Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Healthy Lifestyle for the Whole Family at the Parenthood Wellness, Sunway Pyramid

Children learn best through play and Mommy Jane definitely agreed with this. Getting them to move at the same time to release all that positive energy in them, will help them up in their growing-up period instead of playing smartphone and tablets at home. To encourage my Little Angels and myself to start a healthy lifestyle, Mommy Jane had attended the official launch of Zac & Zibbo for kids gym and WiO, Power Plate Hub for adult fitness at the Parenthood Wellness at Sunway Pyramid as a one-stop family fitness centre.
Established in 2014, Zac & Zibbo was designed to create a fun and nurturing physical learning environment for children of various ages. Zac & Zibbo is a one and only kids' gym in Malaysia that provides circuit training with their very own mini-version of workout machines designed for kids. These machines are designed and manufactured to interact with kids through seats with ergonomic back and sensors to ensure correct posture and exercise counter display that allows our child to interact with the machine. The usage of these machines at Zac Adventure programme is catered for children aged 6 - 12 years old.
Yukari Bikes for Kids
My Little Angels doing some workout at the Kids Gym 
Cheryl, Head of the Parenthood Wellness said that The Parenthood Wellness will educate our child in making sense of the world around them through fun, laughter and creative teaching methods. The program will build our child physical, cognitive, social and emotional skill which in turn leads to building self confidence.
Cheryl, Head of the Parenthood Wellness guided the pre-school (3-6 years old) and the parents on the Zac & Zibbo programme at the Kids Gym
Learn on the balancing for pre-school children
Besides the circuit training, Zac & Zibbo core program is gymnastic which was catered for children ages between 18 months to 6 years old. Mighty Midgets is a parent & child programme cater for 18 months to 3 years old while in Pre-K Programme, Jumping Jellybeans for 3 years old and Flippers & Flyers for 4 & 5 years old. Other programmes such as Super Jacks (6 to 12 years old), Kickers 1 (6 & 7 years old and Kickers 2 (8 to 12 years old). 
Jumping on a trampoline for pre-school children
Somersault for pre-school children
They also had their own Zac & Zibbo activities that cater to 3 groups of children i.e. toddler group (18 months to 3 years old), pre-school group ( to 6 years old) and grade school (6 to 12 years old).
Toddler group at the Zac & Zibbo activities
Grade school programme for children cater to 6 to 12 years old
Pumping for grade school
Ms Lilian, Chief Marketing Officer of the Parenthood, who also send her child to the gymnastic programme on a weekly basis, said that every child is special in their own ways. All the certified instructors are trained to engage the kids in a very positive and encouraging manner. The goal is to put a smile on the child's face from beginning to end, making sure that all of them will feel successful regardless of the size of their achievement. The kids' gym currently only operates in Sunway Pyramid but plans to expand to other areas are in progress.
Jumping for grade school children
Somersault for grade school children
The Parenthood Wellness is having an Annual Family Membership for its kids gym at RM200. You can choose for a monthly plan of RM270 with 4 classes or a 3 month plan at RM750 with 12 classes. A refundable deposit of RM270 is required with 30-days notice of withdrawal. All prices are applicable for all programmes held at the Parenthood Wellness for kids and all classes comes with a complimentary entrance to the Parenthood Playland during the first sign-up. Members of the Parenthood Wellness are entitled for the 10% off on their monthly or term fee for the 1st child and 15 % off for the 2nd child onwards. The Parenthood Wellness also offer Personal Training Sessions with a reasonable price of RM120 for 12+2 sessions for kids above the age of 6. 
As for the adults' fitness and training centre, do check out the WiO ("Work it Out") which focus on the usage of the Power Plate machine which uses the principle of Acceleration Training. The machine will stimulate our body's natural response to vibration that transmits waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 to 50 times per second. This enables the participant to gain profound results in terms of muscular strength, toning and improvisation of circulation, weight loss, balance and co-ordination, decrease of cellulite and faster recover in a short period of time.
Power Plate also has a plentiful other benefits that was demonstrated during the "WOW Factor" at the launch. Volunteers were told to perform some basic stretches and exercise positions for a good 60 seconds and all of us was able to feel the results of increased range of motion and improved flexibility level. Mommy Jane had tried it and was amaze with the immediate results too.  
MB, a Parenting Blogger had tried out the Power Plate with the guidance of the instructor
Result can be seen immediately when he can stretch his body at 4 inches longer and touched his toe
The fitness machines for adults are ranging from RM40,000 to RM80,000 per machine. Instead of buying it, WiO at the Parenthood Wellness had offered a reasonably payment package together with an experience personal trainer. You can called them up or visit them to check the package available. WiO is available at The Parenthood Wellness, Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Putra Mall, KL.

