Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sushi Tei's New Fresh and Healthy Menu

Last weekend, Mommy Jane and Little Angels went to Sushi Tei which located at Tropicana City Mall to explore the new menu. Sushi Tei had introduced a bowl full of fresh and healthy goodness with its new poke bowls which include fresh raw fish and vegetables and power packed seeds and nuts, sitting atop healthy premium Japanese Akita brown rice.
The first dish to introduce is the Maguro Poke Bowl. Complemented with nutritious chia and melon seeds, gluten free and nutrient-rich almonds, crab stick, mixed vegetables and Akita brown rice, the fresh chunky tuna takes the center stage.
Maguro Poke Bowl at RM23.80
Thick cubes of salmon which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Salmon Poke Bowl includes chia and melon seeds, almonds, nutritious black beans and mixed vegetables on top of the Akita brown rice.
Salmon Poke Bowl at RM21.80
Grilled chicken served on Akita brown rice that complete with power packed chia and sunflower seeds, almond and mixed vegetables, Chicken Teri Poke Bowl is for meat lovers.
Chicken Teri Poke Bowl at RM18.80
All the above 3 poke bowls come with a choice of 3 sauces i.e. the Japanese style wafuu onion, wasabina and apple sauce to complement the freshness of the ingredients and give it an appetizing twist.
3 sauces i.e. the Japanese style wafuu onion, wasabina and apple sauce
If you're a vegetarian, do try out their freshly prepared maki sushi like the Avocado Yasai Roll and Inari Yasai Roll which were made from beancurd skin.
Avocado Yasai Roll at RM13.80
Inari Yasai Roll at RM13.80
The next dish is their noodle dish named Namako Yasai. This kitano miso-based soup is served with a choice of udon, ramen or soba and topped with vegetarian sea cucumber, button mushrooms, pumpkin and Japanese sweet potato.
Namako Yasai at RM21.80
Others new vegetarian menu include Kinoko Chahan (RM16.80), mixed mushroom fried rice and Nasu to Zulgini Pasta (RM17.80) where pasta is pan-fried and topped with brinjal, zucchini and half boiled egg.
Other great side dishes such as Homemade Potato Gyoza (RM9.80), Satsuma Imo To Kabocha Salad (RM7.80) which is made from Japanese sweet potato with pumpkim that is high in antioxidants and dietary fibre, Okura Natto To Yamaimo Senggiri (RM6.80), a dish of Japanese yam with lady finger slices, seaweed and soy bean to be mixed with a half boiled quail egg.
Okura Natto To Yamaimo Senggiri at RM6.80
Snack on their crunchy deep fried lotus roots when you order Renkon Agedashi or on Sweet Potato, Edamame and Pumpkin croquettes (RM8.80 - RM9.80).
Mr Cameron Cheah, Managing Director of ST-Taikem, the Company behind the Sushi Tei brand in Malaysia said that they believes in serving fresh and healthy food to their customers, a commitment that is reflected in their new menu. Whether it is a low calorie poke bowl bursting with goodness or the vegetarian options, the fresh ingredients are paramount to Japanese cuisine and they do not compromise on food safety.
Mr Cameron Cheah, Managing Director and Chef Choo Kian Yit, Sushi Tei Area Chef in KL showing off the new menu at Sushi Tei
After the food tasting, we were ushered to Prosperity Tuna Cutting live presentation by 2 Japanese Chefs i.e. Chef Usami-San and Chef Teshima-san.
The tuna slices then were served together with the yee sang where we had "Lou Sang" reunion with Mr Cameron, Chefs, bloggers, media and shoppers at Tropicana City Mall.
The new Sushi Tei poke bowl and vegetarian dishes are now available at all Sushi Tei restaurants in the Klang Valley, Penang and Ipoh. For more details, do visit Sushi Tei Malaysia Facebook at for the location details and latest promotions.
Mommy Jane and Little Angels had tried out the new menu and were impressed with the freshness for each of its dish. The taste was delicious and it is a good time to train my Little Angels to have more vegetables to start year 2018 with a healthy living. If you opt for a healthier menu for the year, do visit Sushi Tei outlets to try out their fresh poke bowl and other new dishes in the menu. 


  1. Wah! Nampak sedap dan meriah. I love sushi. This promo menu only valid for this CNY je ke?

    1. Amir, the new menu is available throughout the year.

  2. tudia ikan apa nama tu besar betuii puaihh hai mkn..selamat tahun baru cina ya..awak momy jane

  3. The foods look so tempting.. Btw same for me here, 2018 mision is to train the kids to eat healthy & fresh foods

    1. Jana, good to hear that. We just want the best for our kids.

  4. Makanan nampak segar dan menarik sangat. Selamat tahun baru cina jane:-*

  5. I miss sashimi and sushi already!! Hopefully to visit Sushi Tei near my house and try out their new and healthy menu =)