Monday, September 10, 2018

Masale Twist - Indian Western Fusion

Looking for a Kids' Friendly Restaurant ? Mommy Jane found a restaurant at Damansara Uptown where kids could play after their meal while parents could enjoy our food. Perfect right ? Ha ha ha... It is also a place for family and friends gathering and chit chatting. Masale Twist - Indian Western Fusion restaurant serve Indian, Western and Vegetarian food which is prepared using gastronomy cooking techniques that makes every dishes in their menu are very different and interesting.
Since my Little Angels love to eat lamb, Mommy Jane had ordered Oven Baked Lamb with Vegetables. The grilled lamb that comes with yogurt-mint sauce, fresh broccoli and cauliflower. The meat was tender, juicy and tasty. Suitable for adults and kids.
Oven Baked Lamb with Vegetables at RM30

For burger lovers, Lamb Burgers with cheesy yogurt sauce might be your favourite. The Lamb burgers were marinated with Indian Spices and yogurt-mint sauce. It is juicy, full of flavour and oddly refreshing. 
Lamb Burgers with cheesy yogurt sauce at RM20
We, Malaysians do love to eat rice right ? Introducing their yellow rice which has fantastic and flavourful with spices. Best to complement to a variety of dishes especially meat dishes. The rice is a bit longer than the rice that we normally consume and the non-spicy curry taste suitable for kids.
Yellow rice at RM2.50
Ghee Roast Chicken best to eat with their yellow rice. The Mangalorean delicacy is a classic recipe among South Indian chicken dishes. Fiery red, tangy and a bit of spicy with an unmistakable flavour of ghee roasted spices.
Ghee Roast Chicken at RM16
Pizza is every kids and adults favourite but have you try out the Chicken and Lamb meat pizza ? The thin-crust pizza is cheezy, crunchy and tasty. It is non-spicy and suitable for children. My Little Angels love their meat ball most.
Masale Twist - Indian Western Fusion had an ambience environment and we feel comfortable dining here. After my Little Angels having their meal or while waiting for their meal to arrived, they enjoyed playing Snake & Ladder, Monopoly, Chess, Board Games, Dice Games and Cards.
Masale Twist - Indian Western Fusion is located at Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. Do call them up to make reservation at 019-2509347 to avoid disappointment. For more information or updates, you could refer to their facebook page at Check out my video on the restaurant below...

Mommy Jane and Little Angels love this restaurant so much. It is our family bonding times especially in the weekend to enjoy the delicious meal and playing the games together. No doubt that Masale Twist-Indian Western Fusion restaurant is a kids' friendly restaurant that bond us together to stay healthy and happy.


  1. Menu apa ni, bagus juga di fusion kan hidangan ni untuk dapat rasa yang baru. kreativiti chef menjadikan lauk biasa luarbiasa

  2. waaa nampak sedap semuanya.enjoy dengan family sambil menikmati hidangan sedap ni memang sangat bermakna kan.

  3. Nampak sedap sangat nasi kuning tu. Parents nakk makan pun lebih tenang kat sini, sebab anak2 boleh do something after meal.

  4. wah, banyak jenis makanan dia ada erk..nampak semuanya sedap..bolehla cuba dekat sini, sebab tengok pizza, grill dia tu nampak woww

  5. Nope. Have never ever tried chicken and lamb meat pizza. It is pretty exotic to have lamb on pizza. Ha :D These food looks damn delicious!

  6. Wow.. indian fusion. But look more to western style.tempring looking at pizza and roater chicken..the shop also nice with simple deco

  7. great concept. and i would love to have that lamb please. The interior looks so nice and comfy. great place to have western food

  8. Insyaallah kalau sedap mesti saya nak cuba juga, saya pun suka makanan india macam kari tu feveret