Sunday, September 10, 2017

HOME AGAIN Movie Preview

Last Friday night, Mommy Jane and Little Angel went for a movie outing at mmCineplexes, eCurve. We attended the movie preview organised by mm2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd.
HOME AGAIN stars Reese Witherspoon as Alice Kinney in a modern romantic comedy. Separated from her husband, Michael Sheen recently, Alice decides to start over again by moving back to her hometown at Los Angeles with her two young daughters. During a night out to celebrate her 40th birthday, Alice meets three Aspiring Filmmakers, Harry, George and Teddy, who happen to be in need of a place to live. Alice agrees to let the 3 guys to stay in her guest house temporarily, but the arrangement ends up unfolding in unexpected ways. Her unlikely new family and new romance comes to a crashing halt when her ex-husband suddenly shows up with a suitcase in his hand. Whom will Alice choose ? Her new romance or her ex-husband ? Do check it out at the cinemas nationwide on this Thursday, 14th September 2017.
Check out the details of the movie below :-
Language : English with Chinese and Malay subtitles
Classification : 13+
General Release Date : 14 September 2017
Genre : Comedy/Drama/Romance
Running Time : 97 minutes
Distributor : mm2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Cast : Reese Witherspoon, Candice Bergen, Michael Sheen, Lake Bell and Nat Wolff
Director : Hallie Meyers-Shyer
Rating : 4/5

HOME AGAIN is a story of love, friendship and the family created. The movie is full of action, love and comedy that will makes you laugh and cry with them. It is suitable for couples who struggle to start their family again and finding their new love. Do watch out for the movie soon.
Mommy Jane and Daddy James with 2 handsome guys


  1. Reese Witherspoon! Oh yes. This is a must watch for me! Thanks for letting me know about the movie.

    1. Rawlins, you're most welcome. It is quite funny and I'm sure you'll love it too.

  2. good to know you enjoy the movie. The night hub's working late and no rvsp for this movie..

  3. Sounds great. Definitely gonna watch it

  4. I love romantic movies especially comedy romance, a must watch def. Reading your review makes me curious who will Alice choose hmmm, lets see