Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Day with Bangi Wonderland

Mommy Jane and Little Angels were invited to joined "A Day with Bangi Wonderland" on early December. The day was held to build and maintain a good relationship with stakeholders, partners, media members include bloggers and local committee and to appreciate us for our hard work and support along this tremendous year.
The event was also attended by representatives from Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKJ), Tourism Malaysia, Corporate Partner, Local Representative and Committee. Bangi Wonderland also had seize this opportunity to launched its latest event "Gempak Giler" with artist performance by Ameng Spring and Ezad Lazim. 
Mr Steven Chang, General Manager of Bangi Wonderland Theme Park & Resort
Check out the launch at my youtube below...
Gempak Giler is to promote Bangi Wonderland Theme Park and Resort as a place for a fun gathering with family and friends during the December school holiday by offering promotion that is affordable to all groups of family and friends. Besides having fun playing with the slides and rides, visitors will also be entertained with artists performances.
Gempak Giler promotion period will be from 1st December till 31st December 2017. For Monday to Friday, the price for 4 persons will be at RM150 for Mykad holders and RM180 for Non-Mykad holders. For Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, the price for will be at RM180 for 4 Mykad holders and RM210 for 4 Non-Mykad holders.
Ezad Lazim had performed to the crowd at Bangi Wonderland
Ameng Spring had performed to the crowd at Bangi Wonderland
For more information, do visit their website at and their facebook page at
The various slides and rides at Bangi Wonderland
After the Gempak Giler launched, invited guests were invited to join the tele-match. There are 2 tele-matches for the 3 teams i.e. Red Team which is Mommy Jane and Little Angels are part of the members, Green Team and Yellow Team. Malaysia Top Blogger, Ben Ashaari is our team leader and had lead us to be the Champion for both of the tele-match. The tele-match was fun and we had won 2 big hampers. Yeah...
Mommy Jane, Daddy James, Little Angels, Ben Ashaari and 2 other members holding the hampers that we had won on that day
Thanks to Bangi Wonderland Theme Park and Resort for the invitation. Mommy Jane and Little Angels had enjoyed ourselves with the various slides and rides at the Water Theme Park and the tele-match that were organised for us on that day. It was indeed a fun and memorable outing especially during this school holiday. 


  1. Event nampak sangat meriah siap ada artis lagi... saya pernah pergi Bangi Wonderland ni memang seronok mandi manda disitu

  2. Best nampak kat sini, belum pernah sampai. Cuti sekolah nie boleh la bawak anak-anak ke sini kan..

  3. wah so interesting. last month i went to bangi. just passed by in front of bangi wonderland. from outside view, i can see castle.. if i go to bangi, i think i want to try this out

    1. Haneeza, do try it out. It is fun and beautiful place to join the water fun.

  4. So amazing place, sometime ade mase boleh berkunjung kesini. Thanks for share...

  5. Bangi Wonderland is indeed a great place to spend a few hours with the kids there