you had lots of fun

  12. Wow I never know they have this "Behind the Scene" Tour! Will check on it whenever I come to genting. Looks fun tho!
    What a lovely family you have here, Jane! :D

  13. I never know there is such this thing~~~
    Add into my list when I visit Genting~~~

  14. I never know there is such this thing~~~
    Add into my list when I visit Genting~~~

  15. These behind the scene tour is quite interesting and keep in mind when going to genting.

  16. My son and I made two donuts there. Lol. I like the donuts more than the sushi.

  17. it's a fun trip and lots to learn in the behind the scenes tour, only lack of time for us that day else we could go snowworld too!

  18. Looks like a fun trip to get to visit the Behind the scenes of Genting. Get to know how the work going around. Will soon plan my trip there one day!