Monday, August 3, 2015

Steamboat Dining Re-Invented at New Resort Seafood

Whenever people ask me what food is the best to have in a cold day to keep us warm. My answer will always be steamboat. It is easy to cook. Just prepared the ingredients and dump everything inside. Everyone will be happy eating it together. Today, I wanna share my experience and review on the steamboat at New Resort Seafood at Resort World Genting.

At the restaurant, we enjoy the invigorating pleasure of do-it-yourself cooking, up in the air, at the newly-revamped Resort Seafood Restaurant with my Little Angels and blogger friends. The setting was spacious with relax ambience takes the hotpot experience to a new level, far and above the sweaty mood of chowing in the lowlands heat and stress. We can just relax, do our own cooking and eating together happily...

To made the best Steamboat, fresh and variety of ingredients, soup stock and sauces are very important to made the taste perfect. All thanks to Chef Lai Kok Yeow and his kitchen team who prepared not less than 20 different sauces everyday. Just mix the variety of unique flavours from smoothly light soya sauce to premium oyster sauce, green chilli sauce to fiery, slow-burning chili oil that would enhance the taste of your favourite steamboat items.
Herbal Chicken Soup
The ultimate 'kick' in steamboat is the soup stock for dipping and cooking. You can choose spicy soup with tom yam and nourishing soup with herbal chicken in a "yin yang' style black pot. Besides that, diners can ask for resort fish head stock which brewed for hours to create a soup that is clear and rich with a mild fishy taste or the kampung chicken soup which prepared from premiums fowl for the best chicken soup for the soul. Soups are addictive -free. Yummy yummy yummy...
Live Australian Snow Crab
Fresh Norwegian Black Tilapia are recommended for steaming with light soya sauces

All the ingredients are freshly kitchen-prepared, straight from the market and aquarium or even airflown. 
 Live Canadian Geoduck (Best served with wasabi)
 Live Boston Lobster
Spread of meats, seafoods, vegetables, mushrooms, dumplings and fish, vege and yam balls are tossed in to your heart's delight. A true feast fit for a King which featuring wagyu sirloin, Denver lamb ribs, smoked duck and no less than 20 types of fish and crustaceans which topped off with gently-soaked Emperor's noodles for a finale that not to be missed. Slurp...
Different types of fresh mushrooms, delicious foo chok and soft white taufu
My favourite fresh prawns
Chicken Hams
Eggs best mix with soup or you can made half boil egg for a healthier way
Fresh green vegetables
Eat like a King with their Emperor Noodles

Beside Steamboat banquet in the highlands, dish of fried rice or noodles or even mildly sweet desserts are available, Pu'er, a delicate tea in Genting's specially grown and imported has accompanied the meal to a rousing end.
Quail Eggs
3 Types of Balls i.e. Fish Ball stuffed with meat, Vegetable Balls and Yam Balls 
Resort Seafood located at Level 1, Resort Hotel. Operates daily for lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm and dinner from 6pm to 10pm. It can accommodate up to 256 persons at a time. For more information and updates, please call 03-61011118 or visit WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.
Menu on that day for us to share with.
Member only pay RM456 and Non-Member RM502
Thanks to Resort Seafood for having us to their restaurant. The food was fantastic and fresh. The environment was spacious with great ambience. My Little Angels really love it so much as the food was yummylicious and they too can become a Little Chef by cooking by themselves and served to Daddy and Mommy to eat too. My conclusion is, there is no better place than having steamboat high in the cool hills. So, come and try it yourself for the fresh steamboat provided by Resort Seafood. Yummy yummy yummy... 
My Happy Family


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