Monday, March 25, 2019

Dinosaurs Roar at Paradigm Mall on March School Holidays

Who are the fans of Dinosaurs ? Please raise your hand coz' today I will be sharing an interesting activities for our kids especially during this school holidays that involve the world of dinosaurs. Did I mention that this activities are FREE ? Yes, it is free for all the adults and kids to join in. Roar !!!
Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya and Johor Bahru are offering interactive Dinosaur-related activities, workshops and live shows for kids and adults that promises to enthral and ignite imaginations of Dinosaurs Kingdom in a prehistorical time where their exhilarating live-action voyage begins. Mommy Jane and Little Angels had embarked on an immersive expedition of discovery, from chipping away to unearth hidden fossils, to participate in living dinosaur walkabout, watching live performances by baby dinosaurs and even standing next to roaring-replica dinosaur i.e. T-Rex and its friends.
Catch the Dinosaurs Alive at Paradigm Mall from 22nd March till 7 April 2019. You will be greeted by seven live-sized animatronic dinosaurs including iconic species such as Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and Memenchisaurus located at the Boulevard in Level G, Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus and non-animatronic dinosaurs such as Parasaurolophus and Protoceratop located at Upper Atrium in Level UG. 

There will be a series of immersive engagements taking place throughout the campaign period including The Living Dinosaurs Live Show on weekends where a 25-minute of thrilling live performances with Triceratops, T-Rex and Velociraptor. The show is brought to you by the Dinosaur Kingdom, Themepaktu who had received a great response from the public. After the show, do join their Meet & Greet session with Triceratops and T-Rex Baby Dinosaurs.
The other kids-friendly and family-bonding activities* include Fossil Dive, Dinosaurs Origami Workshop, Button Badge Colouring, Ark Park, Augmented Reality Dinosaurs, Dino Run and Dino Ride. *Terms & conditions apply and first come first served basis. Do come early to join all these activities for FREE.
Game at Ark Park

Fossil Dive to win discount vouchers

Augmented Reality Dinosaurs for a VR play

Make your own Button Badge

Dinosaurs Origami Workshop
Our Kids will also get to explore their creative side while riding on the baby Spinosaurus and T-Rex dinosaur toy. All you need to do is to spend a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt at Paradigm Mall PJ, we can redeem a free ride at the Dino Riders booth on the same day of purchase. Members of WCT Buddy reward program will enjoy exclusive perks and can redeem the free ride with minimum spend of only RM20 in a single receipt. Both parents and kids could enjoy this ride.

Shoppers in Johor Bahru will also be able to catch a glimpse of the prehistoric reptiles including a life-sized blue Velociraptor, as Paradigm JB brings Jurassic World to life from 20th March to 10th April 2019! 
On top of that, Jurassic World enthusiasts and collectors can redeem a FREE Jurassic World Tote Bag with a minimum spending of only RM280 (or RM200 for HSBC Credit Card Holders)*. For more information about the activities and promotions, kindly visit the malls’ websites at and , their Facebook pages at and Check out my video below... 
We had a  fun filled activities with Dinosaur at Paradigm Mall last weekend. While joining the activities together with my Little Angels, we learned and understand more on the creatures that existed long long time ago. The activities are open for the public and free for all parents and kids to join together. Drop by to Paradigm Mall now on this March school holidays for a bonding times with your children !


  1. Interesting. I can bring my nephews and nieces. It is nearer to my place also.

  2. wow so wonderful mall to visit and kids love it. we missed out as went for family time outing. Great to you and kids have a good time there!

    1. Sherry, thanks. Hope you able to join us next round.

  3. Banyaknya aktiviti untuk kids kan?. Best la dapat tengok binatang prasejarah. Kanak-kanak pasti akan teruja boleh melihat binatang prasejarah ini secara dekat.

    1. Ezna, they really feel excited as some of them are really in giant size.

  4. I used to go to paradigm mall before and saw a lot of dinosaur. I thought they are only for decorations. I never knew they have a lot of fun and interesting things to do here

    1. Fadzi, do join their activities next round with your children. I'm sure they will enjoy it.