Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Dr Zyro Wong' Celebrated His Birthday Bash For Charity

Last Friday, Mommy Jane attended a birthday party at Rock Bottom Kitchen & Bar in Desa Park City. Celebrity Coach cum Social Influencer, Dr Zyro Wong celebrated his 28th birthday bash with the themed “Bewitched Night” with a special touch this year. 
Most of the of the guests came dressed to the nines of “Witches and Wizards” to share in the magical revelry and partake in a meaningful charity contribution. Instead of buying birthday presents, party guests this year chipped into the birthday charity box dedicated to for PEKA (Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia) and Kiwanis Club Bangsar, in aid of Down Syndrome children, underprivileged kids and environment preservation. 
For Dr Zyro, the theme means more than just a party. It carries a two-pronged message. Apart from celebrating his birthday, the occasion also echoed the beautiful and magical possibilities that everyone can create towards greater good and harmony for all. The charity contribution enabled everyone to connect, share and contribute to raise meaningful funds for the said charities.
Dr Zyro walking around his birthday party with a box to get donations from all his guests

Donation of RM1,800 to Kiwanis International Bangsar Club
Donation of RM1,800 to Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam (PEKA)

Celebrity party guests who had attended Dr Zyro birthday bash include Amber Chia, Happy Polla, Prof. Dr Coco Alex, Han Xiiao Aii and Le’win Pee which created a star-studded draw to the birthday celebration.
Those who unable to attend the celebration, had sent their video greetings and even sang birthday songs from various parts of Malaysia and even abroad. These included Hong Kong TVB artistes.
The event was a showcase of spectacular costumes and performances. Wowing the eclectic crowd were sensational live performances by local songstresses Jericash, Elee, Angeline, 韓曉噯 Hanxiiaoaii, Angel Lee and Audrey; voice impressionist Esmond Liew (ASTRO Be My Star 2018 Champion) and master illusionist and magician Michael.
All the guest walked off with fabulous goodie bag filled with exciting beauty products and vouchers. The glittering array of sponsors included Rock Bottom Desa Park City as Official Venue & Presenter, VulPini.My - Official Skin Care Solution, Nulnu - Official Lifestyle Mall, Authentic Butterfly Costume - Official Costume Designer, Dcontessa - Official Publicist, TWC Design- Official Design & Branding, GoodSign - Official Printer, Alphotos - Official Photographer, Elaine Leong & Phelina - Official MUA.  Affiliate partners include Fei Crab, Empro, Shell Out, Jade Museum, Boutiquinn, Sompoton Spa, Lips & Co, Twenty Two and Silkscreen Trading.
Token of appreciation to Rock Bottom Desa Park City as the Official Venue
Token of appreciation to Joyce from VulPini.My as an Official Skin Care Solution

Dr Zyro with his guests and his teams that made the celebration a memorable one for all

Check out my video on the celebration as below...
It was the essence of a magical celebration, an amazing gathering and a wondrous cause. Everyone had gathered to be part of the event to celebrate Dr Zyro's 28th Birthday with a good cause. Everyone did their part in contribution for the charity include Dr Zyro Wong who had top up the collection received on that day from RM2,800 plus to RM3,600 to make his birthday celebration a meaningful one for him and all his guests. It was also a lucky day for me, Mommy Jane won a water and air purifier from AnyZone worth RM3,550 to start a healthy life with my Little Angels. Thanks to Dr Zyro for the great birthday celebration and thanks also for the gift for us to start having a healthy life. 
Mommy Jane with Dr Zyro and blogger friends


  1. Thanks for joining us, glad to have you with us.

    Congrats for winning the first prize.

    1. Hi Alan, you're most welcome. Thanks to you too for speed up the process. Ha ha ha !!!

  2. Bagusnya acara ni.. Sambil sambil tu menderma dan salurkan pada yang memerlukan.. Party dia nmpk fun dgn custome yg dipakai.. Hehehe.. Orang pun mudah terhibur kan..

  3. i received invitation too, but unable to make it because i was at hometown at that time. it looks like a great event.

    1. Linda, indeed great but don't think it is suitable for Malays.