Monday, October 5, 2015

Systema 3D Cleans Every Part of Your Teeth No Matter What You Eat

Do you know that having a good toothbrush is very important to ensure that our teeth was clean in a very effective way and to ensure that we'll always have a healthy gums ? I always wanted to get the best toothbrush but some brush were either too hard that mades my gums felt pain and worst come to worst, my gums will bleed after my routine brushing. If the brush was too soft, my teeth was not clean enough and the food was still stuck in between my teeth eventhough after brushing.

Here I am with my Little Angel, WT at Systema Roadshow, 1U, Old Wing to find the best toothbrush that suitable for both of us. Systema, the No. 1 toothbrush brand in Japan, introduces New Systema 3D Clean toothbrush designed to tackle the tough brushing challenge that face by all Malaysians today. 

To prove to effectiveness of it, all of us were ask to ate popcorns coz' popcorns is Malaysians' favourite food and also the easiest food that always stuck in between our teeth, coating our teeth and gum lines everytime we ate it. We always had problems in brushing it off from our mouth and that leads to cavities and gum disease. To solve the problems, we were give a Systema 3D Clean toobrush to brush our teeth on the spot with some tooth paste and experience it ourselves. Within seconds, our teeth was all clean and I really love the effect of it.
Brushing my teeth in the public
Oops... In front of the camera that mades me a bit nervous. Ha ha ha...
Systema 3D Clean with 0.02mm Multi-Cleaning 3D bristles had effectively clean every part of my teeth efficiently and effectively as all the popcorns had taken away. Compare to other tapered toothbrushes, Systema 3D Clean toothbrush removes 63% more plaque.

It also taken away the sugar from the difficult to reach part of my teeth that mades my gum lines felt fresh and clean. The best part is, it come with the tongue cleaner to remove bacteria from my mouth.
5 Multi-Cleaning Ability 
Tongue Cleaner
The brush is not too hard and not too soft. Just right for me and my Little Angel, WT to use. The head size is just right so that it can go deeper to all part of our teeth to brush all the food off. 
Other Brand (In blue and green colour) Systema 3D Clean (In blue, green, white and purple) 
Normally I used 3D toothbrush of other Brand as it can brush my teeth effectively till I came across of Systema 3D Clean toobrush. I can tell you the different as both also 3D but Systema 3D Clean toothbrush used 0.02mm Multi-Cleaning 3D Bristles that are soft. So, after brushing teeth, I don't feel the pain at my gums anymore. I feel more fresh and my gums are healthier now.

For more information and details, please log on to their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.
Benefits of Systema 3D Clean
Promoter explained to the customer the advantages of the new toothbrush 
Dentist checking the teeth and writing the reports to identify the spoilt teeth
Little Boy trying to brush the fake teeth with Systema 3D Clean Toothbrush
Thanks to Systema 3D Clean toothbrush as it had the effectively reach every part of my teeth to remove plague and food debris for a more effective and comfortable clean. I really love the effectiveness of it and I'm glad that I had found the right toothbrush for me and for my family now. 



  1. Yeah i always love my toothbrush to be soft so that it doesnt hurt :) nice one, Jane!

  2. Technology in dental care products has improved so much. We now have a lot more options that ever. There's no reason why we can't all have a nice smile.

  3. hmm.. popcorns can really can be quite a pain.. i couldn't have them when i had braces! kudos on conquering the "public teeth brushing" :D

  4. love this brand...great that they come out with this improved one.

  5. can't wait to try this version, been using the soft bristles ones

  6. I received so many free tooth brushes from hotel + free toothbrushes we get frm toothpaste purchase, I never raelly had to bother to go buy any toothbrush as individual pack at all.

  7. Time to brush my teeth with Systema.. So many ppl went to the roadshow and I miss it!

  8. Popcorn is favourite food meh? I don't eat popcorn keh! So less trouble of getting my teeth stuck with all this sweetie.LOL

  9. Systema toothbrush is so good for my gums... since using it, my sensitive gums have been less bleeding...

  10. Since I never tried this brand before maybe I could try it once I'm done with my current toothbrush.

  11. true enough. it is good for my gums and clean up small gaps within teeth

  12. sometime will blood when clean tooth in morning ;(
    is time for me to change to Systema toothbrush !

  13. i also prefer not so hard tooth brush : ) will try out this brand :)

  14. I love this toothbrush!! It has became my new fav!
    Btw, glad to see you on that event! ^^

  15. Wow, you really do brush your teeth... I am shy. I love systema 3D clean make me interested in! :D

  16. I personally love their toothbrush. Loving how it keeps my teeth clean and healthy :D

  17. I wanted to try their toothbrush and test how good was the product! Great event you have!

  18. Another great product from Systema. Love it too!

  19. HAHAH very good tactic ah.. Serving popcorn then asking everyone to brush their teeth

  20. Hey I was there too! What a good experience brush tooth at public, hahahaha!

  21. My family been using Systema brand for quite some time, love so much the brush's quality :)

  22. Wah. Brush teeth in public. Interesting event.

  23. i would have eaten more popcorn had i know it was garrett, but yea systema is awesome i wanna get more of this 3d clean

  24. I like systema as it has got very soft bristles and not harsh on teeth.

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  29. Nice sharing. Systema 3D clean is exactly what I need for dental care to ensure my teeth are clean and healthy :D. Besides maintaining good oral hygiene, I am also particular about the cleanliness of my environment. Currently I am looking for carpet shampoo services for the carpet in my restaurant. I hope I can find a good one soon.

  30. systema toothbrush is really good for my gum and also it makes my gum less bleeding when I brush it... other than that I also want to recommend a good dental places that I usually go when I need a root canal services

  31. i always thought that all the toothbrush is same but never know the systema toothbrush is good for my gun,thank you for sharing the information