Especially for my readers who interested to sign-up at any of their first packages, just put in the code "kkw14" for 20% discount. Discount code valid till 30 June 2017 only. For more information on the classes available and schedules or Power Plate training packages, do visit their Facebook page at The Parenthood Wellness or call them up at 016-2968983 for any enquiries and for a free trial class appointment. 
Kids Gym and Adults Fitness Area just next to each other. Convenient for parents who had drop off their kids while they can do their work-out
Besides the family gym, the Parenthood at Sunway Pyramid is famous for its Playland. It is the first London Street themed indoor playground in Malaysia where kids will have an endless fun. The place is also perfect to celebrate your child's birthday that can easily accommodate up to 120 children. Birthday packages were available from RM70 per child which inclusive of unlimited playtime at the Playland, food and usage of party room. Tickets to the Playland per child are price at RM40 for weekday and RM50 for weekend, Public and School Holiday. 1 Adult go in for free to accompany 1 child and extra adult will be charge at RM5 each.
The Parenthood Preschool which also located at the Parenthood area, is a place to learn, grow, share and succeed. Children will be engaged in speaking and listening activities and group discussions to foster the development of language and confidence while interacting with others. Do check out more infor at their facebook page at The Parenthood Preschool.
The Parenthood had a comprehensive range of products and services that expanded to cater the needs of both parents and their children alike. The family park houses 45 retailers which offers a wide repertoire of baby care products, toys, clothing, educational material and more. With 25,000 square feet size, it promises new and bigger attractions. Many will be impressed with the original London bus, fountain and phone booths which have been shipped in from London to provide visitors the authentic London Street experience. 
If you opt for a pampering session, The Parenthood had an outlet offering hair saloon, pedicure & manicure services for both children and adults. The price was reasonable within The Parenthood area. Hair cut for each child at RM25 per person and the child can enjoy a ride at a racing car while the hair stylist had an easier time to cut the child's hair.
If you're looking for a place to dine-in, do check out the Lillipilli cafe which located next to the Playland. It is accessible from the Playland and for those who want to dine-in in a convenient way, they can have their food at Lillipilli cafe. Lillipilli cafe is famous for their nasi lemak rendang. Kids meal available too. Lillipilli do offer catering services. You can pm them for more details at Lillipilli.
The Parenthood is a one-stop centre for the fitness gym, playland, pre-school, shopping, pampering session and cafe for both adults and kids. This is the place where every family should go to get everything done. The place was kids-friendly which I'm sure every kids love to be here. The Parenthood is located at Sunway Pyramid West, First Floor and Sunway Putra Mall, 2nd Floor. Their website at http://theparenthood.com.my/. and facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sunwaypyramidwest/.
Thanks to the Parenthood for the invitation to the launch of their fitness gym. My Little Angels had enjoyed themselves so much with the Zac & Zibbo fitness activities. They learned about balancing, somersault, exercise, dancing etc. To all the parents who had read my post here, Let's Get Our Kids Moving To Nurture a Balance Childhood at a kid-friendly place. The Parenthood is the place where all of us want to be.



  1. Wow even kids have their own gym today! :) While I was reading, my little girl saw the photos and she kept on shouting "Mama! Playground! Mama! Playground!" hahaha! Lovely place btw!


    1. Coi, the place was indeed a heaven for children and adults. We can enjoy it together. Do check this place out.

  2. I was there too! Thanks for inviting me, I had a great time :)

    1. Jia Shin, you're most welcome. Nice to meet up with you for the first time.

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    1. Bowie, children nowadays really lucky. We don't have it last time and now they could enjoy it so much.

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    1. Bella, it is indeed fun and nice place for children and adults.

  5. I spoted happy kids. nice one Parenthood

    1. Rane, all the children were having their fun time there. Each activity cater for different age group and they just love it so much.

  6. Great place to hang out for both parents and kids to spend quality time together :)

  7. Healthy lifestyle should start from young, love this place too.

    1. Kelly, me too where me and my Little Angels could do a workout together.

  8. I would.like to sen dmy future kid to this kind of facility to enjoy and be active.

    1. Blair, we should so that they won't stick with the gadget and TV all the times.

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