Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watsons Pink Party by Pure Beauty

Last Thursday, 23 June 2016, Mommy Jane was invited to join an exclusive evening of pink party by Pure Beauty together with Watsons VIP members and the blogger's community in conjunction with the Ramadhan month.
Mommy Jane with Beauty Blogger friends
Chef Lionel was invited to demonstrate a pink pudding and cookies making session. Mommy Jane had learned some tips of preparing this savory especially in time for this coming Hari Raya celebration. He also distributed the lovely cookies to all the participants.
 Mommy Jane and the participants of the event were also pampered with hair-do session with accessories. All these accessories are also available at Watsons Malaysia nationwide.
Zalora, a leading online fashion platform also gave us some latest tips on Hijab demonstration during the party session. They had created 5 different popular style which amaze everyone.
 Pink by Pure Beauty is an exclusive brand using a unique combination of PhyotCellTec Aps Rose, Pink Flower Capsule and active natural whitening ingredients which helps to brighten the skin and creates a perfect hydration balance to reveal a naturally bright pinkish fair skin that every lady wish for.
For a glowing, luminous pinkish radiant skin, you need to apply ESSENCE WATER which are suitable for all type of kin. After that, to apply the so glow ESSENCE for normal skin and so light DEWY LOTION for dehydration and lastly to complete the process to protect and enhance with so smooth PUDDING CREAM and so BLUR CREAM.
PINK by Pure Beauty product range is available at all leading Watsons store nationwide. For more details, do check out their official website at or facebook at You could also download Watsons Malaysia Mobile App available on Google Play Store and Apple Sore. Do follow thm at Instagram, WeChat and LINE accounts too.
It might be a simple event but Mommy Jane had fun times meeting up with blogger friends and chit chatting with them too. We had taken lots of photos too at the Photobooth with the props. The place was beautifully decorated and the food was yummylicious. Indeed a great times to spend especially during this Ramadhan month.


  1. Seem you guys had a lot of fun! Too bad I'm unavailable to attend the event. =(

    1. Shini, hope you able to join us next round :)

  2. nice pictures... and it is indeed a fun event....

  3. the sweets makes me go "yum yum" :D

  4. Everybody is pink that day! So happening Party by pure beauty, I love their pink packaging too.

  5. Nice party and look you have fun there ♡

  6. wish to join the pink party too

  7. looks so fun!!!I wish to join next time!!!

  8. I did enjoyed a lot on that day ~ All blogger looks awesome !! xD

  9. a really fun event and lovely place, lots of nice corners for photography

  10. wow! so nice of Watson organised this pink party for all of you :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. I love the Pink theme and everyone seem enjoy on that day. Hope to see you more often in Watsons event.