Sunday, March 25, 2018

Kids Fair at DC Mall

Times passed so fast and school holiday just over. All the kids should had enjoyed their 1 week long holiday. For this school holiday, Mommy Jane brought Little Angels to DC Mall to learn how to play Ukelele. 
DC Mall is the flagship development for Guocoland Malaysia (the property development arm of the Hong Leong Group) is the first integrated development in this prime neighbourhood of Damansara Heights.
Besides learning Ukelele, DC Mall had engaged with Scoops Mediacom to organise all day long activities for the kids from 19th-25th March 2018. There are Free Colouring Workshop, SmartReader Workshop, LED Bumper Car Ride and Kinetic Sand by Play Sand. For the weekends, there are Mr. Bean Workshop, Ukelele Workshop and Kinder Dance. For special events, there will be Clown sculptured the balloons for the kids. 
The Ukelele was originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portugese machete, a small guitar-like instrument. It gained great popularity here in Malaysia. In order for my Little Angels to learn a new instrument, Mommy Jane brought them here to learn for an hour course. Check out my video on the event below...
Ukelele was taught by a friendly teacher, Teacher Jason. He tried to build the interest of the children in music through Ukelele. He taught the children to play the instrument and sing together with their favourite songs. Like Guitar, Ukelele also got its own examination to go for a higher grade. Besides teaching Ukelele, Teacher Jason do sell different types of Ukelele and some can fetch up to RM2,000 plus per unit.
After learning some skills on playing Ukelele from Teacher Jason, we proceed with the Kinder Dance. All the children include Little Angels had enjoyed the dance movement. Teacher Kitty even had played all children's favourite song, Baby Shark to makes the dancing movement more fun.
DC Mall is located at Jalan Damanlela, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. For more information and latest activities at DC Mall, do visit their website at and facebook page at
Since WH and WT had learned guitar before for a year, they easily able to pick up Ukelele in a short period of times. They enjoyed playing Ukelele coz' it is not as complicated as guitar and Ukelele is more friendly to children. The string not as hard as guitar and it won't hurt their fingers much. It is small and portable for children to bring around and to play whenever they want it. Thanks to DC Mall for organising such a fun and educational activities for kids for them to explore their talents while enjoying their childhood.


  1. my kids realy enjoy the dance with teacher kitty

  2. I love the ukulele workshop, new experience for me & also my kids 😉

    1. CN, my kids too but not enough Ukelele on that day. If not, all my kids can learn it.

  3. Whoa!!!! Is this a new mall? Never hear about this before. Activity for kiddies kind of awesome. Ukelele? I wanna try too.

  4. Cindy, this is a new mall. My first time here too. Teacher Jason do teach children and adult.

  5. I agreed sangat kebanyakkan tempat buat aktiviti macam ni.Jadi cuti sekolah anak-anak dapat diisi dengan aktiviti berfaedah macam ni..

  6. Whoa..bestnya ada aktiviti mcm ni..surely the kids tak boring kan bila cuti...
    I pun ingat nak belikan my kids ukelele n send them to music class...stil survey

  7. DC Mall ni baru buka ke? Best kalau dapat bawa anak-anak join ektiviti macam ni. Mesti diorang seronok kan.

  8. first time hearing of DC mall..I even had to ask my friend who works in KL whether she knew where is this place...hahahaah how clueless we have been. Hope DC mall will continue to have activities like this to keep things lively.

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