Monday, July 3, 2017

Dilemma of a Working Mom

I had stopped blogging for a week and not sure what topic that I should start off. I seldom really talk about my private life here but I felt really tired today. I had a quarrel with my husband yesterday. He is a workaholic and work every day till night time and even work on weekends and public holidays. Maybe because he don't have much choice but to complete his work as soon as possible for tax submissions. As a wife, I try to remain positive and always think that he is doing the best for our family. Though, I can't get enough help from him, I need to encourage him so that he able to complete his work sooner and this would give him some times to spend with us.

Mommy Jane worked full time too in professional line but my family and 5 Little Angels were always my priority. Without my husband, I really had tough times sending my children to music classes, tuition classes, activities, basketballs trainings and taking care of them alone but I had no choice because my husband always busy with his office work. Sometimes I felt really tired but I never give up because I hope that my 5 Little Angels were able to learn something instead of staying at home always.

Maybe for every woman, family come first and work second but for every man, work come first instead of family. Yes, we can earn more money if we work but does it justify the times which had lost instead of spending it with our little ones ? Small children needs more love and attention from their parents. We bring them out to this World and we have the responsibilities to raise them well so that they will grow up to become a successful person. I'm sure this is what all parents had wanted. We can buy lots of things with money but money can't buy you everything. 

Maybe we were brought up in different way. Mommy Jane always had a full time Mom by my side when I was just a little girl. My Mom had gave me so much love and I hope to give it to my 5 Little Angels too whereas my husband was brought up by both working parents. Different way of brought up will definitely affect the way we upbring our children.

My 5 Little Angels are everything to me. I don't mind to sacrifice myself as long as I able to see my 5 Little Angels grow up happily and healthily. I hope each and every one of them will be as successful as me or even better than me but if they are at the same level with me now, I'm ok with it as long as they feel happy. 

As a working Mom, I ever thought to resign so that I can take care of them full time and when they need me most, I will always be with them but with today world, hard to depends on one income. Woman needs to work to become independent and to raise the income level and comfortability of the family.

I need to save so that I can afford to send my 5 Little Angels for a higher education and to train them to become a successful person. That is the reason why Mommy Jane still have to work but I seldom work overtime if it is not necessary and will ensure my after office hour and weekend will be use to be with them instead.

I started my blog because of my 5 Little Angels. It is like my diary where I will share the activities, food and travel experience with my 5 Little Angels so that when they grow up, they able to read what we had done together. Blogging had also opened lots of opportunities for my 5 Little Angels to explore. With all this experience, I hope my 5 Little Angels will be a knowledgeable person that will help them out in their growing up period. Let Mommy Jane work harder now so that my 5 Little Angels will have the best of life.
Mommy Jane with my 5 Little Angels


  1. Quite right.. Family comes first. Children are top priority for everyone.. Super agree

  2. Jiayou Mommy Jane! I'm sure your little angle will understand when they grow older :)

  3. You're a great mom! and I like your new header.

  4. You are strong mum. Take care of 5 angels are not easy especially you need to work.

  5. keep it up Jane! You are a super mama

  6. being a mum is not easy!!! Keep it up Jane

  7. A big thumb up for mummy jane, I would like to read more from you. Jia you!!!

  8. Your awesome Jane. It's not easy being a mum. Family always comes first, that's what I agree 💕

  9. So true, you are a supermom i wonder how you juggle with work, blog, family and children.