Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fun-Filled Raya Open House at Kundang Estates Sales Gallery

Nothing beats the atmosphere of a jovial and festive Raya open house. Malaysians of all races came together and enjoy the company of each other with the spirit of muhibbah. Mommy Jane and Little Angels last weekend had attended a fun-filled Raya open house celebration at Kundang Estates Sales Gallery.

Driving our Innova across the highway, it took us journey around 30 minutes only from Tropicana City Mall. Kundang Estates Sales Gallery is accessible through North-South, Guthrie Corridor and LATAR Expressway. We reached the Sales Gallery at 3.15 p.m. and there is an opening Malays traditional musical instruments performance by IIUM Percussion Club.

After the performance, my Little Angels can't wait to join the traditional activities which were prepared for all of us to join. It reminds me of my childhood pass times where such activities were played instead of online games. The fun activities are Congkak, Batu Seremban, Tangkap Ayam, Tarik Upih and Giant Bubbles which are our old school way of entertainment that always bring fond memories playing with my siblings and friends. I want my Little Angels to know about my childhood memories and the toys that I used to play by asking them to join me here too.
Congkak - A fun way to learn Mathematics
Batu Seremban to boost in their cognitive development and physical skill
Tangkap Ayam where my Little Angels have to run and catch the Chicken there. The most no. of chickens caught in 10 minutes will become the winner
Giant Bubble to practise pinching the skinny wand. A wonderful way to have fun at outdoor
Tarik Upih to boost in their cognitive where a person seated on the Upih and another person pulls it

We had spend an hour just to play all the activities there and my Little Angels are the happiest persons trying out such activities which are quite new to them while enjoying the beautiful river and greenery scenery surround us. Since Mommy Jane is looking for a better area to stay in the future, Mommy Jane had visited their show units.  

Citron Homes Show Unit

Citron Homes - Dining and Living Area
Citron Homes - Master Bedroom
There are 2 types of Double Storey Link House for us to choose from i.e. Citron Homes (24'X70') and Valerian Homes (20'X70'). Kundang Estates features a collection of contemporary abodes that are designed to meet the needs of new and growing families. These residences are meticulously designed to offer spacious and open layouts and equipped with modern features to complement the experience of living amid verdant surroundings. 

Valerian Homes Show Unit
Valerian Homes - Dining and Living Area

Valerian Homes - Master Bedroom
Mommy Jane and Little Angels were amaze with the new houses build in a perfect way that looks spacious, comfortable and with modern design to complement the experience of living amid verdant surroundings. There are 14 acre of green park, guarded community, dedicated bike lane, jogging path that surrounds a scenic lake and broadband
After visiting the show units, we proceed to the stage where Cik Manggis from Defame had sang few songs include a Raya song for all of us. Some children went up the stage and had dance with Cik Manggis. Check out my video on the event below...
After the special performance, all the guests were served with delicious Raya delicacies and ice cream. For more details on the event or show units at Kundang Estates, do visit Gamuda Land's website at and facebook page at or call them at 03-603442882.

Guess the Name Games to win prizes
The last activity for the day which is also the moment that all of us had waited for. The lucky draw session where 2 grand prizes winners get to bring home a Refrigerator and Washing Machine. Other prizes include electrical items and hampers await the lucky one. Mommy Jane was one of the lucky one who brought home a big hamper.
It was a fun-filled evening for me and my Little Angels to enjoy some classic Raya fun and joy. Mommy Jane had captured every beautiful moments that we had at Kundang Estates Sales Gallery while enjoying our childhood activities which are fun and interesting. We, as parents, should keep our tradition alive by letting our kids to explore it so that our kids will grow up happily and healthily.


  1. Wahhh....Nice lol that house..

  2. wow nice lah wanna tell bro in law now.

  3. Congratulations! Omg I love the house layout inside! I wish to own a landed home someday

  4. Congrats for winning. There are many activities and games there and your family had so much fun.