Thursday, March 2, 2017

60 Years of Friendship Between New Zealand and Malaysia

On 22nd February 2017, Mommy Jane was invited to join an informal evening at New Zealand Residence to celebrate 60 years of friendship between New Zealand and Malaysia. Mommy Jane was fortunate to taste test our Malaysian dishes with a Kiwi Twist and this is the first time Mommy Jane been to the residence. The New Zealand Residence was located at a Bungalow with Swimming Pool. The place was spacious and comfortable. Mommy Jane and Daddy James reached the place around 7.30 p.m. and we were greeted by Dr John Subritzky, New Zealand High Commissioner with a friendly smile.
To celebrate the 60-years milestone, the New Zealand High Commission in Kuala Lumpur will organised a number of events throughout the year. Partnering with award-winning Malaysian photographer Jeffry Lim on an exclusive exhibition showcasing never-before-seen images of New Zealand's landscape and hosting a Discover New Zealand public event filled with cultural activities and performances are just two of the many highlights in this year's calendar of activities.
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise will also be celebrating the anniversary in its upcoming food and beverage fair Taste New Zealand, which will bring the best of New Zealand's food products for Malaysians to discover and enjoy. Mommy Jane and some of the guests were fortunate to be the first to enjoy the food products from New Zealand with the taste from Malaysia.
Malaysian Gulai with New Zealand Beef
Malaysian Styled King Salmon Potato Cakes
Pavlova Nests with Fresh Fruit 
Our all time favourite Chicken Satay
Rugby Chicken Puff
Anzac Coconut Cookie Ice Cream from New Zealand
Cupcakes with the #NZMY60

Dr John Subritzky said that New Zealand's relationship with Malaysia is one of their oldest in South East Asia. Over the past six decades they have developed a warm and close relationship, founded on strong ties in education, trade, security and defence and tourism.
Dr John Subritzky, New Zealand High Commissioner gave us a welcome speech
For more information on the public events, do visit their official Ministry website at and do like them at their facebook page at for more updates and promotions. 
Besides having all the yummylicious food and drinks, Mommy Jane and all the guests also had a VR (Virtual Reality) tour of New Zealand where we had the chance to soar above the mountains and across vineyards to discover the #NZStory. It looks like a real one and Mommy Jane seems to be at New Zealand at that time. Ha ha ha...
It is my pleasure to meet them together first time and I can see that Jq is the happiest girl now with her husband. Congrats to both of them on their recent engagement 
Me and Poh Poh first time meeting-up each other even though we are friends at Facebook for few months. Thanks to Poh Poh and New Zealand Embassy for the invitation
It was a great evening for all of us enjoying great food, great drinks, great place and great Company. The food was indeed yummylicious with the combination of New Zealand products with Malaysian ingredients and recipes. I had enjoyed each and every of the dishes prepared for us on that evening and the refreshing drinks that quench our thirst away. Nice meeting up with Jq Lee and her husband, food bloggers, Isaac, Ivy and Ah Keong and all others awesome guests that had attended on that day. We had a great chat with laughter as we catch-up with each other and shared the latest information on New Zealand products. Since more exhibitions of New Zealand products coming soon, Mommy Jane hope to bring Little Angels there to get to know more about New Zealand before our trip to the country one day.


  1. really nice event. love how creative they are, especially the rugby curry puff.

  2. Such a great celebration of friendship between Two countries. The kind of understanding and respect for each other is great and cheers to more great years!

    1. Everest, definitely agreed on this. Hope both countries will benefit with such close friendship.

  3. I miss this event, love New Zealand produces especially their fruits, cheese, milk, meat and many more.

  4. Great event! really amazed with the creative menu!

  5. How I wish I can visit New Zealand soon. The view is so beautiful!

  6. I wish to visit New Zealand and enjoy its promising beauty. Congratulations for this strong ties!

    1. Blair, me too. I want to see the beauty of the country from my own eyes.