Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dino-Egg Scavenger Hunt at The Mines Shopping Mall

Last Sunday is family time and it is also the end of the 2 weeks School Holiday. After went for Food Fest which located at Mines 2, we had registered ourselves for the Dino-Egg Scavenger Hunt at The Mines Shopping Mall. Mommy Jane, Daddy Loh and 3 Little Angels, CM, WH and WJ had accepted the challenge together. 
The Mines is a contemporary suburban shopping mall with a mixture of international and local brands serving the neighbourhood of the southern region of Klang Valley and is well-known for its Venetian-like internal canal. The brand new look of Fun, Food, Fashion & Future provides a better shopping experience to all of us.

Dino-Egg Scavenger Hunt start around 2.30 p.m. on Sun, 24th June at Level 4, East Court. There are 7 family who had registered for the hunt. We were given some briefing before the hunt began. Our first clue is taking a ride at the Mines Cruise. We had to send a representative to enjoy a cruise ride. Daddy Loh had took up the challenge to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the Mines. Upon completion for our first clue, we were given a Dino egg, the 2nd clue and a puzzle.
Our 2nd clue is to find a lift no. 7 with the Dino poster. We run our way to find the lift and about 20 minutes later, we got ourselves into the lift and took photo of the poster of the Dino event.
Our 3rd clue is to go to Poney store and to fold 10 pink colour t-shirts. We run to Level 2 and found the outlet and immediately fold all the shirts. Poney is my Little Angels' favourite clothes outlet. They constantly up to date with the latest trend forecast regarding style, qualities, colours and design. Since they had sales on that day, Mommy Jane bought a t-shirt for WJ.
Our 4th Challenge is to go to TGV Cinemas. Once we are there, my Little Angels have to act on the role given and Mommy Jane had to answer it. It is simple and at 1 guess, Mommy Jane knew that it is a Superman. Ha ha ha...
Our 5th Challenge is to go to Balalaca, a shoe store for Men and Ladies to find a Dino egg. At around 5 minutes, with the help from Daddy Loh, WJ had found the egg. He was so happy.
Our 6th and 7th Challenge are going to Harristore, a stationery store and Chapter One. At Chapter One, we had to read a story to a stranger. Yes, a stranger. Ha ha ha...

Our 8th Challenge is to go to Famous Amos outlet to guess who is their founder. Google search and the founder is Wally Amos. Even though we love the cookies so much, we never bother wanted to know who but at here, at last, we knew it. Ha ha ha...
Our 9th Challenge is to go to Mr D.I.Y to welfie with 1 of the staff. 
After completed the challenge, we went back to the point that we had started the hunt to complete putting all the puzzle that we had collected at each challenge at a photo frame with all the 10 Dino Eggs.

Our completion times is at around 1 hour and 35 minutes and we got no. 4. Ayu with her children won the 1st prize, Jueliza with her family won the 2nd prize while Isaac with his family won the 3rd prize. Congrats to all the top 3 winners.
The Mines is organising a Dino-RawR event from 9th June to 6th July 2018. For more information on the events at the Mines Shopping Mall, do visit their website at and facebook page at
Thanks to the Mines Shopping Mall for organising such a fun Dino-Egg Scavenger Hunt for the family. Everyone especially the kids love the hunt so much. Can see the happy faces as we run together to accept the challenges. 


  1. Wahhh bestnya aktiviti macam ni..boleh buat bersama keluarga..sure fun dapat sama2 menyelesaikn masalah utk challenge yg dibuat

  2. so fun can go dino egg hunt.. walk around for so many stations... It must be a great yet tiring day..

  3. i love scavenger hunt! it would be more fun if you are doing it with the kids.

  4. Besnya beraktiviti macam ni dengan kids. Will bring my kids once they big enough to join this kind of activities.

  5. lucky you can join the event. Used to come here when i was teenager just to take a sight. And the Big Bad Wolf always organising their event on the building next to it..i miss this place so much!