Monday, October 16, 2017

Swiss Dream Circus

I remembered when I was just a little girl, my father brought me to a circus and it indeed brings lots of sweet memory to me. I was excited to see the great performance with animals showing their talents but nowadays there is no more animals involved but the displays of acrobatic, balance, aerial stunts and thrilling acts at the Swiss Dream Circus, it is something that me and my Little Angels should not to be missed. Here we are at the Swiss Dream Circus which is going on at Desa Parkcity from 29 September 2017 till 22 October 2017. Means that you still have few days only to catch up this show with your Little Ones.
Photo credit to Joshua Gasper for 9 Inch Tales
The talented circus performers from all over the world had came together to create the perfect blend of acrobatics and bravery for an experience where power meets fearlessness and amazement has no bounds. The Swiss Dream Circus was found by Marco Baumgartner from Switzerland and Ismail Stork from Malaysia is the organiser and promoter. After a great success from last year show at the Curve, both of them decided to bring the circus back to Malaysia this year.
Evgeny Slepukhin from Russia
The first performance that we watch on that night is by Evgeny Slepukhin from Russia. As a sleepwalker on the slack wire, he performs an incredible handstand on that one inch thick rope. Stick around for the jaw-dropping finale when he rotates around his own axis with the help of tour ropes and get ready to be amazed by this young artist.
The performance from the video above is by a handsome guy named Andrii Maslov. He performed free ladder act and juggling. The modern moves and the smooth ways of bringing up to seven balls in the air are just beautiful. He has been awarded for his skills at the international Circus Festival Latina in Italy and has just returned from performing in the famous Swiss Ohlala Show.
Andrii Maslov
The Swiss Clown Andre is like everybody's favourite comedian, Mr Bean. He drawn the laughter to the crowd with his silly and yet entertained act.
Clown Andre
Duo Alansia is a ballet student from Kiev and sportsman who created this beautiful act and perform all over the country. With power and elegance, she flaunt her incredible figures through the circus dome. The duo also performs a double pole act to astonished the audiences as Anastasia stands on her partner while he is holding himself to the pole as a human flag.
Duo Alansia
Uliana & Andrii have been working together for three years. The unique skater act has attracted thousands of viewers from around the world. Energy loaded spectacular and full of lightness, the artists roll on a small surface and while keeping the same pace to create a new spectacular figures. Uliana also performs a fantastic Hula Hoop act as she keeps the rings constantly in formation around her graceful body with unbelievable ease.
Elli Huber from Australia is a young international performer who had an outstanding swinging trapeze act in the show. Isidro Navas hang his feet 35 feet above the ring to balance under the circus dome or jumping from one trapeze to another without any security. He us one of the most famous stunt men in the circus world/
Isidro Navas
Swiss Dream Circus is going on at Desa Parkcity till this Sunday, 22 October 2017. Book your tickets earlier online now to avoid disappointment at to choose your seats. You can like their facebook page at for updates information.
After watching the videos and the photos at my post here, I'm sure all of you will amaze with the incredible act and great performance by all the talents. Me and my Little Angels had enjoyed each and every of their performance and we are glad that we did not miss out the thrilling act and stunt that gave us a "WOW"... A truly live in actions that will amaze all the audiences and I'm sure you won't want to missed it too.


  1. Wah! So interesting. They are all very talented and strong as well. How it is possible to do all those stunts? well, they did it.

  2. Nice performance. Suka tengok performance mereka.

  3. I never been to any circus before...
    It seems nice to get the kids to the circus

    1. Alia, it is indeed nice. My children enjoyed it so much and I'm sure your kids will love this too.

  4. Exciting. Never been to any circus. Glad to see them live.

  5. Really hope I can join this kind of live performance soon.

    1. Aneezah, hope they will have it again soon and don't miss it out.

  6. Ada dengar pasal circus ini, dulu masa kecil selalu tengok circus dekat tv je

    1. Bro, u must bring your children to see it live. They will love it too.