Thursday, May 19, 2016

Choices of Food Available at Food Republic, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

1 Utama Shopping Centre is me and my Little Angels favourite place for shopping, eating, activities and watching movie because it had everything that we wanted and nearby to my house. We had tried many types of food there from Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Korean etc. So, when each and everyone of us wanted to eat our own favourite food, Mommy Jane will choose to brought them to Food Republic which located at the 2nd Floor, Rainforest Section.

Mommy Jane and my Little Angels, CW and WT's favourite food is Western Cuisine. So, we had ordered Spaghetti Salmon which is priced at RM21.10 and Chicken Chop at the price of RM13.70.

The servings consider quite big portion. So, 3 of us shared the food instead. The spaghetti sauce was delicious and the Salmon given quite big piece. We love the brown sauce at the Chicken Chop. It was specially made by the Chef himself.
Spaghetti Salmon 
Chicken Chop
Since Daddy wanted to eat some rice, he had ordered Ayam Penyet set which is an Indonesian cuisine priced at RM12.90. WH wanted to try the Soto Ayam which price at RM8.90.

Ayam Penyet set
The fried chicken for the Ayam Penyet was nicely marinated. The chicken skin was crispy because they fried it twice. The meat was tendered and it is indeed delicious.

Soto Ayam
The soto ayam is a bit strange for us but we love the potato and the nasi impit that comes with some peanuts and some delicious soup too. My youngest Angels, WJ love the peanuts more.

Since my eldest Angel, CM wanted to have some Korean food, she had ordered Sundubu Jigae which priced at RM13.50 and Bibimbap at RM12.50.
Sundubu Jigae that comes with a bowl of rice
The Sundubu Jigae is like at spicy soup with crab, tau foo, meat and vegetables in it. You can have chicken or beef Bibimbap with lots of fresh vegetables, rice and a fried egg.
For Hot Plate, we had tried out the sizzling with egg which priced at RM8.90 and Ikan Bakar Stingray at RM6.90 per 100 gram.
Sizzling yee mee with egg
Ikan Bakar Stingray that comes with a bowl of rice
My Little Angels love the taste of the sizzling yee mee but Ikan bakar Stingray a bit salty.
This food court that we went is connected to the another side with nice view. Once the MRT completed, I'm sure all the Diners will have nice view of the train while having their lunch and dinner there.

Food Republic is having a promotion now. Just spend RM10 in a single receipt and then purchase 1 cup of 16oz Coca-Cola or the participating brands beverage, you could redeem a movie ticket.

Whenever you went for a shopping at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, remember to drop by at the Food Republic to have all they different types of food here. Will try out their Japanese food, Thai cuisine and others too in future. 


  1. Variety of foods in Food Republic, thanks for sharing the free movie promotion, will visit Food republic when i go 1 utama shopping.

    1. Shet Ling, you're most welcome. Hope you will able to save more with the promotion going on.

  2. Agree..variety and many choices there at food republic one utama..always go there

  3. We are thinking along the same line! Just head over to food court if everyone in the group outing has dilemma in choosing what to eat!!

  4. I love Food Republic, so many choices, will go there if I can't decide what to eat >.<

  5. I like One Utama before noon. After that parking is so tough to get! Food court sure offers a lot of options and I'd like the window seat, please :)

    1. Hanniz, another part of the Food Court, not much peoples and you can have a nice view too. Times for you to explore the new place :)

  6. I like the corner view of the food republic ! So much food to choose , i think i will dilemma when i going there..ahaha

  7. variety of food to choose from western until Asian cuisine. price is reasonable.