Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunway Lagoon's First White Tiger Cubs

Do you remember Samson and Asha ? There are the 2 majestic icy blue-eyed white tigers beauties who had stayed at Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park since August 2016. After 2 years, both of them were blessed with a pair of white tiger cubs, namely Sam and Elsa. The pair of 4-month old were the first tiger cubs born in captivity. In conjunction with the upcoming school holidays, guests will have the chance to see Sunway Lagoon's newest and adorable additions during the Walk & Hunt in the Wild campaign (17-25 March 2018).
Mommy Jane and Little Angels were the first to see the 2 cute little tiger cubs on last Saturday morning. The cubs were already showing their distinct characteristic and behaviour. 
Said Hi to Sam. He has denser stripes on its forehead with a playful and affectionate side.
Said Hi to Elsa. She has sparser stripes on its forehead and who loves sneaking from behind and eager to explore new things and people
Dr. Eve Foong Yee Wei, Wildlife Veterinarian, Sunway Lagoon and Azman Ghazali, Manager of Wildlife, Sunway Lagoon with the adorable 4-month old white tiger cubs, Sam and Elsa
Want to meet them up in person ? All of you will have the chance to Meet & Greet with the White Tiger cubs at Tigerland during this coming school holidays at 10.30 a.m., 12.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. Check out my video of the white tiger cubs that I had taken below...
The Walk & Hunt in the Wild campaign will features an interactive Scavenger Hunt activity which is designed to broaden one's knowledge about the wildlife. Riddles and a photo hunt will bring all of you through the Wildlife Park which is the home to over 150 species of animals. 
Said Hi to Samson and Asha, the proud parents to the cute little cubs, Sam and Elsa

Begin the edutaining journey by registering at Tigerland at 1 p.m. and Wildlife Theatre at 3.30 p.m. on a first come first serve basis and collect your Scavenger Hunt Kit inclusive of an activity booklet, postcard map, hand sanitizer, Cadbury 5 Star chocolates and an exclusive Sunway Lagoon ticket redemption coupon.
Mommy Jane and Little Angels were the first to joined the Walk & Hunt in the Wild campaign together with other media and bloggers. We were given an hour to hunt for the animals and to complete the task. We have to follow the map and solve the riddles to find for the clue and got rewarded. 
Yeah... We found the Scarlet Ibis. A beautiful bird on the tree
Dig-gity, dig-gity, dig, Some tools will do the tricks, Where rabbits & tortoises are together, A hidden treasure you will uncover. WH found the treasure after uncover it  
Everyone's hands placed on the suicata tortoise shell. Yeah... We completed the task.
We found the Great Indian Hornbill hiding behind the bushes of the tree 
Orange candycane cornsnake is part of the hunt
In a jungle where a giant snake slumbers, A table, a bench, somewhere in the corners, In the hole, your hand shall go, A treat to take for fishes in the Lake. WH got a treat for the fishes in the Lake.
Upon completion of the hunt, we were entertained with the most talented bunch of animals at the Wildlife Theatre's Wildlife Multi-Animal Show. All of us were then presented with a certificate of participation. Do bring home wildlife-themed merchandise as part of your font memories at Rimba during the school holidays from 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. daily.
Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon presented certificate of participation to Mommy Jane
Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon said it's really important for them to create activities in which families and friends can not only learn but bond together while getting up close and personal with animals. As they uphold their mission to provide not only a fun-filled time to all their guests, the very element that sets us apart besides the activities is the educational programme. It is a great way to educate guests to appreciate and nurture these living things, especially wildlife and what better time than to start the young. For that, they are very delighted to have the white tiger cubs as additions to the Wildlife Educational Programme.
Remember to capture special moments with the wildlife and conclude the "Best Day Ever" with The Tale of Mount Berapi show at Sunway Lagoon this school holidays.
For those who are planning to go, get their great online deals with the FAMFun package at RM390 for 2 adults and 2 children or 4-To-Go package at RM450 for 4 adults. Sunway Lagoon will also set-up a booth during Matta Fair this weekend. Do check out their unresistable deal for their passport with great discounts and exciting gifts. For more information, do visit their website at and do like their facebook page at or call them at 603-56390000.
Thanks to Sunway Lagoon for the invitation to meet up with the pair of cute little tiger cubs and to join their Scavenger Hunt. Me and my Little Angels had enjoyed it so much while exploring the various Wildlife species during the Walk & Hunt in the Wild. We were happy whenever we found the animals during the hunt and solving the riddles to get the reward. It is a good educational programme for my Little Angels especially school holiday approaching soon. For them to learn about the animals, to understand them, to love them and to protect them in future. 


  1. I remember the post you've shared last Saturday, OMG! They're super cuteeee

  2. So cuteeeee.. i love tiger.. but i x keje di zoo.. so i play with baby tiger.. cat.. hahahahh

  3. The last time I saw white tiger is in phuket fantasea. Is such a good weekend activities to have with the kids in Malaysia

  4. that white tiger sooo cute.. garang macam tiger or just like the cat?? macam2 aktiviti baru ada kat sunway lagoon kan??

  5. Cute!!!!OMG would love if we have a chances to bring them home like a cat...hehehe...this is my first time saw white tiger...

  6. White tiger is a rare species. Such a beautiful creature. Want to meet sam n elsa too !! The package price is reasonable.gonna get my ass over there soon.

  7. Congrats samson and asha And hello sam and elsa. Why both of the are so cute? My son would definetely love to see them. Should bring him to sunway lagoon soon.

  8. Cute! Tapi, Rose still takut nak dekat. Tengok dari jauh je boleh.. ada kesempatan, boleh bawa anak sedara ke sini.