Monday, September 17, 2018

Ribena New Wholesome Blackcurrant Goodness

I used to drink Ribena when I was just a little girl and I'm sure all of you too coz' our Mom always want the best for us. It had passed from generations to another generations and now My Little Angels had their Ribena daily. Do you know when is our beloved blackcurrant drink was introduced in Malaysia ? The answer is 63 years ago !!!

Why all the Moms choose Ribena for our kids ? Ribena had deliver blackcurrant goodness rich in Vitamin C, needed in a single day, in just one glass and the berrylicious taste of Ribena which made from a special blend of New Zealand blackcurrants.
Ms Corrine Tan, Sr Brand Manager is giving a speech to the bloggers attended
Suntory Beverage & Food Malaysia Sdn Bhd ("SBFM") had recently engage Malaysian Mums and Ribena fans with a special Ribena Berrylicious Workshop. The Workshop is to celebrate and demonstrate the versality of Ribena which led by celebrity Mum, Dr Jezamine Lim Iskandar as the guest host. 
Food Director Wong May Chew
Food Director May Chew with Dr Jezamine Lim
Attended Mums had the opportunity to learn and try our hands at making unique Ribena infused recipes, from a traditional Vietnamese roll given the Ribena twist, to a spinach salad made more fun with Ribena and cheese tarts with jelly given the Ribena touch. All participants also had the opportunity to unleash our creativity in the Decorate the Cheese Tarts Mini Contest and the winner took home a limited edition Ribena mini fridge.
Ms Corrine Tan Sr Brand Manager (Left) with Food Director Wong May Chew (Middle) and Dr Jezamine Lim (Right) presented the mini fridge to the winner. Congrats...
Dr Jezamine said that preparing food with her children is one way to nurture and bond with them through fun and mentally-enriching activities, besides creating great chilldhood memories. She is looking forward to try the yummy and wholesome recipes demonstrated that day with her little ones.
Group photos of Ms Corrine Wong May Chew, Dr Jezamine Lim and the participants
The Ribena Berrylicious Workshop was held at Handcrafted Creative Bites Studio in Setia City Mall was guided by the studio's food director, Wong May Chew, who also created the recipes demonstrated during the workshop. If you want to watch it, you still able to view it at Ribena Malaysia's Facebook page.
Dr Jezamine holding a bottle of Ribena Cordial
Ribena is available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and convenience stores/kioks nationwide. For more information and updates, do visit their Facebook page at and Instagram at
Times to be more creative now and instead of making Ribena as their daily drinks, Mommy Jane will tried out the new recipes to make a nutritious wholesome meal with Ribena Blackcurrant for my Little Angels. With Ribena Blackcurrant, Mommy Jane will have a peace of mind in ensuring that my Little Angels will have enough Vitamin C for them to grow healthy and strong.


  1. Yup I love Ribena! Been many years indulging in this drink. My kids also love it. I give them in moderation. Can't always say No haha

  2. yeah I also drink Ribena when young. Now my kids too drink.

  3. Masa i kecil2 dulu adik i suka sgt minum Ribena. Sampai gigi dia rosak! LOL so funny :D

  4. ribena bkn kanak2 je dewasa pn suka..kalau bulan puasa atau hari raya ramai hidangkan minuman ribena

  5. Ibu memang jarang tolak air ribena. Sedap minum sejuk sejuk. apatah lagi kalau buat smoothies tambah yogurt. rasa dia naik dan makin kuat. Yum yum

  6. Husband memang peminat tegar Ribena.Tiap kali beli memang dia je yang habiskan satu botol.Hehe.Ribena tak masam sangat tak manis sangat.Just nice.

  7. Kami sekeluarga memang sukakn rasa ribena. Kadang2 sarapan pagi pun dengan ribena. Anak2 ke sekolah mesti nak bawa bekal air ribena

  8. i memang suka minum air ribena. sennag nak sediakan. tambah air dan ais memang dah sedap. tak peru tambah gula dan sebagainya