Thursday, December 17, 2015

Back to Nature Retreat at Awana Genting 2015

When I told my Little Angels that we are going for a jungle trekking a week before our trip, they were very excited as this is the first time, we went for something more adventure. We just can't wait to explore the life staying at the tent instead of our comfortable room. Here we are at Awana Back to Nature Retreat 2015 on 5 and 6 December 2015 organised by Resorts World Genting.

With its pristine environs and cool, crisp air, Genting Highland is the ideal venue for outdoor recreation. The two days event main objective is to enhance the awareness of nature with Youth through self development and motivation. Here, we had the opportunity to immerse in recreational activities like jungle trekking and station games that will serve to broaden our outlook in various aspects.

All participants from Bentong, Raub and Rumah Charis from Kuala Lumpur alongside with us gathered for registration and embarked on Eco Nature Trail covering 1.8 km of jungle trekking through 130 million years old rainforest.
All participants include bloggers line-up in a team of 7
Short Briefing before we start our adventure. Things that we should do and shouldn't do it to respect the forest
Warm-Up session before we proceed to explore the jungle
The beauty of the nature can be seen at the jungle
Hand-in-hand to ensure everyone was save here
A great helping hand to ensure everyone could go through easily
We work as a team going through the jungle
Our team leader, Kos was there to ensure every member of the team can handle all the obstacle
Balance our body and life to walk through the log
A group of big ants in a line working hard to get food together
The beauty of the nature
Walking through the logs as a bridge through the small river
Reaching soon to the top
Taking a good rest before at a "pondok" before proceed with the adventure
Going up and down the hill can be dangerous without a helping hand
As you can see from the photos above, we really had a tough times going through the jungle but thank God as everyone was so helpful in lending their helping hand. Our team name is "Belalang", grasshopper in Malay. Our shoutout is "2, 4, 6, 8, who do you appreciate ? Belalang Belalang, Go Go Go...". Thats the spirit of our team. Our leader, Kos always ensure that all of us had no hindrances to walk through the jungle. It was indeed a great exposure to all of us.
Me and my Little Angels photo taken up the hill at the middle of the jungle surrounded by the beautiful nature
The day continue with a launch of the event which is a tree planting ceremony by Guest of Honour, Yang Berbahagia Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community together with Ms Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resorts World Genting.

Ms Katherine in her welcoming speech says "The virgin tropical jungle at Awana is 130 million years old. It is home to various fascinating insects, rare birds, wild flora and fauna. The lush tropical rainforest is one of the attractions for tourists as its cast track of nature opens up opportunity for nature lovers to come for jungle trekking and explore the intriguing flora and fauna surrounding it."
Ms Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resorts World Genting
"Participants learn jungle survival skills and developing networking and team building skills so they become more self-confident individuals. They learn the importance of recycling and proper waste disposal," added Katherine.
Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community
Datin Paduka Chew in her speech says,"Everyone has a part to play in conserving the environment. As leaders of tomorrow, everyone has a vital role to play in this endeavour. At individual level, one can reduce energy consumption, recycling and reusing paper. I hope this programme will help enhance your understanding and appreciation of the environment and practice the 3Rs which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The two days programme will provide Youth the opportunity to harness creativity, inventiveness, adaptability, socio-emotional skills, responsibilities and leadership of all of us here today."

Planting a tree by Datin Paduka
Prize giving ceremony to the winner of the Eco Nature Trail. Kylie and her team
Goodie bags presentation to all the participants of the Eco Nature Trail
Group photo with all the youths
Group photo with all the bloggers which include the kids bloggers
After the Eco Nature Trail event, we went back to our Longhouse where we had an educational Eco Talk by Fadly Bakthiar, the Programme Director of Eco Knights. Fadly shared ways to reduce resources consumption and managing waste through 3R which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle techniques on source separation and also how wastes can be converted to something useful in their daily lives.
Fadly Bakthiar, the Programme Director of Eco Knights
All participants listened to the talk and watch the interesting movie while getting prizes in the Q&A session
Paul, PR of RWG presented a hamper of appreciation to En Fadly
Besides that, participants also pick up some jungle survival skills by building a tent and making clothes using all those recycle materials.
Beautiful tents done by the participants for us to sleep in
Team spirit to complete our mission
Our team artwork using box to made a superhero costume, the Iron Man 
On the second day, the Hunt for National Treasure was the main highlight. It is a team building activity that sends home the message of how everyone in a team plays an equally important role in ensuring success.
Warm-up session before our morning jog begin
Breathing the fresh air while enjoying our beautiful scenery during our jog
The Hunt for National Treasure took place all over the resort which include fun games as follows :-
Discussion times before we start
Trying to figure out the shape using the cards
Star Wars
Bridge Too Far
Spider Web
Giant Slipper Obstacle
Mines Field
General Knowledge Questions
After the National Treasure Hunt, we rush to dress up our team member for the fashion show which used recyclable materials to made an Iron Man, done the night before.
Modelling session by our Camp Trainer, Blogger, Kos and PR of RWG, Paul
Participants for the Fashion Show contest performed a catwalk
All the Participants posed for the group photos
The Back to Nature Retreat ended with prize presentation to all the winners for Eco Nature Trail and Fashion Show. Congrats to all of them.
Prize presentation by Irene, PR of RWG to the winners
Group photos with all the winners
After our lunch, its times to said "Goodbye" to all the participants. It is indeed a sad moment as these 2 days, we had so much fun together as a team. The knowledge that we had picked up and the friendship that we had forged, definitely the best memorable experience that we had gained. 

Thanks to Resort World Genting for giving back to the society by bringing cheer to all the participants. Me and my Little Angels had enjoyed ourselves so much during the 2-days Genting Back to Nature 2015. It is indeed a great experience for all of us. All thanks to Resort World Genting and all the PRs that had made our stay, the best with sweet memories. Thank you....
A special bonding moment between me and my 4 Little Angels



  1. bestnyee. saye suka aktiviti nature macam ni

  2. Wow! You have lots of activities and events at Genting! I wish to take part in their event one day. ><

    1. Adeline, no worries as more opportunities open up for bloggers at RWG.

  3. looks like plenty of fun and good learning experience for the young uns....

  4. we had so much fun right! priceless moment :)
    love the last pic!

  5. Many kids join the camp @ Genting.. wow, this is good experience trip for your kids! :D

    1. Selina, Its good to let them experience when they're young enough to explore it.

  6. wow! never know genting got such back to nature activities :) nice one! the paper box iron man very creative! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Sienny, thanks for your compliments. Eventhough we didn't win the fashion contest, we are proud with our creation.

  7. Replies
    1. Caroline, you should join once and I'm sure you'll love it too.

  8. Should have more this type of outings. We need to get closer to the nature than just stay in the air conditioning room with our laptop or ipad or smartphone.

    1. Kelly, agreed with you. See more beauty of our nature.

  9. looks like a lot of fun, i wanna bring my kids there one day too

    1. Leona, you should and I'm sure your son will love it too.

  10. Few of my friends are planning holidays with their kids, will share your post with them :)

  11. such an active person you are, jane. keep it up.

  12. Nature is Good for the kids. Glad you have enjoyed yourselves

    1. Rane, yes its true. Good for them to explore early.

  13. babe, try not to spam put too many pictures in one post, create a slide show or something as this makes loading on phone slow and eats more data.

    1. Lisa, too many photos to share with. I'll try to do it next round ya.

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    must work hard to preserve them!

  17. This is a great way to bond with family members and to conserve the environment at the same time too.