Thursday, November 8, 2018

Raising Kind Kids For Our Future

I'm sure all parents will agreed with me that we all want the best for our kids. Setting out kids up for their best in life largely depends on their foundation. What kind of kids are we helping to shape now ? A caring, empathetic and a kind human beings is what our world truly needs but how do we do that ? How do we as parents help our kids to grow up to be the kind generation for the future ? Here are some of the tips that I would like to share at this post.

We should teach our kids to give back, volunteer and get involved in something bigger than our day-to-day lives. I always taught my Little Angels on this matter and at one weekend lunch, we saw an old lady collecting trash for recycle. My Little Angel, WH said he always saw the old lady collecting empty cans and cardboard. When he and his friends saw her doing her routine, they will help the old lady to load the cardboard to her trolley and help her to push trolley. I was proud of him and praise him for his effort. I gave him and his siblings of RM50 to pass to the old lady and told them that we need to help the old lady so that she could use the extra money for her emergency purposes since she is too old to work hard for living. 

Lead by Example
I always taught my Little Angels to be kind with others and others will be kind to you too. When we treat people with respect, we will embody strong morals and values on us. Just stand up for what's right and be an example of a good friend. Mommy Jane always show example to my Little Angels so that they could follow my footstep in helping peoples in need.

Act with Love
Mommy Jane always raise my Little Angels with love. Besides saying "I Love You" as often as I could, I always gentle with them when they make mistakes. I always remind them that it is ok to make mistake coz' mistakes will help us to become a better person when we learn how to deal with it. From there, my Little Angels will learn that Mommy Jane is always there to take care of them even when they are having a hard time.

Encourage Helping
Even though we have a maid at home, I always encourage my 5 Little Angels to help my maid in household chores. We always do it together especially in the weekend to put all our things properly and do some cleaning before we go out for lunch. The teamwork that we had, makes all of us to feel that each one of us are important to ensure the task is completed successfully and the importance for us to be responsible with our things.

Early Moral Education
Mommy Jane always send my Little Angels to Buddhist class on every Friday evening to learn the "Di Zi Gui" which is a standard for our kids to be a Good Student and Child. It guides a happy life and the most important is, our Kids will be well-disciplined and taught moral principles and virtues when they are still young.

If given any opportunity to cover event that involve "Giving Back to the Society" that could bring kids, Mommy Jane will bring my 5 Little Angels to be volunteer to help the underprivileged kids, handicapped or old peoples to get back to their life. We once had been invited to join the KidZania CongreZZ Kids in giving underprivileged kids a sporting chance.
Children from the Lighthouse Welfare Home had joined the variety of sports, games and activities to promote the spirit of sportsmanship and the thrill of competition. KidZania CongreZZ Kids had given the responsibility to research, plan and organise the charitable initiative to instill the importance of helping others and contributing their skills and time to those less fortunate than they are.

For more details on the Corporate Social Responsibility by KidZania and their CongreZZ Kid, do visit their website at and facebook page at
Mommy Jane always believe that raising kind kids is not only for their future but for all of our future too to make this World a better place to stay. To raise a kind kid, it needs co-operation from everyone especially we as their parents. We need to show them an example of ourselves helping others because our kids will always follow our footstep. Start them young and start them now. It is never too late to guide them and teach them when they are still listening to your advice. Don't wait till you're too late for that because you'll regret for life for not raising them well.  


  1. such a heart warming sharing here Jane, loves how u share how u raise your kids, it’s such great ways and great example to be followed by all parents and kids as well. Me myself always encourage my kids to be kind, helping others and all as well. May all of our kids can grow up filled with positivity in every way. ❤️

    1. Qeela, agreed with you. With kind kids, we will never feel regret in our life when our kids grow up. 😊

  2. Thanks for sharing mommy jane. Really good guidance for me as parent to educate and nurture good attitude to my kids.