Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets

My Little Angels are quite choosy in terms of food. To make them to enjoy their food, Mommy Jane will always find all sorts of way to cook a delicious meal for the family. One of the brand of seafood that Mommy Jane always buy is the Pacific West. Enjoyed by millions of households around the world today, Pacific West's product range has become our family's choice
Pacific West has recently launched new improved formula, Cheezy Fish Fillets last month. Since Mommy Jane and Little Angels are cheezy lovers, we bought 2 packets of Cheezy Fish Fillets to try it out. Besides that, Mommy Jane also bought a packet each of the Tempura Fish Fillets, Calamari Ring, Baked Fish Fillets and Tempura Prawns since it is year end school holiday now and need to cook more often for my Little Angels to eat.
Pacific West range of products are carefully developed by a team of Culinary Chefs and Food Technologists to add value and enrich consumer lifestyle since it is convenient where we could prepared the cooks within minutes, direct from freezer to fryer/oven. Their continuous creation of new products offering us a variety in options and taste. Besides that, Mommy Jane love their quality with premium choice of seafood and ingredients that comply with international food safety and process standards with BRC, IFS, HACCP and YUMI accreditation. For Muslims, all Pacific West range of products had HALAL certificate.
Sometimes Mommy Jane need to be creative to make the food that we bought as delicious as possible. Since my Little Angels love to eat egg yolk, Mommy Jane had used Cheezy Fish Fillets to make Cheezy Fish Fillets with Salted Egg Yolk which is Mommy Jane's own recipe. Mommy Jane choose Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets for this dish because it is delicious, nutritious and diverse and we will make good things greater with their latest Cheezy Fish Fillets. 
The natural white flaky fish fillet is topped with a mixture of premium Mozarella and Nacho cheese and croated with a crispy Japanese breadcrumbs giving a unique aroma and taste for consumers. Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets can be served as all-time fun snacks or delicious meals for family. Check out my video below on my creation for Cheezy Fish Fillets with Salted Egg Yolk...
My recipe of Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets with Salted Egg Yolk as follows...
Ingredients :-
A packet of 3 pieces of the Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets
1 table spoon of egg yolk
2 table spoon of chopped garlic
3 small red chillies
3 table spoon of butter
2 table spoon of vegetable oil
Steps :-
1. Fried the Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets till gold coloured is achieved and set aside the fish.
2. Heat the oil and add the curry leaves.
3. Once the curry leaves are fried, set a side for later use.
4. Add the chopped garlic to the oil in the wok.
5. Saute briefly till softened and add the red chillies.
6. Stir and add the butter.
7. When the butter has melted, add the salted egg yolk and stir.
8. You will notice that it starts to become creamy first and then frothy.
9. Stir vigorously till the sauce is smooth and creamy without allowing it to split.
10. As soon as the sauce is smooth and foamy, add the fried Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets and the fried curry leave and toss it quickly. (Photo as above)
11. Remove from the wok and serve immediately.
12. Boiled some long beans to eat together with the fish
13. This Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets with Salted Egg Yolk can be serve over a squeeze of lemons to add a great flavour to the fish. It can be eaten as a side dish for noodles and rice.
In conjunction with the new improved Cheezy Fish Fillets launched, Pacific West had collaborated with Holiday Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd (Penang Office) to bring us the "Win Your Dream Holiday" contest which had started on 15th November till 15th January 2018. Just purchase a minimum of any one (1) pack of Pacific West product, we stand a chance to experience the riverside capital of Western Australia, Perth or the famed island of the Gods, Bali for 4 days 3 nights. For more information, do log on to their website at www.pacificwestfoods.com and their facebook page at www.fb.com/PacificWest.my.
Pacific West Cheezy Fish Fillets with Salted Egg Yolk is simple and easy to cook and yet it is yummylicious. Me and my children love the dish very much. It is cheezy inside and with the delicious sauce of the salted egg outside. Nice to have it together with rice and my Little Angels could finished a bowl of rice with only Pacific West Cheeezy Salted Fish Fillets as the dish and Mommy Jane had add some fresh long beans which is perfectly paired with the dish.


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    1. Siti, do try it out and I'm sure you will love it too.

  2. Nampak sedap. Produk pacific west memang best. Tapi harga pon boleh tahan jugak.

    1. Afizah, do stock up your products and try the Cheezy fish fillets.

  3. Oooh. Looked good. I seldom buy frozen fish fillets. I mist try this brand.

    1. Rose, once try, you will love the taste. Enjoy your cooking with Pacific West too.

  4. Fish fillets mcm sedap.. Nak trylah...

    1. Iffah, hope you had enjoyed your fish fillets now.

  5. ada baca banyak review produk ni..so far semua cakap best. kena try la ni

    1. JMR, memang best and convenient too. Do try it out.