Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Xing Xing Birthday Celebration at Zoo Negara

Happy Birthday to Xing Xing and Liang Liang for their 9th Birthday. Welcome to Malaysia. As all of us are celebrating Merdeka this month, Liang Liang had given all of us a Merdeka gift by giving birth to its baby panda. Yeah...
Xing Xing enjoying his birthday cake and some delicious bamboo. Yummy yummy yummy...
Me and my Little Angels were invited to joined the Family Members of Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari for a day outing at Zoo Negara. 
A total of 55 bloggers which include me were here to cover the event at Zoo Negara with our family members. 

Big Big Family of Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari
We started with our tour at the Butterfly Farm. Looks at the beauty of the nature with the beautiful butterflies flying around you...

Poisonous Spider
Big live Insect
The weather that day was quite good and we had the fun walking around to see the beauty of the nature and the animals there. This is the first time, my Little Angel, WJ went to the Zoo and he felt so excited seeing different types of animals there.
Cute Penguin
Unique Fish
A Family of Chimpanzee with a baby
Oldest Female Orang Utan, Salmah asking for food
After seeing most of the animals, at 11.30 a.m., we went to the animals show. A show that all children are looking forward to see how the animals performed.
2 Macaws compete to win the race. Who do you think will win ? Check this out at the Zoo Negara
Sea Lion jumped through the loop from the water. Wow...

Sea Lion balance itself to ensure the big ball did not fall while climbing up
A round of claps to all the animals for giving all of us a great performance that shouldn't be miss at all. If you want to watch other animals to perform also, do come to Zoo Negara to witness it live. Yeah...

At 12.30pm, we proceed to have our lunch at Wild Life Restaurant which was sponsored by Food Panda. Each of us had a delicious chicken burger, fried chicken, fries and a cup of cooling coke. Tqvm to Food Panda for the sponsored. To order your food online, remember to click at their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK.
Zoo Negara Representative giving us a welcome speech
Followed by Farah who represent Kelab Ben Ashaari thanks all of us for joining the event and all the Sponsors i.e. Zoo Negara, Food Panda and Cosmoderm for made the event a successful one 

After our lunch, we proceed to the World's Bee Museum where we can see different types of bees that produced different types of honey. We got to try some also. Yummy...

At 3.30pm, this is the times that all of us had been waiting for as all of us were ushered to see Panda. Since Liang Liang just gave birth to her baby last Tuesday, she and the baby were quarantined for 2 months. Nevertheless, we able to see Xing Xing as he enjoyed his 9th Birthday celebration. Zoo Negara had also prepared a bamboo cake and some delicious bamboo for Xing Xing to indulge with. Yeah...
This is how baby panda looks like when they are born. Born with a little white fur and height as long as a pencil
Panda spend half day eating bamboo and the rest of the time, it sleep and play
Pandas have thick, oily fur to keep out the cold and wet weather
Their teeth are strong enough to bite through thick bamboo
Panda spend a lot of time up in trees, where they're safe from predators
Giant pandas are an endangered species and there are only a few hundred captive pandas in the world
Come and bring your little ones with your friends and family members to Zoo Negara now as for large group of peoples, you can always request for an education tour group to know more and understand each and every character of the animals here. For more information and details, do please visit their website HERE and follow them at their facebook HERE

My Little Angels enjoyed feeding the deer
A big bat
For all the online booking, you able to enjoy 10% discount. Book your tickets online HERE. Psst : On 3rd of September, all children below 12 are going in for free and those born on 23rd August also can go in for free. Check out my previous blog post on the promotions HERE as we celebrate our Pandas birthday. Yeah...

Thanks to Zoo Negara, Cosmoderm (WEBSITE and FACEBOOK) and Food Panda for all the goodies. Yeah...
Thanks also to Ben Ashaari for include me and my Little Angels in a day out at Zoo Negara. A total of 55 bloggers which include me were having all the funs at the Zoo Negara as everything were pre-planned for us so that every each of us will enjoy to the fullest. Even though, being the only Chinese to join the trip, all the Members of the Kelab had treated me as their friends and gave me a warmth greeting. Tqvm to all the awesome members and hope to see all of you soon. Yeah...
Tqvm from the bottom of our heart :)


  1. miss going to Zoo, so much to see and snap photo.

    1. Sherry, you should bring your son there. I'm sure they will love it too.

  2. eee... i saw the panda.. is so cute

  3. hope to go Zoo Negara again. Need to plan it soon.

  4. Xing Xing is so cute. happy 9th Birthday to Xing Xing

  5. I'd never been to zoo negara.. haha!~ Panda's cute!

    1. Kylie, then you should make a trip there. I'm sure your children will love it too.

  6. Aww I'm 20++ already still haven't visit Zoo Negara! Hope I got chance to visit Zoo Negara one day, maybe I got my own family? :P

    Great sharing! Thanks ;)

  7. Pandas are such adorable animals. Feel like want to hug and squeeze them. Their antics are really funny too. Happy birthday Xing Xing & Liang Liang!

  8. Ahh I miss going to zoo.. How I wish I can see pandas here.. T.T

  9. So awesome... I wish I could have joined in with you all... so sad miss out on it...huhuh

  10. wow~ the only chinese there. you must be very active parenting blogger. I wish to see pandas too! and the goodies!

  11. wah, u are the only chinese in the blogger group. then you are quite active parenting blogger also ler. anyway, I want to see the panda too!

    do u get to witness their baby panda?

  12. I never been to zoo negara. look like need to pay a visit.

  13. Been a long time since I went to Zoo Negara now that my kids have grown up. But I still visit zoosin outher countries and their wildlife Parks. I think its time to re-visit Zoo Negara!

  14. I haven't been around Malaysia much, and this is one place I should consider visiting. Also I love pandas!

  15. Almost 6 years I never been to Zoo Negara, I always want to visit panda!! But the ticket is really quite exp lolll btw thanks for sharing :)

  16. Wow! Countless yearsssss that I haven't visit to our zoo Negara😊😉 thanks for your sharing on this awesome effort from the zoo Negara. I love the cutie panda goodies

  17. What a lovely day out with your family :) Your last photo makes all of you look cuter than the penguins. hehe. Its been a while since i last visited zoo negara. must visit soon!

  18. I love Zoo Negara, its been a while since I been there. The place is always full of childhood memory. Happy Belated Birthday to Xing XIng too!

  19. The Panda is sooooo cute! I hope I have a chance to bring my princesses there one day too :)

  20. It's been awhile since I have last been to Zoo Negara :) But the pandas within are beyond adorable! Looked like tons of fun ;)

  21. The last time I paid a visit to the zoo was close to 5 years ago, before we had the pandas. Must go back sometime in the future.

  22. I am sure my kids will adore seeing them. they looks so cute and wonderful just like babies.

  23. cant remember when was the last time my parents ever brought me to the zoo lol. think the only time was through a school rombongan XD

  24. Omg. Zoo. I've never been to zoo negara, probably will find time one of these days to bring the family and kids there.

  25. Been ages since I last visited Zoo Negara, really nice event from the Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari!

  26. oh i really hope i can visit the beautiful pandas one day. they are too cute and huggable

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