Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1st London Street Family Park in Malaysia by The Parenthood

Good news to all the Parents and Kids as Malaysia's 1st London Street Family Park is set to open its doors to the public on this Saturday, 5 December 2015. Me and my 5 Little Angels were invited to explore the park last weekend with my fellow Mom bloggers and their family.

Located on the 2nd Floor of Sunway Putra Mall, The Parenthood will be the ultimate venue to seek modern-day parenting amenities, services, products and enriching experiences for anyone especially parents with their children.

Step into this friendly neighbourhood place, Big Ben and the red London Bus will greet you up. 
Said "Hi" to Big Ben
Red Post box 
Soldier riding a horse
Shops nestled along yellow-marked tar roads against the backdrop of the English castle which is indeed a refreshing reminisce of fabulous London.

Looks like I am in the London now
The Parenthood is the first-of-its-kind family park offering me and my Little Angels an avenue to Learn, Play and Enrich INVIDUALLY & TOGETHER - all under one roof ! Yeah...
Get your Sylvanian Family collections here
Super Heroes Costumes, Princess and Accessories to dress your children up
The indoor park provides an interactive quality bonding and progressive learning platform between parents and babies, toddlers and kids under 12 years old. Wide range of enrichment classes available too from academic to hobbies and sports, amenities such as toddler area, 2 units of X-Box 360 and party rooms that can accommodate up to 40 children.
A horse and a ship for toddler to ride on
Long slide and even parents can sit together with their little ones
Masak-masak times
Trampoline for your little ones to jump as high as possible. My Little Angels enjoyed their jumping session
A boy trying to climb up the spider tower
Slides to the colourful balls. Suitable for baby, toddler and children to play at
The Family Park caters to baby from new-born to 12 years old kids. My Kingdom playground by The Parenthood offers treasure hunt games, flying fox, spider tower, transparent spiral slide, multiple slides, ball pit tunnels and play bridges.
Mr Leroy Lee, CEO of The Parenthood welcomed all of us to The Parenthood
Inside the playground, there is a section for children or adults to enjoyed the online games
While my Little Angels engage in various fun and educational activities for themselves, I can join them anytime for quality bonding.
Toys for my toddler at 10% discount
Party Packs and Balloons at 10% discount
Babies play toys at 10% discount
At The Parenthood, parents like me can shop for our baby and children's products imaginable here and also enjoy various pampering services like manicure, pedicure, massage, facial etc.
Cute little bags for my Little Angels and for me
Baby Strollers at special discount price
We can relax and dine comfortable at the cafe which has 2 big TV screens opposite the playground area which assure us that our kids are safely playing independently there.
Wide Cafe Area with their specialty, Nasi Lemak Rendang
The Parenthood had 4 major components :-
1. Relaxation & Leisure
Facial, Pedicure and Manicure services can be done here for both parents and kids
My Little Angel won't mind for their hair to be cut here as there is a toy car for them to drive throughout the cutting session
Mommy Jane really need a massage while Little Angels could enjoy at the playground
Do some work-out here at Family Fitness room for parents and kdis
2. Educational & Play
Activities engaging parents and kids together e.g. workshops, enrichment activities, playground etc.
Art and Craft lessons for your little ones. Packages available at special price
Scrabble, Monopoly, Carroms, Snake & Ladder and Congkak educational games at 30% discount till 13.12.15
Story books from Grolier
Children can do their colouring at Faber Castell retail outlet located just outside the playground
My Little Angels had overcome their feared and manage to climb to the top at the Rock Climbing activity at the Playground. Congrats to them for being fearless.
4. Dining
Cafe that serves healthy food
Pastries and Drinks to re-energise after a day playing at the Playground

5. Shopping
A mini mall concept comprising 33 retailers offering products and services for mothers and babies, toddlers and kids all under one roof. Retailers include brands like Pigeon, Pureen, Grolier, Faver Castell, Hasbro etc. Look our for special discounts and bargains from time to time.
Buy 1 Free 1 Stickers offered on that day. I bought 3 stickers and 2 rubber stamp here at a very good price

6. Others services 
Which include "Drop & Shop" for toddlers / kids of 4 years and above, birthday parties and many more.
Bonding time between Carol and his son at the playground
Linda's son so enjoyed playing with the colourful balls and the slide to the balls
Wide Party Rooms for your children to held a birthday party
Thanks to The Parenthood for inviting me and my Little Angels to be the first to explore the place. While my Little Angels enjoyed playing at the playground. Mommy Jane was so busy with the shopping. Bought lots of educational items for my Little Angels to spend some time playing while learning especially during this long school holiday. We definitely will come again to get more promotional items soon and to let my Little Angels to join the activities there.


  1. This place is awesome! Sure will become fav place to hang out for most family👍🏻

  2. oh wow.. looks like a very fun place to be and to check out......... too bad I missed it as was overseas...

    1. Miera, you should come and visit as lots of educational items on promotions now.

  3. wah such a cute place with the london themed place. Bet this would be a good place for the kids to run wild and for the parents to relax with the massage

    1. Jessica, indeed a place for Mommy and Little Angels :)

  4. so fast up already. I like you la jane, effective! :D..

  5. This place looks like such a cool place plus with the London theme!! I love it. Haven't been to the Sunway Putra Mall after it reopened. Should pay a visit soon

  6. This place looks fun! Bet the kids will enjoy it! I havent pay a visit to sunway putra mall. ><

    1. Adeline, they love the playground as big and variety of activities.

  7. Wow! At times like this, i wish i was a kid. haha. I think i should bring my little nieces with me

    1. Sara, bring your nieces there and I'm sure they'll love it too.

  8. Wa so fast! I like this Great place for kids


  9. This place looks awesome Jane, thanks for sharing about it :) Will need to let my sister know about this, it looked like such fun.

  10. I can't go this one. But this place looks great! Glad u have fun :)

  11. Wa The place looks so fun and the design does really look like London Street! Glad that you have enjoy the day with your family!

    1. Sharon, all of us had some fun there. Great place to explore :)

  12. Look amazing dear! Great place and experience for child to learn new thing :D

  13. Yes, it was a nice place for parents and kids. Really enjoyed the time there.

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  15. This place looks great! with london consept and atmosphere will give a feel of "Disney". I didn't see pic for feeding products, do they have those stores too?

  16. This is a good place for parent to spending time with their children.,

    1. Betty, agreed with you. Me and my children love it too.

  17. I will never be able to bring my kids back if I were to bring them here. Hehe

  18. i think it's definitely a great concept to have a shop like this that can buy and play at the same time.

  19. Every kid's heaven, they seem so enjoy with all the facilities :)

  20. This is quite a complete center for the family with play area and salon for kids, restaurant, shopping and also gym.

  21. this place is so well planned for family to enjoy their outing :) also love the ways they decorated the london street :) nice one! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  22. Nice place . kids will love this place