Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Kids Lion Dance Performance at Sunway Lagoon

Ever since declared as Champion last year and 3rd prize this year in Kids Lion Dance Competition, my 2 Little Angels were given the opportunity to perform at Asia's permier theme park, Sunway Lagoon. Together with their "Si Heng" i.e. troupe from Kok Hing Lion & Dragon Dance Association, they gave a terrific performance to amaze the crowd on Friday, 8th February 2019 at 10.30 a.m.
It was a great morning to start with the performance. Their coach, Eric just brief my Little Angels to move according to the sound of the drum and follow the steps of their "Si Heng". Not being trained for this event beforehand, I could said that my Little Angels cope it very well. They looks so cute and they did their very best performance to amaze the crowd. Can heard from the crowd especially parents telling their children how cute is the Little Lion. The present of the Kids Lion Dance shows that Sunway Lagoon is indeed a great place to get together with families and friends who are planning for a memorable and unique celebration. 
Can spot the Kids Lion Dance ? Aren't they looks so cute sitting beside the bigger ones
My Little Angels also did their part in distributing Mandarin Oranges to the crowd and the children looks so happy received oranges from the cute Little Lion. If you wish to see my Little Angels performance, do check out the video below...
After their performance that took around 20 minutes, we went in to Sunway Lagoon to enjoy CNY activities that planned on that day at the theme park. 
Sunway Lagoon promises the Best Reunion Ever from 1st February till 19th February 2019. Guests will be greeted with Hip Hop Lion Dance Performance, 12 Majestic Drum Show, the auspicious Prosperity for All welcome dance, Meet & Greet with the God of Prosperity, Captain Quak and Lady Quak in Chinese New Year Overlay, Sand Art Workshop and Hua Ren Heritage Chinese New Year dance Performance.
My Little Angels enjoyed doing their sand Art with the photo of their favourite Lion Dance and the amazing Hip Hop performance by the Lion Dance troupe and the Choy San Yeah. While the Lion distributing oranges, the Choy San Yeah distributed Sunway Lagoon limited edition Ang Pau packets to the patrons of the theme park.

My Little Angels joined the Wildlife Education Tour to learn more about the animals at the 
Wildlife Park guided by the Wildlife Ranger. They enjoyed the animals food feeding too. After the tour, we went for a boat riding, the children water playarea and the long bridge at the theme park.

For more information, do visit their website at www.sunwaylagoon.com or their facebook page at www.facebook.com/SunwayLagoonMalaysia or call them up at 03-56390000.
We indeed had a great time at Sunway Lagoon, a premier family theme park. With the various in-park reunion promotions, all the patrons had a memorable and unique Chinese New Year celebration. The most important is, my Little Angels had the opportunity to perform at their favourite theme park for the first time and hopefully this performance will be a milestone for them to have more opportunities in their life to excel in the activity that they love so much. May the lion dance be continue to new generations to bring happiness and prosperous for all of us. Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!


  1. seronoknye cuti gong xi - gong xi pergi holiday one family.. dapat spend time with family memang best...

  2. Waaa.. Cuti raya bawa anak ke sunway lagoon ke tu.. Bestnya bermandi manda disana.
    Pasti anak anak happy kan..
    Dapat tengok tarian singa sekali..

  3. Saya suka tengok persembahan lion dance. Haritu tengok persembahan beratus lion dance kt bukit jalil. Btw happy chinese new year Jane.

  4. Meriahnya sambutan CNY disana. saya suka sangat tengok lion dance. Kalau dapat tengok depan2 mata lagi best..

  5. Comel betul lion tu...dari kecik smpai besar mmg suka tgk lion dance...dulu kecik2 dgr je gendang dorg bunyi mesti p tgk kt rumah jiran...

  6. Wah bestnya. I dengan anak2 mmg excited bila ada lion dance. And kalau ada memang kitaorang akan bersungguh tengok persembahan tersebut hehe

  7. bestnya dapat tengok lion dance kat sunway lagoon. huhu..tb tak pernah lagi pi sunway lagoon tau.. teringin sangatt..tapi nanti anak dah besar boleh la tb bawak dia sekali.. haha.. biar mama dan anak sama2 terkejut sebab baru 1st time masuk sunway lagoon ..haha

  8. Bestnya holiday kat sunway, siap dapat tengok lion dance lagi. Sure anak2 suka kan? Sis lama jugak tak ke sunway ni..nanti nak gi lah

  9. Wow! Jane your little angels are fast learner too, so proud of them. It has been a while since my last visit to Sunway Lagoon, i should go again soon.

  10. Meriahnya sambutan. Btw Happy Chinese New Year!