Thursday, March 1, 2018

Car Coating with Velvet Sheen

Early this year, Daddy Loh had bought a brand new Toyota Innova at 5th Dream Car Expo 2018 which was held at KLCC Convention Hall. For the first 60 customers who had booked any car at the expo, they will be given free gifts worth RM5,000. The RM5,000 gift voucher include car polishing at Velvet Sheen, car tinted and car wash membership. After send our car for tinted for 3 hours, we send our car to Velvet Sheen which located at TTDI for polishing which took 1.5 days. 
Velvet Sheen was founded by Dr. Philip Tan with a few partners who too shared the same interest in auto detailing. He has incorporate many notable values of the unicorn into Velvet Sheet, hoping that the services offered here would touch many hearts and bring great satisfaction to the minds of customers. With strong quality control and professionalism practiced by Dr Philip Tan, a holder of PhD, Velvet Sheen serves to excite and deliver high-quality services to every customer.
Dr. Philip Tan, Founder of Velvet Sheen
Some of you might ask me why do we need to do coating for our car especially the new one ? As you can see, there are finger prints and annoying bird droppings which can leave ugly, long-lasting stains and scratches on the surface of our car. A paint coating or car coating is essentially a second layer of paint for our car. It's typically provided by a car detailer or automative paint business rather that a car wash and is applied as a kind of secondary coat on top of the existing paint.
So, if you want a long-lasting investment for your car, coating is something to consider. The paint will resist dirt and dust better than traditional protection so that our vehicle will stay cleaner for longer period of times. It is easy to wash too because the dirt wipes away easily and no scrubbing is required if you properly maintain your car. The coatings are also typically harder than our vehicle's clear coat. This added hardness helps to protect our paint against UV damage, hard water spots, bird bombs and other typical risks associated with daily driving. Coatings also tend to be much more chemical resistant than traditional forms of protection and will stand up to environmental hazards much better in the long run. Check out the video of the place and a briefing by Dr Philip.
Besides coating, Velvet Sheen do provide other services which include Automative Paint, Dashboard, Leather and Fabric Cleaning, Headlamp Restoration Techniques, Watermark Removal, Window Tint with their seven layer technology and many more. All its workers are locally employed and even Dr Philip Tan will have his hands-on on all its services offered to ensure the quality of works were maintained. 
Dr Philip Tan had even invented Royce Mint Car Shampoo. The features include spotless drying, streak-free cleaning, leaving surface clear from watermark, compliance to OECD 301-Readily biodegradable, will not damage clear coat painting, manual wash, cost saving with only 15ml diluted to 2 liters parts of water, conditioner reveal colour and clarity, premium formula, rich and luxurious product to wash and condition paint in one easy step. Dr Philip Tan do organised car coating workshop at his shop for those interested to learn more on car coating.
Velvet Sheen is located at 30, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. Contact at 03-77323627. Website at and facebook page at
Thanks to Dr Philip and Velvet Sheen for the coating services at Daddy Loh's brand new car. The car looks fantastic after the coating and it is easier to maintain. With the coating, we can be rest assured that our family car will be well protected and in long term, it can save us a lot too to maintain the outlook and the internal of the beauty of the car.


  1. Nampak perbezaan banyak after coating dengan Velvet sheen tu... Kalau sayang kereta kena invest untuk coating ni.. kalau kereta lama boleh buat juga tak?

    1. Kereta pun boleh! Kereta lama lagi banyak perbezaan and lagi perlu coating untuk jaga cat kereta

  2. syg kereta, spend la skit kan. lgpun kereta ni utk keselesaan kita sekeluarga.
    bila cantik. bila bersih. bila berkilau. kita yg dlm kereta ni rasa relex & puas hati.
    like my car, that small car, really need coating. da buruk sgt dah i tgk hi hi

  3. Looks so much different before coating and after coating..worth money harm invest on our car for our own use isn't it..thanks for your recommended..

  4. Wow.. The look after coating very nice and shining...yup, if we love so much with a car, we should spend some money...oh no. If I show this to my husband.. Confirm on the sport dia buat coating ni .. Hahaha..

  5. Can see a lot of difference after coating. Your family must be happy seeing that it's easier to keep clean after coating.

  6. Wow! i think i need to send my car for coating and servicing also coz after a few year some areas start to damage.